Eternal Love

I knew it right from the start that you were the one.

Once, I lost faith in this crazy little thing called love. I was broken. Then I met you.

Suddenly everything changes. You changed my perception on love, my perception on life. You showered me with tender, love and care in the special way that only you can. Next thing I know, I find myself thinking about you all day long, smiling to myself thinking about the great times we share.

You are an amazing girl. I love the the way you make me laugh when we cuddle up to each other. Sometimes, I just feel that I am not worthy of all this. What have I ever done to deserve your love and attention? So many eligible guys around you, yet you chose me. For that, I feel like I am the luckiest man alive. πŸ™‚

One thing for sure. You gave me a sense of purpose in life. In two months time, we will be walking down the aisle as husband and wife. And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life making you happy.

Eh what is today’s date har?

94 Replies to “Eternal Love”

  1. The moment i saw the title i know it is an april fool joke.
    Why, because it is your tradition to do this every year.
    nice try, keep up the good work.

  2. Wah liao…. I kena fool by you.. I read it twice and wanted to congratulate you somemore until I started to read the comment.. sweat

  3. The joke is on us. He is getting married. By putting the announcement today he thinks he could trick us. Anyway congratulations to you. I heard from a reliable source that the bun is in the oven already.

  4. don’t have to put up an April fool’s post if you’ve run out of ideas. I really don’t mind.
    It seems like you’re trying to hard to make a funny post. Just be yourself k.

  5. hi kenny, long time i’m not in your blog.
    hope you still fine there.
    am still not sure whether is it real or fake. if real, then congratz to you. πŸ˜‰

  6. u fooled me, again! i was like ‘wahh.. so sweet’. -__- but if it is not an april fool post, congratulations!

  7. the suspense builds up…you read faster as the more you go. then finally, it’s april fool. as what ppl always say POTONG STEAM!

  8. I knew it right from the start that you were the one… – Kenny.
    Cut the crap-lah.
    Already know what post you’re going to write on 1st April every year.

  9. Haha. That was hilarious. I was like ‘Awww, this is so sweet’ then kena tipu. Grrr.
    But i also thought, hmmm, Kenny is extremely busy with everything now, how come got time to be in love, the girl must be superwoman. Haha.

  10. Nice try dude, but u could have tried sth better. At 1st glance i already knew wad’s going on…
    anyway, desperado in action. LULZ~!
    how was your trip in LA dude?

  11. Those who are harsh, how do you know it’s not true..It just happen that he put the last sentence there” today wat day ar” doesnt mean it meant to be a joke…
    Though it may be a joke, i guess deep there u earned for that day!or else u won come up with this idea.At least u let us noe how u feel!haha..

  12. i still prefer the april fool post last time that u said u will quit blogging. i wan totally stunned and shocked when i read it. haha!
    neway, this year’s one. honesty speaking, not that interesting la. maybe it’s on me only la. but still, u’re the best! =)

  13. haha, agree with some of u guys that kenny doesnt have to write something (or maybe his writing has changed) but then, its not his job to entertain u haha

  14. haha.. i tot you were professing your love for another of ur gadget, eg ps3.. haha.. but when i take another look at the flowers, i tot dey wld be for a human? n i was tinking kenny is busy wid his business, where wld he hav e time for dates? haha.. happy april’s fool!

  15. it’s too obvious that it’s just a joke.. there’s no passion in the way you expressed your feelings.. but good for you.. at least some people fall for it.. LOL…. πŸ™‚

  16. everyone is using romantic love as an element for april fool’s joke…some other topic pleaseeeee… like you are giving out RM 1 mil away to … (insert the criteria of participants). That’d make a greater laugh πŸ™‚

  17. Jeeeeeeej!!! So happy for you when I read it on the newsfeed, but now, coming to your website and reading all the comments~ I hope it’s not a joke :3!
    Take care! Greetings from the Netherlands ^^

  18. == i cant believe i actually believed your post kenny sia and i only got enlightened after reading the comments. LOL!!! ==

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