Me And My Long Hair

Jasiminne the Penguin is back.

Jasiminne was among one of the more popular female bloggers from “back in the days”.
I haven’t heard from her ever since she moved to London a year ago and disappeared off the face of the Internet. No MSN, no e-mails, no nothing. Then one fine day she e-mailed me to tell me that she’s back in town for holidays.

So many guys would DIE to be on the receiving end of those lips

Anyway, I was in KL last weekend and we agreed to meet at Sunway Pyramid. Cheesie and I waited day and night for her to show up after she got lost in the carpark, of all places.
First thing she said when she saw me?
“KENNY! I wanna see what you look like with long hair!”

With that, Jasiminne suddenly ran to my back and draped her long hair over my shoulders.
This is the end result.

Silly Penguin. Still crazy as always.

Unexpected gifts in the mail: A pewter pen and holder from Nicole, a set of Altec Lansing headphones from Kong and Josh Groban’s Christmas CD from Hui Yin all the way from Singapore.
Thank you, guys! Knowing that you actually went through the effort of mailing those gifts to me made me appreciate them even more. 🙂

94 Replies to “Me And My Long Hair”

  1. i tell you.. you better dun go out with look during the ghost festival.. if not.. i dun know how many people will puja u to get a number.. haha.. at least u can get free chicken..

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH! OMG! I CANT STOP LAUGHING… Clever Jasminne, no one ever tried that b4 on Kenny Sia… Good one… Thanks for the laugh, Ms. Penguin. hahaha!

  3. so whats the point of this post uh huh?
    to show off that you got hot friends.haha
    yeah i enjoy anyhoos,can i marry her??!?!

  4. hahaha kenny. You were in Times Square right? Remember the hotlink’s advertisement ‘You don’t have to live like this?’ ( the guy with One movie ticket with a string of friends hiding behind trying to enter the cinema without being noticed by the ticket boy).
    Your face in the last pic is pretty much suitable for the ad =P maybe you should try consider putting yourself into such ads, be the Ticket boy or the ‘Man with the Hood’

  5. With the long hair and your fat chest, you might qualify for a tranny. And if you had exposed your breast and let the loony looking Penguin squeezed em, you might get another 500+ comments on your blog. Now that would have been a memorable Guinness moment!

  6. you say you didn’t buy that T-shirt because you was not sure what your mom would say if you actually wore it out in your previous post. But now you are wearing it.
    you sure get scolding from your mom if she read this.

  7. hahahahaa ur best look yet kenny!!! plus, ur face is like
    merry christmas and happy new year!! God bless….

  8. omg so much love/hate over my fierce bitching brows,this is one step closer to trannyfication!ima girl who looks like boy who wanna looks like a girl who was a boy!
    kenny baby,keep that long hair,its fierce shit.i TOLD you you look like a cantonese fantasy drama warrior 😀

  9. you would think she should come back better groomed since she is older and possibly with better judgement, but instead she still looks like some kampong ah lian who just discovered a sharpie can also double as an eyebrow pencil, since the city is a long ride away, plus she can’t afford the 2 ringgit eyebrow pencil too.
    i can see that she is a pretty girl with nice features, but she does look like a tranny caught in a time warp. 1980s yo’all! anyway since that was her original intention, i am sure she likes all the attention about them eh? then we should humour her: GOD DAMN! i would’nt believe you are a girl unless i see your passport!!!

  10. yes chicken,im going for the tranny look cos i have penis envy and want to be a boy. dr. frank-n-furter from Rock Horror Picture Show is my hero yo.

  11. you guys are idiots for dissin her eyebrows. you don’t even know what fashion is and you just judge. if she wants to draw her eyebrows with a sharpie, let her be. and i dont think she dresses up as a tranny, what she dresses is what define her personality. AND the best part is she can pull it off. it’s AVANT GARDE, IT’S COUTURE and it’s meant to be over the top. So she dresses up rather than being mellow and casual, that is her. Look at Galliano, Lagerfeld and all the big names in fashion. Why don’t you diss them also? They also dress up what. Galliano draws a fake thin mustache with a sharpie. God, no wonder Malaysia is so unrecognizable in the fashion world. Because of close minded idiots like you. A bit different also wanna complain.

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