Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

I am a big fan of Logitech. In fact my computer desk is cluttered with more Logitech products than any other stuff. Their products are always sleeker, cheaper and simply better than many of their counterparts. To date I have had Logitech webcams, PC gamepad, PC flightstick, PS2 gamepad, keyboards and mice.

Recently however, my precious Logitech MX Duo decided to die on me. So I called up Logitech support and they replaced it with Logitech LX700 which I absolutely hated.
The first thing I did was to chuck the mouse away. Whilst Nicole was in KL I asked her to make a trip to Thundermatch to get me the Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse.
The mouse comes in a beautiful Logitech green-and-white packaging. Inside you can find the usual suspects such as the power adapter, cordless receiver/docking station, a USB-PS2 adapter and of course, the laser mouse.
MX1000 Mouse
The MX1000 is slightly bigger than most computer mice (and slightly smaller than most household rodents). Despite that, the contour of the mouse fits my palm perfectly. There’s a nice deep indent for the thumb which helps prevent sore thumbs commonly associated with prolonged mouse-stroking. A plethora of special mouse buttons placed at intuitive locations secures the MX1000’s place as the one of the most comfortable mice available on the market.
No light
Obviously the biggest selling point of the mouse is the use of laser as the tracker instead of the now ubiquitous red LEDs or *sniggers* balls. The laser is invisible to the human eye, but it can be detected by my digital camera as a white-purplish light.
Logitech claims the laser manages to ‘see’ the surface detail 20 times better than conventional optical mice. However, in my normal usage I have yet to detect any incredible improvements. I have also found out that I am unable to reach the ‘forward’ button and the ‘cruise up’ button without manoeuvring my wrist slightly.
The laser technology is nothing to shout about. However, I willingly paid RM305 for a solidly constructed mouse that has plenty of useful buttons and sleek curves.
My advice: if you have any mice from Logitech’s MX series, stick with it. Otherwise, if you have the cash to burn, get the MX1000.

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  1. kenny, my MX Duo died on me too and got replaced with a LX 700. The mouse sux to the maximum but I got no money to replace the mouse. However, when u use the MX1000, the LX700 receiver cannot receive the MX1000 signal ah? then like that mah u have 2 receiver on your desktop loh~?

  2. Actually, the LX700 receiver is compatible with the MX1000 mouse. However, the MX1000 does not fit into the LX700’s cradle, which means it cannot be charged. You still need to use your MX1000 receiver to charge it.
    So unfortunately, you’d have 2 receivers on your desktop. The MX1000 receiver need not to be connected to your computer though.
    Fear not, last I heard Logitech is about to release a KB+Mouse combo pack, which has the LX700 keyboard and the MX1000 mouse with the appropriate receiver. But its probably a little too late for me to get that. 🙂

  3. Hmm, thanks for the info. Somehow the receiver always have problem charging my mouse one. Something wrong with the connector. That happened to my MX Duo and also my current LX700 and it took them 1 month plus to replace me this LX700. So i kinda lazy to send it back since I have other battery charger.

  4. I really liked all of my LX700, mouse and all but wanted to try the MX1000. I could never get the 1000 to connect to the 700 so the 700 is under the desk to run the keyboard and the 1000 is on top for the mouse. The keyboard is great. I think I’m 2 years on the original batteries.

  5. wah kao !
    RM300 for a tetikus ???
    my heart will pain if priced around RM100….
    dun make me kena sakit jantung so early leh

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