Snake Sighting!

Yesterday, Nicole and I were walking back home from Kenyalang. I was at the gate of my house when coincidentally my mother arrived in her car as well. Just when I was about to press the door bell, my mother yelled out that there’s a snake behind me! Nicole shrieked and ran away, whilst I was looking around for the snake. Guess what I saw?
Snake Sighting!
A two meter long green fella slithering down the wall to the meter box!
Snake Sighting!
Judging by its colour I wouldn’t be surprised if its poisonous. Maybe its because I’ve watched Anacondas one too many times, but I visualised that it might leap out and take a chunk out of my neck or something.
Snake Sighting!
Obviously that did not happen (otherwise I wouldn’t be here!) . Our little green friend happily crawls away into our neighbour’s garden, preying on its next victim. Could it be you? Heh heh heh…

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  1. omg.. i am damn paranoid of snakes. that curly wurly pic of the snake’s body gave me the creeps

  2. …that’s a harmless Paradise Tree Snake
    (Chrysopelea paradisi)… they hard to catch cos they can glide by flattening out their ribcages… they actually make easy pets… feed them geckos and things

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