When I was in KL last weekend, coincidentally the PC Fair was going on so I dropped by KLCC to check it out.

Wah! The place was people mountain people sea. Luckily, there were heaps to see. Otherwise so crowded can die dot com.
So what’s there to see at the PC Fair?

Toshiba was selling some juicy notebooks.

Yum. I can imagine that sitting on my laptop.

OKI was promoting their printing solution.

I’m not a fan of laser printers, but I thought this model is not bad.

BenQ was pushing their LCD monitors.

Hoho, I just want one of those so I can push their buttons anytime I want.

Another Toshiba booth was selling their thumb drives.

Forget about thumb drives, I felt like getting a hard drive already.

Epson wants to sell some ink.

Good idea, because after looking at so much good stuff, I must’ve accidentally spilled my ink.

With so many to choose from, what did I go home with?

Just a smelly little mouse pad, that’s all. 🙁

Even the best of friends argue sometimes. But what would really suck is if two people have to relinquish their friendship after the pettiest of arguments.

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  1. haha…so it’s you finally..haha..kenny..i saw you around 2pm like that..then i wanna say hi to you..then you disappear edi…just manage to catch 1 of ur picture…hehe..want me send over to verify??

  2. nice post…
    its always a pleasure to watch a documentary, or read an article on the infamous species “boothbabus beautificus”
    nice post ^^

  3. Kennysia, why are you talking like those women don’t have dignity? What, do you see women as sex objects? To satisfy men’s need? Seeing girls like that and you want to spill your ‘ink’ already? Push their ‘buttons’? Imagine someone talking like that to your wife, daughters, mom..?
    p/s: No, i’m a guy thank you. And i don’t have anything personal against you.

  4. another chinese idiom:
    The mind of the drunken hermit is not on the wine, its lingering in the beauty of the scenery.
    In pinyin its:’Zui weng zi yi bu zai jiu, zai hu shan shui zi jian ye’

  5. hey,i was working in pc fair too.hahaha.actually LG promoter also not bad…maybe u didnt notice cos they’re giving bronchures in hall 2.most leng lui are in laptop section..

  6. Hahaha, didn’t expect to see my ex in one of those pics and damn she has put on quite a bit of weight. Havent spoken or seen her for a year already and you can spill your stuff on her all you want but I say better not haha
    Thanks for the pic update rofl.

  7. yummmmy.. :D~~~~~~~~~… kenny.. did u ask for their numbers? are they still singles? I think would also choose “hard drive” instead of thumb drive, hahahah..

  8. ur religion makes u sooo stupid is it darkavenger? haii go fu-ck ur mom la like tat. or just go die. frankly i tell u ah, im not stupid. but u r hahaha stupid and funny. i mean i cnt tahan ur stupidness la stupid hahaha cnt understand ka? realy stupid la u!

  9. Hellokenny, i think you have let your emotions overcome you that you started to use vulgar words. but you see, someone with high moral values won’t look at girls the same way low-key people does. they respect girls like they respect their mother and wife. and that is my main point in my first post. and i think your mentality is quite low because you asked me to F my mom? that’s strictly prohibited in my religion. so whose religion is stupid now? yours or mine? i don’t think any religion is stupid at all. it is you. lols. don’t show off your lowness please.

  10. When u go? i go on sunday, too bad cant meet u. U should buy something since the stuffs there are quite cheap, but not PS3… haiz…

  11. not everything has a sense of humour. seeing women as sex objects doesn’t sound funny to me. like, “wah i wanna spill my ink watching ur sister!” how’s that? maybe some people thinks that funny. but it’s just not right.

  12. well since you find this post offensive, then take a hike! nobody is forcing you to sit down and read kenny’s blog! it’s HIS blog. it’s HIS rights. so he can write whatever he likes, just that it doesnt create racial disharmony and a threat to the national security. ok? buzz off loser..

  13. well since you find this post offensive, then take a hike! nobody is forcing you to sit down and read kenny’s blog! it’s HIS blog. it’s HIS rights. so he can write whatever he likes, just that it doesnt create racial disharmony and a threat to the national security. ok? buzz off loser..


  15. now i know why Kelantan is not developing as fast as the rest, no PC Fair there. Organiser is afraid they will get fine for all this indecent dressing.

  16. AIYA jus take things with a pinch of salt can? kenny is jus trying to b funny…give him a break!
    frankly though…wat does it say about us males when companies resort to using females this way to entice us to buy their stuff? and .. i really want to know.. do these females really enjoy doing that? i mean, is it that they have no choice? given a choice would they prefer to have parents who could afford them a life where they neednt parade around in scantily clad clothing? i wonder what they truly feel. at least, give them some respect for trying to earn their own $ in a decent way.

  17. Chiko pek…. but i like this blog alot…wish u can recommend more “brands”! Guess the mouse pad is free rite? good la you…

  18. all i wanted to say is that it’s totally wrong to treat women like that. like they don’t have dignity. im sure that many people is agree with me. come on, it’s my responsibility as a malaysian what. kenny is not perfect and so are we. if i don’t agree with something, it’s MY right to comment. but all i got is some people tell me to F my mom. what’s happening to this world? kenny say something la.

  19. there’ll be a pc fair right here in kuching..8-10 dec at the taman letak kereta place@abc topspot@tapanga/tepanga/tapenga..hope the price drops..ehehe but surely..no women like the ones in kl..snap!

  20. Hello, kenny.. Have u forgot the main purpose of having PC Fair every year at major towns? PC Fair is a chance for us, from youngs to olds to buy PC periherals at cheaper price than normal. Why take photos of models? Not the latest IT gadgets that you found during PC Fair?

  21. Fuck off attention whores….
    Kenny, have you forgetten to post the picture of the model who sell the mouse pad?
    I’m damn sure that there’s a valid reason behind your purchase. Maybe the mousepad model is the prettiest ah lian around.

  22. LOL. Lots in “ink spillage” going on here =)
    Epson girl is agreeably the prettiest amongst them all!
    I don’t see why people are making such a big deal. I am girl, and I don’t find it offensive. If my daughter or sister dressed like that and is commented on, I’ll just say “You asked for it”.

  23. kenny u know what, i just spilled my ink looking at your mum and felt like owning her hard drive and press her button. that would be fun. get me?

  24. Omg Dark Avenger, please don’t try to spread your cult religion to other people. Kenny is doing this for the sake of humor. Unfortunately some people, especially those from a certain religion, are extremely sensitive to things which no other man would find offensive. Why would anyone think of their mother or sister when looking at other women? That’s ridiculous.
    If I had relatives wearing stuff like that, I seriously don’t mind. It’s their choice. I don’t think it’s degrading to wear clothes like that. In fact, I think they’re beautiful, and that’s all. Their beauty is like a work of art, why deny people the chance to see their beauty through religion?
    I think the bigger sexist are the ones who force women against their will to cover up and dress a certain way so they can avoid being raped? You know that’s a load of crap. I would NEVER rape a woman even if she were naked in front of me.

  25. all i wanted to say is that it’s totally wrong to treat women like that. like they don’t have dignity.
    wtf some moron really cannot appreciate humor.. these fanatics really making a mountain out of a mole.. (got this description?? :D) hmm, no wonder they see crosses everywhere eg. oreo biscuit.. man, get a life..

  26. DarkAvenger,
    I really don’t understand what’s up with you. You are saying as if these girls are forced to do what they do. Why do you think they are hired to dressed like that? Why do you think Epson or Toshiba didn’t hire fat, ugly and hairy men to do the job instead? Don’t talk about exploitation because what these girls do are legal and they are perfectly happy doing it and earning the money. If your mother or sister is happy and don’t think there is anything wrong being a sexy promoter, what’s the problem?
    Why don’t you just hunt down these girls and preach them to whatever religion you have, then maybe they will feel ashamed at what they are doing. Hell, maybe then u can start off a cult with supermodels as members. Then we can have fat, ugly and hairy men on our billboards.
    Besides, Kenny is just being humourous. It’s not like he is tracking them down and raping them.
    p/s: Don’t try to be a perfect gentleman here. I feel sorry for your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/partner if he/she tries to do anything to feel sexy or turn u on.

  27. JasJos,
    I think his bedroom session will be like this:
    darling, u are too sexy, it’s against my religion. y not we try doing it with our clothes on?

  28. aiyo razer exactmat+exact rest, JUST A MOUSE PAD? it’s not just a mousepad, IT’S THE MOUSEPAD….
    shud buy razer copperhead also mar….

  29. I am curious to know how long you’ve been storing all those computer one liners for!!!
    And in answer to your short question: it’s seems to be just as tough to get through a Kenny Sia blog posting without getting up to wash one’s hands…!

  30. Dont think its right to use women to sell things and why are tehy only one race what happened to multicultural society ????

  31. Kenny, I’m an avid reader of yours. You may say that I lack a sense of humour, and to each his opinion, but I think what was written was quite inappropriate. There are better ways to be humorous, Kenny, and you do know that yourself.

  32. some guys are trying very hard to be pro feminist here. Probably trying very hard to impress the girls that they are such a sensitive, caring nice guy.

  33. i think u got nothing to write. that’s why u try to talk rubbish here. i bet this ll be my first n last visiting ur website.

  34. For all the bloggers, I am from Kota Bharu, and sometimes i dressed as sexy as the hot gals out there but so far, i m not fined by Kelantan government.. come on u guys, the statement made sometime not true, u all shd get the true picture from kelantanese itself..

  35. haha… quite funny for me but not for some ppl. spill ink is just a hyperbola word to describe. It has nothing to do with ejeculation. well… u all should not blame anyone here… peace..
    open one eye and close another

  36. DUDE!!!!!you call that mouse pad smelly??OMG!!ITS RAZER MAN!!!!!
    lol…i have Destructor..xD!!!this year’s pc fair im going to get my Razer Mamba..

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