My Honest Afterthoughts On MDG

So, season one of Malaysian Dreamgirl is finally over.

The eventual winner of the Nissan Latio and RM10,000 Ambank Mastercard is none other than Cindy Tey.
There was a bit of a discontent among the viewers after the winner was announced. Eventhough Cindy won by the most votes, it was pretty clear she wasn’t the most popular among the viewing public. But in the end, votes are votes, rules are rules and it would be terribly unfair if we were to change the rules halfway through the competition.
Nonetheless, we learnt a great deal in making this series.

Malaysian Dreamgirl has been an extraordinary journey.
It has been an incredible experience not just for the 12 girls who participated in the contest, not just for the thousands watching it worldwide, but also for all of us in the cast and crew who were involved in the production of this show.

There is a lot I wanted to say about the show.
The truth is, I’ve been waiting a long time to write this because there are a lot of things I wanted to get off my chest regarding MDG, but somehow I just feel like it isn’t appropriate to voice it out when the show was still going on.
But now, I want to say my piece.

I first heard about Malaysian Dreamgirl back in December 2007.
Back then, no one knew what the show is about or what it is going to be like, except for the fact that MDG is gonna be the country’s first online reality model search.

Nuffnang was the one who brokered the deal between myself and Capxion Media. Over coffee, Capxion CEO Jerad and Program Director Edmund gave me a rundown about what their plan for this online reality show is.
To be honest, the first time I hear it, I couldn’t help but to feel a bit skeptical.

A show that is broadcasted completely online? Not even on TV?
Isn’t that a bit risky? What are these people thinking?
Who is gonna spend 30 minutes sitting in front of their bloody computer watching a reality show about some model search, when the TV screen is larger and infinitely more comfortable?
Why broadcast the show over the Internet? How are they gonna handle the bandwidth costs?
There is just too much unknown.

I could see it on his face. Jerad must have heard the same skepticism from the people he spoke to a hundred times over.
The fact of the matter is: nothing like this has ever been done in Malaysia before.
Malaysian Dreamgirl back in December 2007 was like one big blur of unknown. Capxion Media was a brand new company and the people behind it had close to zero experience in producing any form of television show before. Let alone one that is gonna be broadcasted exclusively over the Internet.
There were big challenges in front of them, and the chances of them failing is very, very high.

I wasn’t confident in their project at first. But a part of me couldn’t help but be impressed with their idea.
These people are creative. Creative people innovate. Creative people take risks when everybody else looked at it and said “No, I am too chicken to do it.”

Despite my initial skepticism, by the end of our conversation, Capxion Media had me convinced to work with them.
Jerad and his team had put together a plan that is downright impressive and virtually infallible. When I listened to him answer my questions without a shred of uncertainty, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how they managed to have a solution for every single problem that I raised. Even more surprising is how they managed to attract so many sponsors for something that has never been done before.

I told Edmund, for my own sake, that I would not take part a project that is doomed to fail. But now that they had convinced me how worthwhile this project, the only thing I want to see is Malaysian Dreamgirl suceeding.
I said that with all honesty and sincerity because I share their dreams. I want to see good quality Malaysian content on the Internet. And I would do my best to ensure good quality Malaysian content is recognised the whole world over.
Thus, “Kenny Sia the MDG Judge” is born.

In my first entry about MDG, I mentioned that I was put on as a judge to represent the views of the average joes. But of course we all know that that’s not true.
It is no secret to anyone that when Capxion Media hired me to become the judge for MDG that it was more for marketing reasons than anything else.

Let’s face it, I don’t know how to sing, don’t know how to act, never been in front of the camera except for a pathetic stint Deal Or No Deal. So who am I kidding?
The only reason why I am on the judging panel for MDG is because I have a blog that is read by many, and Capxion Media wanted to leverage on that.

Now, depending on how you look at it, Kenny Sia being on Malaysian Dreamgirl can be a good thing or a bad thing.
It is a good thing, because this is the first time ever a blogger in Malaysia has been asked to go on a reality show, purely because he is recognizable as a blogger. I don’t know any other company who is willing take the risk putting somebody who has no acting/hosting/modelling skills whatsoever in front of the camera. Especially in one of their first projects.
It is also a bad thing, because as many critics noticed, without any acting or hosting experience under my belt, people may not warm up to watching me on screen.
But I guess, everybody has to start somewhere right?

My actions and words irked a lot of people during the auditions in Episode 1.
I was called all sorts of names by the viewers. The general consensus was that Kenny Sia as the MDG Judge comes across as a horny guy who was overly excited everytime he sees a girl wearing short skirts coming to audition, as well as one that is utterly ruthless towards unattractive girls who don’t make an effort.

And their judgment would be right. 🙂
That’s exactly what my character should be isn’t it?
If you put an average joe on a modelling contest where all the girls are dressed to kill, of course he’s gonna get damn excited when hot chicks wearing skimpy clothings come through lah. No average joe is gonna sit still and behave themselves.
Unless they’re monks lah.

MDG Self-Portrait: This is what each girl drew of themselves. Blindfolded.

You wouldn’t imagine how many hate mails I received after that episode.
Kenny Sia as an MDG judge was rude and not a very popular person. But there are reasons why I did what I did.

My self-portrait the MDG girls asked me to draw, blindfolded

Firstly, I was playing a character, and I wanted it to be a memorable character. Because it was our first episode, I needed to make an impact. Controversy creates cash. No publicity is bad publicity. If there are people out there talking about what a horrible person I was, then that is a good thing for the show.
Secondly, it was to sensationalize the show. How boring would the auditions be if every judge were diplomatic in their words for fear of hurting girl’s feelings? Elaine and Jimmy cannot afford to be too harsh on these girls because they have a reputation in their profession that they need to protect. One is a former Miss Malaysia, and the other is well-known in the fashion industry.
The only person left to do the job is me. And I don’t mind because I always wanted to play the role of a bad guy. 🙂

But of course, now that the show is over, there are some apologies I think I owe certain people.
To the girl who auditioned in the green floral jacket, to the girl who wore the black sexy two-piece clubbing gear, to the girl whose face I said was too oily, I am sorry.

To Giselle the kindergarten teacher, I am sorry.
And I am even more sorry that I talked about you on my website. It happened because you were such a great potential and yet you didn’t get through. Although I did tell you the reasons why you didn’t make it, that was not broadcasted in Episode 2. And the people were confused and upset and questioning our decisions.
I should have explained politely, instead of getting in character as “Kenny Sia the mean judge” and wrote what I wrote. And for that I am sorry.

The crew behind Malaysian Dreamgirl took it upon themselves to listen to all the feedback online and they strived to improve in the production of every episode. If you watched Episode 1 versus Episode 16, you’ll notice a world of difference in the production quality.

Being part of the show, I sometimes felt that there was more dramas behind the scenes than in front of it. Sometimes it’s difficult for the cameras to capture everything.
Even during the audition stages, the amount of unflattering nicknames thrown around was incredible.
I swear if we were to show what actually happened behind the scenes, we are so gonna get in to trouble. People are gonna riot all the way to Capxion Media’s office. Among some of the nicknames given was “Senget Face”, “Klingon”, “A Box With Four Things Sticking Out”, “Pau Face”, “Drug Addict”.
Of course I ain’t gonna reveal who these nicknames refer to. Otherwise I might get another “Giselle backlash” online.

Reality shows are weird, and the people behind reality shows are even weirder.
I remember in the photoshoot for Women’Secret, Cindy broke down and cried profusely because she wasn’t happy with her performance. I was there at the scene and I was the first to notice her outburst of emotions.
By right, the normal thing to do is for me to go over, show my concerns and ask her what’s wrong.
But because we’re shooting a reality show, my immediate first reaction was “QUICK! QUICK! WHERE IS THE CAMERA!”
Looking back, that was kinda cruel.

Jay’s latest photoshoot is titled “Woman With Face Cramps”

But I must say, I have a lot of fun doing the show.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to say a big thank you to Capxion Media, especially to Jerad and Edmund for giving me an opportunity to become part of the show. Thank you for having the confidence in me, flying me all the way from Kuching to KL and putting me in front of the camera knowing full well that I have no experience whatsover doing something like this at all.

Thank you to the Top 12 finalists, who have been so fantastic and so cooperative. I still have butterflies in my stomach thinking back to that evening when Ash Nair, Jonathan Putra, Hansen Lee and myself were invited over to your place for a candlelight dinner. It was like in heaven, surrounded by such beauties who cooked and fed and entertained us.
If Malaysian Dreamgirl were about the search for the perfect partner, you’ll all be winners already.
Now that each of you have turned into mini-celebrities of your own, I have no doubt that you will all find success in your dream job in the near future.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who watched Malaysian Dreamgirl and accepted me for playing my role in front of the camera.
I know I had riled a lot of viewers up with my character. But don’t worry, the producers have not approached me to do Season Two yet, so my involvement in future episodes is up in the air. 😉

Together, we have managed to create something so truly sensational.
Never in my life have I seen a locally-produced ONLINE series that has created so much hype, that is so widely followed around the world, evoked so much emotions among the viewers and produced so many addicts who faithfully logged on to the website every Thursday and Saturday to catch the latest episodes.

I know of even Americans, Singaporeans, Australians who sent in SMSes to vote for their favourite contestants. Imagine that!
The cult following that resulted from the show went absolutely above and beyond our imaginations. And yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg for our uniquely Malaysian made content.
Season Two of MDG will definitely be bigger, better and a lot more exciting than what we just saw.

It was such a proud moment for me watching the Top 12 strutting their stuff on the catwalk at the MDG Grand Finale.
I felt as if I was their DAD watching his 12 daughters all grown up. Wtf like attending their graduation ceremony liddat.
But nothing beat the BEST moment for me during the Grand Finale. I actually met my SUPER DUPER BIGGEST IDOL EVER in my entire life.

Cindy’s Dad!
But you know what? Meeting the man himself was not the coolest thing that happened that night.
Guess what the COOLEST thing was?

I got his autograph!

Oh yeah baby, who wants a piece of this? RM500 please.

What is happening to the Malaysian Dreamgirl finalists now that the competition is over?
Thanks to blogging, everyone can now follow their lives online. Apart from Cindy’s and Ringo’s, crowd favourites Adeline Lee, Jay Logan and Hanis Zalikha have also started their own websites.
And they write pretty damn good too! Beauty and brains, lethal combo lah.

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  1. “I felt as if I was their DAD watching his 12 daughters all grown up. Wtf like attending their graduation ceremony liddat.”
    Hm…a Dad that sometime/anytime during the show wanted to hump them which would mean incest LOL ;P

  2. Wow, waited soooo long for you to post this!
    I don’t wanna say nothing about how much I still hate Cindy, but her dad looks really young hey! And yea 500 bucks isn’t enough really, for his autograph! He’s the man mate!

  3. Cindy’s Lau Pa should get the most supportive father award, for spending so much $$$$ in sms to make his ‘not so potential’ baby girl became the winner.

  4. kenny, u write wrong already… “But of course, now that the show is over, there are some apologies I think I owe certain peope.” peope??

  5. who’s cindy’s dad? is he really someone famous in malaysia or u r just trying to be funny? seriously, is he someone famous?

  6. Gosh! Thank goodness I didn’t watch the show. Else I would have hated Malaysian shows even more. They’re all ugly and from some of the pics, looked like a pornstar search. Is this even allowed in Malaysia ? Are Malay girls even allowed to wear such scantinavians ? May the Allah forgive them then. Ewwwwww………….CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP !!!!!

  7. Legend?
    If that was meant to be taken as a joke, then I would understand.
    But everyone knows the fact and I don’t see anything special about that autograph.
    Anyway, it is nice to see you making a post to cover the whole event that unfolded and those apologises just reflect that Kenny Sia is still a gentleman 😉
    Kudos to you!

  8. You ah Kenny…. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA…. (about the last bit on Cindy’s dad).
    Anyway, good job. That’s why I asked you in person what your exposure was like, coz the way I see it, you’re pretty confident onstage and spoke quite diplomatically. They made you a Simon Cowell on the show, that was how it was supposed to be.
    Very very nice of you to finally apologise. Everyone has had someone say bad things about them on blogs, even yourself and Elaine Daly apart from the contestants. That’s just how it goes. You can’t please everyone, and this was something bound to happen.
    Don’t worry about it, and good luck for next year. It was a really good show like I said, one of the best in Malaysia most recently. At least everyone got fed well, I really admire this production because you know I keep comparing it to (you know which one I would compare MDG to… that you didn’t watch…good that you didn’t).

  9. I followed MDG from abroad (being Malaysian, how can I miss this :D), and would love to chip in my 2 cents. Voting is the name of the game. There are bound to be surprises (look no further than American Idol) and not everyone will agree with the final results. But regardless, I think everyone who made this show a reality, from the judges to the contestants and their supporters, did a fantastic job. Kudos to you Kenny, I doubt it was ever easy being a judge.

  10. i hope you become a judge for season 2! without you, the show would not be very spicy. i mean, there has to be the “mean” judge in every reality show, right? look at simon cowell, american idol’s cruel judge for instance. no one would be entertained if he wasn’t there. i mean, you can’t be nice to EVERY one. it’s reality. =D

  11. i do admire cindy’s dad in a way.
    he proves to us that a Dad will go to no limit to make sure his daughter is happy. 🙂 cmon i am sure anyone’s dad will do the same if they are in his situation!

  12. it’s probably me, but i found none of the girls hot on mdg. cute at best, but not hot.
    i guess i’ve been in america for too long.

  13. Dear Kenny Sia,
    It’s really good to see what you’ve blogged regarding the MDG. It was a clear sign that the company want you becuase you are one of the top blogger that has a lot of readerships in Malaysia. But let’s face it, it’s the baisc marketing plan – get the person that can show you the money. So, no big deal, at least for me.
    What impressed me the most is that, as a blogger, you did not blog for the sake of blogging, but you blog because you want to tell what is really happening, as in REALLY happening, instead of blogging something REALLY stupid that REALLY irritate people.
    I understand that as a judge, they always get criticized by people everywhere simply because, nobody is perfect, whether it is you, or the opposite. However, one thing that I really mind is that, maybe you should tell more about the production side of view. People always thought that, contestants and the judges are always the one who had the most difficult time of all, but hei, what about the production line? What about the production assistant? What about the one who look for sponsors? What about the one who have to work all the day and night to get the rundown done? What about that?
    Maybe you have too little time to mention about them, but if there’s a possible, please, they are the one who should really give the biggest credit to. No matter in what way, they are the heart of all, they brought you the idea, thry brought you the show, they brought you the judges, they brought you the candidates. No offence, but, think about them too, it’s not easy for them I am sure as I am once a Production Assistant during my internship 🙂
    Right for now, keep yourself real.
    P/S: Cheras still got no water. Thanks to SYABAS.

  14. Gip me RM500 and i help you get rid of that siggy
    MDG frankly was a big failure, and yes, i am on the “Cindy-hater” bandwagon.
    Nonetheless, lets hope for a better and fairer season 2.

  15. Oh yah, one thing I had forgotten. No doubt that MDG is a Fantastic show, but that doesnt mean that they sux. Dont blame anyone, this is their first time. Try to take a step backward, let’s try to put yourself in their shoes (Judges, Production team, Producer), can you do better than that? Can you come out with that idea? Can you get that show better? Think of it 🙂 For that, goodnight!

  16. i used to read your blogs and think that you had loads of credibility and integrity. that you were being exactly who you are. reading this, makes me feel like you’ve become a sell out. don’t know why i feel that way but i just do.
    you played a character? is that the best you can say. and then apologize? so that you’re not the meanie anymore.
    you said it kenny, knowing exactly what you meant by saying it. sell out…

  17. Cindy is Pretty is had a Face that people would never get BORED! looking at down the years.. what has hanis got? I read up her blog just now, got to disagree with kenny it was written well. Craps like small kids whinning on her blog and nowadays seriously you cant get anywhere blogging in malay.
    Flames welcome

  18. I wish I never saw Hanis’ and Jay’s blogs. The writing is SO BAD. Like bimboes! Didn’t see Adeline’s.
    OMG, thank goodness Cindy can at least WRITE WELL.
    Girls! Don’t la think like politicians — just because you’ve got a blog, can suddenly become hotshot! There needs to be some quality lah.

  19. i don’t like cindy. just because of the dad’s votes, she won the title. malaysian’s first dreamgirl is a disaster. shall wait n see how cindy’s working her way in the industry.

  20. Kenny, I’ve been reading you blog for sometime now… and felt that you’re a jerk at times…
    Throughout the whole MDG, you’ve been posting good things bout Hanis and basically adding salt to the wound on Cindy…
    I’ve watch the whole epison of MDG, and its obvious the pretentious one is Hanis!!!! You should have a look of her face when it announce that she’s the 2nd runner up! shocked of course but her lips and her first facial expression shows that “what? I can’t believe I didn’t win” she was too confident that she will win… and what’s with the post interview and Hanis go to the camera and said “well my friend all watch me, and the told me, Hanis you looked so real, so you”… is she trying to say that her acting didn’t work and although all of them were saying bad thing bout Cindy she still wins?
    I guess this teaches girl like Nadia, Hanis, Fiqa a lesson, never try to backstab… Kanye West even sang this “that! that don’t kill me makes me stronger” so I guess in a way it help to determine Cindy to work better to kill them off the show instead!!
    And personally, first liked fiqa alot, but after she and her bad-mouthing well not at all a dreamgilr material eh!
    As for alison, well I do like her at first, but after the last episod, well my respect for her go all the way down the drain!!!
    As for Adeline, shs imporved her english but she still need to be more confidence…
    Last but not least the lesson here is not to bad-mouth others behind their back!!!

  21. kenny,
    first of all pls tell us right now that Cindy’s dad did really spend alot to vote for her daughter and how much. If this is revealed then i will make sure WE BOYCOTT FUTURE SHOWS! MAY THE RICHEST UGLY BABE WINS!

  22. can someone explain whats the big deal about Cindy’s dad besides him spending $$ voting. he’s some big shot or what?
    this whole MDG vote for your fave thing is just so full of S**t la. it’s more like who’s got more money wins. In the end the winner is not even model quality.

  23. damn i was hoping for some gossip of ur REAL thoughts about MDG..not some thankyou script
    real thoughts as in..if u think the results are good and the way it should be

  24. If Cindy father really so f**king rich to vote for her till she win this title. Then her father must be super famous in malaysia. Use ur Birds Brains.

  25. The big deal with Cindy’s dad is that he was ON the show, even though we never saw him.
    The girls get to call loved ones during the show. Cindy’s dad, imho, made the most impression to us viewers. He advises, like a good father, and she absolutely listens, like a good daughter. It was clear he is a huge influence for Cindy, and therefore indirectly, for the show itself (and I don’t specifically mean the SMS votes).
    I didn’t root for Cindy, but I can’t help but root for a strong TV father-daughter relationship. Every girl needs a great dad to prepare and guide her through the tough real world.
    Plus he looks YOUNG, now that we know his face. And that just completes the role model image. I want to be an awesome dad like him someday!

  26. Wah, her dad is super young looking lo. But hopefully season 2 is a better show. And rules should be amended a little, s as not to create so much unhappiness.

  27. The big deal, in short, is that we’ve all been wondering “Who the hell is this guy?” every time we hear his voice on the phone. Well now we can put a face on it. WE HAVE CLOSURE.

  28. For a moment, cut out the rational noises you tried to make. Allow the silence to sink in, then think.
    Honest? With constant cheap publicity stunts, you will have anything but credibility.

  29. This piece is as sincere and as honest as it can get. If you think I don’t have credibility writing exactly what I think, screw you guys.

  30. u are a man of virtue, kenny.
    i love cindy, for being who she is. she looks gorgeous in all of her pics. i like^^

  31. Eh kenny.. is this another write up to promote MDG season 2?? Please tell me, you being an IT Director, how are the Americans, Singaporeans, Australians send in SMSes to vote for their favourite contestants?? I tried hard to imagine how is it possible. So Mr IT Director, how they send in their votes to the shortcode??

  32. noob, no this is not a write-up to promote MDG season 2. Season 2 is still very far away, why lah I promote it now?
    Malaysians can send in their SMS votes to 33001. Non-Malaysians can send in their SMS votes to +6012 33001 or +6019 33001.
    Does that answer your questions?

  33. Well done Kenny! Screw those who complain a lot when they can read and watch for free. Get a life instead of complaining here -.-

  34. wahaha. i like cindy’s dad la, funny guy. anyway kenny, its normal for people to shoot u for so many things u didnt have control over. Also, people somehow cannot accept u or ur actions for what they are. dont bother about them and keep up the good work!!! people like me r behind u all the way!!

  35. When your mind arrives at the juncture where it thinks it’s time to be honest, yes, you are credible alright – honesty at its convenience.
    You are fine, as long as you don’t use the word honest.

  36. I didn’t watch any episodes of this atrocious show and not to mention the participants. Perhaps Malaysian Wetdream Girls is more appropriate?

  37. Kenny did a good job apologizing to those who keep on whining and flaming bout him. Keep it up Kenny!

  38. kenny dont answer the idiots! not worth ur time. good to know ur still the nice guy, for a moment there i tot u kena the simon cowell bug.

  39. The success this show depends a lot on cindy!!!
    She is the x-factor in the show, the villain…
    Everyone wanna play the good guys, the starring on TV but cindy take on the bad roles..
    Malaysian Dream Girls without CIndy is like
    Snow White without The Queen
    The 3 pigs without the Big Bad wolfs
    Starwars without Darth Wader
    KennySia without the big tummy
    I wouldnt want to see a show where 12 Super Good Manner Girls stay and behave they are in prison.
    Actually, I was dissapointed with the show lack of scenes about the in fighting!
    Cindy’s dad play by the rules and win…
    So for those who are not satisfy with the result…
    Blame your Dad for not being poor…
    Blame your dad for being stingy…
    Blame your ancestor for not leaving behind millions of fortune for you…
    Blame yourself for not selling your body to earn some extra cash for voting…
    Blame yourself… and DONT BLAME OTHERS!!!
    Blaming others is MALAYSIA politicians dirty tactics!

  40. ” Firstly, I was playing a character, and I wanted it to be a memorable character. Because it was our first episode, I needed to make an impact. Controversy creates cash. No publicity is bad publicity. If there are people out there talking about what a horrible person I was, then that is good thing for the show.
    Secondly, it was to sensationalize the show. How boring would the auditions be if every judge were diplomatic in their words for fear of hurting girl’s feelings? Elaine and Jimmy cannot afford to be too harsh on these girls because they have a reputation in their profession that they need to protect. One is a former Miss Malaysia, and the other is well-known in the fashion industry. ”
    Kenny, i want to say thank you for giving me a wakeup call. i am a PR student, and i failed to realise that these (the bolded text) are actually the fundamentals of what makes a good show and gaining a widespread audience. sometimes you just gotta be a tad ruthless to get the publicity needed. even though you get pretty harsh comments throughout the show, you still handled it quite admirably. for that, i salute you bro. no doubt one of me favourite leng zai bloggers, hahahahaha. and thanks again, for giving me a small lesson on what i’ve learned.
    oh ya, i am still not happy with the voting system. any changes with the rules in Season 2?! 🙂 wouldn’t want to create another idol outside MDG itself, now, would we?

  41. I used to like reading yr blog. But my respect for you took a nosedive after reading what you wrote about Giselle. This post is long overdue. And oh, no way in hell will I watch MDG Season 2 after seeing what MDG Season 1 turned out to be like.

  42. “I was called all sorts of names by the viewers. The general consensus was that Kenny Sia as the MDG Judge comes across as a horny guy who was overly excited everytime he sees a girl wearing short skirts coming to audition, as well as one that is utterly ruthless towards unattractive girls who don’t make an effort.”
    i wonder where he got that from….
    rofl about cindy’s dad. haha

  43. you’d a once in a life chance…
    being a judge in a competition
    eventhough you’d no experince
    (like you said)
    you did a good job anyway kenny

  44. i personally feel that it is not very good to use 100% sms voting, cos you know la, the result is being expected already. Got money=win… but one thing good about MDG is they really do very very very well, although i still miss a few ep, and they make the result transparent!
    and i will really hope for the 2nd season!

  45. Cindy’s dad? Really?
    He’s so young and handsome. Can’t believe he’s already got a daughter as old as Cindy is. Now I want to see her mom. 🙂
    Hope my partner still looks like that when he’s that age. Hahaha~~

  46. I am going to put an END to this. cant stand malaysians sometimes.
    Cindy has 50 votes, one voter.
    Hanis has 50 votes, 50 voters.
    So will it not all make sense to you that IF Hanis HAD 50 voters, she will win the title anyways? the title is MALAYSIAN dream girls. IF Cindy won by 500,000 votes, wouldnt Hanis’ voters neutralise that (assuming that she was capable securing that many amount of voters in the first place!) Dont even make me start with Msia’s population count AND don’t even try to argue that the show couldn’t have possibly reach the intended audience, it only brings about unfavourable criticisms to the show organisers. they chose to air it online and thats that.

  47. Kenny!
    I admit I was one of those people who were pretty pissed with you for making all those offensive remarks. I was like going “wth that kennysia so idiotic simply insult ppl like nobody’s business lidat” (:
    But then you apologized. And you explained why you did it (even though I still don’t think it was morally right. Sorry la I very anal that way wan =P) But yea.
    Good to know you’re not so evil after all (:
    PS Thanks for letting us know bout Hanis’s and Jay’s blog. Ask Fiqa to start one too (:

  48. I dun like Cindy not because she won…. i dun like the fact, she used ‘ma lai po’ and ‘in du po’ during her conversation with her dad….. especially in the show with multi racial supporters….it shows something wrong with the girl…….
    So wat if her dad can support her… i’m sure my dad will do the same if he do the same calculation….

  49. Congrats Kenny. Great job you did. Good thing you didn’t stay in Perth, never would have that opportunity here I reckon. Regards Jeff(Perth)

  50. I didn’t follow the whole MDG thingy, but all of the ladies aren’t really intriguing and none of them turns on my circuits at.. *all*. So I’m in neutral ground when I pick the ladies. Lol!
    And I ended up looking at Kenny Sia! Hahahah! 🙂

  51. kenny,
    I don’t know whether you realise it or not, it is not funny at all trying to poke fun at someone’s dad for the readers’ pleasure. How would Cindy feel if she knows that her dad has turned into infamous legend for fully supporting his own daugther?
    Try to putting yourself in her shoes. How would you feel if someone else pokes fun at your daddy and playing joke on him?
    I hope you realise that..

  52. i found something funny,
    those who criticed kenny …wrote somehting bad bout him on his blog’s comments…
    since they Hate him so much..bad mouthing him,cursing him,laughing at him(fat la,rude la)…
    then,WHY do they still reading his blog???
    So contradict.
    since they’re so GOOD in writing & critizing ppl,
    come on,creat ur own blog & be the 2nd kenny sia and beat him down,
    this in de only way to prove urself.
    i like reading Kenny’s blog,
    no matter he wrote something good or bad,
    it’s just up to himself,(he can write anything in his blog,k??)
    no matter he’s a good or bad judge,
    it’s also not in our concern,
    if he cant be de judge so r u qualify to be??
    Stop writing stupid comments,else u creat ur own “”,u can write whatever u want.

  53. lol dude, half the peeps here never got the last bit of your post, what with all the “what legend has cindy’s dad got and why autograph is he somebody famous har” comments here hahahahah.
    anyway he looks damn youthful. how old is he anyway?

  54. ask her dad to fucked off la…he should be ashamed of himself hacving such prostitute looking slutty daughter…and summroe vote for her so much…wasting money and other contestants time

  55. erm. i didn’t watch mdg but i’ve read some news along the way. one thing for sure is that i am an anti-cindy. was so sad that she won all because of her VOTES. seriously, i think the system should be changed… is this a competition about finding potential models or comparing who has the richest dad?? i think it is really a waste of resources because cindy isn’t really a model material. cindy’s dad probably owe the bank lots of money now… sorry for being so evil. i apologise. not.

  56. wei… ya ler… no offense but those chics… aren’t chicks for me… felt sorry 4 u…
    Ask them to filter by u first only can participate lol.

  57. Hope Cindy will prove her critics wrong by signing up for the forthcoming Estee Lauder Model Search contest & winning the title.

  58. before watching the show, i heard about this MDG from my friends, accidentaly went thru Cindy’s blog, i think she has the look and it’s that bad as my friends had said about her, after watching the show, i still think that she has the look but she doesn possess any style to be a MODEL, and her attitude is another BIG NO NO….i was extremely disappointed when she won the title juz cuz her dad is damn rich….
    Why they wanna make Kenny Sia the Simon Cowell in the show??? its so stupid…why cant malaysia has its own style in running the show but to copy the ang moh style??? the way the judges argued over the girls on who should be put thru to the next round…damn…the damn facial expression of kenny and elaine….stupid!!!!
    Lotsa negative comments on Cindy’s blog…the viewers and the readers are not to be blamed…this is an online reality show and the viewers are to vote for their MDG so they hv the absolute rights to voice out everything…to choose the MDG they like…to vote for them…its Cindy herself who made the viewer hate her…her so GENTLE look in front of the camera…but the totally different person behind the scene…the so pretentious girl try to act cute and be nice whenever there’s camera around…dun scold ppl for the bad comments…
    wat so great about cindy’s dad anyway??? juz cuz he spend his money for the stupid voting game and letting his ignorant daughter won the title??? SALUTE!!!!!

  59. Kenny you sold out. Your posts have become nothing than a marketing vehicle for these poeple. your posts used to be funny but now they are just plain boring. What have you become? I am sure your ‘loyal’ supporters will defend you but ask yourself…..what happened to Kenny Sia?

  60. I’m based in Aussie and I voted for ringo and cindy it cost bout $0.30 for international sms and probably RM1 to Capxion who cares about the rate aneways I only voted once

  61. good post…. but i believe the production team did not really portray the girls as they were… many of these girls have started blogs and many say that a lot of what they said were never showed in any of the episodes…
    regardless the elimination system was unfair… take a look at the format for Britain’s Got Talent…. thats how it should be…
    i hope you relay the feedback to Capxion Media…
    i understand the reasoning behind your posts… but the last one was a bit of an anti-climax…

  62. When will we ever learn that ‘Viewers Vote’ does not work for EVERYTHING. It’s the same as having people vote for the next Miss Universe, it simply does not make sense. Talents are discovered only by those who can clearly identify and evaluate them. Malaysian TV (or online reality show…), stop coming up with ways to earn money off our SMS Votes. I’d enjoy MDG more if the judges had more influence on the results, they are the ones who spends the most time with the contestants.
    And shall I add, MDG unlike other shows, is pre-recorded then edited. MDG expects us to vote, based on a fiction they put together in an editing room?

  63. ok lets see.. ow please people..
    i would say that the photoshoots were terrible.. what i see in the show, they are like given so few shots. more shots should be given. more shots= more nicer photos.. each person should be given at least be 50 shots..
    the contestants should be treated more strict during photoshoots. is like they only pose a few types of posers.. BORING. they should be given more posing lessons.. teaching them different possers and expressions.. like how to pose catologue, comersials, and couture..the posers were like totally boring with all same facial expressions.. more faial.. perky, elegance, seductive.. eyes.. where the eyes.. i don’t see the eye connection to the camera.. havent they seen real modelling reality shows before..
    next.. CLOTHS.. some were horible.. some were like meant to be worn by aunties.. the batik shot was bad.. its too colourful.dress totally overshine the face.. thats bad.. the other 1 oso.. the dress shot.. the week before batik.. horible..
    what i think is not bad.. i would say is the catwalks.. that is good.. just that the contestants should be taught different types of catwalks.. in couture.. which is like slower and more serious..
    or like those sundress type of fashion show..models should be more perky.. or swimsuits and bras.. sexy.. VICTORIA SECRET.. have u seen that show.. teach them.. remember the last catwalk.. which the models wore different kinds of cloths from different designers.. all the catwalks were the same.. so it makes the show boring.. too unprofessional..
    ow ya.. more critics plz from judges.. not jus sazi falak.. wadeva the spelling is.. more harsh critic..
    take my advice.. seriously.. watch more reality modelling search shown in overseas.. not asking to copy them.. just improvise it.. good luck people..

  64. seriously…cindy’s a winner in her own rights. and i have to say, the judges and the people who blindly follows EVERYTHING they say are all LOSERS.
    elaine is a prick. she makes hanis and adeline shine with greatness when she interviewed the individually, and when it came to cindy, she’s a damn witch! i guess it was her damn “responsibility” as THE host (cum “PROFESSIONAL” model, and a “PROFESSIONAL” judge) that night to share with the world, that this particular girl here has nothing great about her to be shared with everyone (unlike how she did with hanis and adeline) but instead of interviewing cindy, gives her own discriminating..biassed comments on cindy and HER DAD??? was it supposed to be FUNNY???
    …realities of life. you have people like these, alive and kicking. people, other people look up to. PSH.
    excuse me..
    #1: did you really look into the results of the votes? like a phone bill is it, the same number keeps popping out and conclusion: CINDY’S DAD. he just voted a billion times.
    #2: oh wait. in the first place, don’t you do FAIR VOTING? like maybe ONE VOTE from ONE NUMBER for ONE CANDIDATE?? what’s the point of having people be able to vote a million times?? that’s not freaking voting!! i know you all wanna make MONEY and that’s all it is to it. but it comes with many heavy prices: YOU HAVE BEEN UNFAIR (and flawed the coting system) and blamed people who took advantage of the situation. hello. they made you freaking loads of money didn’t they.
    #3: but of course, THIS is drama. you like to make it. don’t lie. and of course, like you mentioned about calling the camera’s to roll when THERE IS DRAMA. it’s proven. you all have no heart. and no brains. you created the show and the girls, and you created them lovers and haters. but when you create such pain for someone…and make the other girls show THEIR true colours…your main focus is, on ONE. and too bad for cindy…she was the victim.
    you ruined the dad’s name and put a freaking picture of him on the net just so you can show to the world “THE BAD GUY”. wow..not only have you created the GOSSIP and NEWS OF THE YEAR..but you caught the CULPRIT!! THE MOST WANTED!! WOWWWWW!! and now people have been fed with your words and they believe. and people will hate him and cindy because of what you and the others CHOSE TO EXPOSE. and THE WAY YOU DID’re all really something. and not in the best way.
    and the malaysian government cannot do anything about this……where are they when you need them. another point: they’re never there.
    and the other girls? we can imagine what they’ll be going through. jimmy and his skinnyshit from the moment it all started. and true…in this business i guess you can’t be fat. but FIQA?? FAT?? I HATE YOU PEOPLE. you are the same people who will contribute to influence, SUPPORT and encourage YOUNG GIRLS, YOUNG WOMEN, WOMEN and the society as a whole TOWARDS ANOREXIA, BULIMIA, DRUGS, and a whole lot of MENTAL CRAP!! what i’ve seen from the show..the internet was taken by storm. and MALAYSIA will be known for their “AMAZING” MDG reality show. ordinary girls, turned to be SUPER ENGROSSED WITH THEIR OWN SELVES. UNGRATEFUL. IMMORAL. VENGEFUL. BITTER. MATERIALISTIC. SPOILED and wants to be PERFECT.
    nobody’s perfect.
    but thanks for creating a mentality like that.
    i totally generalized people. but that’s what it feels i guess to be generalized.
    MDG truly thought me a lot. abdolutely inspirational in a lot of ways. but not your way.

  65. We are in so much angst because it seems shows like these make rich people (who can afford them millions of smses) to get richer, while the poor pretty ones get dissed.
    XiaoMei, this is a wider scope of things. MDG is not the only ‘reality’ show we have in Malaysia that implements this very cliche voting system. Tell me one that doesn’t, please….
    It is how we, the people are being duped into wasting our 50cents per sms. Again, I say that the results would be more accepted if the judges had SOME say, not 0%. We don’t know who has potential, only industry insiders do.
    Every time I see another new reality show, there is for sure an absolute voting system at play.

  66. Living in Melb now and watching MDG on-line gives me some comfort about what’s hot in KL…and you are one funny dude.
    I have to say that I was not impressed with the finale, if Capxion wants to increase the prestige of their 2nd season,i think the finalise should be the pinnacle of the season. I was quite dissapointed with the choice of entertainers which I felt was lack lustre and quite boring!it was fantastic seeing all 12 flourish at the end…yes even little spoilt rich girl Cindy, but it makes me wonder whether Cindy would even have made through the final if Jean had not dropped out?:-)

  67. come on guys.. give him a break.. Its just a show and though its true that it ain’t fair as it benefits the ones who has the most money..
    It ain’t right for u to be scolding Kenny on his blog.. Its freedom of speech with responsibility..
    You dun scold ppl just cause things dun go your way.. There are alot of loopholes in many things that Man has come up with.. instead of scolding nd ranting, which wun bring about any benefit, why not just chill and discuss it? talking it out makes things better for everyone and more things get through at the end.. right? 🙂

  68. I think you would be better off being yourself as a judge rather than acting, as it just beats the whole purpose of a REALITY show. Yes, it was done to help ratings and create hype but the viewers are not naive and can tell which is acting and which is real. IMO, these ‘bad guy’ roles are overdone in the reality show business, which was probably started by Simon Cowell in American Idol. But the fact is he is a blunt, straightforward guy in real life and he’s just being what he is. He might sound rude but what he says are usually not that far from the truth, although he puts it in a more direct, in-you-face way. But you can sense that he is speaking what is on his mind. I won’t condone you for your so-called ‘acting’ or ‘character-playing’ but i wouldn’t commend it either as i feel you could equally make the show interesting by being yourself as you’re an incredibly funny person. I think viewers would enjoy it much more if they were to see the funny, quirky, average-joe Kenny Sia whom they see everyday day through his blog and have learn to love, on MDG rather than Kenny Sia the role-playing ‘bad guy’ or Simon Cowell wanna-be or the shit stirrer who is only interested in upping show ratings.
    Just my opinion, hope it helps, and may MDG 2 be a bigger success with you in it

  69. And anyway, MDG sucks big time! It’s totally unoriginal and is a shitty wannabe-version of America’s Next Top Model. But, oh well! I’ve gotten over the phase in which I hope to see something original from Malaysia the Boleh-land. Lol.

  70. ZOMG i pity Cindy. The reason why I like her because she’s very honest and she actually shows her true self IN FRONT Of everyone unlike the rest of the girls in the show. Yes, she was rude by saying “in du po” or “malai po.” I was shocked to hear that but I admire her confidence and strength including her true self. Not hiding for who she is in front of the camera and I believe most of the audiences do not like her attitude. And I’m sure by receiving these feedbacks and critics, she would change.
    AND I strongly believe some contestants in MDG are faking themselves in the drama because they simply DO NOT want to lose any votes and want to be LIKEABLE FOR EXAMPLE like Ringo Tan. The reason why I think she deserved to be eliminated from MDG because I simply cannot stand her.
    What makes everyone think that those girls are not pretending to be so sweet and so good in the show at all? Like Ringo, when the judges asked her whether she has any sad moments. SHE answered no.
    How can that be? Damn fucking ridiculous. NO SAD MOMENTS at all? When your relatives passed away for example like your grandparents or someone dear to you. You’re not even sad at all?
    ALL I can say, whatever comes from Ringo Tan’s mouth is like BULL to me. Sorry no offense. By far, she’s the only girl from MDG that I do not like at all.
    And Hanis.. she transformed from a suburb girl into a modern girl. From a duckling into a swam. She’s amazing. But too bad she lost to Cindy.

  71. finally kennysia the jerk understand feelings of human bein when they are being criticised by you online..for no reason…now u knw its not easy being in a competition and having to be ur being judges and you know how it feels..nevertheless hope the MDG2 will be a better now..long way to go but all thebest

  72. omfgggg!!! whos the gal in the red dress??? she looks like those ones lurking in the backstreets in geylang…like seriously…

  73. Racquel:
    It’s not a malay thing.
    It’s not a malays-scandalous thing.
    It’s not a -insertcountry’snamehere- thing.
    It’s a WORLD MINDSET thing.
    Open your fucking eyes and shut the fuck up.

  74. wow. beautiful. bitter and sweet i’ll cherish them all. this might be long overdue but thank u for ur comments during my auditions. real or not, thank u Kenny. 🙂
    2ND season’s open. cant wait to see the new girls.

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