Recommended Books In Singapore

Spotted at the Singapore Changi Airport.


You know a country is in “population boostage mode when the Recommended section in their bookstore includes such titles as Playboy’s 50 Playmate Book, The Sex Guide, Super Hot Sex and Kamasutra 365.

Makes me wish Kuching had a population crisis!

Zoe asked if I’d like to take care of her hamsters. I told her I can’t because I fly all over the place almost every single week.

“There’s no way I could keep a pet of any sort, unless it’s a… bird."

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  1. Kamasutra 365? A position for everyday of the year?! Definitely a must-have! Wonder if it’s written by Garyng174…
    Wonder what to do at night during leap years…

  2. Well, Sin City or not. Singapore crime level still lower than Malaysia. And talk about casino, Malaysia have Genting and also loads of those casino on cruise. Which country sinner?

  3. I remember Kuching used to have Vogue /FHM magazines with certain parts of the anatomy scribbled out with a magic marker.

  4. Sex and procreation are reason for existence. Why so many are hypocrites by not acknowledging it?

  5. Do not think the books can enter Malaysia. My friend once visited Manila and tried to bring in a female magazine with sexy girl cover. The magazine was confiscated!!!!! Can’t you believe it? We all reckoned the officers were interested in it.

  6. But what abt your own hamsters?! Wouldn’t it be cool if my winter white Zohan mixed with your syrians?
    They’d be laik, maroon babies.

  7. they are actually just selling something very knowledgable and interesting. what’s wrong when you and I are adults.

  8. hello kenny i agree what you said well said to said the book is for people who want to get married

  9. Playboy is not really a porn like other pornos, its jus only men’s entertainment thingy, they only have the best good looking chics in their magazines, not some fugly ones. I dont mind to own one Playboy magazine, i own a few Playboy mini-ts and suits, just love the cute bunny girls. 😛
    In Malaysia our movies in cinemas censored 30 mins, then concerts tours have dress codes. Cant expect these kinds of books to be sold here cos i know guarantee will be stolen by uncivilized scumbags.

  10. i just realized…
    a lot of times all these policies made within countries are either
    1.) to benefit some political parties or agendas
    2.) to benefit in the form of how much $$$ it can bring into a country etc etc
    and in the end sometimes all these policies are
    a.) neither here nor there
    b.) dunno follow any religious sentiments etc etc etc
    c.) anything else
    and in the end… the people are the ones who kpkb…

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