The Cashier at Coles

One of the reasons why I love Perth so much, is the people of Perth.
I think Perth people are the friendliest, most laid-back and fun people in the entire world. Whilst there are exceptions, a majority of people in Perth are truly down-to-earth and nice people. Strangers would greet you when you meet them in the park, and you don’t have to be paranoid about them having harbouring some evil intentions. If you try to strike up a conversation with someone you never met, you can easily talk for a good 45 minutes and then part, knowing that there’s more to chat about next time.
Karawara Shopping Center
A few days back, I had this conversation with a cashier at Coles supermarket near my place.
*Kenny places the groceries on the conveyor belt.*
Cashier (some young chinese girl, most probably Australian-born): “Hi how are you?”
K: “I’m good. Looking forward to the weekend.”
C: “Why? Got anything planned?”
K: “Nahh… just gonna relax that’s all.”
C: “Yea me too, weekends are the only time when I can go shopping myself.”
K: “Feels good to be on the other side of the counter, don’t it? Heh.”
C: “Yea, I can never get used to being on the opposite side of the counter”
K: *smiles*
C: *scanning 3 bottles of 2L milk* “That’s a lot of milk there.”
K: “I know. I have trouble producing enough milk myself that’s why.”
C: *laughs* “That’s worrying.”
K: *swipes credit card*
C: “Do you go to the gym?”
K: “In fact I do. How did you know? Do you go to the same gym as I do?”
C: “No, just that you look like someone who goes to the gym.”
K: “How do I look like someone who goes to the gym?”
C: “Well, you have that kind of body shape… People who go to the gym usually have that kind of body shape.”
K: *looks at myself* “Are you trying to say that I look fat?”
C: “Of course not! That kind of body look nice.”
K: “You can say that I look good. I don’t mind.”
C: “Yeah, you look hot!”
K: “Wow. Thanks, I’m flattered. I’ve never heard that from someone I don’t know!”
*Kenny smiles, takes groceries and leaves happily.*
All of the sudden I feel like a supermodel. Like this…
Aussie Bum overlay
That made my day. After so many years of being called ‘fat’ (and other less hostile variations like ‘chubby’, ‘huggable’, ’round’, etc) by almost everyone I know, someone finally recognises my err… perfection. 🙂
And that’s the reason why I like Perth. Where else in the world can you find a supermarket cashier who scans your groceries, and then tells you that you’re hot?

14 Replies to “The Cashier at Coles”

  1. Hell yeah…not just Perth though. I had about the same kind of conversation in Wagga to a cashier and it was like…hmmm…why can’t we have this back home?

  2. lol. right on. one more thing, here in Tassie, people are extreamly polite. Went to Malaysia a while back and my new found politeness caused many blank or suspicious looks.

  3. Though…at first…you have to admit…when people are polite to you. The first thing that went through my mine was…huh? They are actually nice…but for what reason?

  4. She;s trying to get you to buy more, Kenny. It’s a shame that you didn’t. Anyway-I do agree with you that Aussies can be pretty nice and fun to talk to but while I’m working in a cafe, I meet the not so nice ones as well. Some really prompt me to slap their faces.
    But then again, it’s their culture to be polite and courteous. No one knows for what reason but I suppose,it’s a norm really. It can get quite maddening because while they’re flattering in their comments, sometimes they don’t quite mean it. I mean-they go, hi, how’re you doing and when you open your mouth to reply, they just walk away.How completely insincere don’t you think?

  5. Edrei – People at home can do with a little bit of polite smile every now and then isn’t it? Instead of the “I am so sleepy I want to go home now” look.
    guy – my sentiments exactly! My last trip back to Kuching, I offered some coins to two schoolgirls who didn’t have the right change for the payphone. Instead of accepting it, they stare at me and ran away. How sad.
    Val – What lucky cashier girl! I didn’t even do anything to her!
    Kher Ying – hahaha! I know what you mean exactly. Though a half-hearted “Hi” is better than no “Hi”, a sincere “Hi” is still the best “Hi”. 🙂 Hi!
    Hsin – I’m jealous of the guy in the picture too. If only that’s my body. *sigh*
    Irene – You know you like it. 🙂 Mai ke ke.

  6. That’s usually why I smile back at cashiers now. For some reason, even sourfaced clumsy cashiers here smile back and treat you faster.
    Hmmm…I wonder why no one ever thought of it.

  7. in Malaysia, i bought a drink at a news paper stand, and the over friendly guy tried to convert my to his religion. he wouldn’t give me my 70 cents change. i wanted to just walk of but i didn’t want to be rude so i just smiled at everything he said until he finally stopped talking n i smiled and walked away quickly.

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