Malaysia To Export TV Shows to South Korea

This was in the news not too long ago.

Apparently, some station in Korea wanted to import our local TV shows to their country.
The information minister is very happy because he hoped Malaysia can do to Korea what Winter Sonata did to Malaysia.

Now, I’m all for exporting Malaysian-made content to the world. I think we have pretty creative people in the entertainment industry and I’m sure we’d be able to come up with something that Koreans would like.
Besides, how difficult is it to write a storyline to cater for Korean tastes anyway?
All you need to do is make sure someone cries every 5 minutes.

The hardest part, I think, is finding the type of actors that Koreans would enjoy watching.
We all know that Koreans are very used to their male actors looking like sissy girls and their female actresses looking like ghosts. Finding suitable actors for the job in Malaysia is definitely not gonna be easy.
Surely, it is not gonna work if our version of Winter Sonata looks like this.

Unless we wanna give them horror shows lah.

Blog Plug of the Day: AnonymousCelebrity, the blog of a supposed Hollywood A-list celebrity, IS BACK.
You can suspend disbelief, or you can take what she wrote with a big grain of salt. All I can say is, this time round, she’s dropped a very big hint on her supposed identity.
Can you guess who she is?

171 Replies to “Malaysia To Export TV Shows to South Korea”

  1. Seriously I was quite moody about what happened in the day, well I just settled in a new place, with unfamiliar people, culture and so on..Cold and lonely but not until I saw this entry. OMG Kenny thank you so much for your quirkiness…Somehow I feel close at home with your last photo hohohohoho…

  2. oh sweet lord!..Maybe Korean soapy fans will start thinking romantically in a malaysian way. Torn between two lovers… KL and Seoul

  3. what? korean men don’t look sissy!
    and korean women don’t look like ghosts either!
    have you seen what lee hyori looks like?!

  4. HAHAHA!
    Well, it’s still great to hear that for what S. Korea has done to Malaysia…Malaysia will be doing back to S. Korea. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. omg, lindsay lohan?? but is it reli her? or someone pretending to be her?? she sounds heaps nice in the blog anyway.. Hard to believe

  6. Oh no….you wan to end up like Raja Petra?? Btw, I like that picture so much…keep it up man..but be careful

  7. are u making fun of the quality of msian made films?
    havent seen such crap in any country but msia.
    i managed to watch a bit of Dari KL ke showing on ntv7. What lousy actings ns cripting. What jerks wud wwanna buy these lame shows? Gerak Khas? Hahaha. Who would wanna watch a show abt efficient cops from top till bottom? Oh but of cos GK is FICTION la….100% fiction!!! Our cops lagi hebat in real life…can predict if someone will not turn up for appointment n they will send 15 police cars to pick him up.
    seriously, what show wud korea wanna import?
    maybe some old badminton matches feat. park joo bong n kim mon soo!

  8. Are you saying Lindsey Lohan read your blog, Xiaxue and most popular Asians blogs? Far-fetch! Hope to see my blog in her listed A-list must read blogs ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. RTM produces what movies/shows? Never watched any of em in my life. Maybe I should cancel Astro and force myself to support Malaysian made films..

  10. Dude, thanks for the tip on Anonymous Celeb. Real or not it’s a fascinating read.
    And now, she’s about to get a ton of East Asian readers thanks to you…

  11. Wo, haha, good 1 kenny, u very “gou li” o. hah, cant imagine if the original artist c liao got wat reaction. hah

  12. HAHAHAHA damn u kenny that abdullah and najib in winter sonata photo really laugh the hell out of me… I almost fell off from the chair when i saw that photo… damn u HAHAHAHAHA

  13. OMG!! That is really cute!!!
    Najib is damn bloody cute old man lah~!!!! Wuahahahah!!!!!!
    The most hilarious picture i had ever seen ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks Kenny!

  14. yes, we have alot of creative people in the entertainment industry. but in malaysia, we dont have the freedom to do so.

  15. It’d be freaky if it is really lindsay lohan … considering she mentions kennysia in quite some posts… :O

  16. the “A-list” celebrity is definitely a fake. It seem more like a wannabe-style of writing. Certainly, if you’ve live long/short enough in America, I guess the A-list places that appear in your dictionary are not mere New York, L.A. or just Rome!!

  17. Man, it wasn’t a fair statement to say “their female actresses looking like ghosts”.. rather, let put it this way that their complexion is fairer as a fair statement ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. its not funny at all this time. I think u push too hard to be a funny guy Kenny. Or are you drying out of ideas?

  19. kenny kenny….i will never stop loving u la….hahahahahahhaa…dat was d longest laugh i’ve ever had.u gila….ahahhahahaaaaa so funny ma….very gud!!!

  20. hmm..not really funny actually..u used the same idea as the previous post.its lame.but,nice post still ur fan ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. it’s so NOT lindsay lohan don’t insult lindsay lohan.
    the loser probably typed out those alleged comments him/herself to draw attention from the fact that it’s just some wannabe.
    i feel so -_____________-

  22. LOL nice one kenny. You really have big balls huh?? Not worried that the ISA will bust up your site or smth? ๐Ÿ˜€
    Cheers and keep up the good work!

  23. haha kenny… i knew tat u will be making sth funny on tat winter sonata poster after i saw the original one while reading this blog… u make them look like faggots u know tat? hahaha…

  24. That’s a funy post considering that Malaysian entertainment scene sucks – big time. However, I would give an arm and a leg to watch if and only if Kenny is directing the soap with Pak Lah and najib as the star. Awwww… it would be soooo cute.

  25. Winter sonata didn’t just made it to Malaysia. It managed to go to almost every country in Asia and do well.
    The Korean drama craze is not a result of any accidental promoting or marketing. The korean culture itself is a remake of the western liberal style. Korea is a very much democratic and liberal country. Nothing like Malaysia, China or Singapore. It’s people truly had the chance to decide for themselves how far they want to go with their passion. Unlike Chinese societies where every achievement is motivated by money. There, you have people really doing something they love, and korea drama is only but one of it’s many successes. It’s football is also better. The korean culture as a whole is well looked up upon. You wanna export Malaysia drama to where? What culture Malaysia has? Try exporting your durian/coconut/banana kuehs lah

  26. hey kenny! the substantial proof that you wanted that anonymous celebrity could be lindsay lohan could be the post where she mentioned it was her bday and it was dated 2nd july! but im sure u know abt this already =P
    according to, she was born on the 2nd july 1986! ouhhh.. so scandalous but i doubt it that lindsay has time to blog??

  27. LOL!!!!!! Kenny… omg… how could u???
    Hey… Not all korean shows have ppl crying la.. don be mean.. and compared to Japanese Guys.. Korean Guys look less sissy. lol.

  28. Inconsistency. The Celeb is a fake.
    Her most recent blog:
    BEFORE MY RANT: One, I have never been to Malaysia!
    Her blog from two years ago:
    If only. I’ve been to Malaysia loads of times and love it! The guys are hot there too!

  29. omagawd…de last pic frightened de hell out of me!!
    i’m gonna have nightmares tonite…hahahaha…
    i can’t imagine Korean ppl watching our Malay dramas since i dun even watch them myself…
    i sweared to myself dat i ain’t gonna watch another Malay drama or movie anymore after i watched “Cicakman”…

  30. That A-list blogger really sounds like Lindsay Lohan coz she mentioned in her blog that MTV did a biography about her in “The Fabulous Life of…”. Did some research and the only famous person who was a child actor and was featured in that MTV show was Lindsay Lohan but I might be wrong. >_>

  31. i think the korean will used to it…
    since we malaysian watch their “drama” everyday on the newspaper haha…we haven’t die yet right? but almost…
    yer…. the Najib look veri terrible lo in long hair, look like want to kiss some1 haha… pak lah also didnt want to look at her/him

  32. Oh Kenny, you’re kind of outdated about Korean dramas…it’s no longer tears and sorrowful scenes but a lot of hilarious comedies too. That’ll make our Malaysian product even more difficult to reach the standard and their expectations…

  33. Shabery has a lot of ideas on that. It would be such an honor to hear more crap coming out from his mouth a.k.a brain, which both look pretty same to me.
    p/s: I used to love korean shit. But never WinterSonata. Those people do cry a lot in telly, whatsup with that! They should do more Kennysia-ing, crack some funny bone.

  34. i was thinking of joss stone.. but then she’s not A-list. hahaha coz she was rumoured to be of ***k-ing around producers to get her careers/album going.. hmmmm

  35. not too sure about the anonymous celebrity, but, if it’s true, i was thinking of joss stone.. but then she’s not A-list. hahaha there’s rumour that she ***k around producers to get her careers/album going.. hmmmm

  36. Malaysia will NEVER be able to do to Korea what Winter Sonata did to Malaysia. Come on! Who actually watches made-in-malaysia dramas? Ppl would rather die of boredom than watch those dramas lah.
    For one, the lead actors/actresses in Malaysian dramas are ALWAYS UGLY. Look at those korean actor/actresses lah. Even if they are not good looking, they’re at least presentable. And those koreans are usually attracted to sappy dramas. Which brings us back to why Malaysia won’t make it- because Malaysian actors can’t act to save their lives.


  38. Hi, I’m looking for a mannequin for rent/sale, if there’s anyone who’s letting go of one (someone who owns a fashion boutique, not a fetisho). Purpose of it is to let me post up my used clothes for sale. Thanks!

    kenny rules!!

  40. Brilliant Kenny !
    Keep it up with your excellent ideas.
    I’m looking forward to read your next entry !

  41. Oh…. my….. goodness….Hahahahaha.
    Well, then again, when you mentioned Malaysia to export TV Shows to South Korea, I can’t explain why, but the first thing came to my mind is… our first “live” parliment on-air with the Bigfoot and Monkey… Lolz.

  42. Seriously, man. 99% of your blog is so f**king shallow. There is no depth in any of your writings. You made jokes that are just lame and for the sake of making one. Why you are one of the top blogger in Malaysia definitely behooves me..

  43. and by the way, creating jokes or embarassing situation by photoshop-ing famous personalities faces IS SO LAST YEAR… grow up will ya?

  44. RTM exporting shows?!?!?! The only malaysian show i can remember that was worth watching was “Jangan Ketawa” but was cancelled a long long time ago.

  45. Hey Kenny, how about giving us the runners-up for the Kuching Street Food Awards! Maybe some of the winners are not to some tastes and weร‚ยดd like to go try the nearly-bes. Also perhaps some ranking based on objective measures like food portion size, freshness of ingredients, consistency, etc. Thanks!

  46. its lindsay lohan cus kennysia said so in that anonymouse blog? ๐Ÿ™‚ yes you did, kenny, you called her lindsay lohan in one of the comments ๐Ÿ˜›
    caught ya, didnt i?

  47. Hey Kenny,
    I hope UMNO balls lickers have not harrassed you on the last pic. You sure got big coconuts to do that!:P

  48. The only way we can export OUR shows would be to make super sappy sad stories….u know….stuff couples in dreamland could only do and towards the end, when things are just about to go oh so well…kill of one of them….confirm every1 sure will watch :p

  49. Politicians would say anything to get attention. The more stupid the better because people will laugh which is their intend all along….

  50. The Anonymous Celebrity blog is lame. So obviously fake. Put a bit more effort lah! Even those Datin Diaries sound a million times more convincing.

  51. Malaysia movies to Korean market, new idea, good to hear too…
    Hopefully it really can help to promote our country and not scare people… hahhaa…

  52. hmm..korean tv shows not only refer to sad dramas like winter’s sonata and autumn in my heart u noe..there are MANY funny variety shows and dramas as well..
    i dont like it that when ppl start talking bout koreans they think of emo ppl who cry every 5 minutes..koreans r really very lively ppl and they have really funny comedians..
    also..korean guys are SO not sissy..have u ever seen korean boy groups like big bang and SHINee??They are RELI hot n not sissy..the girls are also reli pretty..ever seen popular girl groups like wonder girls and girls generation? they are RELI pretty..i admit that even tho i am a girl..
    I also dont think malaysian tv shows can make it to seoul la..dat at least i agree..

  53. kenny, suggest you remove the last picutre with the 2 stupid guys face. I hope you won’t end up like the Negarakuku case.

  54. ….. RTM to Korea?! O.O omg, hope it goes well.. *prays*
    I love Korean dramas but not Winter Sonata.. xD and not all Korean actors are sissy ler… Try looking at Big Bang, Shinhwa…this boybands..don’t look sissy…
    I think they are more to pretty boys?? lol
    The Korean actress are pretty too..don’t look like ghost la..LOL Lee Hyori is hot….
    Well, kinda agree that their drama, almost every chapter there will be crying scene…but i think somehow now they changed more to comedy[?]…
    Anyway the last pic of your post is LOL

  55. Malaysia will have a really hard times to entertain the Koreans. Our entertainment industry’s level is so low that it’s like the sky and the earth compared to the Koreans. Storyline, script wise, OST, directing, and acting it’s not even up to the standard. Korean dramas can make you laugh like crazy in one scene and can make you cry like crazy just by watching one episode.
    Winter Sonata is not a good stuff. I don’t understand why it’s so popular in Malaysia. Try to watch other Korean dramas; Jumong, Hong Gil Dong, Sorry, I Love You, and etc… You will know how excellent the stories are. Some are beyond brilliant and fantastic. And you gonna understand why K-dramas are very popular nowadays even to the Americans.

  56. Ur totally crazy with the photoshop!!! Lol..
    I don’t think it’ll go well though… Unless they use plastic actors and actresses or insert a few eurasians, they won’t be able to grab the average Korean viewer’s attention sorry to say…

  57. Well, if you wonder if this idea’s gonna work, then I’d say that the Koreans would either love it because of our somewhat ‘unique cultures’ or hate it because of our inability to pull out a better storyline than the usual typical ‘oh, my husband is cheating on me’ plot device again. Basically, it’s like watching a series of really bad movies without the guys from the cult classic TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000 or MST3K for short(if you haven’t heard of it, please watch some episodes from Youtube, compare it to our local shows and you’ll know how I actually deal with them by actually ‘riffing’ at many of their weak moments). I really owe the MST3K guys a lot: if it weren’t for them, I’d have jumped off the balcony a few years ago.

  58. pls dun make fun of korean entertaiment industry if u dun like korean stuffs..korean actor are not sissy at all…do some research…duhhh

  59. korean guys are way hotter than malaysian guys. come on. daniel henney for one is hotter than any malaysian male celebrity. or any malaysian male in sight for that matter.

  60. lol the last picture made my day!
    but are they really sure to import to south korea?
    even us the local people some aren’t even supporting their own country drama….
    but one thing, its like how u said…
    they want to import stuff to south korea….
    first u need pretty guys and beautiful girls…
    in other words, u need guys that are almost like their standard…if you cant beat them join them(lol?)…
    maybe at the starting blend in first then only come out with normal looking people lol!
    but i think its good if there is pretty boys coz most malaysian like japanese and korean drama where most of the guy is pretty or hot…

  61. Im korean, in fact i never could like m’sia
    dramas while staying in KL for 4 yrs of time
    it is nice and beautiful dramas, but it doesnt
    really suits for koreans’ life style and attitudes and thoughs.
    what im curious is, is it gonna b malay drama or
    chinese drama? oh no, if malay 1 , im sure 99% korean wont watch it, coz the culture between muslim and mixed religion is tooo different!!!

  62. you should be shame what you done, i think mybe you dont hve respect with others people right? why not put your pic ?more funny and glmor..hahhaaaaa….

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