Stupid Computer Error Message

Half-arsed update for now. Full-arsed update later tonight.

I know I never write anything about my profession over here. I have my reasons.
But since it is the Gawai holidays this week (a ‘Harvest Day’ the local Dayaks here observe), I’m feeling a little extra generous. Here’s a glimpse at the kind of shit I have to put up with at work sometimes.

Eh hello? No keyboard how to press F1 or DEL?

Times like these, I feel like taking the next available flight to Redmond, Washinton and whack Bill Gates pimply little face into smithereens with a computer keyboard.
Yes I know this error message has nothing to do with Microsoft. But no one likes Bill Gates anyway.

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  1. Just use the mouse and right-click that ‘F1’ word there lar….. hehe.
    But yeah, go ahead with the Bill gates plan. Give him the wax-middle-finger treatment!

  2. my case worst than yours ok. The POST message tell me “Your computer case is opened” and beeps several times. It occur every time i boot up my machine X(

  3. Heh Bill Gates didnt program the BIOS dude, and it’s so you can plug the keyboard back in and press F1 😛
    The worst error message I’ve seen in Windows is:
    “The dial-up connection cannot be disconnected as it is busy disconnecting”

  4. never understooded computer language. hmm… yeaye its gawai and im missing out on all the tuaks and the food! boohoo

  5. we are fortunate that faulty keyboards can be replaced cheaply. Imagine 100 yrs into the future where you have to use your hand gestures facing a sensor to give commands (ala Minority Report). What if an error msg comes out like “Hands not detected. Pls apply wax.”… -_-Screwd man…

  6. I was focusing more on “detecting primary slave”, “detecting secondary master” and “detecting secondary slave”!!! *hahaha*
    what on earth is that? 😛

  7. My my…what an interesting job you have there Kenny.
    Well, I don’t hate Bill Gates neither love him. I think we should just leave him be? Oh, diverting some of his personal cash into my account would be lovely though.

  8. aunty,
    If Kenny were the tech guy at our school…..hmmm I don’t know. Who’s more funny, our tech guy or Kenny?
    So, anyway, Kenny, you work for some computer company? like i Computers or something? or somethingDot?

  9. eyeris, heh. If I get the chance to do that to Bill Gates then that would be the best RM15 I’ve spent.
    Silencers, stupid right?
    ashie, hey I believe that’s a motherboard feature. I reckon you can disable it in CMOS.
    NSDS3, I never understood those SMART things myself.
    draco, whoever wrote that error code must have his brains detached too.
    Shaolin Harimau, yea I reckon that’s the purpose of the error message. Only that they didn’t make it clear enough. Heh. I’ve seen one in a magazine that goes “Unable to delete file as you have a low disk space.” Not sure if its a hoax but funny nonetheless.
    kristof, yeap. That’s what I did.
    chrissie, I think its going to be quite a subdued celebration over here due to the helicopter tragedy last year.
    Louisa, hahaa! And lose all my chio bu photos? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    randomshinichi + aunty, oh no! My cover is blown! Anyway, I’ll probably tell you where I work if and when we meet up.
    ken, nolah its a keyboard problem.
    updatedversion, technology. its like women really. you can’t live with them you can’t live without them.
    Jasemaine, I hate Bill Gates but I hate Mac even more. I think that makes me a very sad person! heh. Its alright Jase I know you’re an Mac Addict, but I’m sticking to mainstream IBM PC for cost and convenience reasons.
    Din, HEH! You can see well into the future.
    FeR, now that you’ve mentioned it….! HAHAHA! Believe it or not, the master and slaves are for the hard drives.
    Lyon, he sure can settle some bloody third world debt with his wealth.
    kahsoon, I saw that pic in! Yes that’s some baddddd hairstyle.

  10. I think your using a USB keyboard? Well you need to do something on the BIOS. The “Enable USB keyboard using BIOS instead of Windows driver” option. If you use BIOS driver, well, of course you can use the keyboard after the BIOS startup scanning but if you off it, you’ll have to wait until the Windows startup to use the keyboard. I guess that, in your case, it’s turned ON and the BIOS can’t scan the keyboard.

  11. this severely-IT-challenged AhMa is greatly consoled by this reading this post.No,i do not derive pleasure from someone else’s misery…just that it makes feel less stupid.

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  13. Yalah… no keyboard present or functioning… how to press F1?? Silly engineers who made up the board. Heh heh… 😀

  14. There are lotsa silly error computer messages if you take the effort to find them.
    I wonder did the engineers know that they have made a mistake when they create/make/program the motherboard?

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