is 1 month old! was officially registered at 12:05am on the 1st January 2005 (Kuching time). Yes, when everyone else was in town doing countdowns and celebrating the new year, I was sitting in front of my computer. Since 2004 is a year I’d rather forget, I figured 2005 should be a time to start something new. Hence, the new site.
On the 4th January, after sorting out all the technical bits and pieces, I installed Movable Type 3.14 and published the first entry on my blog, thus officially starting On the 16th January, I added some sponsored links on my blog, hoping to earn extra cash to cover the cost of the blog. Thus far, I have earned a grand total of *drum rolls*5 US CENTS. Thank you for your overwhelming support, guys!
I started this site on impulse and without putting much thought into what I want out of it. The way it stands right now, it looks like a rojak of things I have done in the past, things I am doing now, things that are fun and unusual, as well as an odd social commentary piece every now and then. Readership has been slowly increasing since I started.
Here are the 5 most popular entries in’s first month, according to the number of visits to the permalink of that entry.

  1. January 28 – Jenna Jameson’s “Moan Tone”
  2. January 24 – Letter of Resignation
  3. January 23 – The day I knew my father contracted cancer
  4. January 30 – I feel like swallowing myself
  5. January 25 – What happened when I tendered my resignation

Top 5 search key phrase from search engines:

  1. "jenna jameson moan tones"
  2. "tara reid in ralph mag"
  3. "lx700 mx1000 mouse receiver "
  4. "drinking beer birthday cards "
  5. "grappa kuching"

Jenna Jameson topped both lists? That’s ridiculous! Proves how many hornbags out there are downloading my moan tones. Geez.
Regardless, here are my personal favourite entries from’s first month:

One of my favourite things to do each day was to look at my website statistics. It shows visitors from different countries that visited my site. Obviously Australia and Malaysia should dominate the list, since that’s where most of my friends are at, but there are a few surprising ones…
Well that’s it, I’d like to thank everyone for visiting my blog! Its nothing much – just a small piece of my life, but I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Updating this blog sure helps me get through the one month that I have stayed at home alone, with no one else to keep my company except my computer.
CS Cowboy
How shall I celebrate this momentous occasion? Why, with a few bottles of alcohol of course!
Dear blog, we have our ups and downs, and we have been through a lot together. Yet, this is just the beginning of a long long journey. 🙂 Have a bottle of Cocksucking Cowboy, mate. Cheers!

15 Replies to “ is 1 month old!”

  1. eh so cool la. can i track all tht stuff in my xanga site? i’m curiouss. of kors la if i find out my ratings are low then i’d be prettyyy dissapointed. eheh. but still. i wanna know! teach me oh wise one.

  2. Yes, yes I’m slowly stalking you, bit by bit. Actually I’m just very bored at work so I probably come to your site at least 3 times a day. Once in the morning, once during lunch and once when I am at home. I have a very exciting life, ya?
    I have more aliens from outerspace than from any other country on Earth. Keep up the uber-awesome good work 🙂

  3. heh. i like ur blog, kenny. esp d condom post. hmm. ur moan tone post was a lil.. sexual, wasnt it? LOL. bring on d hits 4! btw, y was ur bro googling ur name?

  4. Congratulations Kenny…your blog is officially a big hit! Cheers mate!(Though CS’s a little too crude for my consumption..:P )

  5. Kimm – I think xangans can you use something like I’m not sure. My stats software is built into my webserver.
    Hsin – Whoa really ar? you dropped by so many times. No wonder USA is number two on the hit list lah! Nahh.. I’m honoured to have you drop by. 😉
    Irene – The moan tone is more popular than the rest of my blog lah! Bro said he’s googling my name ‘for fun’. Geezz….
    MunKit – Sama sama. 🙂 I’m an amatuer blogger compared to you.
    Kher Ying – You flatter me. I won’t say its a big hit. Yet. 🙂
    Reta – Thanks yea! Always nice to see someone new pop by every now and then. 🙂
    Lily – Eeeks! Aliens invading! Shoo! Shoo!

  6. hello,
    can anyone tell me how to put a jukebox in a blog please? i’m coming up with a musicblog but merely gonna give up with heaps of trouble figuring “how” to include songs. i’m using a blogpsot at the moment! do provide some suggestions please. a pretty kewl blog u have, kenny! cheerz=)

  7. I do it because the pain gets to much inside of me. I think about it for a while. i can see the knife cutting me, i can feel the pain its going to cause.
    its usually when something emtional happens that i cannot handle. i was never abused or beaten when i was young.
    i was teased a lot, never had any friend and my father left before i was born. maybe all these have contributed to my low self estem. maybe its that that makes me do it i don’t know.
    right now my left forearm is covered in blood, i don’t know why i did it. i don’t know why i will probably do it again.
    i just want to stop it hurting inside so i want real tangible pain that i can see and feel. if i focus on that it won’t hurt inside anymore.
    sometimes i think i want to have clinical depression, that way i’m just not a fucked up individual who can’t sort out her problems like an adult (am 24). i don’t know if i have, i can’t bring myself to go to a doctor and talk about this.
    when i talk about it it feels so pathetic and petty. i believe that the doctor will think i’m stupid and just attention seeking. also i have had friends on anti-depressents who didn’t need them and it has fucked them up. i don’t want that to be me. even thou i am fucked up already

  8. I used to cut and there were moments where I loved it but really now…..I used to go to counsoling and I was put on pills. It helped out a lot. Now maybe there are times I get in that mood and I do it again but you have to realize… it worth having those scars? I have a boyfriend now who has told me stories of how he had a girlfriend in the past that did it. It broke his heart and he doesn’t want me to be as bad as she was.He’s scared and to be honest…..I am to.What if I were to test the waters and see how deep I could go? I could die……to me….in a way I guess you could say it wouldn’t sound to bad but think of your family….it may seem like they don’t care…believe me…I know…but they do…way more than you will ever know. Im still there…I still do it but Im driffting away little by little.I have friends who care more than any thing and it breaks my heart knowing that they know and that they’re scared. But yeah….my pain is a very bad thing and so is the physical. I’m 15 and Ive been cutting for about 3 years. It doesnt make life better even tho for that one moment in time it feels that it does. Look back at your scars….I do all the time….itll make you realize its not worth it.

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