The Aftermath Of MTV Asia Awards 2008

Still reeling from the excitement of the MTV Asia Awards this past weekend.

Although I did not get to watch the show inside the live arena, there are still plenty of moments of highlights for me. The MTV Asia Awards definitely tops the list of the most memorable events I attended this year.
Here are some more photos I did not managed to post up during my 7-hour-long live blogging on Saturday.

Apparently there were two Red Carpets. One for VIPs to go front of house, and the other for artistes that goes backstage.
We were waiting at the VIP Red Carpet for over an hour before we realised that it was unusually quiet for an international awards show, so I rushed to the correct Red Carpet 15 minutes after it started.

The Jabberwockeez. I got their name wrong the first time because to be honest, I’ve never even heard of them!
They’re a dance crew from the US who won a dance contest, and now they get to travel the world attending awards shows like these.

VJ Mike doing the Red Carpet with two lovelies. Oh how I wish to be in his shoes one day.

Without a doubt, the biggest name on the Red Carpet is The Pussycat Dolls.

They received the biggest cheer from the crowd, and deservingly so.
No, the police makcik on the left is NOT a Pussycat Doll.

The lead Pussycat Nicole Scherzinger pimping it for MTV.

Immediately following the five-member all-female band from the US, is Super Junior, the eight-member all-boy band from Korea.
The girls are all going nuts over them. Why lah do girls like pretty boys so much.

This is Super Junior, grabbing an imaginary boob.

I wonder, when Super Junior eventually get to like, 70 years old, are they gonna change their name to Super Seniors?

MTV fans on the other side of the barricade. You guys really made my day lah.
I was there to snap photos for, but these guys spotted me and started chanting my name! It was an awesomely kick-ass moment for me, because I don’t get acknowledged like that very often. Somemore so many stars were there to outshine me.
One reader even caught me doing the live-blogging thing on my HP Mini.

It was a highlight of my evening but also kinda awkward because I don’t know how to react to that.

The Click Five came out next.
That’s when the fans bastardised their hit song Jenny and instead sang, “Kenny, what’s the problem?”

I know what’s the problem.
Me not being able to get into the show, that’s the problem!

HK superstar Karen Mok and US superstar Jared Leto spent at least 20 minutes on the Red Carpet, taking photos and shaking hands with fans.
The two hosts received the biggest reaction from the crowd after the Pussycat Dolls.

I’ve always been a fan of 30 Seconds To Mars, the band fronted by Jared Leto, so to be able to watch him in person was a major “fanboy” moment for me.

I have always imagined him to be more cool, mysterious and reclusive, suited to the type of angry rock music that he plays.
Surprisingly Jared Leto was warm, friendly and very charismatic. No wonder the girls love him.

Hong Kong superstar Karen Mok spoke exceptionally good English without that annoying accent that plagued most actors from Hong Kong.

She is surprisingly petite. And also very skinny.
She is so skinny, she made Cheesie look fat.

The most elegantly dressed star on the Red Carpet is British sensation, Leona Lewis.
I don’t think I remember seeing her at the after party. I think she took the award and left.

Irish band The Script was definitely at the after party. Too bad they didn’t pick up any award.

The Script is not very well-known here, but whilst everyone else were behaving a little full of themselves, The Script vocalist Danny is possibly the most down-to-Earth person among all the international artistes attending the awards.
You shall see why later. πŸ˜‰

Singapore’s Favourite Artist Stefanie Sun, came bopping down with band Electrico.

She also signed my autograph!

Panic At The Disco came along with that big bald burly bodyguard of theirs.
The bodyguard made his presence felt at the after party, stopping people from getting anywhere close to the stars.

Favourite Chinese Artist Lee Yu Chun came, took her award and left.

My ex-CHMS No 1 schoolmate Nicholas Teo also came, took his Favourite Malaysian Artist award and left.

To be honest, I’m kind upset Nicholas Teo did not acknowledge me eventhough I attempted to speak to him twice. First on the Red Carpet, thenin the Media Room afterwards.
I’m not sure if he’s pretending not to recognise me or if he really does not remember me, but I think that’s the kinda overprotective attitude most Taiwan-based pop artists are expected to have.
That’s very unfortunate, because it seems to insinuate that pop artists are on one level higher than than normal folks.

It’s unlike OneRepublic, who have no qualms acting goofy and poking fun at themselves.
Personally, I thought the awards show was kinda short. Security stopped checking for passes halfway through and I could sneak in if I want to. I was ready to pack my bags and leave the Media Room, but just when I was about to do so, they abruptly announced the end of the show!
It was only 2.5 hours long from start to end!

Heck, it was boring as hell being stuck in the Media Room the whole evening while the live show was going elsewhere.
Thanks to a certain mythical winged creature, I was lucky enough to get passes to the official after party.
There I met beauty queens Adelaine Chin and Levy Li.

One is Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 and the other is Miss Malaysia Universe 2008.
Since I’m in the middle, does that mean I’m Miss Malaysia Universe 2007.5?

I managed to slip into the VVIP lounge.
There, I took a photo with Jared Leto, who had a hard time trying to enjoy the party because too many damn people was trying to take photos with him.
I spent the rest of the evening pretty much mingling with the usual bunch of people I mingle with in KL.

Now, something very juicy happened at the party.
See, I’ve always heard that rock stars always get groupie action whenever they travel abroad, but I never really believe any of that is true. That was, until last Saturday night.
I’m not gonna reveal any names because: (a) that girl is a friend of a friend, and (b) I don’t wanna jeapordise my chances of going to exclusive parties in the future.
Suffice to say, there was some hot and heavy action inside the VVIP lounge at The Coffee Terrace involving a leading member of an overseas band and one of our local chicks! And not just any chick – this one is a pretty damn hot chick!

This was what I saw.
First, they were sitting on the couch together. They were talking. She was flirtingy stroking his leg with her foot. Then they kissed.
Next moment, she was throwing one leg him and they kissed further, passionately, licking her tongue all over him like he’s a 7-Eleven Slurpee.
Then came the eye-popping moment.
This girl literally climbed on top of our international rock star, straddled across his lap and proceeded to suck his brains out!

Not them, but you get the idea of how it’s like

Bear in mind, this was in full view of people around them. Whoever said Malaysian girls are conservative have obviously never been to an MTV Asia Awards after party. πŸ˜‰ I don’t think I need to second guess what happened afterwards.
All I can say is, I’m sure my eyes are not the only thing that “popped out” that evening.
But enough about them. Here’s something a lot milder, a lot less scandalous, but still a highlight of the event for me.
Earlier I wrote that Danny, vocalist from The Script, is the most down-to-Earth international artiste at the MTV Asia Awards.
This is why.

I’ve been kissed, BY A MAN!

I think The Dark Knight is cursed.
Heath Ledger died shortly after the movie. Next, Christian Bale was arrested for verbally insulting his mom and sister (wtf?). Shortly afterwards, Morgan Freeman got involved in a car accident.
Who’s next?

146 Replies to “The Aftermath Of MTV Asia Awards 2008”

  1. nice pictures u hav
    great event coverage, althought i noticed kenny, u like put on a whole lot of weight!

  2. i saw you at the after party. haha, and yes, the story about rockstars getting groupie action is definitely true. so so much drama that night!!

  3. I see a few pics of myself up there πŸ™‚ I’ve got some of you too! Will tag you on Facebook. I was the one who first shouted out loud ‘Hey that’s Kenny Sia!’. Slipped out of my mouth, haha. Celebrity ma, Kenny!

  4. i was at the show but i sat quite far away and i wasnt there for red carpet. you guys should check out jabbawockeez’s vid on youtube. there’re awesome!

  5. and to add on to the curse of the dark knight, a special effects technician died on the set last year during a stunt.

  6. omg the script is such an amazing band (i picked it up right after you blogged bout it) and omg i cant wait for their album to be released!

  7. Hey kenny,
    good job on the coverage even though u didn’t get to go in for the LIVE show…
    on the other hand, u should be grateful for being called a “media” and being able to stand near the red carpet is something that not everyone can have the privilege to do so.
    Good job kenny.

  8. okaayy…The only rock star in your pics is Jared Leto. Was he the one making out wif the chick???! It can’t be! I have way too much respect for the dude.
    Wehhh Kenny, let us at least know who the dude is laahh..The chick? Peduli sama dia.

  9. dude, those malaysian miss universes look scary!!! Are you sure it was not miss universe transvestite? the other boggers you feature on your site are so much hotter than those 2 trolls. ah well, maybe its just bad lighting πŸ˜‰

  10. what a great coverage of the event =) i heard from my kuching friends that nicholas teo is indeed quite an attitude when they tried to greet him on the street.

  11. On the short talk ~ you forgot to put in Edison Chan … he got cursed too …. the picture thing happened just right after his done his part in the movie …

  12. It’s JABBAWOCKEEZ and they won America’s Best Dance Crew. They’re very well-known and respected among people in the dance scene. Wait a bit and soon everyone will know who they are.

  13. Love your coverage man! Just short of the live show part la..
    C’mon man, more details on d real ‘live show’..that sounds like the highlight of the event more than the actual award lol..
    I also think it’s normal that some celebrities will ‘snub’ d crowd la dood. Nicholas Teo? maybe on purpose. Kenny sia? maybe by accident. or maybe both. But it ain’t easy to respond to every single person..u probly know that already man.
    I saw a pic of Kenny sitting on the floor in front of DJ’s table blogging..who wants the link? haha!!

  14. “VJ Mike doing the Red Carpet with two lovelies. Oh how I wish to be in his shoes one day.”
    Kenny, if you want to work in the visual media, you’ll have to do something about those vampire-like canines.

  15. Holy cow, the hot chick offers to outsider also don’t offer to local man? That’s bad dude. I’m gonna travel to outside and learn whatever skills I can, and come back again with full of chicks luring me. Matta Facka! Pls wait!

  16. omg~..
    super junior!!!!!

  17. Good coverage! πŸ˜€
    The after party looks like a blast!
    My friend’s friend went to the after party too and she was dancing with Jared Leto all night!! O.O!

  18. FYI,
    super junior’s a 13 member grp…
    not 8…
    2 were not present at the MAA..
    11 turned up for the MAA…

  19. I’m really curious who was the star! Sure no way of letting us know?
    BTW, just to correct, Super Junior is a 13-member boyband. Only 11 were present, because the other two have prior commitments. Where did you come at 8 XD?
    Regarding the naming, i could explain to you why they are named so, but it’s a freaking long story!

  20. Oh and ps, regarding Danny of The Script, i was actually waiting outside Genting Hotel when he came and he greeted his fans like they were old friends! They were hugging and chatting and taking pics together, that if i didn’t know i wouldn’t even have guessed that he was an artist! He really is super friendly!

  21. people nowadays.
    ahem. girls..nowadays.
    and comparing the local old-friend-got-to-fame artiste and Danny of The Script.. hmmm… *rolls eyes*

  22. i have a strong feeling it was jared leto. he was hitting on almost everything that moved and wore a skirt. so im almost 100% it was him. and im not sure about him dancing with your friend all night long, maybe for a bit but not all night long. he was flirting with my friend at some point that night, he tried to convince her to go to his room. tsk tsk, naughty jared!

  23. yeah.. i wanted to say u still got the name wrong, kenny. but some ppl before me commented the same. it’s JABBAWOCKEEZ. they’re really really good. i happen to stumble upon america’s best dance crew on youtube n that’s how i came to know about them. awesome dancers n choreographers.

  24. Jabbawockeez are not just the winners of some dance contest, they’re the champions of season one of America’s Best Dance Crew, which is just about the hottest reality dance competition in America right now! (well, aside from So You Think You Can Dance, I guess)They’re seriously imba/sick! πŸ˜€

  25. omg, you got jabbawockeez name wrong again. you should really go check out their videos on youtube! they’re real good!!

  26. i have a strong feeling it was jared leto. he was hitting on almost everything that moved and wore a skirt.
    He reminds me of the dude from Take That too…Mark Owen was it? Lol…

  27. the pic u took shows the click five issit?
    so, is the “leading member of an overseas band” kyle patrick? hmmmm… :S

  28. omg is it really Jared Leto?? that just shattered my ‘fangirl’ moment. LOL. and by the way, i think nicholas teo most probably just don’t recognise or rmbr you. not a fan of him or anything, but i actually don’t think tw-based artistes now are as ‘overprotective’ as you said. (:

    i could see joe’s back, and ethan’s face.
    bah dont think you’d accept this comment πŸ™ AAHHHHH

  30. lol. I think maybe Nicholas Teo didn’t acknowledge you because you posted up his embarrassing high school pictures on the internet.

  31. Super Junior is a 13 man band. Used to be 12 but they added one more (doesn’t make a difference anyway. someone is bound to fall off the stage) and it is Jabbawockeez lol they rock!

  32. The video is too dark… could not see what has happened… only heard that you have been kissed… Anyway, a good report out on MTV Asia Award… i watched it @ NTV7… :->

  33. Duh. Stupid playboy and bitch making out. They meant for each other. Hope they got married, have 10 kids and last forever.

  34. very observant of you mr. kenny… i didn’t notice any hanky panky at the afterparty, let alone any straddling of rock stars! i wonder who this ‘crazy local chick’ is?
    and don’t worry, you didn’t miss much on the live show… it probably looked better on TV… i missed the pussycat dolls cos i had come in straight from the airport, strolled down the empty red carpet and squeezed into a seat only to be told they had just gone on. bah!

  35. As much as I love Jared leto (loved him since I was 13 *shy*) , he does have this reputation of hitting on pretty, YOUNG (read: underaged) girls.
    Read stuff from people who have met him years ago, even before, like when he was on that show with Claire Danes.
    The dude KNOWS he’s hot. He KNOWS. And he uses it to his advantage.
    Oh well.
    And yes, I suspect he was the rockstar you mentioned sucking face with the girl.
    Oh well, good story to tell your great grandkids I suppose. LOL.
    I still LOVE Jared Leto’s eyes. mmmmm.

  36. oh… and i was too much of a fanboy to speak to jared… i had a couple of chances, but only managed to get a photo. on the other hand, my cousin spoke to him and jared asked if he could show him around KL… and my cousin couldn’t cos he was flying off to australia the next day but didn’t offer me to be a guide
    although i would have been a crap guide, seeing that i was hungover for most of the next day. teehee.

  37. Kenny, just ignore eyeris. I think that person is just jealous of you. You don’t need to explain yourself to him/her. Obviously he/she has been reading your blog and not vice versa. It’s just a sign of inferiority. You will always have your frans (fan who sees you more like a friend) supporting you. Screu eyeris. Baling batu, sembunyi tangan. Cheap.

  38. dude, its the jabbawockeez..!! the first winner of ABDC, they are really good breakdancers/dancers, the judges are like jayc (nysnc) lil mama, & famous R&B cheoghraper (for missy elliot,usher,and etc)Also, there are special guests such as other hiphop celebreties.. you should check out some of the clips from season 1-2 at and click the american best dance crew
    btw, the show is really big here..

  39. Hey Kenny, you’re living the blogger’s dream! You get to cover cool events, AND you get recognised…congrats!
    I like how you were honest about your experience- eg. about how they wouldn’t let you in. I also liked your comment about the Super Junior boob-grab. Here in Sydney, we don’t know about Super Junior…I don’t know how well an 8 guy boy band would go Down Under!
    Keep up the great work!

  40. haha, obviously lah, who wants to scream for ugly looking guys? btw, super junior is a 13 member boy band, dude.

  41. Come for Taylor’s University Colleges’ DANCE ARENA!
    Ministry of Sound, Euphoria and Flyfm will be part of the intercollege and open dance competition!
    Watch 10 amazing crews battle it out for the ka-ching/Grand Prize!
    Get your dancing gear ready because there will be dancing all night!
    Date: 15th August 2008
    Time: 6.30p.m till late
    Venue: Taylor’s University College Main Campus (Subang Jaya) Car Park
    Tickets: RM15(pre-event) RM20(door sales)
    Come if you love dance!

  42. for the sake of Jared’s reputation, i was there, saw the action and can say with ABSOLUTE certainty that it WASN’T Jared.

  43. actually its not really Malaysian girls, or MTV awards girls, its the individual itself. These “gatal” people are among us in College/ Work place and etc. Once kena HIV, AIDS, STD then die lo.

  44. Cant believe u dun even know —>jabbawockeez not jabber. They’re such sensational dancers. I love the dance tat they performed PYT by Michael Jackson

  45. kenny ur so wrong. karen mok can speak perfect english. she isn’t even chinese (her mom is).
    she’s irish. birth name karen joy morris.
    n she’s raised in england.
    check out her wikipedia page.

  46. Kenny!! =D
    you spelled my favourite dance crew’s name wrong..=(
    JabbAwockeez.. not Jabberwockeez…=X
    So sad i couldnt make it to the MAA..

  47. Kenny, how can you not know JabbaWockeez. they’re the coolest group in the whole world. check out their videos!

  48. oh yeah, just to maintain what Sarah said (and to retort what Amanda said), I can pretty much say that the kissing rockstar was not Jared Leto… I was pretty much there for the whole night and he spent the first hour or 2 of the party having photos taken with fans (which was nice of him), and then the rest of the party, he stood on the balcony edge, leaning against the rail and speaking to a couple of people.
    not really that exciting :p

  49. Sarah, Marcus, if you know who, couldn’t you reveal who that is? Or even hint? Curious lar!
    I have a feeling its a member of Click 5 (since its not Jared)… since Kenny put that picture of Click 5 there (please not be Kyle Patrick, please not be Kyle Patrick…)… hmm…

  50. man..super junior has 13 members..NOT 8..where did u get that figure frm?lol.or isit u just tembak coz u dont reli care bout we girls n also some guys out there like suju coz of their talent..their looks are just extra actually took me quite some time to like them coz i always heard frm my frens that they are really pretty n good at dancing..n i didnt lyk that..but sooner or later i fell in luv with their yea..n i DONT think its funny bout the boob squeezing thing..please RESPECT them! that hand gesture is what all korean idol stars do when they introduce themsleves..that’s lyk an insult to them..let’s just say that us ELFs are not happy that u got their number of members wrong and u made a horny joke about their way of introduction..i do lyk reading ur blog..but sometimes its best not to write overly sensitive things bout artists lyk these..

  51. testing testing
    I think there’s a bug here. The names gets jumbled up. Like if i sent a comment,my name isnt there, it shows another person’s name. weird!

  52. of cos the script didnt get any award. their debut albumis just being launched today, worldwide. they were here to perform and to get exposure only πŸ™‚

  53. duh. it was jared leto! not kyle patrick for god’s sake. it started at the red carpet, and ended at the 5th floor maybe? wuteva!

  54. super junior, eight members??
    no lah..
    the total member are 13 but only 11 show up in malaysia..
    hankyung n china while kibum was busy shooting in korea..
    ai meyh..
    not 8 but 13…
    luv suju always..

  55. oh no ur not wrong kenny.. i’m sure nicholas teo is pretending to forget u. his attitude is a tad arrogant all the while.. i saw him a few years ago in an event in malacca here.. and his gestures are pretty weird in a show-off kinda way. After his finishing song, he turned around and stuck a tongue out to the backstage. I was directly at that angle. my impression on him downturned from that onwards.

  56. wow! great photos:)
    i was there too both at the red carpet and the post-party! awesome stuff!
    but i have the better hand, i was up front and center at the award show too:) plus a definate bonus i was captured on international tv:)
    i got all their autographs(mostly all)
    for my full version of my experience, drop by this link>>
    p/s: i spoke to panic at the disco’s huge bodyguard, and he was suprisingly nice and friendly:)

  57. i’m not too sure on who the international star could be but i would say NOT the click five.. because i was hung out with them the whole night!
    the only girl joe guese spoke to was his PA(personal assistant)- a lady in a red floral blouse.
    kyle patrick had his PA with him all the time as well shooing away fans when he’s tired of taking photos.
    joey zehr was pretty much lingering at the corner of the vip room. pretty isolated. no girls by him.
    ben romans was too drunk to know where he was or even what he was doing! plus he was with dave, their manager most of the time.
    ethan mentzer retired early to his room. he left the post party around one something.
    (sorry, i’m a huge the click five fan here. so i stalked my fav band all night)
    what i can state as a proven fact is that:
    jared leto had two malaysian girls up in his room!
    how do i know? simple:
    i sent these two girls up to his room:)

  58. nicholas teo definitely showed that he was too good for commoners like us. gOsh! how proud some ppl are after they become a star.

  59. Suju/Super Junior is a very talented group. THey not only looking good but also got a good voice. THey are very famous super star in asia. Even they are very famouse super star but they are not action or fussy. Please check my blog to know what is happening between me & Ryeowook when the time the come to Malaysia for the MAA events.
    Some might think artist is acting in front of media & fans but only those crew behind the scene know the actual side of an artist. For me, i never regret to like, love & support Suju/Super Junior because they worth for everything.
    Kenny, about Nicholas TTY, i also wondering are he is still the kuching guy we use to know for the past 10 years? My feeling (a girl very correct feeling) is telling me he has change alot. He isnt the easy going simple Nicholas anymore. Perhaps he change because of his career and this is why their is a gab of him & us.
    SOmetimes i also kinda dissapointed by this guy. Peoples always asking me about his thing because from same village but now i always answering them “I am not longer really knowing this guy”.
    Nicholas TTY, if you do come across to this blog, please let us know are you changing or only we are changing. No matter how & what, i am still happy this boy got the awards. I really proud of him when everyone is coming over me telling me “Hey, your sarawak boy win the awards”
    Sarawak~ way to go! I miss Sarawak too, it been a long time didnt backing home already. sigh**

  60. I love reading your entries all the time cuz it’s very entertaining.
    I just have to correct you on one aspect in this post.
    Super Junior is a 13-member all-boy band from Korea not 8-member. Even in your pics there’s 11 of them there although 2 of them were facing another side. Another 2 members were busy. 1 was in China participating in the Olympic torch relay and another was busy in Korea shooting for his drama.
    Girls do not only like them for their looks but they are very talented as well. Not only in singing n dancing as showed in MAA but they’re are all very diverse out in acting, modeling, MC-ing, DJ-ing and many more.
    Hee~~And the last pic of them in the post is actually their signature pose. it’s where they say their name out loud with their ending pose like that.
    Anyways, love your blog. i wish i was there to witness the event. =)

  61. I seriously don’t think is Kyle Patrick.
    Look at the picture, in front of Joe Guese, is a man in white top and a pale brown bottom right?
    Then go view one of the MAA video when The Click Five performed,
    Kyle wore a white and pale brown suit what.
    Can’t be Kyle…
    and there was so many bands.
    I trust Kyle , I trust the click five

  62. Geez, why do y’all make it sound like it’s such a big deal? So what if Kyle’s the one who kissed the girl? It’s not a biggie!

  63. Hahaha! Kenny! Super Junior has 13members,but present that day was 10,u might have been busy glaring at them that u forgot to count another 2. Hahaha! anyway,thanks for the Super Juniors photos u got so nice!

  64. haha~ the reason girls love super junior is coz they can sing, dance, play instrument(some of them), pretty look(better than girls to me lol) and yesh they rocks!
    not only them la…most of the south korea need at least that talent to succeed there…
    ehe….the lemon part is not my favorite thing to see so i didnt read it coz i dun like to know….
    but hey its good that people know u what….
    in the same level as international artist haha!

  65. I just LOL-ed over the many comments correcting the number of members in SUJU. I’m more of a DBSK fan but I like SUJU as well.
    But, sometimes the fans of both groups scare me cos they get easily offended.
    Making a wrong comment – they (both the ELFs and Cassies)can easily hunt you down and harass you to within an inch of your life.

  66. I’m a big fan of Jabberwockeez and an avid reader of yur blog, kenny. Just for your info, they are the first America’s Best Dance Crew winner and they’re seriously good. I really recommend you to go and check them out at youtube.

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