Miss Tourism Pageant 2005 VideoBlog

I finally managed to compile the video clips I took from the Miss Tourism Pageant 2005 preview show and made it into a videoblog. Its a little long – 30 minutes to be precise.
You would need a player capable of playing WMV files, eg. Windows Media Player. Do let me know if you run into any technical issues and I’ll look into it.
Highlights of the clip include:

The opening dance.
Miss Pakistan‘s excellent Bollywood dance “Sharara-Sharara”.
Miss Singapore‘s “Rolling Dog” Aikido demo.
Miss Malaysia‘s FULL 5-minute-long rendition of the song “Zombie”.
The FULL cocktail dress parade.
The crowning of Miss Damai.

I understand the file is a bit large, so I’ll split the file into small downloadable pieces later. Check back this evening if that’s what you prefer. 🙂
What are you waiting for?
Download Miss Tourism Pageant VideoBlog [128MB]: here. (down) or
Complete Videoblog now available for download here.

The opening dance short video clip now available for download.
Miss Pakistan‘s excellent Bollywood dance “Sharara-Sharara” now available for download.
Miss Singapore‘s “Rolling Dog” Aikido demo short video clip now available for download.
Miss Malaysia singing Cranberries ‘Zombie’ video now available for download.
Cocktail dress parade now available for download.
Crowning Miss Damai now available for download.
Complete Videoblog now available for download again.

34 Replies to “Miss Tourism Pageant 2005 VideoBlog”

  1. wow. 128mb. your killing your server dude.
    anyhow i would have rathered you spilt the file up via sections. so people can just download what they want to see and save you lots of server transfers.

  2. I cant bother to down load the files as my connection sucks, but please tell me Ms. Malaysia did not dance to Zombie by the Cranberries!!! How the hell do you dance to that? You have heard it right. He he he – ho ho ho – aiiiiii-aiiiii…. I cant sing for shit. Sorry.

  3. Wahlau ehh…that singer is the ‘King of Ah beng’ or Ah beng ‘tau'(head of ah beng) si bo??
    ask him go perform in ‘ker tai’ (hugry ghost fest) lar…
    he oso lk like the pimp that ‘cio’ me near sungai wang…’leng chai, oi kew lui mou?’ (handsome, wan gals or not)

  4. Kenny, the file has apparently exceeded the hosting server’s bandwidth limit. You might want to split the file into smaller pieces as the first commentor suggested.

  5. No shit in fan, thank god. if you EVER put me through that again, and I will personally come over to Kuching and kick your ass. haha.

  6. I enjoy reading blogs. Especially one like yours. You take lots of pride in writing. Funny or not, I like you as much. Cheers!

  7. cannot download one, wa biang………u let me down once again….File Transfer: Unavailable
    Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.
    Your transfer cannot be completed. Most likely the file has exceeded its allotted bandwidth or has been removed by the original sender or a recipient.

  8. Miss Brazil is simply fantastic!!! She is very pretty woman!!! Beautiful Country and women too!!! Congratulations!

  9. Who is this idiot Kenny? Who knows nuts about Aikido!!! Rolling on the floor? Like a dog? Come on, only stupid people who knows nuts about the martial arts would say that!!! He thinks it’s easy to do the roll? Try it and reply back here. I believe he be lying on bed or hospital after doing 3 rolls on the floor. He will become a dead bruise pig, not even a dog! And Jo Kata 31 is not what he thinks as beating ants on the floor. Can this idiot even remember 10 steps? I doubt he can. Pigs can’t do so!!!!

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