Mix.fm Makes Normal Humans Do Stupid Things

This is my friend Anna-Rina.

Anna is a contestant in Mix.fm’s Living With Ika, Serena C and Pietro Contest.
As part of the contest, she have to go about her daily life with cardboard cutouts (!) of the radio DJs for three bloody weeks. The person who gets spotted most wins RM50,000, which is why if you walk around KL now, you might see a lot of these kiasu zombies walking around.

I’m giving her some free publicity here because Anna has always been massively supporting me without asking much in return. So must give her some back lah.
Anyway Pietro, I know you sometimes read this blog so if you happen to be seeing this right now, you know what to do. 😉

Hey, if Anna wins RM50,000, maybe she’ll share it equally among kennysia.com‘s 20,000 readers. THEN YOU WILL ALL GET A MINDBLOWING RM2.50 EACH!
Nice anot?

Nothing says “Welcome Back to Reality” like a huge pile of work waiting for you on your office desk after a long holiday break.

59 Replies to “Mix.fm Makes Normal Humans Do Stupid Things”

  1. Hahahaha! I’m looking at these stupid pictures of myself and telling myself “Dayum woman, you’re absolutely shameless”.
    Thanks so much for your support Kenny. Even if I don’t win, it’s been fun “embarrassing” myself in public with this cardboard cutout :p
    Take care.

  2. Innovative and catchy but poor gals, make her look like a dumb A**. Sorry , no offence ya. money is great but need to jaga image also lah, why walk around like a fo*l? some may agree with me, some may not, anyway, my 2 cents worth.
    cheers reader.

  3. I’m speechless when i heard about it in the news recently. The extent of which they would go through to be seen with ths posters. Fuyoh, they have my respect for their perseverence.

  4. Hi Kenny,
    I just love reading your Blog!! I have a better understanding of what this Cutboard cutout of Pietro, Ika and Serena C is all about!!
    I have even ask all my friends to log on your email and read your blog…it’s really an interesting insight to your world.

    (I have a good feeling that she’d win so I have to shout to 20,000 of you here so she’d have to belanja me more than RM2.50 if she wins, he hee.. Again, I loveeeeeeeeee Anna-Rinaaaaaaaaaa!

  6. i was also one of those sillies trying to carry the board around the city…
    but too bad, I do not have a available free friends to help me snaps photo of me with the board in public…
    so the board sits in my room & block sunlights coming through my sunny window….
    its much more shadier now…
    thx Piertro, Serena C & Ika of Mix.fm

  7. Yeah lol 2.50 per person aint that bad at all!!! =P can go order my teh tarik kurang manis and my nasi lemak at taman tun lol =D

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