Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2

Malaysian Dreamgirl is finally back!


This time round we’ve made our audition process bigger, funnier and lengthier.

And you know it’s gonna be better because I won’t be functioning as an on-screen judge this time round. Apparently I topped last season’s complaint list. Heh heh.


Replacing me on the judging panel are two substantially more qualified professionals, Judge Julie, a cosmetics entrepreneur from local brand Beautilicious and Judge Andrew from the very well-known local modelling agency Andrew’s Models.

Expect lots of diamonds in the rough, lots of terrible Manglish, but more importantly –


Lots of delusional wannabes, which what makes the show so very entertaining.

Best quote from the auditions comes from this girl from Ipoh.

Malaysian Dreamgirl  Online Reality Show  Internet Reality TV Series 3032009 111643 AM

Elaine: What do you think is your main selling point?
Girl: Ummm, I just like to… shoot myself in front of the camera.


Watch Malaysian Dreamgirl at

This year is again shaping up to be a big one for me in terms of travel. I’ll be spending the whole of next week in Dublin and Manchester. The following weekend I’ll be in Sandakan. Next month I have a company trip to Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. And there’s still a planned Denmark trip happening later this year. All for blog or work related events.

Before you ask, yes I have used up virtually all my paid leave allocation this year. And it’s only March! :/

142 Replies to “Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2”

  1. remember to ask the video editor or video production team to do a few repeating loop of “I just like to… shoot myself in front of the camera.” with a view in and out video effect.

  2. kenny you are just some 80kg fat-ass that’s trying so hard to get some attention. no seriously pig, do us all a favor and shut the fck up.

  3. “shoot myself in front of the camera.”
    OMG. she want to commit suicide in front of the camera?
    BoonBox: i didn’t watch last season too. i was too busy. maybe i’ll watch this season.

  4. Lolx. Did she shoot herself? Or somebody shot her?
    I think she meant to say “I like to let the judges shoot her in front of the camera?” ^.^;;

  5. aiyo!!!!
    it’s kinda embarrasing to watch the gals with their atrocious english!
    no wonder elaine cannot understand what they are trying to say sometimes.
    i found the part where the girl couldn’t even pronounce amber chia’s name funny and the ‘thrill girl’ one. omg! ^^

  6. after last season’s disappointment i doubt i’ll be watching it this time around.
    so who’s daddy is going to be putting in the most money into smses this season?

  7. You do have to admit although it isn’t nice to joke about it, her english isn’t amazing.
    example: Bang! AHHH! I hope that was on camera??!!

  8. The judges weren’t very consistent in their jugdement. The girl with the high hair (Marge Simpson) is pretty but didn’t get in. The dark skinned girl with the good voice got in because of her interesting personality despite she’s not very pretty. The girl with the tudung looks fat and the only reason I can think of her getting in is because the judges want to show that tudung clad girls have equal chances. I wish the judges would tell the camera why they weren’t selected, perhaps the judges didn’t want to come across as mean people. If you are mean, there would not be so many people daring to audition.

  9. Going to Manchester? Be sure to visit Old Trafford 😀 ( Although I know your allegiance lies else where )
    p.s. Look at the number of trophies they won while you’re there.

  10. i guess this time there have to be some paramedics around just in case there would be some emergency cases where people go shooting themselves…
    anyway, we’re not trained to speak proper english during school years so i don’t really wanna mock them though… coz my english ain’t that good either…
    seems like you’re gonna have a very busy month ahead..take care of yourself, will ya?? rest if you could…will always support your blog

  11. All four on-screen judges this year are industry people. They have their image and reputation to protect as well. When I was judge last season, I was straightforward and sarcastic, but viewers didn’t quite like that. I was actually being hassled a lot in real life because of that one audition episode that I was in.
    That said, yea I agree with you that Marge Simpson should have got through.

  12. Just wondering if you need any handy information about Manchester. I am a student here for a good 3 years already so I thought I might be able to help =)

  13. haiyo kenny…your posts are getting shorter n shorter (except for adverts which r long long)….
    And less and less funny..
    Gotta shake it up man. It’s gettin to be a bit of a bore…

  14. Yes, yes, laugh at people’s misery and mistakes will ya….some day when you are at the receiving end I hope you will think of the day you humiliated these people. Ahahahaha!

  15. He already felt it through these years, obvious isn’t it?
    I know what you feel cause I’ve being in the same situation of people bullying me, calling me names. But still it won’t kill you for letting others laugh at you as long they are happy and you are able to go along with it.

  16. This stupid show got another breather? Gosh!!! Why waste ur time watching this stupid show? Read KS better!
    Malaysian Dreamgirl shld be pretty + Chun + Pheweeet + smart + sense of humor rite? So why ah g, ah gow also can qualify?
    It is like hvng Nightmare on NTV.

  17. The Kennnnyyy Sia in Dublin???????????
    I am excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can bring Laksa Sarawak Paste (halal one la)with you ka?

  18. Yeah agreed
    he thinks he’s dead cool got his degree oversea. see people don’t have chance to do that doesn’t give you a right to take their pics and post ’em in the blog for a laugh.
    you suck kenny 🙁

  19. Hey, firstly are you KennySia? How do you know he’s ever been laughed at? Being laughed at in a blog is a controlled situation. Dumbass.
    Secondly, I pity you for getting bullied and all (shows u r pathetic) but being laughed at in uncontrolled situations is the one I’m talking about.
    I hope you one day you will accidentally pee in your pants in KLCC suria podium during a fashion show. Dumbass.

  20. Oh, btw, and when you have gathered enough guts to face the real world,
    don’t tell ppl ‘I know how you feel’ because you’re not them and you will never know. Say ‘I feel for you’.

  21. Kenny, Sincerely, i used to like u, reads yr blog everyday. but u r just some kind of stupid asshole and fame seeking jerk…. duh!

  22. wat a way to treat another human being, the world is harsh but doesnt mean u have to be. just a few blogs back u quoted to not judge, if education and exposure were reversed between the two of u, i wonder. ur parents must be so pround to have raised such a fine young man u are.


  24. wtf with all these noobs on kennys blog…he puts up blog stuff to make us smile…hes not MOCKING or making fun of people…=.= wtf with all these fking lame asian mentality man…fuk…even white people can take their own misfortunes and treat them as jokes to tell other people…haiz..u haters…lols…reli no life…

  25. kenny, pls dont mock and judge people so easily. u dont need to be that way to attract traffic to your site. oh i forgot..TRAFFIC = MONEY. well kenny, just carry on ya!

  26. people with no life
    lolz speak for yourself, a person who likes to go online consistently reading some douchebag’s blog entries and making fun on other peoples’ misfortunes.

  27. and THAT gives you the right to take their pics and post ’em online and let other people see their faces just to have a laugh ?!!!
    and remember you are not a judge any more you dickhead

  28. Nervousness + bright lights + the prospect of 63 commenters laughing at her should make anyone say “I want to shoot myself”.
    Heck, many want to shoot themselves after seeing what is going on in the daily news.
    Give her a break, guys. At least she had the courage to go up and stage and face the lights….hehe

  29. and what is it that you’re doing? getting mad and throwing insults over the internet at someone you don’t even know who doesn’t even care?

  30. hmm interesting…’shoot myself in front of the camera’ lmao!
    aiseh man, too bad you’re not on screen this time kenny. what about our average joes’ representative?? lol

  31. When she choose to go on the show, she signed a form agreeing to let us use her likeness online. So yes, I actually have the right the take their pics and put them online for the purpose of this entry.
    And I am still a judge. Kinkybluefairy and I are the official online judges, so it is actually our job to judge those who signed up to be on Malaysian Dreamgirl. 😉
    Look, I can take your abuse. Just don’t be anonymous when you hurl abuses towards me.

  32. Yeah, we’re giving you a taste of ur own dung, you dingbat. Some insult also cannot take liao, then how does the poor girl feel when she is the subject of ridicule? By thousands?
    Some of us may be noob in the net but definitely not in the real world. Unlike u.

  33. the marge simpson girl should really get it la…. she’s pretty… and she looks really good in camera…
    well maybe its just not her luck kot… lol.
    kenny! who’s ur fav???

  34. definitely a lot of bad english
    terrible la watching them… it’s like sitting thru minutes and minutes of nail-scratching-chalkboard…

  35. why did they bring this back? it’s so boring i watched the first minute and had to close the tab because it was killing my neurons slowly and painfully.

  36. I watched the 1st season as well… as for this season’s, well, still very bad English I must say! And I couldn’t stop laughing at a girl who went right in front of the judges and tunduk down a bit when the judges asked her to “come in front and let us see your face a bit” Hahahahahahahaha…

  37. It’s up to Kenny to write what he wants..If u dun like it, why are u even here at the first place to read all these..?
    And like he said, it’s a reality show. Somebody has to be the bad guy. Take American Idol/Malaysian Idol for example. If everyone gets the praises then who will be the winnner? Why dont u go screw the TV Channel when they air those vids where people who cannot sing at all tried their luck at Malaysian Idol, etc.?
    I’m pretty sure they signed legal papers for publishing purposes already. So u can sue him if u want. I dont think he wil feel a pinch

  38. hahaha that girl was funny la omg!
    peace_queen: eh do u realise that ur name isn`t actualy suitable for every comment u made?
    and please la, if u feel so offended by it, don`t come back.
    u must have a pretty sad life eh?don`t u have better things to do than come back and talk crap
    go get a life biaaatch.

  39. I was just watching the first season of MDG and I must say I’m pretty glad for those poor girls’ sake that you AREN’T a judge this season.
    I love your blog Kenny, and all of the topics you write about but some of the things you said were just plain mean and not constructive. Whooping when a girl walks into a room, or going “WOW” when she catwalks away from you AUDIBLY is not very mature or professional.
    I know it was a long time ago when you were on the show, but having just watched the auditions I must say I’m pretty infuriated by the way you acted. If I were being looked at the way you were looking at those girls, I’d feel intensely violated. Its guys that act like you in last season’s MDG that make me stay away from bars and clubs.
    That said, I hope this season will be better than the last. And keep on writing Kenny! You make an awful judge but a superb blogger 🙂
    Greetings from Finland, M

  40. i agree to your point of view from where u are seeing it totally as television entertainment and that the contestants have agreed so but maybe u also gotta consider that there are younger minds that come to ur blog which may not see the difference between this and mocking other’s misfortunes and think that its ok cause maybe an idol they knew did it. maybe i was a little harsh and i apologize for that but it was a reponse to how u captured the moment without closure ? ur entry just ended wif a captured line of mockery, maybe u didnt meant it that way but i thought it left a bad taste.

  41. yeah and the brain of yours doesn’t even suit the human figure that you have, LOLOLOL
    hmm, speaking of sad life, why don’t you go ask some pathetic attention seeking dumbass about that huh, BIATCH

  42. You cats Blind or is there something I’m missing, maybe like a cross-dresser. One of the best groomed “women” I ever sat with was a man. No nookie, honest mistake, had a beer and parted ways wishing each other well. She looked so good I still remember him with admiration for Effort. Most women don’t take care of themself that well.
    Spare the competition; Middle Beautilicious judge gets my vote. Besides or rather, to compliment her attractiveness the Lady just oozes sex-appeal.
    She Dread, Yes!

  43. u don’t need to attract traffic to your site?? Wow..pretty arrogant statement isn’t it?
    Of course u don’t get paid per traffic…but the traffic u get matters when it comes to adverts what…obviously this is what he meant…what a dumbass response.
    Just like the dumbass response u gave when someone asked u how come u din shave ur whole head bald..what u got was a crew cut. And u responded saying that he didn’t donate. What the hell is the link??? You said u’ll go bald if u hit 50K and u didn’t. That’s it.

  44. i didnt realise this until that dude brought it out , ya how come you only got a crew cut when the amount raised exceeded 50k?

  45. LOL . when i saw the tudung girl getting into the next round … i laughed soo hard . i’m having a sore throat now .
    so , the producers are expecting more people from PAS to vote now ? to gain more online viewers ? HAHAHA ….
    or is this due to some kind of political reasons … hmmmm … i wonder .

  46. When you sign up for a reality show for the few seconds fame, I’m sure you have the balls (ahem, metaphorically speaking) to take criticism. So, I don’t think we should feel sorry for those who were criticised (they are brave girls and they can take care of themselves) – they should have seen it coming!

  47. Daly sarcastically asked one of the contestants if she was feeling cold because she was wearing a coat. Fine, this is in M’sia so there’s not really need for a coat but then the other judge said that one of the girls would look better with knee high boots. WHAT? If a coat isn’t suitable for the climate, how could knee high boots be suitable for the same climate?
    I don’t get it. The judges should think before they open their mouths.

  48. Hi kenny,
    Just wondering y the judges allow tudung-clad girls through when somewhere along the competition they gonna hv to do some sorta lingerie/sexy shoot as in the previous season…its not discrimination,its just against their religion to reveal too much skin right?

  49. Omg~ it such a bore! What does this show actually targeting at? How do the judges define “Malaysian Dream Girls?” Not sure if I will cont to watch ~ yawn
    Btw thought Kenny did post the photo of the poor little girl, but he did not really said anything so technically he did not criticize/judge/laugh (thought he might had done it offline but I dun cares coz I laugh too)….so I dun understand why u guys are so angry?? It is just a reality show! Everyone had the rights to comment/vote even Kenny Sia.
    And hey, ppl are donating becos of 1. Kenny Sia 2. Cos they really wanted to help. Who cares if he is bald or just cut a bit hair! Are u going to take back the money u had donated?? I dun think Tony Fernandez will donate RM5K if I ask~
    U guys should appreciate that he actually spend real time & effort to raise more than RM50K unlike ppl who just know how to criticize this & that! Omg~ I shd had wrote this in my own blog! Wtf~

  50. i just wonder…are you the girl…why are you attacking other ppl’s comments (go peace, peace_queen)..they wanna laugh..let them be..
    and pls..if you really hate kenny…there is an ‘x’ at the top right corner…you can click it..

  51. Yes Val, after vomiting blood ppl tend to yawn, a lot….don’t stop.
    Btw, don’t take other ppl’s comment to heart ok, play play onli…..ang gu gu..

  52. Eh, hello…..either u r really dumb, or u are a super noob to internet. Why the X? I teach u hah…..first go to address bar, type new address, or you can use the stumble button, or you can use the home button. Close the browser just because u don’t like a blog? ahahahaha

  53. Just because something is widely accepted doesn’t mean it’s right.
    Watching other ppl making fools of themselves for pittance. Playing on other ppl’s hopes. Damn.
    Don’t feel sorry for them lady, feel empathy. I plan to change the world, starting with me.
    Bottomline, reality shows suck because they manipulate another human being’s desperation.

  54. agreed. kenny sux. and whoever of you who thinks what he does is fine, is a heartless spineless idiot. -_- his english sucks too although he thinks he is a great ‘australian’ graduate, with his weird ‘NON-australian weirdish accent’

  55. you weren’t straightforward and sarcastic, you were an asshole. even to be straightforward, there is a way to say things. you were just talking like a rude ass.

  56. OMG Kenny, OMG…
    I really don’t know why Julie is there as a judge..
    Even Andrew and Elaine don’t pay much attention to Julie..
    I’d rather see you doing video conferencing and listen to your bad-ass critiques..

  57. okay, at first time i read it, i feel it’s funny but also shock that you post it. i don’t think you should post the photo of her face…
    but of course i respect your right to write anything at your own blog… but really, as a girl it will be so ashamed…
    but anyway still love your blog, kenny…

  58. “i like to….shoot myself in front of the camera”
    haha….that sounds so wrong man…i wonder if the photographer was traumatised. and why is she still alive??lol

  59. aiyaaa… u ppl who can’t take a joke shouldn’t be reading kenny’s blog. its true that some ppl’s england damn sux, but damn funny… u dun hv to get an overseas degree to hv good english… and a lot of cina piak go overseas talk like ang moh also cant get a proper sentence rite. go ahead kenny… ignore these sensitive imberciles. just do wat u do best. we all need some good clean laughter.

  60. =D Kenny,
    which weekend you going to be in Sandakan? *sounds like ham sap fan si*
    T_T I wished I could get to take a picture with you. It’s an honor and a good opportunity to get to meet someone which I actually read their blogs.

  61. Hello… I like to read ur blog. it’s cool. And I think I saw u today (6 Mac 2008) around 7.00pm in the monorail (from KL sentral to Bukit Bintang). Not sure is u or not… haha… stay cool!

  62. Kenny was just being honest, while you hypocrites out there are jumping all over the self-righteous bandwagon.
    It’s a fucking modeling reality show. Ugly girls signing up for a MODELING CONTEST are asking to be judged, criticized and made fun of.
    Haven’t you ever laughed at people who can’t sing in American Idol ? It’s the same thing, except beauty and personality are evaluated. Don’t take things so seriously, it’s just entertainment TV. :]

  63. if you hate kenny so much.. then what are you doing HERE? 😉
    oh kenny sia, you ARE mean, but the world would be so boring without meanies =)

  64. heys kenny.
    cant help but wonder how does the online judging works in MDG2 ?
    care to share ?

  65. he might have been a straightforward sarcastic asshole rude ass but that shit sells man.
    kenny was a crap judge but you gotta give him the fact that he as a male chauvinistic pig of a judge was entertaining as hell.
    e judges these seasons are SO tepid. they just monotonously agreed with each other in a mundane minimal way.

  66. just watched the re-run of s1, glsd you’re not in s2 mate. No woman should be put under such scrutiny, you pervy ol’ fart.

  67. omg i’m appalled at the way some of the girls speak. no doubt MDG isnt a competition to test one’s intelligence but such a turn off to see how they speak. overall the first 2 eps r really entertaining..

  68. ohyah i think the idea of plus-sized models is rather foreign in this part of the world or at least for andrew who was one of the judges. he simply turned a fat girl away the moment she entered the room…hmmpphhh….

  69. Damn , the gals this season really sucks. With the looks , i guess it wont pull traffice to anymore as most of viewers would like to watch pretty gals be it ladies or gents
    To this entry , how come there are so many time waster haters around if this blog is so boring to u all.
    peace queen , i think u r the the shooter gal in the house. get a life pls

  70. Whoa! I never seen so many comments in one blog post before! Whoever support or hated u, it helps you one way or antr (in terms of money)’re a smart guy, Kenny!

  71. Kenny, great joy reading your blog. Like the way u judge, honest n straight to the point! Like Simon in American Idol.

  72. usually i dun read comments, after reading it, din know that there are so many viewers dislike kenny. if that is the case, then better don read his blog and move on with ur life

  73. Greetings, from an American.
    You know what? I absolutely hate “American Idol” and all the shows which imitate its formula.
    Cruelty is not entertaining. Insulting people is the method of no-class comedians who don’t know how to be genuinely funny.
    Generating negativity does not improve the world. It corrodes your soul.
    If your only talent is criticizing and insulting others, you might want to re-evaluate your life.
    Otherwise, you will only be remembered as a negative person who contributed nothing of worth.

  74. This comment panel is really interesting to read. My eyes kind of died after the 5th comment wif such bd grama tho.
    If you all hated these television shows, you’d probably have hated kenny already. If that’s the case you wouldn’t even be visiting his blog, would you?
    Anyway I have to agree, you certainly don’t make a very good judge, but what fun is the world without some entertainment? ;D
    If the girls didn’t know what they were in for, they wouldn’t have signed up. They did, after all, see kenny on the last season.
    Ah well, do continue flaming each other. It provides a source of entertainment for the bo liao ones [a.k.a. me].
    P.S. Look who’s talking, ‘noob flamer’. You don’t use proper grammar nor are you brave enough to reveal who you are. You really disgust me.

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