The Night Before The Marathon

I was planning to update tonight, but it’s 10pm now and I need my sleep – the race starts in 7 hours.
My pre-marathon preparation isn’t quite adequate, but I plan to give it a shot regardless.
I’ll update this page tomorrow afternoon after the race.
Wish me luck. I need it.

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98 Replies to “The Night Before The Marathon”

  1. I vote for NOT A CHANCE…
    Just teasing you… I know you can do it. Good luck but don’t push too hard if you can’t make it… we, your fans, will understand… hehehehe

  2. i’m worried that you may collapse.. anyway running is a good exercise.. time to slim down and tone up!

  3. i’m worried that you may collapse.. anyway running is a good exercise.. time to slim down and tone up!

  4. i know a good undertaker in klang. hehe. kidding lah, make sure u know your limits and its ok to quite (esp when u feel a tightening in your chest and something like a mule kicking u there shortly thereafter). may God watch over u tmow kenny u nutcase.

  5. Hey… you sure cannot one la… sure die one lah!! HAhaHAhA! nola… jk jk … :ΓƒΕΎ sure can 1!! just DO IT! woOt! rmbr 2 take ORS (oral replacement salt) b4 &after… remember to do ALOT of stretching… or else… SURE ur muscles VERY VERY painful 1!HAhA! take it from a 10,000m speed-walker… πŸ˜›
    n of course… God bless & all the best! (i don’t believe in luck… divine intervention? yes.) πŸ˜€

  6. You can FCUKin’ do it! (wear this on your running singlet) heehee
    I’ll say my most powderful prayer for you today …
    All the best and go get ’em! I assure you it’s gonna be an “experience” for you! “Enjoy” πŸ™‚

  7. Kenny!!! I think you will be able to finish it. I know you’re strong-hearted, you might not finish first but u will finish it.(I hope :p) Do Kuching Proud!!! πŸ˜€

  8. u r who u r, t’is the beginnin & t’is the end, run, run as if ther is no tomorrow, Kenny! u can do it!

  9. Heh, sorry guys. Didn’t managed to keep my promise. Fact is I’m just wayyyyy too tired to update.
    I have a feeling I’m gonna call in sick tomorrow. :/

  10. Have a good rest but to aid the recovery process, you’ll need to go for short light walks this few days including today; regardless of how terrible you’re feeling. Otherwise you’re gonna prolong the agony.
    A massage (a proper one; don’t tell me u can still think of that?!!) would do wonders and I know the right place. Call me when u’re back in Kuching.
    Trust me – I had been through this!

  11. Oi, Kenny! Stop keeping us in suspense.. so how did the marathon go? Did you manage to finish the race? Or did my guess come true that you had overslept? (O_O)

  12. I hope you fall down flat in your face and break your dick into half and your balls start rolling down Malacca river.

  13. good luck, dude. just make sure you:
    1. do proper warming ups – this is definitely different to running on the treadmill…
    2. use proper gear ie the right shoes and the right outfit (none of that tight-fitting singlets that you fancy puh-leeez…)
    All the best and don’t drop your camera while taking those pics…

  14. I wouldn’t blame him for not posting on Sunday afternoon, even I couldn’t stay focus after the run and I had to sleep for 5 hours! BTW, I ran the full-marathon category and it was extremely tough… 3 words to describe it: Blood, sweat and tears… Nonetheless, its a very satisfying race and its my first :D.
    It doesn’t matter IF Kenny doesn’t finish it, at least he has the courage to even participate the marathon… That word alone would have put off most people already =P. Kudos to Kenny!

  15. Oei, update lah! Publicity stunt arh?
    At least give me the hospital address so I can visit you leh. I’ll bring you flowers, I promise.

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