St James’s Gate Dublin

This will be my last entry on my trip to Ireland ‘cos I’m sure people are tired for reading my travelogues by now.


You know you’ve become a grown up when you got the chance to go to Disneyland and you’re like "Meh."

But when you knew visiting the Guinness Brewery, suddenly your mouth starts watering and you find yourself anxiously counting down to the day you can finally step foot in the famous St James’s Gate Brewery.


Guinness is no doubt Ireland’s oldest and most famous export to the world.

Nothing else even comes close to the legendary Irish beer’s popularity. Not even Bono, Bailey’s, O’Brien’s sandwiches or some stupid dance show by Michael Flatley.


In Ireland, almost everyone drink Guinness.

Just go to any one of over 1,000 traditional Irish pubs in Dublin and you’re guaranteed to see Guinness Draught faithfully served on tap, and at least one person holding a pint of black stuff in his hand.


The Irish people’s love for Guinness extends beyond the boundaries of their pubs.

In almost every souvenir shops around Dublin, there’s bound to be Guinness-branded merchandise rarely found anywhere else in the world.


Starting with the obligatory Guinness T-shirts.


To Guinness-branded bar paraphernalia like towels, magnets and stubby holders.


To watches (telling you what time to drink Guinness ), wallets (to tell you to spend money on Guinness) and sunglasses (so all you can see is Guinness).


And then there are some weirder ones like Guinness-flavoured marinade, chocolate bars and toffee fudge (which I tried, and tasting nothing like the beer.)


I was told that in Ireland, even doctors prescribe Guinness to women to boost their iron levels after they give birth.

Can you imagine that? Free beer after giving birth!

Makes me wanna give birth too!


People who have followed for a while would know that Guinness is my favourite stout beer (no, this is not an advertorial. See it doesn’t have “ADV” on the title?)

It’s my drink of choice whenever I’m out at a place that serves it on tap. So you can understand why I’m so excited to visit its original birthplace.


This is my pilgrimage.

To me, it is as exciting as Christians going to Jerusalem or Muslims going to Mekkah. I was as happy as a fat kid outside a Krispy Kreme store giving out free donuts.


Guinness was founded by Arthur Guinness in 1759, making this year its 250 year anniversary. He took over St James’s Gates after signing a 9,000-year-old lease, paying only 45 pounds (RM 250) a year.


How the hell he managed to get such an incredible deal, I have absolutely no idea.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he dipped the mayor into a keg of Guinness before asking him, “Nah! Just sign here. No need to read lah, too much words.”


The Guinness Storehouse is the only part of the brewery that’s open to visitors. Tickets to the storehouse costs a hefty €13.50 (RM 64.80).

But I reckon it’s entirely worth it because it’s still cheaper than Disneyland.


The seven-storey building showcased the process from how the ingredients are harvested, to how the beer is brewed, shipped and marketed.

Part of the brewing process involves a strict quality assurance process by a panel of inspectors.


These people have the best jobs in the world.  They’re getting paid to pretty much just sit around, do nothing and drink beer all day.

Then they’re gonna come back to work the next day with the BIGGEST FRIGGIN’ HANGOVER IN THE WORLD.


There’s one entire floor of the brewery is dedicated to some of the most classic and memorable Guinness advertising created all throughout the world. One of which involves this very familiar face from the 90s.


What happened to George Lam 林子祥? He used to appear in every single movie coming out from Hong Kong.

After walking through the entire Storehouse, I finally ended at the Gravity Bar on the top floor of the building.


This is the best part of the tour.

Here I was served a free pint of Guinness while treated to a breathtaking 360° bird’s eye view of Dublin.


As I lifted my glass and took the first sip of my favourite stout, I knew I was drinking the freshest, most perfect, most original and most expertly poured pint of Guinness Draught. And I wasn’t disappointed

This was the best pint of Guinness Draught I have ever had in my life.


The Guinness I drink in Malaysia were perhaps only 92% as good as the one I had at St James’s Gate. And the 8% makes a huge difference.

The bartenders in St James’s Gate knew exactly how to pour it, when to stop and how to give it a good head. They are so good that not only do they know how to draw a shamrock on the foam head, they drew a HARP on my beer.


I was so impressed. My life is complete.

The best part about having a blog is that there’s always somebody in anywhere in the world happy to take me around. After I left St James’s Gate, I headed back to Temple Bar and had dinner with Kurt Low’s sister, who’s actually working as a doctor in Dublin.


The girl is an absolute bundle of laughs despite looking at blood and gore all day everyday. I have no idea how she does it.

Along the way, we stopped by a busker who sings so well he puts most American Idol winners to shame.

And that concludes my trip to Ireland, definitely one of the most rewarding and fulfilling journeys I have made.

The next morning, I flew budget airlines RyanAir (€23 or RM110) back to Manchester and re-united with the rest of the Mister Potato team, where we witnessed this atrocity at Old Trafford Stadium.

A disastrous end to an excellent holiday.

These Mountain Fresh fruit juices are really good stuff. I’m not sure where you could get them in KL. In Kuching, they have them at Tom’s and Mr Ho’s Fine Foods and I always order them to go with my meals.

My favourite is the Apple & Guava flavour.

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  1. Kenny pls update more often?
    Been refreshing ur page quite often lately
    Ur post brings me joy 🙂

  2. Thanks Kenny for the Ireland entries…
    10 yrs ago the ticket for st. james gate was about 3.5 punts for student (if i remember correctly) and u get 3 half pints of Guinness… If u can’t finish the drinks u can actually “ta pao” those canned dr
    The seven-storey building wasn’t built yet…
    Cliff of Moher remains spectacular as before…
    May be it is my time to do my pilgrimage soon…
    Thanks again for the photos…

  3. Who cares if United got trashed?
    The fact is very clear, the trophy will remain in Old Trafford for another year, at least.
    And next year, the ‘proud’ record of 18 titles shall be surpassed =)
    P/S: I’m not being arrogant, just stating the fact. The table never lies and the best team always win the title =)

  4. Actually I don’t mind if you are doing lots of travelogues for one trip, love your writings! They’re not boring at all 🙂
    I am impressed by the harp thingy on the foam head. Yeah, whoever had that their life is complete T_T

  5. Hey the Apple and Guava Mountain Fresh Juice is my fave too!!! I can easily get them in the IGA stores here in Aust nyehehehe 😛
    Keep writing your travelogues! They are a visual feast to coach potatos like me XD

  6. continue posting more especially those scenic photos! how could any1 feeling bored by reading these amazing and educational posts!

  7. Hey dude, Singapore Red Cross used to provide Guinness after a blood donor, which my uncle always look forward to.
    “黑狗啤 Guinness Stout, 對你有益!” ( in Hokkian, back when Kuching only has three AM radio station) still rings in my mind whenever I see a Guinness tap in a bar. Great write up!

  8. It’s nice to read your travelogues. At least I’m able to see things from your view on places that I have not had the chance to go (yet). Keep up the good work!

  9. hey kenny, I thought I add a few interesting facts about guinness’s “黑狗啤 Guinness Stout, 對你有益!” history
    Arthur started guinness because he wanted to.. “make a drink that men will drink that will be good for them.” He then brewed a beer and called it Guinness.
    (which explains why you wanna give birth? 😛 )
    Later a desendent of Guinness also sponsored hudson taylor – the first missionary to china.
    Tomorrow’s sunday, guinness anyone? 🙂

  10. OMG i went there last year and i didnt realize they actually draw a hurp on our beers??!!
    or was it just specially for you Kenny?
    but it’s kind of embarassing to say that I didnt really finish the whole pint beer
    guess it’s the first time i tasted guiness in my life =x
    and it’s even more bitter than my mum’s herbal soup..
    i left about 1/5, not much though
    some of my friends left half of it..
    should have kept it for you! lol..
    yup yup Ryanair is cheap.. we went there by ryan too..

  11. Aww… t’was funn chillaxin with you as well, albeit merely over a meal and a bit! 😀
    We’ll have to catch up over summer–
    I’ve got more entertaining tales of colossally retarded bleeps from nurses– Just shoot me >.

  12. The song is called “Mr Brightside” by The Killers.
    Honestly though I think the busker did a better job singing the acoustic version of it.

  13. Temple Bar is a night life district in Dublin where all the good bars and restaurants are at. Much like Heritage Row in KL, Clark Quay in Singapore, or the whole entire London town in London.

  14. Haha. I asked the bartender how to draw a shamrock on the foam, and he demonstrated with not just the shamrock, but a harp and the words ‘Have A Nice Day’ as well.
    It’s an acquired taste for most people I think. I hated Guinness when I first tried but I have slowly grown to like it now. If the bartender pours it correctly and you drink it fresh, it actually tasted like iced coffee. 😉

  15. Come to think of it, how come in Malaysia Guinness is called “Black Dog”? I don’t see the connection.
    When I was younger, I used to think Guinness is MADE FROM “Black Dog”!

  16. Get a mug of genuine Guinness Beer is already on the top of my things-to-do list in London this august, thanks kenny!

  17. Hey Kenny. Just out of curiosity, where you get the money to travel to so many places?
    And what about your work back in hometown?

  18. Damn that pint of guiness looks absolutely awesome…
    The guy even made it like a barrista would with a cup of foamy coffee… cool.
    Personally, I prefer Kilkenny, not just because it reminds me of south park, but it seems to be a little lighter, sweeter on the sense.
    Guiness becomes a little too ‘thick’ and hard to drink in Malaysia, because it heats up really fast. They say it’s best to drink any type of beer or draught cold, it goes down the smoothest that way.
    Nice post kenny!

  19. (which I tried, and tasting nothing like the beer) – Hey! guinness is not a BEER!!! LOL! Its a kind of malt drink like malta but, with higher alcohol level.

  20. Nope! Not sick nor tired of ur Ireland post… The trip looks and sounds great! kinda sad that it’s gonna be over 😉

  21. i always love reading your travelogues and the main reason have always been the way you end your posts…. always something really witty or outrageously funny.. keep up the good work!

  22. if i am not mistaken there’s a bulldog picture somewhere on the beer. thats why we call it blackdog in hokkien

  23. I seriously tot the last picture was the time table for the flight/train and was like ???. -_-
    1 and 4 is the gate/ platform.

  24. Good post, your previous travelogues, including this, never failed to bore me. Great pictures, and the harp on the foam is absolutely nice “art craft”.

  25. You guys can found Mountain Fresh Juices at the below outlets:
    Jarrod & Rawlins @Damansara Height, Desa Sri Hartamas, Ampang Walk
    La Bodega@ BSC and Pavilion
    Telawi Street Bistro@ Jln Telawi 3
    Jake’s Charbroil@ Medan Damansara and Starhill
    Cheers Pub @ Jln Batai, Damansara Height
    Sentitos Tapas @ Starhill
    Hush @Jln Telawi 3
    The Yogitree @ The Garden
    Ben&Nicks@ Subang Jaya (after Carrefour)
    Sanook@Plaza Kelana Jaya
    NeroTeca, Nerovivo@ Jln Cyelon
    Hotel Istana
    Skyey Convenient Shop@ Metropolitan Square
    Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant@ Ara Damansara
    Milwaukee @ Balakong
    Caterpilla Cafe @ Sri Hartamas
    Stuff Your Face@ BSC
    Megakidz @ Midvalley
    Kidz Sport @ Bangsar Village & Great Eastern Mall
    Hock Lee @ Jln Batai, Damansara Height
    City Goft @BSC
    Excotic@ Desa Sri Hartamas
    Bakery Moment @ Ikano
    Cafe 1920@ The Curve
    Pantai Seafood@Kayu Ara, Damansara
    Full House @ Nui Ze Xui, Ara Damansara
    The Ship@ Bukit Bintang & Sri Petaling
    Societte Cafe@ Lot 10
    I love the juice so much so i ask my friend to find out what others outlet is carring Mountain Fresh…that why i have the list..haha

  26. Hey..i know that bundle of laughs….she talks non stop ..rite?? went on a trip to Pedu lake with her and she talked non stop on the 10hours trip!! Good read…kenny

  27. Hi Kenny,
    Have you tried Paulaner beer before ? It’s a premium German beer with excellent taste.
    I will buy you one glass if you drop by Penang one day and let’s have it together with the German boss who is the sole distributor for M’sia.
    Best Regards,

  28. Kenny,
    this is twice that you’ve indicated you would like to be pregnant. once on this post, another one
    methinks this is not idle chatter.

  29. On the same day i read your blog, i was served the Mountain Fruit Juice at Cheers – a pub in Damansara Heights – Jalan Batai.

  30. Couldn’t resist – the final picture really got me cracking up in laughter. Thanks for the wonderful post and great sense of humour!

  31. because most ppl who drinks n speak in hokkien normally call it “OO Kau” … meaning blackdog ..

  32. i know where is it is @ at stephen green hahah good to c ireland i line there in pass 3 years~~

  33. I do not think that Michael Flatley’s dances are stupid, no offense. They all took a lot of effort. Personally, I think watching vibrant dance shows is way better than drinking alcohol. I learnt that growing up in an abusive household.

  34. Hello,
    I recently figured out from my blog that you can travel to cities in europe and use facebook and bebo to get jobs, couch surfing, helpexchange network and urban labour with woof
    Jobs Ireland facebook Ireland jobs in dublin dublin jobs

    There are a huge bank of these from NGO’s at the bankofworks links page. I met a boat builder in Dublin who gave me a job fixing fridges, his son was in my rugby group. Thanks.

  35. guess what we might had bumped into each other in ireland or italy or paris someday back there as we travelled about the same dates and exactly the same month and locations. just back into m’sia and happened to come across of ur blog. u’re one of the greatest bloggers in m’sia and u make us proud. 🙂

  36. I knew exactly how you felt Kenny, ‘coz I was there in Guinness Storehouse myself 2 days back and yeah, it was awesomely impressing! And the beer is just heavenly good

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