My LA Marathon Race

The Los Angeles marathon was absolutely extraordinary. For 42km, I ran with a camera in hand shooting videos like a Hollywood director until the battery went flat.

It has been crazy fun tripping through the USA – but Iā€™m ready to come home tomorrow. šŸ™‚

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  1. 10 minutes of buffering.. sighs.. slow Internet speed kinda stop me from watching videos.. =/
    anyway, looking forward to the written entry =)

  2. Damn geng lor you Kenny! What are the tips before the crazy 6 hours run? 6 hours! It’s like Kuching to Sibu in a car!

  3. hey kenny. this is the 1st time i’ve viewed ur blog.. just wanna ask u what type of workline ur in which gets u to travel around the world.. wud luv to be blessed with the same privilege =) xcurious observerx

  4. Hi Kenny – congrats on finishing the marathon. I’ve just started running (about a year ago) and only building my mileage slowly so I think anyone who finishes a marathon is terrific!
    BTW, I’m co-author on a book on International Communications Strategy and I’ve mentioned your blog in the book as a case study of how Malaysians use blogging. I also recently discussed your blog in a talk I gave to the International Association of Business Communicators, UK entitled “Asia’s New Influencers”. I adapted that talke for my blog post contrasting Malaysian writers and Malaysian bloggers – see
    Well done, again!

  5. I don’t know which to congratulate you on first – the marathon or the wedding?!? Running in LA looked pretty cool – literally! And I see you’ve adopted the Paul Greengrass filming strategy!!
    Penang Bridge Run is in November and if you sign up now, you get a discount…! The organization has progressed on since the last time you did it too – enough water for everyone last year!
    Don’t give up the running until you’ve broken the time you’ve set for yourself! We know you can get under 6 hours… and then you can start making babies (next hobby!)!!

  6. Pretty much well organize and plan out like Stand Chart SG marathon. You should try taking up triathlon next. Much more fun cause 1 sport ain’t enough. =)

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