Meeting Of The Tiger Translate Artists

I know I hadn’t updated for quite a while.
The whole trip to London has been quite a frenetic mix of drama and fun. I’m enjoying every minute of my time over here, although I certainly wished I had a bit more free time to explore the sights of this amazing global city.
I’m staying in the borough of Islington, north of the city and not far away from Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium. Unfortunately Arsenal is not playing at their home stadium this weekend. Of course, that certainly didn’t stop me from wearing my Chelsea jersey around town, although I must say I got a few angry stares from diehard Arsenal fans in the pub.
Preparation for Tiger Translate is more or less going well underway. The Eastern and Western artists met each other on Wednesday. For the past two days they have been working hard on their Tiger-themed East-meets-West collaboration.
The up-and-coming artists representing ‘The East’ are Udisha Kumar from India.
Ben Qwek from Singapore, Mee Wong from China.
Badral Bold from Mongolia.
And Andreas Kjaergaard from Denmark.
Representing ‘The West’ are Pure Evil, best known for his dark sarcastic artwork.
HiCalorie, with his signature cute and cartoonish illustration.
Street graffiti artists EINE and Monorex. all of them high profile underground artists from the UK.
A number of media from Asia has descended onto London for Tiger Translate. Myself and Dawn Yang both specially flown in to blog about the event.
London, in particular the suburb of Shoreditch, seems like the perfect city to host this arts event. The art scene here is simply amazing. Londoners have a great admiration of creativity and people who can think outside the box.
Over here, street art is appreciated, not abhorred. Wall graffiti is seen as a form of beautification, not vandalism. A lot of credit goes to the artists themselves, who spent immense amount of hours and effort creating these images.
Yesterday, we had a first-hand look of the artists beginning their collaboration work.
EINE (UK) and Andreas (Denmark) were given a piece of transparent perspex glass. On one side, EINE painted “LONDON’S CALLING” with his signature block letters. On the other side, Andreas contemplated how to respond to that.
“If London is calling, what is it saying?”
In a carpark not far nearby, Pure Evil (UK), Ben Qwek (Singapore) and Mee Wong (China) began transforming the iconic London black cab into a product of their collective imagination.
The tree has very different artistic style. Pure Evil style is always sarcastic and sinister. Ben’s artwork involves a lot of fairies and mythical females, whereas Mee Wong’s style is always somewhat feminine and sexual.
It’s gonna be interesting to see what the black London cab is gonna turn into.
Meanwhile, back in the studio, the clash in artistic differences is becoming even more obvious.
Badrul (Mongolia) and HiCalorie (UK) were showing each other their portfolio. HiCalorie showed Badrul all the cute cute cartoons that he has done.
Badrul on the other hand, showed him this.
Badrul doesn’t speak any English. But through a translator, he explained to HiCalorie that the picture is a collection of female vaginas, which he represented as sea shells!
Together with Udisha (India) and Ben (Singapore), this long piece of canvas will eventually be morphed into a work of art.
With four artists from four drastically different background working on it, no one knows for sure what the finished artwork is gonna look like.
Is Badrul gonna draw a vagina on HiCalorie’s teddy bear? I dunno. But we shall see tomorrow night at the main event! 😛
One thing for sure, these artists are incredibly talented. And for unknown artists like Badrul or Mee Wong, Tiger Translate just might be the platform they’re looking for, to propel their artwork from hazy obscurity into mainstream acceptance.
And that’s what I call, a good Tiger! 😉

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    Don’t forget: The sex museum!
    AND: The Egyptian museum!
    OH: And, go to Arab street…
    Probably see some of my cousins there. LOL.

  2. Yo buddy,,…
    u wit Dawn Yang… walau.. u so Lucky/..
    i am having tears.. i am happy for u man..
    so mail me the details..

  3. so , just because you were involved in the Chelsea v Malaysia thing you got hooked up with the team ? Shame really , you could’ve supported arsenal instead … Chelsea’s got NOOOOOO history =/ plastic club

  4. ooh~ i cant wait to see the whole cute cab coming out..
    at last get your new blog kenny. it’s been long time i wait for you.. 😉

  5. Wow, I not a art lover but i can tell they really talented. and My lecturer was a diehard fan of Liverpool. BAck them He would scold us if we wear others club jersey infront him lo…

  6. Wow.. u actually took a picture of the plastic-surgery-addicted-and-not-pretty-last-time Dawn Yang. She is a super bitch le, met her in real life before and she was very sarcastic and arrogant. Also she was found to be heavily plagiarizing many people’s work on her Stomp blog..tsk tsk.

  7. hi kenny, sometimes artists do not want to propel their ‘hazy obsurity into mainstream acceptence’. sometimes what they are searching for is just a niche market. otherwise, great coverage about this! 🙂

  8. love the interesting artists you featured, hate that awful piece of plastic that somehow found its way into the pictures.
    or hmmmm… that piece of plastic’s kinda like an art piece too, no? after all the additional work it’s gotten…

  9. Woah~ You really dare to walk out with chelsea jersey ar? not scare of being kidnap or hit or something??? haha XD
    By the way, those masterpieces were nice! Inspiring~

  10. A bit insulting how Tiger chooses Dawn Yang to cover this artist event thingy – considering that art values CREATIVITY and ORIGINALITY above all.

  11. I’m studying in London! Would loveee to meet you and Dawn Yang! Fan of your blogs. How is she? Nice?
    hehe xiaxue must be kena banged that Dawn’s chosen instead of her.. goot goot 😀
    maybe will try to go for the tiger translate and say hi!

  12. Look like you have lots of fun in London……
    Thanks for your special report,Kenny.
    I really love this entry about the get to gether Tiger Translate Artists in actions, yeah their seriousness at work. Just look at their expression…..
    And more talented people in action, which includes you, Kenny.

  13. It would be nice of you to not delete comments such as feeling that jarjar is dawn yang or you got fucked by dawn yang. These speculations have aroused simply because it was pretty obvious. Then again, they are just speculations from your readers and may/may not be the truth. Unless you have a guilty conscience, why bother deleting those comments?
    [KS replies: This is my blog. My blog is my party and in my party there are house rules.
    I don’t normally delete comments. The only comments I delete are abusive AND anonymous comments. I won’t delete your comment if you are abusive and NOT ANONYMOUS. I won’t delete your comment if you are anonymous and NOT ABUSIVE. Do both, and you’ll get thrown out of the party. Nobody likes unruly house guests.

  14. By the way, I’m not representing anyone. I’m a neutral by stander. Just felt that it was pretty childish to delete comments. I saw them the last time I came here and now they are all gone.

    haha. it’s actually the lampost. but shocked me at first.

  16. Damn, what a slap in the face to art, creativity and decency in general that a practically illiterate, plagiarizing, fake, fame hungry, plastic POS like Dawn Yang gets invited to cover such an event (and what’s up with those lameass poses?).
    If the organizers were deciding between her and Xiaxue, they must have been thinking with their penises and not their brains. Her obsession with pink and glitter notwithstanding, Xiaxue can at the very least write a decently entertaining blog entry, and most certainly has a more discerning fan base than Dawn’s, who’re either:
    1. Just praying for the day she slips a nipple in one of her party pics…oh wait, hasn’t that happened already?
    2. Following her the way people follow Paris Hilton i.e. the car crash mentality – there’s a perverse pleasure in watching an annoying, fake individual hurtling towards her hopefully impending downfall.

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  18. honestly, she really looks slutty and outta shape here and there, especially there. feel free to delete this kenny. Im not against you, love your blog, but her, eeehh..
    And to those who thinks she’s prettier than xiaxue, hahaha… I just checked out how they both look. So guys love slutty looking girls. Wait till you get cheated, losers.

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  20. kenny your in london………T_T thats so cool……i wanna go to arsenal as well :D…….
    ok thats not important……..da point I want to stress out is…..Your with dawn yang????????? OMG IM SO JEALOUS AND HORNY….. DAWN YANG U MAKE MY DAY…..U JUST MADE ME A HAPPY MAN rubbing my own tits………i love u dawn yang…….
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  22. P/S: If there’s too many ‘non-genuine’ clicks on Mudah ads, it’s gonna reflect poorly on Kenny’s site, not as much on the advertiser.

  23. Hi, to those who think xiaxue is more suitable to blog out the event, I have a piece of opinion.
    AS far as I know, Xiaxue doesnt drink any alcohol and Dawn does. So if you were Tiger, would you choose someone not into any alcohol drink?
    Well, im not both of their fans but I think its the biz decision from Tiger.

  24. I’m not Xiaxue, and despite sharing her boyfriend’s namesake, I’m not him either!
    In fact I don’t particularly like Xiaxue either, I just think she’s a more honest and sincere person than Dawn Yang.
    Scrap that, ANYONE is more honest than Dawn Yang 😉

  25. nice n interesting event by tiger =))
    seems like its gonna come out so cool.
    post more pics for the actual event, will ya?

  26. wen r u gng to blog, so not fun without you nt blogging, i knw ur bz n stuff bt ur fans here are hoping to hear sumthing frm u…thks.. take care

  27. Another magnificently boring post. Im guessing that you again gained some ‘benefits’ with this post?
    Bloody boring!

  28. It’s not that Dawn has sympathisers, it’s just that civilised Singaporeans, males and females alike find Xiaxue to be very immature, a Voyeurer (perverting other people’s privacy), a very vengeful and jealous person. She really needs a reality check before she makes more enemies.
    There was a popularity polls conducted on DY vs XX. I think the results speak for itself as to who was voted as more desirable. It’s very obvious that most males voted Dawn as the prettier and sexier.
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    NO, I am not a Dawn Yang fan and I am not Dawn hiding behind a computer screen typing these comments.
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    DY on the other hand, has moved on to NY City to pursue her studies in Mass Communication at NYU University which is amongst some of the best universities in the Stated. I can only see a bright future for Dawn Yang over the next few years for the following reasons:
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    Honestly, no well educated and successfully Singaporean man would ever date Xx (except Steven Tan). Which successful man in his right mind would date a loud mouth, rude and vengeful girl like Xx and risk his own reputation and be a laughing stock as a result dating her? But I can’t say the same thing of DY.
    Mike, Xx’s current ang moh boyfriend is a very naïve young boy. I think his colleagues at work are probably laughing behind back. Honestly I felt sorry for that boy and I am not surprise that their relationship will not last.
    Lastly I like to warn those so called “close friends” (Kay Kay and Carissa) of Xx to be aware. What Xx has done to DY, she could turn the table on KayKay or Carissa one day. She is capable of doing that any of her friends. Worst if she knows them too well.

  29. to the jury, PLEASE la. you got the wrong polls can? you, unfortunately, like any other dickhead guys think with your penises. obviously you haven’t read about dy’s plagarisms and plasticity. stop disgracing men.
    go home and rub your penis against her picture.
    kenny you ROCK! cool artworks! enjoy your entries very very much.
    keep blogging (:

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