MTV Asia Awards 2008 LIVE Blogging At Tonight

9:35pm – Show is over! Stefanie Sun won Favourite Singapore Artist. Linkin Park won favourite international artist. Party now. Blog later!

9:15pm – Finally, they’re presenting the award for Favourite Artist Malaysia. The nominees are…
Faizal Tahir
Nicholas Teo
Pop Shuvit
Dato Siti Nurhaliza
And the winner is…

Kuching pride man, Kuching pride! You did us proud Nicholas.
For creating a whole new style of their own, now presenting The Innovation Award . The nominees are…
Kayne West
Gwen Stefani
The winner is… RADIOHEAD!
Presenting Breakthrough Artist . The nominees are…
Leona Lewis

The winner is… LEONA LEWIS!

8:50pm – OneRepublic just came and have their photo taken.

Now presenting the award for Favourite Artist Indonesia. The nominees are…
Andra & The Backbone, Mulan Jameela, Nidji, Yovie & Nuno.

And the winner is… Yovie & Nuno!
Too bad I never heard of them. NEXT!
Presenting Favourite Artist Taiwan. The nominees are…
Jolin Tsai
Show Lo
And the winner is…

Show Lo! What a name.
To reward the artist with the best music video, presenting Video Star award. The nominees are…
30 Seconds to Mars – A Beautiful Lie
Fergie – Clumsy
Justice – D.A.N.C.E
Panic at the Disco – Nine in the Afternoon
And the winner is…

30 Seconds To Mars!

8:20pm – They’re presenting the award for Favourite Artist Thailand. The nominees are…
Groove Riders
TOR+ Saksit

And the winner is… TOR+ Saksit!
Now they’re presenting the award for Favourite Artist Hong Kong. The nominees are…
Andy Lau
Eason Chan
Joey Yung
Leo Ku

And the winner is… LEO KU!
They’re presenting the award to recognise best collaboration between two artistes. For Best Hook-up, the nominees are…
Avril Lavigne feat. Lil Mama – Girlfriend
Beyonce feat. Shakira – Beautiful Liar
Rihanna feat. Jay-Z – Umbrella
Timbaland feat. OneRepublic – Apologize

And the winner is… Timbaland feat. OneRepublic – Apologize!

The Script is now performing “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” live. I wish I were in that arena!

7:55pm – Karen Mok was presented with the MTV Asia Inspiration Award to recognise her humanitarian efforts.

Ok, I’m sitting here at the designated Photo Room watched the live award show on television for the past one hour.
We were told that the winners will come to the Photo Room after they won their award, but so far only the Favourite Artist Mainland China has turned up to have her photo taken.

And she doesn’t even look happy receiving the award!

7:48pm – They’re presenting the award for Favourite Artist Mainland China. The nominees are…
The Flowers
Lee Yu Chun
Wang Feng
Yang Kun
And the winner is…

Award for the best live concert, Bring Da House Down – The nominees are…
Christina Aguilera – Back To Basics Asia Tour
Linkin Park – Linkin Park Asia Tour
Muse – Asia Tour
Black Eyed Peas – Black Blue and You Tour
And the winner is… MUSE!
Panic At The Disco grabbed the edc Style Award.

7:43pm – Presenting Favourite Artist Korea. The nominees are…
Big Bang
Girls Generation
Super Junior
Wonder Girls
And the winner is…


The Click Five has also won The Knockout Award. I’m guessing it’s some sorta appreciation award.

7:20pm – These ones are for you Diana!

Panic At The Disco, led by frontman Brendon Urine Urie.

The Script, known for the song “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.”

7:00pm – Finally I got a breather from the crowd! The main event is about the start, and I’m having lunch in the press lounge right now.
A few more photos from the red carpet that has just ended.

One Republic stopped and stared.

Kuching’s very own Nicholas Teo.
So ironic. Fifteen years ago, if I wanted to see Nicholas Teo, all I gotta do is walk across the next classroom.
Now if I want to see Nicholas Teo, I have to squeeze among the press to get to the red carpet.

Stefanie Sun, nominated for favourite Singapore artiste.
Karen Mok and Jared Leto, the two hosts for the evening.

6:00pm – Nicole Scherzinger signing an autograph for me.

And here’s her autograph!

The scribbling underneath her is by another Pussycat Doll. Neh, the less famous one.

5:58pm – The Pussycat Dolls!

5:47pm – Leona Lewis in the house!

4:38pm – The Jabbawookiez has arrived the Red Carpet.

3:38pm – The red carpet area, before the invasion of media, screaming fans and glamourous celebs.

I’m a little upset because I am denied access to the actual awards show.

I only managed to get access to the red carpet and photo room, which on the bright side, is better than nothing I guess.
Caught a glimpse of OneRepublic rehearsing “Stop And Stare” in the Arena of Stars.

Security promptly chased me out 2 minutes later.

2:34pm – The media and mosh-pitters are gathering right now to collect their passes.

JoyceTheFairy, Jason Goh, Michael Yip and Liang are here as well. The mosh pitters are practising their cheering, screaming their lungs out.
Rumour has it that there was a mass walkout staged by the local media during the press conference yesterday due to unfair treatment by the organisers.

1:24pm – I’m here at Genting to attend the MTV Asia Awards 2008.

I will be trying something new tonight. During the MTV Asia Awards, I will be blogging LIVE from the scene.
This is how my equipment is hooked up for the job: the HP Mini connected to the HTC Touch Diamond, accessing the world wide web with Maxis 3G.

Beginning 6pm tonight, will be updated regularly with photos from the scene and winner announcements every few minutes. It is my first attempt at live blogging. If all goes well, you’ll be reading exclusive live coverage on what is going on at the awards ceremony, right here on, before they’re even being published anywhere else.
This is not the end of my entry. Check back regularly for updates later. πŸ™‚

This is a live blog entry. Check back regularly for frequent updates.

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  1. Im pretty sure you can setup WM6 to connect via BT instead of the cable for internet sharing. May be little bit slower but at least u have one less wire πŸ™‚
    HP mini got BT right??

  2. WOAH, good luck Kenny!!! Hope you succeed in live blogging!
    Love from Yasi in Australia! πŸ˜€

  3. awesome…good job…:) hv fun yeah.hope to see pussycat dolls as i heard they coming as well…

  4. I DAMN FRAKKING LOVE U FOR THIS, KENNYSIA!!! Not that kind of love… another kind of love… whatever…

  5. hahaha.
    pussycat dolls so decent one.
    leona lewis shouldnt curl her hair like that.
    like ah mu already.
    where’s the hairstylist?
    fired them!
    kenny sia.
    take a photo of Jared Leto ok?
    I love him!!
    have fun!

  6. [b]”Security promptly chased me out 2 minutes later.”[/b]
    Ahahahahahah did you try telling them you are THE KENNYSIA !? xD
    I’ll spread the word about the live blogging…!!

  7. *yeah* congrats to 30 seconds to mars! πŸ™‚ they really deserved to win the “video star” award!
    thanks for sharing the pics and your impressions with us! :]

  8. SUPER JUNIOR kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
    take more pictures of them pretty please with the cherry on top x3
    Good job Kenny Sia, Good job!
    Have fun while you’re there okay!

  9. OMG…you are so good to enjoy the sensation…T.T while I have to stay at home and chunk out all my notes and text books for the FINAL exams next monday. Sigh!
    BTW…have fun!

  10. first time commenting and i gotta say that u rockz! thanks for the effort and you really deserve to the the blogger king!

  11. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They looked FREAKing HOT!!!!!
    the hottest ive EVER seen them..seriously i have NEVER seen them so HOT b4..when they appeared i was like screaming my head off n my parents were staring at me as if i was a mad u got to see them in person!!!!SO jealous! I loved their performance…the best they have done so an ELF(Ever Lasting Friend) i am SO proud of them n yet SO angry at my parents coz they didnt let me see Suju!!coz of SPM!!!!!! UNfair!!!
    U r one lucky guy kenny..
    Oh GOD i luv SuJu SO much!!!!!!!!!!

  12. damn happy nicholas tse won..!!no more letting siti nurhaliza.. lolx.. siti’s fans, no offense..=)

  13. I’ve just reached home not long ago and I’m impressed with ur efficient updates. Waiting for the after party updates tho! πŸ™‚ However I’m sure you are dead tired and already sleeping like a baby after a long night.. Have a good rest and I will be back ere to check in the morning *grin*

  14. Finally…Super Junior won!!
    I hope they’ll be more famous in Indonesia!!!
    So they will come to Indonesia…

  15. Kennysia, so you were Nicholas Teo’s schoolmate?
    What did he look like fifteen years ago? Please reply…

  16. nice updates πŸ˜€
    bet u hav lots of fun… i dun get it how HK favourite artist was won by Leo Ku, who the heck is tat? i thought andy lau was a sure winner D:

    OneRepublic stopped and stared -_-”
    Btw they’ll be coming to singapore for Singfest! GAH!!!!

  18. Grats Super Junior!!! Gosshh u r sooo lucky to be so close to them! I will juz scream like mad and when Super Junior walk off i will juz faint therE!! Super Junior I LOVEEEE YOUUUU!!

  19. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They looked FREAKing HOT!!!!!
    the hottest ive EVER seen them..seriously i have NEVER seen them so HOT b4..when they appeared i was like screaming my head off n my parents were staring at me as if i was a mad u got to see them in person!!!!SO jealous! I loved their performance…the best they have done so an ELF(Ever Lasting Friend) i am SO proud of them n yet SO angry at my parents coz they didnt let me see Suju!!coz of SPM!!!!!! UNfair!!!
    U r one lucky guy kenny..
    Oh GOD i luv SuJu SO much!!!!!!!!!!
    p/s:how come my comment came out as abby’s?????

  20. hey kenny! we are neighbours!
    the condo that u’re staying in KL is just right opposite my house!
    n ur chee cheong fun panas panas picture is taken at the road side mamak behind Sri Kota right?

  21. And you got access to the VVIP room during the post party!! arrgghhh … life is sooo unfair! Maybe i should start blogging and make myself famous πŸ˜€
    all in all, wish there were more artists and more performance … was disappointed it actually ended at 9:30 pm. maybe you can let the organiser know that they should have the award in malaysia next year and have a longer event πŸ™‚

  22. U said Li Yu Chun is not happy when she received the awards?? Do u know who is she?? How come you will said she doesn’t look happy?? She just din smile as u want only.. Maybe she dun understand what you r asking bout… Please don’t say her like that.. She purposely come Malaysia to receive this awards without any performance!!! This is her 1st time reach KL… Please let her have a nice memory.. Thank you…

  23. but so far only the Favourite Artist Mainland China has turned up to have her photo taken.
    So pleased to see this,LEE YU CHUN is a very good girl.That’s why so many people love her,like her.She is lovely.

  24. Hey Kenny! πŸ™‚ Valerie here from UrbanWire, Singapore. We met at Genting! Great work updating real quick.. We, on the other hand, had to rely on Coffee Bean and Starbucks’ wireless. Keep in touch! -Val

    Soooooooooo beautiful!
    I love her voice!!!
    I love her voice !!!!!!

  26. xixi, so happy that i use corn as my name^^
    thank you kenny, and wish more photos and more details about her.
    hope to see you in beijing^&^

  27. KENNY!! i was at the red carpet too and was one of them chanting your name..too bad you didn’t have access to the arena of stars…it was crazy…i was practically screaming my lungs out at the mosh pit.. erm..not nice lar you go and intentionally spell brendon urie’s name like that.. this band is good..go listen to their 2nd album..

  28. Hahahaha.. I’ve to scroll down, up, down up, down up for so many times *LOL*
    Thanks for the live update though I just read them cos I seldom read papers πŸ™‚
    StephanieSun is so skinny.. Nicholas Tse is cute πŸ˜€

  29. mtv asia award for asia singer.where is asia powerful singer as well as west singer or better than them?all winner suck…where is asia songbird, regine velasquez(philipines)….asia best kept secret,siti nurhaliza(malaysia)…crystal voice of asia,sheryn regis(philipines), anggun (indonesia),jacky cheung,lata mageskar…why malaysia singer not given chance to perform at stage with full perfomance?????

  30. Kenny,
    you should’ve been walking the red carpet too judging by the way the sea of fans were chanting your name!! ^_^

  31. i think that it’s unfair that you made such comment about some unknown indonesian artist. come on, as if you know who the hell Tor+Saksit was or even heard of some of the other artists before.

  32. aha! nicholas teo definitely deserves the award for fav artist msia!
    ooowh, siti fans, dont get mad just because she did not get the award. people says he’s not as famous as siti. wahahhahahaa! you make me laugh~

  33. hahah.. the first nicholas teo pic was vr good, the last one, sth went wrong with his smile.. wakakkakaka…. he’s like a smiling cat

  34. i’m veary happy to know that lee yu chun has got the award…
    love this girl and her beautiful voice…

  35. yeh, super junior are a bunch of sissies lol.
    how can u spelled jabbawockeez’s name wrongly. they’re so big!

  36. Hi Kenny! MAA was awesome ya! Great to have met you in person at the Chinese restaurant after the awards πŸ™‚

  37. Omg im so sorry i commented in the wrong post. Delete the one from the chelsea post lol.
    Super Junior is a THIRTEEN member boyband, not eight. Two couldn’t attend the event (one was filimg a korean drama whereas the other chinese member was preparing for the Beijing Olympics Ceremony) so that makes 11 boys on the red carpet.
    Peace Muakz

  38. woah~ didn’t think that was what went on in the VIP room at Coffee Terrace lol! But I guess it was bound to happen anyway. I have to say the artistes were generally all very friendly towards fans (though Nick Teo kinda irked me) and took lots of photos and signed autographs. Plenty of groupies around…
    Btw, Super Junior is a 13 member group, not 8 lol

  39. why on earth does girls like super juniors? sissy boys. and why on earth does Li Yu Chun become famous?! the trend now seems to be the more girlish a guy is, the more famous he is. and the more ‘boyish’ the girl is, the more famous she is!
    Nicholas Teo SUCKS.

  40. hi!!! thanks for the pics. n’ info of the MTV asian awards!!! You are the best!!! seeing all those stars would have made me faint!!! thanks for the pics., especially pics. of super junior, pussycat dolls, leona lewis, etc. ^___^

  41. The is quite detached actually; most of the artists do not represent the majority of the voice in the respective country, too many western artists. Just look at the red carpet, the crowds is small and perform in closed area. In term of business sense, it is a strategy to bring western artist to Asia and quite successful.

  42. Kenny…
    why u are you so happy for Nicholas Teo??
    He dont even admit that he’s from Kuching, SARAWAK..

  43. OMG!!i never thought leeyuchun r so famous here..but,but,but she was so pretty!!her voice is not rough but deep,comfortable and,and,and..u will know why so many people vote for her soon..not because of her appearance o..but is her style,personality, voice,stage performances and more..cant express my feelings with words..^^

  44. Thanks for your pic of LiYuChun~~
    I’m her big fans~
    Do u hav the pic when she receiving the award?
    It’s so pity tat she din singing tat day
    I really love her style on the stage
    This is her style,no matter what awards she received,she always smile and smile,
    we called this “steady” ^^

  45. oh my gawd i seen this in august and it was so awesome jared and nicholas teo oh they were so hot made me happy godd job on the blog

  46. Do u mind to send me some photos of Nicholas Teo n if u dun mind can I post it on Nicholas Teo’s M’sia Official Fans Club (NFC) forum to share with all of his fans and credit to u ? Thx for the great updates n photos.

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