Kuching Cat Museum

The Kuching Cat Museum is located inside the bizzare-looking UFO-shaped DBKU building in North Kuching.

Most people pass by this building on their way to Santubong without bothering to drop by. It’s quite unfortunate, because cat lovers would find this place a very interesting tourist attraction.
Besides, how could anyone not love pussies? 😉

The entrance to the cat museum is a gigantic fugly cat.
To enter, you literally walk in through the cat’s mouth.

Inside the cat musuem, there are many different kinds of cat.
Hungry cat.

Serious cat.

Horny cats.

Cow cat.

Occasionally, you might even see a Kenny Cat.

Inside the cat museum, there is also an exhibition of a cat’s grave.

A grave for a pet cat.
Awww… That would have been a very sad and sombre affair.
If it weren’t for the description on the grave stone.

The pussy is called Dick!

I will be taking part in two marathons this year. The first is Borneo International Marathon at Kota Kinabalu this 12th October. I’ll be taking part in the 21km half-marathon category.
Next, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on the 7th December. This will be my third 42km full marathon, thus fulfilling my goal of running a marathon in a one new city every year. 🙂

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  1. i visited this Cat Museum last year. how come i didn’t notice this huh?
    there’s even have hello kitty the stupid big head cat in it!!! =.=|||

  2. ._.
    Those cat aren’t cute at all.
    anyway i found this sentence quite nice
    The pussy is called Dick!

  3. i thought museums were for things that are obsolete/outdated/no longer common to be seen around/extinct…
    the place looks more like a cat exhibition thingy..

  4. Ahhaahhahaha.. so funny.. THIS is why i love ur blog so much… never cease to make me laugh.. =D i went to kch a few times.. but never went there. T____T i shud have. i LOVE cats..

  5. Oh, all for cat? Is a great place to be, I suppose…
    Cat’s tomb stone… Great Idea~ but where to put it, inside house garden, or somebody will invest some money to make a place similar to Nirvana but for CAT only… hehehe~

  6. Hey… I just visited the place last Saturday with my friends from Singapore who were here for WRMF. But why I din notice that the pussy’s name is Dick? hahaha… No wonder I cannot find good blogging material because blogging really needs hard work. Like I said before, you really deserve to be the King of bloggers.

  7. Been there once in the late 90’s although I can’t remember that ‘ugly’ door but definitely the cat grave.
    Pussies with the name Dick.. hahahaha.. nice one.

  8. I dont know why, but i feel that u are fooling around with our city’s nice places. and i dont know why these idiots found it funny. its not funny at all and i think u are getting out of idea kenny. Get a life.


  10. On Short Talk: cool kenny, that u’ll be going to KK for the marathon. Good luck! Too bad i’m not thr to see & support ya XD
    On Cat Musuem: Why in the world are the cat displays made so fugly? (exclusion of Kenny CAt, its the only one with the cutest face). Cats r suppose to be cute. Embarrasing to show to tourist eh… >_

  11. KennyCat……… whyyyy so serioussss ? 😀
    Cat’s face is usually like this…! –> :3
    See !? –> :33 !!
    Don’t hold back Kennnyyyy, make the girls squeal KAWAIII NEHHHHH you have the potential dude trust me.

  12. But do you know that the museum closes at weekend and during public holiday!!?? So only a few tourist can see it during weekday!

  13. Hi, Kenny,
    I will be taking part in Standard Chartered Marathon 2008 too. I am also not built to run a marathon. Contrary to you, my weight is underweight for a guy of my height.
    This will be my first attempt to complete a full marathon so cannot set my goal too high. I aim for around 6.5 hour, similar to your standard in past 2 marathons. I will take your quote “If I could do it, there’s no reason why you couldn’t do too. ;)” as motivation to complete this marathon. Cheers!

  14. wtf…to Jeff….wtf are u talking about…okla i might forgive u if ur not msian….cuz if u are i shud kindly invite you to screw urself cuz thats the Sarawak Flag….=.= oh no wait!!! no…Kuching IS part of Germany, didnt u know that? Charles Brooke and them came from Germany u know? We were under German rule and now still are…! we were part of the Nazi’s and slaughtered Jews…u didnt know? Awww…well, now u know…kuching is part of Germany rule! not the British, not part of Malaysia! its part of….yes! Germany!! whooohoO!!!

  15. Jeff, thanks for reminding us. We sarawak should join Germany instead of this fxxking Malaysia. Our life would be much better, atleast we don’t have to pay of the fxxking high price of fuel which ironically is produced by our own state.

  16. i went there like.. about 7 years ago during my primary school graduation trip! don’t tell me this is your first time? haha.

  17. Why is there a German flag on top of the building?
    Posted by: Jeff at 23 July 2008 3:20 PM | Link to comment

  18. Kenny,
    Just asking… u play Halo?
    That “I can has cheezeburger” and “I is not amused” made me thought of the phrase “I can has Recon” wahahahahaha

  19. I was there few days ago…bringing some visiting relatives.
    Actually,nothing interesting to see.
    The musuem close at 5 pm.
    One thing,surprise to note that our mayors are also cats.
    They are also display inside the Cat Musuem.

  20. I’m from cat town and sorry to say the cat museum is pathetic. Took my family there many years back and we walked out half way. There are no live cats, just some stupid and oddly cats sculptured! Kenny’s pics say it all.

  21. You blog for readers,how can u expect to present urself with such a post? Remember, u blog for readers, u do advertisements, u use a domain of ur own with a com. We own you. Live up to it. Ur stupid stupid post. Wasted 1 minute of my life reading it.

  22. Cool stuff kenny. Your blog rulez. Can’t help to view some of those arrogant so called “bloggers” comments. Come on people, can’t you give constructive critisisms instead of just mocking others….get a life man!!!

  23. Dear Aduh,
    You’re not paying for the posts and this is not your blog, it’s Kenny’s. So it’s really up to him what to post or how stupid his post can be.
    spend another minute to think about it and waste another one to GET A LIFE!
    thanks. xoxo.

  24. Adeii back then i study near Semariang there,can say passby the cat museum 2 times a week,never visit the place before…kinda regret.

  25. To tell you the truth, this building still looks like a mosque with a silly mosque-like dome to top it off. First impressions are always important when drawing in visitors.

  26. haha, sad that i havent read it when b4 i go kuching, just back from kuching tho..
    i been there when i was child, but thn it’s close when i reach there with my sis, my cousin sis n 2 of my cousin bros, lol..
    umm… dont worry i will ask my cousin bro bring me along again, haha..
    thanks Kenny, make me memories back a lots of childhood..haha ^^

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