Steady Steady Pom Phi Phi Island

It’s interesting to note that prostitution is officially illegal in Thailand, but the law that was erected (excuse the pun) is paper-tiger at best.

For most tourists who don’t want to have sex with Thai hookers, Phuket offers plenty of opportunities for us to make love to Mother Nature.
The Patong nightlife was a bit too much for me, so I decided to take it easy at the quieter Kata Beach – 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Patong.
Anyway, this more of a photoblog entry. If you like any of the photos here, click on it to download a larger size one for your computer wallpaper.

Kata Beach is a more family-oriented G-rated beach compared to Patong. There’s no sex or debauchery and the only form nudity here is the pure and innocent kind.
It’s beautiful here. I regret I didn’t stay here from Day One.

There’s not many places in the world where can you enjoy a mouth-watering plate of Pad Thai while sitting shirtless in an classy open-air restaurant overlooking the entire Kata beach – all for just 50 baht / RM5.

On day two, after my buffet ‘brick fart’ at the hotel, I hopped on the tour bus I booked a day earlier [1400 baht/RM140].
Destination: Phi Phi Islands.

This is a destination NOT to be missed by anyone travelling to Phuket. The wind-carved limestone rocks stand majestically in the background. The sand is soft and white, and the crystal clear Andaman sea is actually torquoise.
It was simply breathtaking.

This is Maya Bay, the filming location of that Leonardo Di Caprio movie “The Beach”.
Just like how McDonald’s burgers never look the same as they do on the menu, Maya Bay was nothing like how it was in the movie, especially after so many tourists and speedboats crammed the place.

I was put in the same boat together with some Australians, some Kuwaitis and a few holidaying Thais. Stupid me made a boo-boo when I asked the Thais onboard “Are you going to provide us with lunch?”
They gave me this weird look instead like I just insulted their grandmother. “I think you better ask the tour guide instead.”
OMG! I was so embarrassed I was about to jump off the boat and swim back to Kuching.

It’s so bad to assume they’re tour guides just because they’re Thais. I should know. Once I was in Attica (a very popular expat nightclub in Singapore), an angmoh thought I was a waiter working there and ordered some drinks from me. Bloody tulan.

We stopped at an island where there’s a big group of monkeys were seemingly waiting for us.
Tour Guide: “Alright! We stop here. We going to fitting monkey.”
Kenny: “Huh? Fitting monkey? With what?”
Tour Guide: “We going to fitting monkey with bananas!”

Feeding monkeys with bananas lah. Nabeh, make me excited nia.

We stopped at this bay where there are literally thousands of tropical fishies just waiting to be fed.

You haven’t experienced Phuket until you’ve snorkelled here. The corals are great. The visibility underwater is great. Everything here is great!

Look at how many of them there are!
There I was holding a piece of bread on my hand and all these fish were just nibbling right off my fingers.
It was an amazing feeling. Beats watching from behind a glass wall ANYTIME.
We had lunch at Phi Phi Don – one of the main islands. It’s a quiet and quaint little town still rebuilding itself after the devastation of the Tsunami. Everything here is so quiet and slow-moving.
Even their pets act lazy.


The beaches on Phi Phi Don have really spectacular views.

I mean, REALLY spectacular views.

Later on, we explored the tiny but beautiful Khai Island – another “must-go” destination.

The entire island is no bigger than a soccer field and it’s not as crowded as the bigger islands we’ve been to.

The water surrounding the island is so clean and clear it’s begging for me to snorkelled in it.
There’s a real danger snorkelling here though. Sea urchins lurking underwater are plentyful. At one point, a jellyfish was swimming past my belly, barely missing me by an inch.

I wasn’t so much afraid of being stung by a sea urchin or a jelly fish. But I heard the local remedy for treating such injuries is by getting someone to pee into a coconut shell, and then pour the urine over the open wound. Heh, I was afraid of receiving treatment more than injuring myself.

It’s so nice over here.
I almost didn’t want to leave.

Argh! They took the Rhumba Frappucinno off the Starbuck menu! Nooooooooooooooooooo!

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  1. yo dude… just started to read ur blog not too long ago.. all bloged stuff are cool man… i want go vacation also..! Keep them coming…! Peace!

  2. This is a destination to be missed by anyone travelling to Phuket.
    kenny i think u made a typo here…lol!!
    the beaches there are gorgeous

  3. Okay. That “#” is suppose to be a “3”. Got all excited and all…..
    BEAUTIFUL pics!!Wow!! That water looks like glass!!(2nd pic)The fish are amazing, they come right up to you, eh? Pretty cool.
    And ,uh……
    Did you have fun “fitting” the monkeys? Was it their banana “brick fart”??

  4. orh.. the beach is so beautiful!! u dun need to be a good photographer to be able to take such breathtaking pictures.. haha.. btw, cant save ur photos in a bigger format leh?

  5. oh sounds like a really fruitful trip.. im going to krabi in early May and will def visit Phi Phi Island! Did u stay at phi phi island for a night or two? What other activities r there to do at Phi Phi?

  6. ur travel logs is damn nice. i hope u go travel often. but that would mean less updates when u’re on the move. more updates!!

  7. Kenny, there are beaches as beautiful as Phuket or even better nearer to home. The islands off Sabah coast and off Terengganu are as great or even much better than Phuket unless you’re looking for something else =)

  8. wow, so beautiful! I wish I were there! The kitty looked cute, I haven’t seen any cats laying on their backs like that before… oh yeah, and I do enjoy “the view” :p

  9. dropped by after fiddling WP with your practically non-existant advice.
    no wonder you were up so late lah.
    love your flair for photos and the captions.
    time for sleep now, with picturesque dreams of blue skies, sunny sands, clear waters and naked butts.

  10. DUDE! Why are the pictures with ‘spectacular views’ missing the click-to-enlarge function!!??

    Gripe! Gripe! Gripe!

  11. teehee…nice entry…pity i’m too far from thailand for a quickie, weekend snokelling trip…must keep the islands in mind when i’m back in s’pore…BTW, travel agencies should choose you as a promoter…i mean…i think you advertise such places even better than the famous blogger queen (? princess?)…

  12. Weird, I went to Phuket and Phi Phi Island a few years back. My first reaction when I got there was, “Omg, I don’t get it.. what’s so special about this whole place..” but can’t be as bad as Bali lar. I enjoyed looking at their coral fish though 🙂

  13. Yupz…this place is definitely better than the 1 you talked about in your previous blog… =)
    The nice blue water & white sands makes me wanna fly there right now too.. =)

  14. two questions.
    1. Did you find NEMO?
    2. How come the ang mo neh-neh got covered with black pixels one?

  15. UR the man Kenny!
    huge cohones (balls)!
    what a great place looks like…now u got me all fired up to go Pee Pee!
    Chicks really topless? can’t believe it! and no signs like at sentosa restricking it?

  16. Your blog is very amusing, a friend of mine forwarded it to me this morning. Phuket is very beautiful, isn’t it? I just got back from kata beach myself 2 weeks ago, it was lovely as always. I hope you have fun. Good day.
    Oh, I’m Thai.

  17. hey..
    they are apparently taking the rhumba frappucino off the menu worldwide..
    same here in Sg..
    replacing it with some Java Chip Frappucino or something..
    so sad.. =(
    you should petition to bring it back man!

  18. I’m in awe of the mother…..nature
    fav photo is the last one…. the colours r simply adoringly cute.
    the last time i’ve been to thai I’ve only visited Pataya beach. It’s not as nice as phuket tho, seeing the photographic evidenc…. how I wish for a holiday nowwwwww

  19. my friend who works as a barista in Starbucks told me that they stopped producing the Rhumba Chips worldwide! *sniffles* That was my fave drink too! 😀
    btw the cute. And the pictures were gorgeous! I wanna go Phuket too! 😉

  20. coconut ice, thanks for that. 🙂 Yeah, if you want the bigger pic you gotta have a Flickr account and click on ‘All Sizes’
    marina, I use the Sony T9.
    teoh teo, if I have ‘Click to enlarge’ feature on those pics, I can guarantee that the pics aren’t gonna be the only thing enlarging.
    stupid fella, my Photoshop skills may be good but it’s not THAT good.
    Chung, I travelled alone. I prefer doing that. Less restrictions and I don’t have to wait for ppl all the time.
    bb, if you’re a girl you can. if you’re a guy you can’t. if you’re a girl and you want to walk around naked, let me know and i’ll fly to phuket again. 😀

  21. wow kenny, your blog really describe brilliantly
    and with lots of temptin details of phuket, its like advertising!! really gotta make a trip to phuket and phi phi don soony!! good english, kenny
    this has got to be the coolest blog yea! cheers!

  22. Wow! Just the pictures, I’m mesmerized by them. But a seems angried lady’s picture spoilt the view. And what a BIG BUTT!!
    Alright, maybe next time put up an all-nature views… Make your blog look peaceful too. At least once in a while huh?

  23. u know u r right about the pee remedy.
    if u watched FRIENDS, chandler peed on monica when she had a jellyfish sting. 😀

  24. Hey, I’m a Rhumba Lover too.
    The last time i went to Phuket, someone actually told me that the tsunami spoilt all the corals there. Boohoo! Can someone give me a shotgun!!!!!

  25. i’m going there in may….really looking forward to Phi Phi island. been to Koh Pha Ngan twice for the full moon party and it was damn great. i hope Phuket is better. all those topless europeans, animals with clothes, neverending beach rave parties and cheap cheap good food is what thailand is all about. land of the smile.

  26. Dont you feel a little worried that those ‘owners’ of the kwaipoh caught u snapping pictures of their kwaipoh? U r so the very brave, Mr. Kenny Sia…

  27. Sigh… Kata Beach… it’s really a nice place and there’s where my bf passed away. He loved this place so much and kept returning whenever he’s on holiday and he had spent his last moment there. RIP…

  28. Have been reading your blog lately. You crack me up!.
    Went to Phi Phi Island few years back. The guy who took us out to the smaller island doesn’t speak a single english. And they did provide us lunch. 🙂

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    The Communist Youth newspaper Juventud Rebelde dedicated its front page to the Cuban president, printing a blown-up picture of a pensive Castro with the title “Always fighting for something, and fighting with optimism!”

  30. hey…lucky you didnt stung by jellyfish…. last year i went for a snokerling in sbah, Pulau Manukan, i kena stung by jellyfish… painful ohh….wanna die… the mark is still on my body.

  31. i go to thailand every year to see my dad who lives in pataya, but got other house in phuket, but my dream is to go to phi phi island, it looks so beautifull, hopefully wen i go bk in november i will get to go and visit 😀

  32. I am going to Thailand in October with a couple of guys … can u recomend these places..? they sound great and look even better ..I always wanted to go to phi phi island after i saw the Beach movie and now I am going to 🙂

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