Technology, Malaysian-Style

The Aquaria KLCC is real impressive.

This is possibly the first and only aquarium in the world that features a state-of-the-art ticketing system with cutting edge RFID sensing technology. These are chao-ji super-advanced wireless tickets can be purchased for RM28 at the cashier counters.

We Malaysians very high-tech, don’t use paper tickets one. Paper tickets are so 1997, only backwards countries like USA and Japan use them. Come, let’s all laugh at them.
You see, our chao-ji super-advanced wireless tickets are so damn powerful, you have to tap them on those Touch-N-Go panels in order to pass through the electronic entrance gates…

…then hand your used tickets over to the attendants loitering around the area. Just like paper tickets. But with Touch-N-Go technology. So high tech right?
Welcome to technology, Malaysian-style.

Four sleeps to the World Cup!
On the other hand, This is so true. I particularly love this line:
“Indian girls and ladies wear a dot on our forehead… It is not there for Infrared or Bluetooth purposes.”

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  1. wah so high tech one ah…? no wonder i cannot enter… i only know how to use touch n go, hand the ticket back is too complicated for me…

  2. hehehe. that’s hillarious. I am definetly going to the aquaria soon to give a good hearty smile to those workers. Malaysia Boleh!

  3. where got redundant? now at least twice as efficient! save time from having to look at the ticket and having to tear/punch it. Plus environment friendly, because no trees were harmed in the making of the tickets and the tix are reusable too. haha! 😀

  4. Skyler, try to come in here not expecting the constant jokes and entertainment or whatever and you’ll do just fine. Bear in mind that at the end of the day, this is still just a regular blog of a regular person not unlike those of your friends. 🙂 You don’t expect your friends to entertain you when you go out with them. Just relax, enjoy and have a chit-chat right here.

  5. Pretty sarcastic. I don’t really like to say this, but what is your motive?
    I mean, ok la… the so-called ticketless system is afterall a ticket system. But you made it sound so sarcastically. I’m not those who is extremely loyal to my home country, but basically i think you had cross the line this time.
    I’m entitled to my personal opinion, don’t i?

  6. Haha now I get the point. It’s such a waste for them to implement the so-called advanced technology and yet, they still need to collect the used tickets in order to save cost by recycling them? I’m “impressed!” 😀

  7. hahahahahahahahaha!!!
    i agree.. paperless mah! save trees AND giving people jobs whattt..
    hahahahahahaha! its hilarious tho. why not a lil token? you know. masuk token then enter, and the token goes into that thingy..
    *just a thought* =P

  8. omg! you there are ppl who wait to collect back the tickets ?!
    Whats the point ! lol !! let the machine do it la! Aih seh man !
    As kenny said, “technology, Malaysian-style”

  9. It’s a nice place & I’m working there…..Quote “First world infrastructure but third class mentality”, so agree with that….that’s why i think they implemented that system just to entertain the employees because it’s very funny seeing those 3rd class mentality people try to use it. Working there is fun because u get to meet all kinda weird people. Once we had a new empty aquarium with one of our Caucasian aquarist inside painting the background while listening to radio, i noticed it pulled a huge crowd & many are busy snapping photos so i went close to see what’s so interesting with an under construction aquarium. As i get close to the crowd, i get to hear stuffs like “Eh mari tengok, ada BigFoot ler!” or “Eh, this exhibit listens to the radio one!” =_=!! The worst part is, there’s a reasonably big sign nearby stating “Under construction, new exhibit coming soon”

  10. You people expect Kenny to publish jokes all the time like how a clown makes people laugh at times?
    “I don’t like to say this; but you’re getting boring, dearie.”
    Want to give comments also give constructive comments. If you think it’s getting boring, don’t read it.
    Malaysian-style, expect the unexpected 😛

  11. Formula17, if you don’t mind me saying this, i think skyler (or whoever it might be) is entitled to her own personal opinion.
    “Kenny is getting boring”, is all she said. Just because she said something unfavourable to the owner of this site doesn’t mean she deserved to be blasted this way.
    I have gone through the achieves and i had to say Kenny is much funnier back then. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t funny now. Just that people (namely me) prefer the old kenny.
    There is more laughs in the old kenny while there is more advertisement is today’s kenny. But that doesn’t mean he is a clown in the past. People comes in because of the laughs, dont they?
    You have to check how much extent is the truth in Skyler’s words. You can’t just blast people just like that, especially when there is some truth in her words.

  12. Kenny don’t bother to advice Skyler. Skyler is idiot, as he was upset for expecting a hilarious post from Kenny’s blog. Everyone got ups and downs of life. Boring is part of life.
    Skyler, DON’T bother to read Kenny’s blog just in case it let you down, as you even have dull time that make you surf Kenny’s blog to read for laughter. If you surf Kenny’s blog again, don’t keep whining!

  13. For a REALLY impressive aquarium experience, you’d probably want to go to Atlanta:
    They’re big enough to have a whale shark in it. Well, I guess that’s where the Americans would rather concentrate their efforts when building one of these.

  14. Addendum – the Georgia Aquarium even more canggih – you must have an e-mail address to be admitted – they e-mail you a barcoded ticket which you print and present. No need to even queue up.

  15. omg. R u serious? Malaysia Boleh!
    And oh, wassup with the “Xiaxue style of blogging” la?
    “Come, let’s all laugh at them”

  16. i just dun get ur blogs these days. they are meaningless… are u getting writter’s bock.. or everyday’s just like any other day/…??? maybe u should post less often.. then u ‘ll not run out of things to post..????!!!!

  17. hmm, i remember doing the same thing. buy a tix, go thru, pass my tix to the pple hanging around there. it should b in singapore though, but i cant recall where. Maybe the Zoo or Sentosa.

  18. the stupidity of the human race, be thankful for that. Kenny need not be sugarcoating his sarcasticness.. Its his blog, his place for his bitchings, and praisings

  19. you know what guys, only the malays who are slackers and good for nothing will take on such jobs

  20. Hey, kenny. For all that others may say, I really enjoy reading ur blog. I’m an addict. Yes, sad to say, I’ve subjected myself to checking ur blog at least once a day. So don’t feel too bad. Hehehe….
    As for those of you who enjoy reading the blog, carry on. The rest of you who don’t enjoy it, just don’t read it lorr….and if you find you just…cannot…stop…this….addiction, and if you’ve got nothing nice to say, just don’t say anything la.
    I think it’s fine to have an opinion about the content of an entry if you have opposing views. Like, if you really think that M’sia has the most unbeatable canggih-manggih technology, then bring facts to back it up. But I honestly don’t think there’s any need to blast Kenny for his writing style.
    To Nightshade: absolutely hilarious!

  21. lol…nice!they actually allow u to take pic of those ppl standing at the “machine”??lol
    For my opinion,those who dun like this blog can stop reading and pree Alt + F4

  22. Kenny Sia: Sorry. I mean, if you were going to write about going to the aquarium, at least write, I dunno, thoughts and stuff. Instead of just-Picture. Picture. Picture. Something not funny. There’s a reason I don’t read my friend’s blogs but read yours 😀
    Anonymous coward aka “Who the hell is Skyler??”: Duh, if you learned to stop ass kissing you’d sound a lot smarter. And yeah, the past 3-4 posts have been a let down, but why should it be any of your business whether I read or not. At least there are timeless posts in the archives.
    Besides, if everyone was nice and pretend-happy and went “Oh, Kenny Sia! You are so amazing! Keep up the awsome work! Your balls are so big!” to Every Single Post whether boring or not, his quality could just dwindle away thanks to mindless comments.
    Formula17: Yes, it wasn’t constructive enough. My bad.

  23. I see Kenny is very excited with our ticketing system… intrigued, if i may say.
    Oklah its not that funny lah, but very important meh that someone cannot say that it’s not funny?
    Reading that comment from “Who the hell is Skyler” made me feel like my intelligence is getting lower.

  24. Hey dude, excellent post for those who has a sense of humour and wisdom. RFID in this applicataion is just a waste of technology, but then benefits he/she who holds the contract/import right.

  25. Formula17 quotes “Want to give comments also give constructive comments. If you think it’s getting boring, don’t read it.”
    Only losers like you would say these kinda stuff. Just like the Malaysian Government. “Don’t like our police officers? Then Leave Malaysia”. Malaysia, Truly Asia~~ Catchy Tune tho.

  26. the entry technology ala touch and go is impressive,
    but the selection of fishes is not.
    selection sounds like these fishes are trays on a buffet table..oh well.
    sentosa,10 years ago,had better fish than aquaria though undeniably aquaria’s decor and presentation is way much nicer and more alluring.especially the pillar of piranha,that the stairs are wrapped around!
    the turtles are gorgeous though! great shot 🙂
    when did you go there?

  27. eh kenny, that KLCC Aquaria is how seow one lar, the underwater ‘tube’ there got one blind spot at the right hand corner you know …
    this place also never have my favorite fish .. Ikan Pari wor …

  28. *hats down to skyler*
    thanks for coming in & clarifying the mess your… uhm… not-so-nicely-phrased comment created. haha. At least we can hope that everyone’s happy now.
    *cheers at kennysia for noticing stuff other people don’t & having the balls to blog about it*
    i’m NOT ass-kissing here. it’s just my sincere opinion. & y’all who behsong can just kiss my furry black bottom, so there!

  29. Over here in the US we just print online coupons. With barcodes on them.
    It’s cheap and the paper can be recycled. Win-win situation!

  30. Eh you guys don’t have to bash Skyler up. I know what she’s like and she means no harm. 🙂 I like her.
    My point is simply that it’s not fair to me if everyone just comes in and expect me to entertain them. It’s pressurising. Maybe the reason some find me more entertaining in the past is because there’s less people critiquing me and less pressure to produce ‘crowd-pleasing entries’.
    Yes, I’m like the chicken that couldn’t lay golden eggs when being pressured to.
    Whatever it is, please keep the comments relevant to the entries and please please please, enough with the 1/10, 3/10 thing. I have enough stress with work and with my housing renovations as it is, and when I go online I just want to enjoy my blog as much as you do.

  31. Dominic: There wasn’t going to be a mess in the first place if some people weren’t so sensitive.
    Aw, Kenny Sia’s so sweet. Hey could you please delete that “Your great!” one comment above yours? Impersonator…
    What’s more it insults my English.

  32. ya know..the installation of that scanning machine has probably bought someone a brand new Mercedes and a bungalow..not so bad afterall…

  33. and…oh..there’s another joke!…
    the american spent billions and years to develope a pen that can write in the space, and underwater..the russian just use a pencil..

  34. Aquaria KLCC is not an exciting place to go.. YOu should check out at Langkawi Underwater World.. They offer MORE variety of fish species plus PENGUINS (something to amaze at).. Malaysia always OVER claim itself.. When it says “Aquaria,” it really disappoint my expectation.. turning to see A LOT OF INSECTS!! Even Underwater World in Singapore allows the visitors have the opportunity to touch fishes compared to Aquaria 🙁

  35. Desperate – so dem sian. Kenny is in KL so of course he visit the Aquaria. You don’t expect him purposely go all the way to Langkawi for the Aquarium right?
    Kenny – shouldn’t waste your money now for Aquaria as it is only 40% completed. Give them another year to fully develop the place.

  36. Bodoh bangau betul…malu only, in KLCC ah, world’s tallest structure summore.
    they shud just do it like some night clubs…just put a luminous stamp onto the hand and scan with some techie ray for admission.

  37. i wont want that in kch.. i will call that tech watse.. it’s like inventing a washing machine that u have to brush and wash ur clothes by hand after putting them into the machine.. dun get my point? well.. nvm 🙂

  38. To some, this may not be entertaining, but to me, it may not be as entertaining as the other entries but the point is:
    Why have Touch N` Go technology when in fact it’s Touch N’ Wait N` Go?
    What a waste of human resources, well anyway, at least they KEEP the UNEMPLOYMENT rate LOW enough for this shit.

  39. u need a big hug kenny.
    i’m so glad you took off to our island for a much needed break from all the shit hitting the fan.
    but u’ve really got to stop that sagi trait we discussed over the Sling.
    no one can be at their best all the time, and you’re not superman you know.
    =) lovez.

  40. Never visited the place because the tickets were so damn expensive. Anyway heard that the underwater world in Langkawi is much bigger and better. And I can visit Langkawi anytime 😉

  41. to shallow skyler, you are good at being shallow to a stage that no other people can go
    who’s laughing now?
    u got a lot of shizit kenny.. 🙂

  42. kenny… did u go to the bookfair at klcc on saturday 3 june 2006?
    i think i saw a guy who looks like u.. issit u?

  43. the people who designed this definitely didn’t realise that the card costs alot (at least RM10)!! Hence they have people collecting the ‘used’ card upon entry so that they will not lose money!
    for simple ticketing system, paper magnetic card probably has the lowest running cost!

  44. blithely speaking hor, i am quite surprised that this high tech thingie in KLCC aqua sumthing hor did not catch the attention of the malaysia world of guinness record ppl ler…
    you know la, have to shout about it one ma…longest pizza, largest char siew pau, biggest moon hor, me very puzzling why the klcc aqua whachamalit did not get all the frills and all lor….

  45. today star paper reported that DHL will open a center…costing 200mil i think…in Cyberjaya becos they are very confident with our MSC projects…and also our gahmen commitment to MSC projects…hehehehehehhehehehehehehahahahahahahahah…

  46. in reply to:
    fyi, Singapore already had this technology since last year. no biggie.
    Posted by: yOz at 06 June 2006 3:41 PM
    >> Great, there goes another Singapore vs Malaysia bashing opinions. Yes and fyi, your country is stupidly small, how do you like that?
    There is another better way to say things such as, “fyi, there are other/another country which already has this technology before”
    Simple as that will not make you hate Malaysians that much.

  47. Sally: You’re completely missing the point & making yourself look like an idiot.
    We KNOW Singaporean MRTs uses this technology. Heck, our LRTs in KL uses it the too.
    The whole point is this:
    Too much money to spend issit? Or we M’sians just can’t program such ‘sophisticated’ machines to collect these tickets after use?

  48. i meant recollect MANUALLY. dunno why, the words manually & automatic were deleted from my comment, hence the commas & hanging sentences. Hm…

  49. looks like fleece-n-go made bank on the aquarium project. they should outfit whores with this technology, too. that’d be super.

  50. you are getting so “wu-liao” nowadays and your blog sucks…here’s some advice:
    i)try posting some intresting articles instead of sth like ‘Zn-ging you penis’
    ii)try to be the old Kenny Sia… come on make a change Kenny!

  51. dear flamers
    this blog is about kenny spilling his thoughts.. at least i think tat way.. there is no law saying tat kenny must joke all time..
    dear all
    let flamers be just flamers.. without flamers, there arent any fun leaving comments.. guess so.. hehe.. btw, great to know tat this place can make everyone ’emotional’. whether it’s good or not, we all here just for the fun of it 🙂
    sometimes is just dun get what i’m trying to say..

  52. dear flamers
    this blog is about kenny spilling his thoughts.. at least i think tat way.. there is no law saying tat kenny must joke all time..
    dear all
    let flamers be just flamers.. without flamers, there arent any fun leaving comments.. guess so.. hehe.. btw, great to know tat this place can make everyone ’emotional’. whether it’s good or not, we all here just for the fun of it 🙂
    sometimes is just dun get what i’m trying to say..

  53. I think Kenny has the right to write whatever he wants.. if it’s ‘boring’ to you then shuddup la!
    I think his blog is pretty funny and good compared to most blogs around..
    (fyi.. i’m too lazy to go hunt for good blogs to read :p…i’m not a blog person… and i confess… it was less than 2 weeks ago a fren intro Kenny’s blog to me.. which i end up having few sleepless nights laughing my head off goin through SOME of the archives… will continue reading as soon as i finish my assignments =_=” heh)
    u very de funny la Mr Kenny Sia…i’ll be checkin everytime u post up new stuff 😉 *winks*
    keep up the good work!!~~

  54. All of you are idiots…
    Kenny sia wannabe: if kenny’s “wu liao”, you’re even more wu liao because you’re READING his blog.
    Stop dishing just coz you think kenny’s boring.
    If you think you’re better, prove it. If not? SHUT THE FCK UP!
    i sure am moody today

  55. hi kenny
    i went to aquaria recently too, and the fact that the tickets were immediately collected struck me as odd too, ESPECIALLY when it says to “hold on to the ticket while inside aquaria as proof of admission, and surrender it on your way out” or something to that effect.
    say one thing, do another… small thing like this oso can’t do right, how lah to deal with big big things like “finetoothcombing hillside development applications” or “wiping out corruption”?? *sigh*

  56. Formula18 quotes “Only losers like you would say these kinda stuff. Just like the Malaysian Government. “Don’t like our police officers? Then Leave Malaysia”.”
    My statement is not related with Malaysian Government. Don’t mix it up.
    So the winner like you would say, “Kenny, this entry very boring leh!! Can entertain us with funny entries mah??!!”

  57. erm.. Touch-and-Go style tickets? whats the point when you only gonna use it for a few seconds at the entrance of the aquarium..
    sigh.. we malaysians..
    kononnya very high-tec, but never think clearly before implementing useless stuff. If really got so much money then make it a nicer place lar..
    tap-and-go tickets? what the hell for worr…?

  58. singapore’s transport system is different in a kind of way, as in you tap and go but you reuse the tickets! unlike here, where you tap and go and someone have to collect the ticket from you. yeah, and i think the collecting part is redundant in a way or another.

  59. dear ppl of the world… of cos RFID is ntg new… the point here is just using tech in the LPPL way.. .hey.. i’ve made the 100th comment for this entry.. 😀

  60. you guys are dumb… kenny said “This is possibly the first and only AQUARIUM in the world that features a state-of-the-art ticketing system with cutting edge RFID sensing technology.” not wat mrt or wat shit la ya…
    its AQUARIUM!
    he didnt say “only “country” ”
    so tiam tiam la

  61. Everytime a flaming session like this happens, I always love to whip out this quote :
    “Winning an argument on the internet is like winning the special olympics, even if you win, you’re still retarded.”
    Enjoy. 🙂

  62. Izzati, I’ve been quite active in forums, car related ones to be more precise. Everytime you mix boys + technical “knowledge”, you have yourself a wonderful flaming debate going on. I picked up the quote from there. It almost ALWAYS kills off a flaming session. 🙂
    BTW something else that some might not know, we call people who griefs (always post stupid unconstructive negative remarks) on forums, TROLLS.
    Hence another famous quote : “Don’t feed the troll.”
    ps – Kenny, keep up the good work mate. Hope you get more sponsorship in the future, helps keep the drive going. 🙂

  63. yes, I think this is very malaysian style technology. I was at JB Senai airport the other day. Drove into the car park. Some one was standing there to PUSH the button so the ticket slips comes out.
    After picking up my cousins, I found the ticket payment machine – yes, there was a guy there. took the ticket and money from me. Feed it into the machine. Then returned the ticket to me.
    As I drove out – Yep. there was one more guy at the Barrier to help me insert the ticket into the machine so the car park barrier will come up.
    keeps unemployment down!

  64. kenny sia readers cum idiots (ok some of you).
    The sole purpose is to deter multiple entry since obviously unlike the LRT since there’s no FLAG where you know the person’s entitled to two stations trip only.
    The card is valid for the whole day and knowing how ugly malaysians are (stealing fork and spoons at open houses!), you know they’ll be bringing in the whole taman to aquaria.

  65. too bad i havent been there . .. .
    or else i would be laughing my socks off ! ! !
    what a waste of manpower ! !
    well, at least some people we’ll be able to have work to do . . .
    this help reduce the number of unemployed people in the job market ! ! !

  66. Super high tech country but ‘0’ attitude. I was on the flight in KLIA, the multi bilion project, where I see a child is doing a imigration officer job. That’s pretty amazing.

  67. shut up..if you always give your bad comment about your own country then fuck off from there and make your life at somewhere else countrylah then you will realise how good your own country is..bodoh!!Think before say something logic.I love my country Malaysia.

  68. haha… tell me ’bout it. even my tuition acedemy provided us each student a card with a barcode on it. so everytime we attend a tuition class we had to scan the card to record attendance. and if the computer system detected that anyone is absent, the management will call out parents >.

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