That Manchester United Vs Liverpool Match

It was almost like a fairy tale.


On the 14th March, 35 Malaysians on the invitation of Mister Potato braved rain and high seas to travel half way across the globe to Manchester, England.

Our destination: Old Trafford Stadium – the stomping ground of the Red Devils, the mecca of Manchester United fans, The Theatre of Dreams.


It was not just any ordinary football match we were watching.

Experts say that this was the most crucial match in this season’s Barclay’s Premier League. Tickets to this match were so hard to come by that there were people hanging outside the stadium offering up to 200 pounds (RM 1,050) to buy a ticket that normally costs 40 pounds (RM 210).

After all, this match was an iconic event in the great rivalry between two of England’s biggest football clubs, Manchester United vs Liverpool.


Not everyday a football fan get to witness such a big match live at Old Trafford Stadium. For many of us, it was a dream come true. And this next chapter in Manchester United and Liverpool’s heated rivalry was by all measures a historic one.

Unfortunately for Man United fans, this match on the 14th March 2009 was historic for all the wrong reasons.


It was the first time in history Manchester United suffered a defeat this badly on their home ground to archrivals Liverpool.

But before we talked about how bad Man U got thrashed, let’s go back to before the match started.


It was an experience that just cannot be translated onto TV. The atmosphere inside the jam-packed Old Trafford Stadium was nothing short of electrifying. This was the only place in the world where you can hear 70,000 grown men singing Glory Glory Man United together in unison.

The 35 of us who travelled with Mister Potato were obviously very excited going to watch this match. So much so that for the first time in my life, I bought a Red Devil jersey.


Now I know I got a lotta flak when I suggested my intention to switch support from Chelsea to Manchester United. Well, sorry to all hardcore footballs fans, but at least lemme try to explain.

Choosing which football club to support is like sleeping with a girl. When you are physically inside (the stadium), you say you better god damn say you love them. Otherwise all hell is gonna break loose.


The Red Devils dominated early on during the match.

When Cristiano Ronaldo scored that first penalty, the whole entire stadium went absolutely nuts.

Manchester United 1 – 0 Liverpool


The excitement didn’t last long. Liverpool’s star striker Fernando Torres quickly lobbed an equalizer into the net five minutes later, prompting the home team supporters into a deafening silence.

Manchester United 1 – 1 Liverpool

That equaliser was the start of the Red Devil’s nightmare.


By the 44th minute, I was pretty certain that we were gonna go into half-time draw. But right before the referee had the chance to blow that whistle, Manchester United made another mistake.

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was charging full speed towards the goal, only to be tripped by defender Patrice Evra.


It’s another penalty, this time in favour of Liverpool.

Man U’s goalkeeper kept protesting against the referee by refusing to get into line.


It didn’t work. He instead got a yellow card for his theatrical efforts.

It was then all up to Steven Gerrard.


He kicked.


He scored!

Manchester United 1 – 2 Liverpool

Again, the small section of Liverpool supporters went bonkers. It’s now 1 – 2 going into half-time. The Man United fans were fuming.


You can see how heavily guarded the Liverpool fans were. Their seating section was sandwiched between yellow-coated policemen wearing full riot gear. No other section in Old Trafford stadium were as well-protected as they were. Not even Sir Alex Ferguson’s seats.

Such is the intensity of the Manchester United vs Liverpool rivalry that fights often broke up between hooligan fans of the two.


Sitting a row behind us, four Liverpool supporters were mistakenly assigned to sit in the Manchester United supporters area. Big mistake.

Their cover was blown when they accidently cheered the Liverpool goal, and this pissed of one hardcore Man U supporter sitting right beside them.

"Excuse me, are you guys Liverpool supporters? Why the f*ck are you sitting here!? You don’t belong here! Get the f*ck out before I beat the shit out of you f*cking scousers!"


The man elbowed one of the Liverpool supporters in the face. Immediately security guards rushed to our area to avert a potential full-blown hooligan war.

The aggressive Man U fan was about to be escorted out, but the security thought it would be a better idea to bring those four Liverpool fans to a safer area instead.

< img title="DSC_9200" style="display: inline" height="331" alt="DSC_9200" src="" width="500" />

By the time second-half of the game resumes, it’s pretty clear the Red Devils have lost much of their momentum.

The only persistent attacker was Ji-Sung Park.


Everyone else was just dancing.


Even Wayne Rooney went looney.


With 20 minutes left to the game, Alex Ferguson decided he must do something ast to turn around Manchester United’s fate.

In a triple substitution, the manager brought in Berbatov, Giggs and Scholes to inject more offensive edge into Manchester United.


That was not enough, it seems.

The referee saw Manchester United defender Vidic grabbing a fistful of Steven Gerrard’s shirt as he was going for goal.


And promptly flashed him the red card.

Manchester United was down to ten men. If the Red Devils wanted to overturn this game, they better hope for some miracle. And by miracle, I mean magically transform Cristiano Ronaldo into the Brazilian Ronaldo and Steven Gerrard into Posh Spice.

But even that might not have worked in their favour.


Liverpool’s Aurelio free-kicked a beautiful curved ball right into Man United’s goal, bringing the score to

Manchester United 1 – 3 Liverpool

That was pretty much the nail in the coffin for the home team.

The Red Devils must have given up on all hopes. Even the fans can no longer bear to watch the humiliating defeat and began leaving Old Trafford Stadium in droves.


I say they made a good move.

Because by the 90th minute, even a Liverpool unknown managed to score a goal to make it

Manchester United 1 – 4 Liverpool


Ming and I were not smiling.

It was such a painful game to watch, made even more painful by the fact that the 35 of us actually travelled some 16 hours from Malaysia to England to watch Manchester United lost in the most humiliating fashion ever.

Here’s a selection of videos we took during the match, including the two penalty goals.

Uploaded by kennysia

Despite the disappointing results, it was actually a nice to travel with a bunch of blokes to catch something we share a common passion in and bond over football, beer and Mister Potato chips.


I must say also that I have a new found love for Manchester United, although I do find it ironic that whichever team I support always seem to lose in the most dramatic fashion.

I dunno.

Maybe what Manchester United needs is a new player.


Or maybe not.

Finally, I’m back home in Kuching with my batteries fully recharged. But with the amount of work piling up in front of me, I think I need several spare batteries to get me through the week.

By the way, catch me on BFM 89.9 today (Wednesday) at 12 noon.

200 Replies to “That Manchester United Vs Liverpool Match”

  1. Sorry sorry Man united,
    Sorry sorry Man united,
    Sorry sorry Man united,
    As the reds go sucking on on on!
    Just like the busby babes in days gone by,
    Weรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll keep the red flags burning down,
    Your gonna see us all from far and wide,
    Your gonna hear the masses cry in shame ~ ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. i’m sure many were disappointed.. lol
    i support man utd, but i’m not a hardcore fan – so the loss was kinda acceptable.. after all, man utd is still in the lead.. =)

  3. If tat so, pls don support Liverppol if not LIverpool will lose.
    So keep ur effort in supporting Man. u so that Liverpool will win the EPL.

  4. you must understand, why so many football fans are offended with your depiction of fandom and adoration of clubs. to you as a casual fan, you might not see the big deal but understand that football is a very tribal thing. it associates with local pride, political identity, the lot. all serious business.
    you might think that it’s your right to opinion as it’s your blog, but is it right to offend others based on your own misconstrued notions of fandom?
    I wouldn’t say every one of your football posts is wrong, just that you crossed the line when it came to certain things like professing your interest for a club. don’t call yourself a fan if you’re not, do the real fans a favour.
    what would you feel if a kuchingite one day denounces kuching laksa as inferior to singapore laksa?

  5. SO WHAT?
    a match doesn’t mean everything!!!
    see who will get the champion league later!
    anyway, kennysia, i am very jealousing you right now.. it’s my dream to be in OLD TRAFFORD to watch man utd match!
    so, do u take away freshly air from old trafford back to malaysia? mind to share? haha

  6. hmmm…Manchester United is the biggest team in the world,so this big wrong is not big.They will came back powerful the ever ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. you again, chicken. as usual, you get your narrow minded views wrong.
    United isn’t the biggest team in the world, Barcelona is.
    do come out from under your coconut shell one day.

  8. i heard that its really hard to get tickets into the stadium… but i dont think i’ll enjoy watching the game if pandemonium breaks out and fans just bashing each other…
    you really look cool with your hair.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. LOL @ the scousers.
    By the way, the four scousers were lucky they didn’t get lynched there and then. Having that said, I think they just redefined the word ‘dumb’.
    Man Utd will regain their form easily and win trophies this season. As for Liverpool, that is the ONLY week they can sleep well at night. ‘Form is temporary, but class is permanent.’

  10. For Liverpool’s first goal, how the hell did Torres “lob” the goalkeeper? It was not even a dink. He slotted it into the bottom left corner.
    Were you really there?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Ooi Kenny! Must be you who last minute become Man U fans and make them ‘sink boat’ lah. Hahaha~
    Anyway, Liverphui will starts daydreaming again that they can be champions. Just like what they had used to do for the past seasons.
    And they will continue to dream… hahaha~

  12. you scousers can celebrate all you like, let’s see what happens come May. Btw, Kenny, if you do follow Chelsea before, you should notice how they played.. Look at your star striker Didier Drogba, sulking & whining, showing no interest to play under Scolari at all, now he’s banging in goals for fun when he decides to be serious, my point is most of the players in Chelsea are mere money hunting mercenaries, they get ridiculous wages and some of them couldn’t give a damn about winning trophies or not. Liverpool ….. that’s a different story altogether…. ( Torres does carries more than a mini van does he ? ) … Man United is a whole different team to support, yes they might’ve been thrashed by Liv at home.. but that’s football .. sometimes you win sometimes you lose… heck, I still love em and I never regret choosing them as the team that I would follow, win or lose, up or down, United For Life … The history, the team, the Manchester United way is still the best for me. Fuck barca, we are the Champions of England, Champions of Europe and Champions of the World … UNITED WILL NEVER DIE !

  13. i, stereomanic, with all my heart respect liverpool…only when Robbie Fowler was in it. As far as Liverpool of today, the Liverpool that beat the champions of england, Manchester United, 1-4 is still just a shadow of it’s former self.
    I adamantly believe that Man Utd’s true competition this season is just Chelsea and for Champions league is Barcelona or Chelsea. However, it’s not that i underestimate Liverpoop,whoops..i mean Liverpool but they such a great track record of screwing things up. win then draw like crazy.
    Sorry to my liverpool mates, but i just cant see it this season…perhaps next season or never. well, i admit that liverpool have been playing fairly well compared to their last season outing but after the string of draws i have to just say that well, haha.

  14. haha..good one bryan..
    liverpoops never walk alone because there are other loserfools following their f’kin ass and just beating Man Utd the last match makes them think they have won just shows how premature their thinking is..hell, i’m a man utd fan and i think we cannot underestimate any team unlike middlesbrough eh liverpool.
    Good luck liverpool, we may have lost to you but even so, chelsea would kick you out of 2nd place and we will kick chelsea out of 1st place and perhaps arsenal or aston villa will humble you liverbirds from being too cuckoo..

  15. what the heck is wrong with liverpool’s fans man?? yes liverpool won 4-1. but is there any necessary to make a big deal out of it? i mean.. liverpool fans kept on teasing any man u fans they see.. like.. relax man.. when man u won liverpool, they didnt do what liverpool fans did.. though not 4-1 but they still win.. expecially those liverpool fans who thinks man u’s team career is over. think again man.. its just 1 lost after a win streak man.. and by the way.. liverpool is down 4 point against man u with man u 1 match less.
    and now RAFA is getting more confidend then he ever did with what he said to Alex Furgeson.
    well see how and what will happen.
    anyway.. last word from me is that the ball is round..anything can happen.

  16. ok lar, its ok there lost one or two matches, cos like anything else, there’s a good time and there’s also a bad time. but watching them playing at their own stadium LIVE where you get to see the super football stars close is like being in heaven.

  17. I was chatting with a friend online after the MU vs Liverpool match who is a hardcore MU fan. Here is the conversation.
    Me: Omg!!! A humiliating defeat bro!!!Did u watch the match?
    MU fan: OMFG! Yea.. watch at mamak just now.. So fugly the whole match..
    ME: LOL.. So did u wear ur newly bought MU jersey druing the match?
    MU fan: Luckily NO!!! LOL..

  18. Nice account of the match – that must have been awesome! I saw Valencia playing Real Madrid in Paris once, and although I’m not a football fan I loved the experience ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. WOW~
    So lucky to got the chance to watch the BIG match!
    I bet many guys are so jealous of you lah!
    I watched the match too.
    Not a fan of soccer but still enthu and cheer/boo with the crowd~
    It’s my first time seeing Cristiano Ronaldo!
    He’s so cute~ ^_^
    P.S: Dun say I mountain tortise. ROAR~

  20. Kenny, the Liverpool player who scored the 4th goal isn’t unknown. His name is Andrea Dossena.

  21. nice one kenny!!!! i never like any football match, but the way you blogged it make me starting to get interested in it.=)

  22. Hi Kenny,
    Been 2 years visiting your website, but this is my first time writting a comment.
    You had “such” a good experience and Liverpool deserve to win the way how the played.
    I wonder how lucky you won those packages thanks to “chips” which you been eating.

  23. How could you not be happy when Man Utd lose? It only means better chances for Chelsea to catch up with Man Utd….
    But hell ya, I was in similar position with u last time that I became a Man Utd fan for 90 minutes in Old Trafford….just to make the experience a better one…..

  24. Hey Kenny, seriously please don’t be a glory seeker. It’s an insult to all football clubs and fans in the world. Switching allegiance is the not way to go, just stick to your bloody team and don’t talk anymore about our team. The way you talk, you don’t even know about football, the history and the tradition. You are just a mere fan who got hooked up with Chelsea since Roman ‘s days. During Ken Bates days, no one proudly claims that they are blues. I’m pretty sure =)

  25. Nice post, enjoyed reading it and the pictures. Pummeling such a powerful team in one game, Kenny must have been some jinx lol

  26. all 2gether now…..
    When you walk through a storm
    Hold your head up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark
    At the end of the storm
    Is a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of a lark
    Walk on through the wind
    Walk on through the rain
    Though your dreams be tossed and blown
    Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
    And you’ll never walk alone
    You’ll never walk alone
    Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
    And you’ll never walk alone
    man u leading? yah, wateva. juz by 4 points. n 9 more matches 2 go. so wat if u have a game in hand. s if ur goin 2 win dat match…huhu. we’ll juz wait n see.
    seems like da devil walks alone dis time around. ur theatre of dreams had been dstroyd by da RED ARMY. in ur FACE rooney…huhuhu
    chill la…. [^^,]

  27. You can argue for Real Madrid, but for Barcelona??!! Well you might as well be a tortoise under a coconut shell

  28. Do you know that phrase originated from the Munich disaster for the fallen Busby Babes? I feel pity for you all oh scousers~

  29. Omg you are so lucky to have gone there for that particular match! I was stuck in some noisy and dirty coffeeshop, sitting on plastic chairs, surrounded by men in all kinds of red jerseys.
    What an experience! Lucky you!

  30. The manc’s can only win if the ref is on their side. Think they ran out of money to bribe for that match and got a neutral referee instead. That would be one factor. The other factor is they are shite ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I am a hardcore Man U fan but I would love to congratulate Liverpool for their biggest win ever at Old Trafford. Congrats LIVERPOOL !!! We give you the chance this year…

  32. If whatever team you support always end up as the losing team, please continue to support Man.Utd till end of the season. ๐Ÿ™‚
    A team that can do a double against Man.Utd in a season, should be the champion.

  33. kenny,now chelsea won 7 streaks in a happy u move ur ‘luck’ from chelsea to man utd..hope u will continue supporting man utd..:p

  34. Some people said the match was all planned already, that liverpool will own MU..
    & alex wasnt even mad when MU lost badly..
    Well, i duno, thats jus what i heard.

  35. oh… and I’m pretty sure u r an arrogant bastard.
    Lots of us out there have been a proud Blue fans since Ken Bates’ day. Always have been Always will be. I am pretty sure.

  36. we just whooped ManYoo in Old Trafford and made Real Madrid less humiliated.
    btw, it’s pitiful to see manyoo fans leaving their beloved team early.

  37. 3-1 down and they start leaving.
    in 2005, when liverpool were 3-0 down against AC Milan, the fans still stayed on and supported the team till they won.
    Man Utd fans piss off the moment things get shaky.

  38. WTF man…Kenny y u go mix with all this losser liverpools fan…Win 1 game only talk so much cock…aIh..Liverpool fans these days..Can’t bloody control themselves..MAN U FTW!~Totally…

  39. WHAT LIVERPOOL UNKNOWN?! It’s Andrea Dossena, and I think it’s the best goal among the 4 Liverpool had scored.
    Arsenal fan here btw, VERY glad Liverpool had won.

  40. it’s 2009, man. where have you been? when was the last time you checked the news or watched some tv?
    talk about misguided views.

  41. damn it..
    he is not an unknown for ur information he is Dossena who is Liverpool’s left back who striked Liverpool’s 4th goal against Real Madrid in the midweek and lobbed a beautiful goal over VDS’s head.. sorry for over reacted but i am a Liverpool fan..

  42. there is something wrong with you and your friend if he calls himself ‘hardcore’ and you straight faced agree with him.
    hardcore poser, maybe.
    don’t just say it, twats. do it.

  43. Well i could say how manchester United would have deserved to win and that it was just bad luck
    but i probably shouldnt do that because i dont like soccer… sorry…
    but this blog entry made me remember some good childhood memories…
    The time i decided to become a soccer fan… that was when i was first watching a soccer match at that time it was already clear I had to choose the one team and my sister had to choose the other team to be a fan… at that time i was about 6…what a shame that i choose the wrong team…
    Also another thing that english soccer always reminds me off is a song and that song would be “three lions – footballs coming home”

  44. You fake football fan lalang!! No true fan can put on another team’s shirt. You should be ejected from the face of the earth. Useless P.o.S fan.!

  45. why’d u have to add in english soccer. even yanks dont say english soccer. where the fuck u get that idea. all they say is english football. DUH !

  46. your all wankers. try supporting a team that are outside the big 4 and see the real ups and downs of football.

  47. try respecting other people’s right to support their own team you wanker, bitter cunt. GO support your shit team instead of whining here

  48. its amazing how when MU wins all the time, the fans never say much. Van der Sar broke 2 records for clean sheet minutes, MU got 2 records for clean sheet games and unbeaten in UCL, yet I don’t see much bragging. But when Liverpool wins, not only does the fans tease us, but other team supporters, even those that dont watch football just for the sake of blowing it in our face that we have lost. I guess that this time we deserved to lose cos Liverpool played better, but they also see it as that small, slight glimmer of hope to win their 1st title in 19 years! In fact, I would very much like to see the race go down to the last day, and still win it just to see the disappointed Liv fans face when they came so close yet couldn’t win it! Nope, not this year…sry..hehe…
    MU for 5 titles (6 if we include charity shield :P)

  49. Hahaha, when Kenny was with Chelsea, we did badly.
    Now he’s with Man U, they’ll lose the EPL!
    Ps. Kenny, Please, Please, Please Don’t switch back!

  50. haha another fan of the big 4. I love how everyone criticises kenny for thinking of switching teams. He has the right to be a man u fan as much as any of you. How many of you are from manchester or anywhere nearby.
    0Well played.

  51. Kenny, can you please blog about the earth hour 2009? I bet many of us don’t know about the event yet. Through your blog, you can make it happen.
    Save the earth.

  52. Hey dude.. How are you? I didn’t know u went to Old Trafford as I was there to. I will be travelling to kuching this May. Perhaps we could meet up.. Would like to interview u one day.
    Rano from Brunei.

  53. Hey Kenny,
    As a genuine soccer fan, we should not switch camp easily. We should support our team thru thick and thin.
    It’s really sad to see u wearing a Man Utd jersey being a Chelsea fan.
    Personally I am a Liverpool fan. I also don’t like to see a Man Utd fan switching to Liverpool one day. It’s a matter of principle.

  54. haha…you caught some unflattering photos of the footballers there. The Skrtel & Berbatov synchronised dance.

  55. Kenny, did you watch Aljazeera Channel’s 101 East program on Sarawak corruption and ‘white hair’? @ 8:30pm tonight. It touched on Titanium, CMS etc.. More ppl should see this..

  56. Agree with Henry, on you switching camps at a flick of a button. If you’re really into the sport, you would’ve understood what it means to be a ‘true’ fan and not just jumping on the bandwagon.

  57. Well SORRY true fan that apparently not everyone is like you.
    If this is the kind of high and mighty attitude you’d like to show, very few new fans would want to get into the sport.

  58. Hi kenny..glad u had fun at Old trafford.
    It’s an amazing place. GAWD. For United fan like myself, to watch a game the is beyond the chips, beyond dreams, beyond words.
    I would like to point out that Manchester United fans NEVER refer the club as Man U (Man-you).
    It is an insult all of the Manchester Utd lads who died at Munich Air disaster in 1958. A lot of rival fans got a good kicking for the ‘Man U’ insult and to see manchester utd “fans” using it now is shameful.
    Manchester United fans out there, if u are reading this, please grasp its importance and spread the word.
    The loss was painful. But i guess Manchester United had been running on a high for way too long. Let’s treat this as a lesson to not let our winning ways get to our head. This is a blessing in disguise.
    For all hard-core lovers of football, we support our team no matter what. Through thick and thin.
    Not oh-my team-just-lost-thank-god-I-am-not-wearing-their-jersey-now passion.
    It is hot pure passion we are talking about. A match is never just a match. A lot is at stake. A lot.
    I saw your reply to Mel, well, we might appear to be “high and mighty”, but really, we are just very passionate about this wonderful wonderful sport.
    I am sure that given more time and opportunity to watch more matches, see more players and enjoy more football, you will be able understand why we go so protective over our favourite teams and football in general.
    Damn this is one long comment huh, hahaha.

  59. It’s not high and mighty attitude. It’s a matter of principle. If new fans simply jump ship by their own whim and fancy, then would rather not have them in the sport. Where’s the loyalty and fun in supporting the team, even on rainy days?
    Plus you compared it to sex…you shouldnt be simply changing sex partners, should you?

  60. Exactly…what lob?????? this really shows kenny doesn’t know much about football…..and his views on switching clubs….OMG…take a grip and please don;t profess as a football fan….understand that you’re a casual fan and that’s enough…nevertheless, good post and pictures….

  61. Hi Kenny,
    Thanks for joining the trip and making it a successful one! I shall e-mail this to the winners and let them have a read.
    Except for that one Liverpool fan, you know who I’m talking about. HAHAHA.
    Take care & see you soon!

  62. I hope other people will not follow your footstep to become man utd fan! To state a fact, most of the man utd fans can’t play soccer, they just support them purely because man utd can win games, so pathetic! And i hope you aren’t one of the losers.

  63. Kenny… you’re so typical of a Manure fan! They need more supporters like you. Btw, that Torres goal cant be considered a lob. Know your football before you want to write about it.

  64. Making fun of the Munich disaster, typical scouse supporter, go fuck yourself you lowlife … I feel sorry for your parents bringing up a bastard who mocks at people’s death and tragedies, fuck off

  65. You’re such a huge pile of horse manure. Your ignorance will never cease to amaze me. I hate Manchester United but it will never compare to what I feel about you, and your incessant gibberish that you call humour.

  66. To MU fans who complain about Liverpool fans making a big deal out of the victory – I think it is a very normal reaction.
    MU had been leading the chart and objectively speaking on average they are a better team this season. Hence, given their more frequent victories, it is normal for fans from other clubs to dislike them, whatmore combined with certain players’ arrogance,previous spittings and other factors etc.
    My point is, don’t go blaming Liverpool fans boasting about winning at old trafford, because other clubs’ fans would have done the same when Arsenal/Chelsea were reigning, including MU fans. It is normal to have hatred towards the leading team (in football) when you are passionate about your team.

  67. Don’t worry Man Utd fans! Chelsea will avenge your defeat by beating Liverpool in the Champions League!

  68. You will never walk alone = ywnwa
    ywnwa = you will never win anything! eat that liverpool.
    glory glory man u ๐Ÿ˜€

  69. I guess man utd fans will show off if man utd win 4 – 1. stop being a sore loser when man utd lost 4 – 1.

  70. well u stupid fuck,real madrid is the medieval team,now whr the fuck are they,got booted out of CL,la liga is not even close in catching us up eventhou we gave in a few times around.fucking Madrista,go back to play “royal” football

  71. apparently u still don’t understand the essence of the beautiful game.if u just want to main-main support teams,then don’t say it aloud then we would understand but if u had pledge ur allegiance to a club and sways that easily,u just broke the code of the game,i bet u dont geddit’ but nvm!

  72. Kenny I tot lu endorse Twisties ???
    Now because of free match ticket lu endorse Mr.potata ka … lol …
    I like Twisties better .. Mr.Potato SUCKS ..

  73. Man Utd fans are such paper fans. You should witness how Liverpool fans stick by their team even when they are down and out, instead of starting to empty the stadium at the 79th minute.

  74. dont blog about football again.
    and go support man city. its perfect for you. did you buy a backup liverpool jersey to be safe if the title does not go to man u this year?

  75. HAHAHA talking about 1 game …guess who lost 2 – 0 to fulham….yes think hard its the “best” team in the world…manchester something??

  76. dude,i don’t see yourself appreciating football as u cant pick your own freaking football team. and that is such a shame. im not a chelsea fan but i just dont understand how did u manage to shout when cris-gay-ano ronaldo scored when u used to worship ballack (If im not mistaken). maybe u should go to anfield and get urself a jersey too.

  77. OUCH! gee someone woke up with a bloody tampon up his ass.
    BE A GOOD SPORT! this is HIS blog, he can do whatever he wants.
    START UR OWN if you so dearly want to convey your ideas on ‘fandom’

  78. dude go do some research before u talk la . and before the game itself WAYNE ROONEY the LOONEY guy said this himself on the press : “I HATE THE KOPS aka liverpool” what was that ? taunting ? lol retarded . go do some research la .

  79. Do you still got banned from Youtube? I cant understand why they remove your own video there. Have you send them any appeal?

  80. Get a life prick..History defines the club, not the present..For u to say barca is the biggest team now juz because they lead la liga? yeah rite u funny chimp

  81. liverpool r so crap man let them win
    liverpool suck
    liverpool suck
    liverpool suck
    liverpool suck
    liverpool suck
    liverpool suck
    liverpool suck
    liverpool suck

  82. walao…. didnt know u took so many pictures of the match sumore quite detail wehhh… the place we sat was damn far till i gave up snapping pics liao… nice pics nyways switch to MANUTD LIAO LA!!! DONT CHELSEA ALREADY!!!!

  83. Liverpool Are Awesome And After Liverpool Come Chelsea ManUtd Are Just A Team That Only Became A Team After Coached By Alex Ferguson Ronaldo Is A Fucking Loser U Can Never Have A Midfielder Like Steven Gerrard And Can Never Find a Striker Like Fernando Torres Or Ian Rush

  84. Well The Barclays Premier League has come to a close. Manchester United, a team that has a “HUGE” “HOOLIGAN FAN” following especially in Malaysia, has WON the League Title. A fact accepted by all true fans of football troughout the world.
    One matter that needs to be highlighted here is that, even though Man U, has won the 2008/09 League Title, they did not beat Liverpool for the 2008/09 campaign. In fact Man U got trashed on the second encounter.
    So to all you MAN U “Hooligan Fans”, especially, Terence Star, H/P No. 0122889740 and Kiran Anita, H/P No. 0126146229, who are from the CHILL BISTRO, of Phileo Damansara,just remember that LIVERPOOL was unbeaten to MAN U for the 2008/09 campaign. “EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT”

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