Paul The Octopus

The biggest thing coming out from World Cup this year wasn’t the fact that it’s been the year of the underdogs.

The biggest thing coming out from World Cup this year was the fact that an eight-legged creature had correctly predicted every single German match since the start of the tournament. Every single day for the past one week, members of my fitness centre were talking about how amazing this “jiu hu” is.

Paul the Octopus was so accurate in its prediction that it even successfully predicted German’s loss to underdog Serbia, and Spain, and impossible win over Argentina.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time he was noticed.

Back when not many people knew about him, Paul The Octopus correctly predicted 80% of the matches during the 2008 Euro Cup Finals.

Before this, Paul The Octopus had also made some lesser-known predictions.

Did you know Paul The Octopus correctly predicted that Brazil would host the World Cup in 2014?

He also predicted yesterday’s 4D results.


And in 2008, he predicted that Barison Nasional would triumph over Pakatan Rakyat in the Elections.







And that Najib would eventually become our new Prime Minister.

What a smart octopus.

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66 Replies to “Paul The Octopus”

  1. “Did you know Paul The Octopus correctly predicted that Brazil would host the World Cup in 2012?”
    2010 oredi wcup, 2012 want wcup summore ah?

  2. Spain is not an underdog team! They are the best passing team(this is acknowledged by a few national coaches and players), even surpassing Brazil! They’ve some finest players around and you see how they trashed the Germans, no way was that luck! They possessed the ball for almost 70% in the first 20 mins although the possession died down to 51% after the game ended. Besides, why is it impossible for Germany to beat Argentina? Germany has young and talented players and Argentina has conceded goals for mediocre teams : Mexico and South Korea. So when it comes to a team that has awesome offense(you see how easily the Germans scored), Argentina conceded even more goals!

  3. do you watch football ??
    world cup 2012.
    Please dont tell me its on purpose, its a joke or smth, because its just aint funny.

  4. Another thing, Spain is not an underdog team.
    They won the 2008 Euro Cup Finals.
    You CLEARLY dont watch football, dont you.

  5. You still have the time to photoshop these images huh!? Anyway, hilarious lah!
    I wonder if Paul can predict which table he’ll end up on?

  6. OMG, funny pictures !!!
    But I gotta say, that Octopus sure is smart !! Correct predictions? 80% success? Walao weiiii~ Soooo wanna know his secret ! xD

  7. LMAO!
    You are too cute Kenny!
    Everyone assumes that it’s the octopus that’s clever but has anyone ever thought that it may be the mussels in the boxes that are actually using the octopus to make the predictions?

  8. Paul correctly predicted 80% of Spain result at Euro 2008..n I guess paul will have that percentage as well for World Cup..which means..its final prediction for Spain match wasn’t accurate..
    Let’s wait and see..rushing to 4D shop for 9398… ;p

  9. 1. Look at the octopus photos above, all the prediction took by Paul the Octopus were on the right side of both tanks? Tells you something ain’t it?
    2. “Jiu hu” is octopus? I thought cuttlefish is “jiu hu” in hokkien eh?


  11. can u ask paul to predict what will happen in the next election? Sure BN will lose like shyt. lol!

  12. Hahahaha, hilarious. Always something interesting to see on your blog. By the way, how’s the fitness centre getting along? Any plans of opening one here in Peninsular Malaysia?

  13. IP address is Spain! What does that tell you? Maybe Paul can adopt a middle name too? Paul Kenny Sotong.

  14. Kenny you hit it right on the “head”. We really have sotongs running the country…hehehehahaha…love the last pic.Good one.

  15. This is Evil and demonic
    Rev 16:13Then I saw three evil a spirits that looked like
    frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon,
    out of the mouth of the beast and out of the
    mouth of the false prophet. 14They are demonic
    spirits that perform signs, and they go out to the
    kings of the whole world, to gather them for the
    battle on the great day of God Almighty

  16. My goodness, can’t believe this is supposed to be the once popular blog in Malaysia. Damn lame wei..

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