Malaysia Vs Singapore

Malaysians and Singaporeans are forever arguing.
Honestly, I think the sarcasm-filled exchange between this Malaysian and that Singaporean is silly. C’mon guys, it’s the holiday season. Lighten up.
In all seriousness though, you can argue all you want and I’m just gonna say this very important piece:

My petrol brings all the cars to the yard
And they’re like, it’s cheaper than yours
Damn right it’s cheaper than yours
I could fill you but I have to charge

La la, la la la…

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  1. Hahaha, Kenny was saying that others are silly while he himself was the most silly one most of the time.
    Beh paiseh. LOL!

  2. Yes, laugh all you want, it won’t make a difference when fossil fuels run out.
    Singaporeans and Malaysians are forever bickering like squabbling siblings; maybe the big brother/little brother analogies do ring true in this case.

  3. lol. this is like a manager of a Bank boasting that he just got robbed.
    petrol prices are cheaper in malaysia coz its subsidised by the malaysia govt. So ya! thank you taxpayers of malaysia for subsidising some of our petrol consumption.

  4. to cherub, you are most welcome! thanks for coming over to pump gas in Malaysia.
    Your post just shows how Kiasu singaporeans are, they bash this country, make fun of it and yet they come to get their fill. Sad!

  5. to cherub, you are most welcome! thanks for coming over to pump gas in Malaysia.
    Your post just shows how Kiasu singaporeans are, they bash this country, make fun of it and yet they come to get their fill. Sad!

  6. Got no probs with Malaisien. Love them esp the babes. Only two things constantly bug me. Politicians on both side are wayang people wearing false masks. No end to this and the people suffer. The other one is the ‘squatting squad’. Either the tugs control them or they are on the tugs payroll. If these two elements are solved, we can marry and
    f…k each other backside as much as possible with little or no complaints. Until then, the ordinary citizens enjoy our happy new year relationships.

  7. from an outsider’s point of view, it is interesting to note which nationality lives up to kenny’s article on being argumentative. the forum thus far tells me that it’s the non-singaporeans. and that is the impression i now have of malaysians.

  8. erm. no comment. m’sian aint tht great. we sucked a lot. well. the least i can say in defence is tht we dont need to drink our own urine and wriggley’s chewing gum is really nice plus owning tht 2.0 i-VTEC Honda is a lil more ‘roadworthy’ here in m’sia.
    still… toilet are freakin dirrrttttyy…

  9. LOLZ This is one moment where you can really say:
    “Children, Play nice” XD Heh although it’s a timeless debate of which is better, everyone and everything has their finer and not so fine points 😛 It’s how you the individual likes it is the difference

  10. Both sides are argumentative, but the Malaysian ones seem illogical. First you boast about your cheap petrol, then someone comes and says singaporeans are bad for laughing at you about the petrol. Yeah, we have less space and our cars are expensive, but this stems from our geographical limitations. If you want to boast, please list actual achievements.

  11. I like reading kennysia cos he is darn funny (in a gd way), even with this silly entry on cheaper petrol. Fellow Singaporeans shouldn’t be feeling offended, as kenny simply makes fun of everything, not just Singapore specifically. I’m sure he himself know this is silly. But reading thru the comments frm his malaysian readers, i just cant help feeling how childish some of them are. What “they they they (sporean)”?What “Malaysia is bigger than Singapore”? If bigger than why are so many malaysians so intimidated by island Singapore til they have to be defensive la, argue la, insult la. Are u sure one side only? Stupid, look at the bigger picture, and think far!!!! wah lau, fortunately not all malaysians are like this!

  12. The immature thing here, guys, is that people just don’t get the joke. I mean, helloooo, it’s just a joke! Singapore and Msia are both great countries, wtf is wrong with everyone’s eyes? Too blind to see the beauty in life?
    To you, Singapore is the best.
    To me, Malaysia is the best.
    But at least I don’t go around bashing Singapore.
    Grow up.

  13. Aiya
    lower petrol price so what … most singaporean can afford to fill up in singapore lah. you keep your whatever-is-good but you can never beat singapore in style lah. ha!ha! ha!

  14. Cynthia & others: Malaysians in UK (who did not know I too came from that place) used to get upset when I told them that Malaysia was the capital of Singapore when they asked me what I knew about “their” country.
    I had a lot of fun until I returned, only to buy a one-way ticket to Australia (it is a great life here).

  15. Dear kenny, i love reading your blog especially about your makan entry, I hope that you can make an entry about the restaurant i am working at currently please email me if you have time

  16. Malaysians are a charming bunch of little buggers. You can’t go wrong with their rustic kampong charm. On the other hand, you have to realise that not everyone finds this appealing, and many people like modernity more than country-side charm and people.

  17. Errr… is this the better side of Malayasia?
    The smart way is to earn money in Singpaore and spend at Malaysia.
    I remember as a fresh grad in Malaysia, you are hardly save 1000 per month, how sad it is.. all the money goes to loan , tolls, etc.. pity..

  18. i agree. malaysia is cheaper than singapore but if you want good quality, no default-on-warranty stuff, go to singapore. guaranteed quality…

  19. Only know how to copy Singapore’s achievements.
    Example like copying Singapore’s F1 Grand Prix by having a night race! Moreover wanting to have the same contructor for the fixing of the night lightings in the Malaysian Grand Prix 2009!

  20. And so what if cars are sold cheaper in Malaysia? They don’t have the kind of quality which Singapore provides. They seems to break down any time. Mentioning this, Singapore has a better infrastructure to Malaysia who only has a Petronas Twin Tower.

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