Muay Thai Hey Ya

The Thais love their kickboxing alright. No doubt about that.

Muay Thai is one the most vicious and unforgiving martial arts discipline in the world. The sport has made international action heroes out of their fighters, like Ong-Bak. No other martial arts from Southeast Asia enjoys the same popularity outside the region as Muay Thai.
Thailand has Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior. Kuching only has Gu-Bak: Pork Chop Eater.

Devoted Muay Thai fighters go through a very punishing conditioning regime that hardens their arms and legs into steel pipe-like toughness. Their bodies so fit there’s not even an ounce of fat left in them.

I had the opportunity to watch live Muay Thai action during my trip there. There’s this stadium on Soi Bangla that promotes itself as “Best of the Best Muay Thai”, so I thought don’t play play – must be good.
This same stadium also claimed to have “real fights”, as opposed to err… fake fights?

Beer. The essential ingredient to every sport.

I paid 700 baht (bargained down from 1000 baht) for a ticket. I won’t say it’s the best RM70 I’ve ever spent but it is something I gotta experience at least once in my life.

One thing that struck me immediately was how very young these fighters start. The first match I witnessed was between at 12-year-old and a 13-year-old. Later in the night there’s even an 8-year-old and a 9-year-old fighting.
Perhaps next time they might have two Thai babies slugging out each other when they’re not sucking on their mommy’s breasts.

The action in the ring was great. There’s one match where we even witnessed a KO in Round One (see video later). However, the production value of the show is crap at best.
Every match is accompanied by a live band that plays some irritating music that sounds like a god-awful cross between Chinese opera music, and Kenny Sia singing karaoke.

As the night went on, it looks like the action OUTSIDE the ring is just as entertaining as the action inside the ring. These girls were just whooping and gyrating wildly throughout the night.

And I can’t help but to do this. Just check out the video. 😉

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74 Replies to “Muay Thai Hey Ya”

  1. -.-‘.. i tot u said last entry is the last on thai d.. haha and those ppl who ‘kena’ delete..i think is oso very ‘tulan’ now.. HAHAHA

  2. Think you paid a premium for your ‘ringside seat’. If you’re in Bangkok next time, see the real deal and place your bets with the thousands at Lumphini Stadium.
    Khaw Phun Kar for your video – freaking funny!

  3. This is freaking cruel, and you’re saying they’re just 12 and 13… OMG.
    I guess I fall under the Du Bak : Bak Kut Teh Eather category. 😀

  4. Ahaha… n there u hav a matching music video clip
    The lady in green really looks like tht Outkast guy alright

  5. Initially I thought the whole video was about a good match of intense Muay Thai. Manatau kena ambush with your “Hey ya” synchro-song joke hahaha…
    One word to describe the ladies – – SPASTIC!

  6. That was a funny one you have there. From bouts of ‘oh my gosh-is-that-boy-gonna-faint’ to ‘oh-my-gosh,those-women-are-damn-funny’.
    Left me laughing away. Great song match.

  7. The songs quite match with the 3 3 of them were dancing with the beat. Quite like it. U re awesome…muacks!!

  8. I think they can even have a round for the aunties huh? That would be quite a spectacular scene to watch indeed. LOL.

  9. better see men fighting than to see cocks fight or bulls fight.
    better see men put down than see clueless animals put down.
    support muay thai!

  10. Hey Dude, after my marathon challenge, the Blackwidow wants to challenge you to a kick boxing match next.
    Nice cut on the music, the clapping sync to the music, you are almost a pro.

  11. Hey man, seems like you’re having a blast in Thailand 🙂
    Btw, saw your short talk. State elections coming up huh? Who are the candidates in your area? And who are you gonna vote for? 😛

  12. Wah piang. Spend your money like that shooting makciks. One moment they doing their own things next moment they shot to fame on Hahaha.. I also want to be chorlor and makcik can shoot to fame!

  13. shit..that is very violent. I used to enjoy kickboxing for a year or two. It’s quite fun to kick ass once in a while but not as violent as the one in the video. Poor kid…

  14. you know when Andre 3000 goes (’round the middle of the vid):
    You think you’ve got it
    Ohh, you think you’ve got it
    But got it just don’t get it
    Till’ there’s nothing at
    AaaaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaallllll.. *HAI!!*
    i can’t believe you timed it so that the orange-tee auntie ‘hai-ed’ at that precise moment and perfectly in line with the beat too!!

  15. damn funny can? i like the vid alot. hahahaha. funny how some of their actions actually matches with the movies of Heya’s music vid. LMAO!!!

  16. what telah happen to my engrish ah? sorry.. *actions actually MATCHED with Heya’s music vid.
    i must hv bn confused or smtg. =p

  17. no wonder i was a bit surprised when i din c the 111111111111111,twotwotwotwo,3three3three shitto in the first 3 comments. was thinking wah, how come the commenters now all grow brains oredi ah?
    it’s sad to see young boys fighting lidat…

  18. my aussie workmate used to do muay thai boxing and he used me often as a punching bag.
    damn it hurt!
    later i found out that him going to thailand for training was just a cover. hahaha he went to thailand coz its thighland 😛

  19. omg hahahahahha!! i was in a bad mood, but watching those aunties moving to the music made me laugh like hell!! thanks for sharing kenny!! muakss

  20. Those ladies picked up the hand signal cornermen used to direct their fighters to move closer to their opponents and attack when the fighters are facing their corner. Muay Thai fighters start at young age to make money, most fighters retired early 20’s.

  21. psssttt.. go to a boxing camp and stay there a few months. Then you’ll get abs so hard you could hurt someone bad with them?

  22. ya…dat song really match that lady in green.
    cos outkast oso wear green colour shirt when singing this song!

  23. Aren’t they cruel ? to use kids to fight and entertain people. Kids should be enjoying their childhood, not get beaten up!

  24. That’s it! I will start running campaign against kids fighting like that~! Holy cheesecakes, their hair also not all grown yet and they’re getting their brains knocked out already???? what the……

  25. OMG !
    That’s pure brutality ! !
    howly cow man !
    THis is the way to live your life ! !
    so all u gotta do is kick ass ! !!
    wah kah !

  26. OMG !
    That’s pure brutality ! !
    howly cow man !
    THis is the way to live your life ! !
    so all u gotta do is kick ass ! !!
    wah kah !

  27. I think he is referring to the bag pipe like sounds that are played during the rounds of a Thai Fight. I’ll try to get the name and possible history. But I do know that as the rounds progress the music speeds up, and most likely both our rhythms do as well.

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