Khairy Is My Friend

Dun pray pray.

My friend punya wife punya father is the Prime Minister of Malaysia, ok? If you hit me, I can call my friend to call his wife to call her father to soot you kao kao one, ok? He Prime Minister, ok?
Who wants to touch me now?

All-In-One Plugs: I’m getting massive amounts of requests from people wanting me to publish something to promote various causes / look for missing people / donate to certain charity. Suddenly became It’s too many requests for me to handle and they are all important, so I’m putting them here all in one big breath. Here goes.
Donate to Myanmar. Find Low Le Xuan. Save our sharks. Help Phu Thien Nhan. Assist Young Visionaries. Watch a Japanese Jazz Concert for charity! Learn to cook pasta for charity! Run the Borneo Marathon for charity! Yeah!

137 Replies to “Khairy Is My Friend”

  1. Nice one kenny! Remember to do some poking, slapping, dancing, party with, etcetc. And graffitiing.
    And Send him some growing eggs or something. Actually maybe not, else you be sued or something for rasuah. XD excuse my blahness thanks, under much stress.
    Hahahaha…*dies of in chisinness*

  2. Hey.. dun play play .. this oxfordian once said he wanted to be Prime Minister before turning 40.

  3. ahahahaha… okie dokie kenny, i love this post… cool man!
    bila mau intro ur friend punya wife punya father to me… hahahaha… ^^

  4. ok …. anything u say …. can i have some BIG projects? business kinda slow now, i really need GOOD CONNECTION!! When can we meet to talk with your friend? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love Khairy! He is so handsome. He looks like Christian Ronaldo. I know u all dun like him la but actually ar, he is very cute eh. Muak Muaks

  6. Khairy who??? If Karpal Singh would “standup” it would be on his mother calling. Now that’s someone!!!

  7. Jokes to share:
    [ An Old Priest, Khairy and Samy Velu ]
    The old priest lay dying in the hospital.
    For years He had faithfully served the people of the nation’s capital.
    He motioned for his nurse to come near.
    “Yes, Father?” said the nurse.
    “I would really like to see Khairy and Samy Velu before I die”, whispered the priest.
    “I’ll see what I can do, Father” replied the nurse.
    The nurse sent the request to them and waited for a response.
    Soon the word arrived. Khairy and Samy would be delighted to visit the priest.
    As they went to the hospital, Khairy commented to Samy “I don’t know why the old priest wants to see us, but it will certainly help our images.”
    Samy couldn’t help but agree.
    When they arrived at the priest’s room, the priest took Samy’s hand in his right hand and Khairy’s hand in his left. There was silence and a look of serenity on the old priest’s face.
    Finally Samy spoke. “Father, of all the people you could have chosen, why did you choose us to be with you as you near the end?”
    The old priest slowly replied “I have always tried to pattern my life after our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”
    The old priest continued…”He died between two lying thieves. I would like to do the same

  8. NOTE to Kenny,
    How can a 3 year old girl have an IC number? 041929-01-0122??? Isn’t that odd?

  9. Now you play a part in the incoming dissolution of peace and harmony of our country.
    Khairy is power crazy causing disharmony to the country.
    I am ashamed of your being so proud of getting friendly with this rascal.

  10. Siapa dia khairy ni? menteri ke? perdana menteri ke? timbalan perdana menteri ke? Dia tidak. Dia tidak pegang apa-apa jawatan pun dalam kerajaan. Dia hanya seorang yang low standard yang panggil orang lain beruk. Dialah beruk!

  11. kenny u got mistake!
    “call my friend to call his wife to call his father to soot you kao kao one”
    should be
    “call my friend to call his wife to call HER father..”
    wtf. =.=

  12. aiya impossible one la,
    you cant be fren with that fella that oways kena sut by lim kit siang one,no face only

  13. Is he famous in Malaysia? Thats so crazy man, he was in the same boarding house as me, one year my senior. Nice guy, never bullied us too much. Have not heard his name in years. (i am not form Malaysia)Thats awesome for him. And for you too i guess….

  14. I seriously find it funny. Everyone seems to have a Facebook these days. lol
    And if you believe that is Khairy’s profile, I’m speechless.
    If you can find Khairy there, you probably can find Abdullah, Lim Kit Siang, Mahathir and so on. Well, I assume you can find them. AHAH

  15. Haha good one Kenny. And thank you for the plug for the Marathon. Very much appreciated and hope you’re training for it already ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. i recommend you be Anwar’s fren than Khairy’s. Anwar will become PM 1 day but will Khairy??? Maybe u got the chance to be Anwar’s deputy.
    Khairy is and will always be d PM’s S-I-L. No need to 3-legged horse him. Waste your time only lol.

  17. Why did you befriend the richest unemployed man? He’s not worth being your friend. delete it Kenny!

  18. eh….if u somehow add limKS ah…..remember remember to let me have his id so tat i can add him k…he’s juz so adorable …wat? not wif his camwhore la…but his ‘disgrace’ remark on ur fren ..hehee

  19. Thanks for the wits Kenny and bring more of us to be aware of what happen in the country now. Khairy is a fake! That dumb guy is just riding on his wife ( literally and metaphorically) hehhehe. lets c how he fare after he become the opposition!

  20. Are you thinking of quitting as a blogger and to be a politician? But must potong first, you know!!

  21. pls tell that SOB to tell his FIL the SOG to …..errrr
    anyway, if u ever assc urself with that shaddy character what does that make u?
    VERY RICH, huhuhuhu!

  22. That’s hilarious, as soon as I add that khairy, i will have power too. BTW…why ah your font some so nice, big and clear…and then when promoting stuff/entertaining requests so small and grey?? Intentional wan ah? *big bold font*: this is me, hot kenny sia!! *small kucified font*: er donate here there…okay??

  23. Not sked kena sue =P
    Remembered cases of ppl kena arrested for impersonating royalty and VIPS.
    But oh well, M’sia for u!!!!!!!!

  24. dear benji, the commenter(no.93) above me
    your blog suck big barney balls lar…. is so much better lar

  25. Goodness gracious Kenny!!!
    Who dares to touch you now? Not even your bulu lah!!!
    later u kekurangan 1 bulu, i die ah!! Masuk isa for no reason!!!!

  26. then,why i can’t touch u!!
    if i find killer,Prime minister also not use!!!
    if u don’t believe,just give me ur name and address,see what will happen!!!
    Fuck u,see who is powerful now!!!

  27. I don’t know what to say man but it’s quite funny. Don’t joke too much about politics in Malaysia or you might end up in ISA + no more It’s a nightmare for us.
    Visit our site at:-

  28. hmmm… guys please stop fragging my name… and no ckk i am not that person.. he’s been impersonating me…my blog ain’t that good i agree… and he’s just some old rival i guess…

  29. Yo,,,dont play play, i am the future president of United states of america..i would like kenny suck m ball for me!!dont u ever mess with him!!!

  30. Oh my gosh~
    I didn’t know the Prime Minister’s son-in-law uses Facebook
    -Smacks face-
    I bet RM50 that it’s a fake Khairy.

  31. Khairy? the one and only racist pig!?the one that called bloggers ‘monkeys”.Isnt that monkey that said recently in the papers not to be afraid of the alternative media? this is what he said รขโ‚ฌล“We should not be afraid of this brave new world of journalism, but rather help strengthen it so that Malaysians will benefit from getting credible news everywhere รขโ‚ฌโ€œ from the mainstream and other stream media.” What a joke.He saying that after the ‘political tsunami’,otherwise he be bragging bout his balls,i mean ketuanan. Sorry, that a fake khairy..the real hairy,i mean khairy doesnt bother about other races..

  32. hey the comment by Benji
    Ain’t the real person la…
    u look also know… u visit the blog…
    the typing style soo different..
    just some ppl jealous or shit…

  33. hey alex,shut the fark up la,this is not even benjis blog,its kenny sia for Gods sake and who the fark is this benji the skank?

  34. hey kenny…
    i saw u @ mcd yesterday…
    wat r u doin wif those fake guns?
    kenny, u look soooooooo cute n FAT..

  35. Retard head, nobody cares about the so called benji impersonator or shit. Now that you brought it up, his face is like shit. Go fuck with him in his asshole or something.

  36. can stop laughing reading those comments saying that they “look down” at Kenny for being “so proud” of the fact that he is becoming friends with “Khairy”..haha

  37. I dare touch you… Punch you… EAT YOU… =P
    hahahaha… Anyway… pls pls pls… Dont sue me if I use your pic without your permission …

  38. you guys have seriously ducked up parents man…
    sorry to hear that they were too uneducated to teach you manners….

  39. Wow! U’re my idol man… although it’s a fake khairy lol. Anyway, send him the “owned” application and owned him. Then dun say touch, talk also not dare to talk with u adi lol.

  40. Khairy Jamaluddin ? Isn’t that that son of a bitch that created havoc during the last election ?? Yeah, what a thug and I’d kick his Malay ass if I ever see him on the streets. I lon K if the pader iz de plaim miniseter or wat lo. I just lon K.

  41. gosh.. i’d be more embarressed to have khairy as a friend. he’s nothing more than an opportunistic guy with nothing to offer so far towards our nationi building. He supports the use of outdated and oppressive laws for political gains:
    “In the interest of truth he should do this. It will clear the air once and for all if he has the moral credibility to lead the country,” he said while debating the Supplementary Supply (2008) Bill 2008.
    No right thinking principled oxford graduate would say such a thing. He’s either stupid or using unjust methods for his political gain. I suspect the latter.
    For goodness sakes.. stop being proud to be associated with this kind of person.

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