Sucky Sunday

So, how was your weekend?

Hope you had a good one ‘cos mine was spent on a hellacious 6-hour bus ride from Kuching to the ulu Saratok, which the bus OF ALL DAYS chose to break down on a hot 35 degree day, leaving us having to wait for FOUR hours until reinforcements arrived and drove us to our destination.

Disclaimer: This photo is here for illustration purposes only and may or may not be a true and accurate representation of a Saratokian cockroach.

I’m blogging from the comforts of my “hotel room” via GPRS right now. By “hotel”, I meant converted shophouse located above a local fastfood chain. Any by “room”, I meant ant-and-cockroach-infested pig sty. Nothing says I love you more than a Saratokian cockroach sharing the same bed with you.
On a different note, I have to say I’m completely BLOWN AWAY by the amount of support I have received so far regarding the marathon.
Initially I was only expecting 2 corporate sponsors max, but I’ve ended up getting much more than that. Heh, I think I’ll go down in history as the most unqualified athlete ever to receive sponsorship deals.
I’ll definitely be donating part of the proceeds to charity. Maybe the National Society of Marathoners Who Passed Out Before Completing The Race. I heard they need help.
Heck, one guy even suggested betting on how many kilometres I could achieve before I pass out/give up. He offered RM100 for every km I reach, or I’d have to pay him RM100 for every km I could NOT finish. I didn’t accept the offer.
Thanks a million to everyone who offered words of encouragement. Sorry I won’t be accepting any personal donation as I have nothing to give in return.
As for the others, I’d reply all e-mails when I return to Kuching tonight yea?
Food for thought.
Kenny: I’d like to date girls who are carbon copies of myself.
naeboo:Eww… that’s BORING!
Is it better to date somebody similar to you, or someone whose differences complement you?

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  1. I’m first!
    Always happy to see that the bus I might be on has broken down.
    Congrats on the marathon, and on the support

  2. Q: “Is it better to date somebody similar to you, or someone whose differences complement you?”
    A: “Yes”! i.e. Both maaah! I think the best match is when you have someone who is a mixture of similar AND different characteristics. No need to limit yourself to an “either-or” situation 🙂

  3. someone similar to you will be boring, someone who is different is exciting.. but as long you two able to communicate.. who cares about similarity or differences?? =)

  4. Date someone opposite of you. But NOT polar opposite.
    Having different interests, opinions, hobbies etc brings out the best in each other and helps each other grow in their personality, BUT despite all these difference, it’s VERY important that both have the same values and goals in life. Else, the relationship is doomed for any long-term.

  5. “Is it better to date somebody similar to you, or someone whose differences complement you?”
    Mixture of both I guess…certain similarities and certain differences that naturally and comfortably complements yourself. That’s my take on that ^_^

  6. Date someone the opposite of you for the fun of it but date someone like you who have common interest for the long term……..that way, you know that the relationship will sustain itself cos the both you are so similar.
    I once dated this guy who was a complete nerd and that was the end of that date.

  7. i date someone as fucked up as i am. lets be fair.. if you date somebody better then you, he/sge don’t deserve it; if you date somebody worse then you, you don’t deserve it.
    but so far i can’t see a girl as fucked up as i am. cause it will be digusting. we will gross everybody out.
    great entry doug

  8. I will choose “similar to you”. My current boyfriend is very similar to me in ways of characters, hobbies, thinkings etc. We never feel bored talking to each other as we always have many common things to talk on. And sometimes, before he speaks, I will be able to guess what he has in mind. We tend to appreciate each other better.
    All the best to your marathon!!!

  9. I’d date someone with different interests and personality, BUT with an equal amount of thoughtfulness and ability to compromise.
    That way, we won’t get bored of each other, but we still understand each other’s limitations.

  10. I think opposite who compliments you well. If you pick someone similar, you will still clash, but someone who compliments you can balance you…
    btw, I love your site, you write well, and also very original and interesting ideas.

  11. Heh, good luck on the marathon.
    And for the food for thought thingie, Opposites attract, I think cause the friction is more interesting.
    Abit sien also if going out with somebody exactly like you.

  12. Sympathizing you. I remembered that the bus I was riding broke down in the middle of my way from Genting back to KL. And you can say it’s much more scary as we are on a slope, don’t know what the heck would happen to that bus. Slide down and crash mer?

  13. my bf is very diffrent from me, while he is very handsome and rich but im not…but he make me the happiest person in the world , yes indeed , together gether hand in hand , we’ll never part , somehow , write until here , my eyes filled with tears ,,

  14. i won’t date a carbon copy of myself……i think i’d get a heart-attack due to the constant clashes of Ego and Will……
    wHat a nightmare……
    rAther, i think it’s better to date someone whom you share a certain connection to…..for instance, when you think of something, the person thinks of it as well.
    wOnder if that’s what they mean by ‘Soulmates’?

  15. i think date someone whose differences complements you. naeboo is rite.. carbon copies of yourself is boring!!!
    not unless u are very into urself lah. haha.

  16. You’d want to date someone who’s a bit of both. Dating someone who’s exactly like you would be boring. But dating someone completely different would drive you bonkers! So someone who’s both.

  17. if i dated my carbon copy i might as well….yknow. wank.
    i like to learn from the people i hang out with, so none of my friends, or people i’m attracted to, are too much like me, especially in terms of INTEREST.
    But we have the same traits where it makes it easier for us to be constantly in each other’s faces all the time.

  18. aiya no difference lah kenny. eventually the couple will grow to look and behave like each other, put together long enough.
    eh i go KL find U want not.
    maybe tat’ll induce xx to write something bad about me again.

  19. quote:
    Kenny: I’d like to date girls who are carbon copies of myself.
    no way.. its a boring relationship.. and it like dating with someone that look like you with a long hair and a big breast!
    waw.. dun want to think of that.. so weird..

  20. dear kenny, yu have a very interesting and updated blog, the contents are always fresh and written well with a touch of hilary! keep it up
    and keep it coming!! thanks for completing our day!! cheers andy singapore

  21. dating a carbon copy of urself wud be fun. u’d get the chance to see “urself” frm another point of view! it’s just dating.. not say gonna spend the lifetime together wat.. its an experiencE~!
    btw, i think dats a cricket.. not a cockroach.. cockroaches dont hav point back legss…
    good luck in ur marathon~!

  22. coconut kenny! me n kim went lok lok. and was wondering to call you or not. she told me u’re still in saratok. are u back or not? me n her leavin in 2 weeks oi…

  23. Hey Dude, at least that bus was not a STC’s Kuching/Serian bone shaking with no AC, aluminum deck buses. I took those to Sarikei, on gravel road many many years ago.

  24. i think essentially u want someone who is similar to u, but different enough to add interest to the relationship. personally i wouldnt want to date someone who is completely like me because i think sometimes u dislike in others what u see in urself. someone who is completely like me would have no difference in opinion and therefore u would learn nothing new from this relationship.
    but then if u date someone who is completely different to u, it leaves too much room for frequent disagreements, ergo disharmony. u have nothing in comment, nothing to share but ur love for one another… but then, what is that love based on? i think it would require some sort of magnitudinous event or turn of fate to bring the two of them together.
    but i suppose to each their own. ive known couples who are indeed carbon copies of each other, and again couples who are lik black to red.

  25. wuddup kenny. i have to say, great blog. and congrats on the marathon. or should i say, congrats on signing a death wish. haha. just kidding. ;p
    about the dating thingy, definitely someone with somewhat a different personality. haven’t you guys heard, opposites attract?
    sure, you can date a mirror image of yourself but what fun and challenge would there be? eating the same kind of food, enjoying the same kind of movies, cursing with the same vocabulary of profanities. 🙂 Man, you’ll be so living in a dark box that you might not get to feel what lies outside that containment.
    of course, on the other hand, to get someone of a different character, you’ll have plenty of misunderstandings, that goes without saying. but then again, you’ll discover beautiful (and ugly) differences that you might actually enjoy. still, at the end of it all, you’ll definitely treasure the other half that you have never had.
    my balls of thoughts.
    good day. 🙂

  26. I actually married someone similar. We have same interests and feel the same way abt things. But we also fight a lot cos’ we are both as stubborn and won’t give way. Think marriage is different from dating. You can date anyone, but marriage is different.

  27. Just my two cents worth.
    Definitely someone whose differences complement yours. That way, you’d always be thinking of ways to improve on the relationship and how to impress and make your other half happier. It’s these differences and the giving in that make relationships work. For someone who’s similar to you, won’t you guys be better off as good friends?

  28. dudeeee… thats a cricket. dungu!!
    of coz u wld need to date someone who has the basic similarities as u do. sure, polar opposites are fun and exciting, but it’s tiring after a while.
    it’s like, u two hafta like meat, but u like diff cuts. eg,when u cook a chicken, the person liking the drumsticks will get to have his drums and the other get the wings and etc lar. no fighting liao mah. and the poor chicken will be eaten completely and not wasted.
    now, imagine if u date a vegan. wherever u go, u need to think of a place where u can both enjoy eating. hard work esply in, one of u hafta suffer eating tofu and vegies or stay hungry.
    or cook diff stuf for the both of u= too much work.

  29. Honestly, I cannot believe the kiasu morons who go : “Im first” in the comments section. It totally makes no sense how kiasuism can show itself even in blog commenting. I really feel so sorry for those sad people who log on to 24 hours a day, wait till he submits a post, and then take one look at the post, click comments and put you two cents crap on the post which you may/may not have read just so that you would be first! Makes any sense? You sad people should go get a life, live your own life and stop being so wierd. I mean commenting when the topic of the blog has something to do with you is fine, but commenting because it is a competition for you is really pathetic!Pity you guys!

  30. Q: “Is it better to date somebody similar to you, or someone whose differences complement you?”
    apparently according to the ‘experts’, most compatible (as in they haven’t scratched each other’s eyes out after 2 weeks) couples are of opposite temperaments but from similiar backgrounds, ie: middle-class extrovert & middle-class introvert. me personally – no clue! was born a cynic and recent upheavals in my personal life have made me certain i will die a cynic if nothing else. but i do draw the line at dating a clone of yourself – puts a whole new spin on incest or is there another term for ‘loving’ one self too much? LOLZ.

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