Kuching Happy Feet

Hollywood’s version of Happy Feet.

Kuching’s version of Happy Feet.

Something tells me having THAT as a logo looks way too freaky to attract customers.
By the way, why is it that within the past 12 months, so many massage centres suddenly popped up all over Kuching? Staying in Kuching very stressful meh?
So far we’ve got Genting Reflexology, Beijing Reflexology, Shanghai Reflexology, ThienJing Reflexology.

Soon you can visit massage centres named after any city in China you want in Kuching.

A year ago, I got tulan because someone stole a photo from MY BLOG, cropped off the kennysia.com watermark, submitted it to The Star and won RM50 for it.
Today, I feel tulan again. That photo I took had went all the way to some newspaper in Pattaya, Thailand.

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  1. woo. haha im 3rd! lol. nice one kenny! btw kenny im the guy u talked to at kch fest on saturday nite. we met at the chinese chess competition. was nice talking to u =)

  2. hey i just realised readers can listen to e posts!
    hhaah i found this out thru ur wikipedia entry.
    its fuckin hilarious to hear a white woman sayin ‘kuching’
    ‘living in kuching very stressful meh’
    u other ppl have to try it.
    its fuckin funny

  3. hey kenny how did u do that?
    i think i deserve the privilege of a reply cuz i think no one else has noticed it or even mentioned it.
    well not that i know of.
    how did you do that?!

  4. as long as these massage centres are genuine, not doing any ‘side business’, i think is OK. they can open as many as they want if they are not the ‘paria’ henky pencky.

  5. Maybe it’s also a sign that Kuching has received more and more visitors. For me, a tourist spot will have many massage centers.
    Been to Kuching, don’t think it’s a stress city, and I like the place… 地灵人杰,哈哈。。。
    P.S: By the way, the “Thien Jing” sounds weird, shouldn’t it be Tian Jin (天津)?

  6. as per usual, stupid businessppl in kch only knows how to steal other ppl’s ideas. when there’s a bunch of kopitiam, they all open kopitiams on the same row. if bakery making money, they all open bakery in the same area. tom’s, junk,bing all open ard the same time.
    now this!

  7. I don’t think we even have one of those in Terengganu. or maybe it’s so small, I didn’t even discover about its existence.
    oh btw, Good morning Mr Kenny 😉

  8. Have you tried their service? Any hanky panky? Since if feet happy, why not make head lighter by dumping a load?

  9. Hi Kenny, perhaps in future you could zap your watermark diagonally across your pictures. That would certainly deter people from duplicating them.

  10. It is because the market for reflexology in China is flodded so practitioners are ‘reachin out’. I know cause I live in China ;-D

  11. Kenny, you should definitely watermark all your photos like, in the middle. And make it BIG too, so that nobody can steal it again.

  12. Don’t forget Kuching is a copy-cat
    city. Just look around, whatever business
    you set up will be killed by copy-cat.

  13. There is a sudden mushroom-popping-after-the-rain thing for feet reflexology happening at BB, KL.
    It’s a trend.

  14. Maybe all the “shi-fu” in those massage centres are some small-dragon-lady (xiao long nuu) from inland China. How exciting! Soon those massage centres will be packed by local mens.

  15. to identify which parlor that provide special services, look at their signature “neon lights”. most common is the long filament tube lit at the entrance but in this case… the pic speaks on its own.

  16. Kenny, why only show photo of ThienJing? I would love to see how Genting, Shanghai and Beijing look like also… Anyway keep up the good work on Sarawak tourism promotion here. Now there’s more reasons to fly to Kuching.

  17. But i try the Thienjing Reflexology… it’s very good…. pro… and do no provided “happy ending” service…even got a lady section… may try if come to kch… it’s a concept of health… CHEERS!~ i just got a VIP member card.. hehe..
    i try genting reflexology… they ask me to try “extra service” ha ha…

  18. foot master, a latest foot massage center in kuching, fantastic enviorment, relaxing, it’s a legic massage centre, situated at RH plaza(if you know the place) on top of top point cafe, fantastic moden design, check it out. you,ll love it.

  19. Any hanky-panky massage centre aroung Kuching? lets discuss…. Chonglin Park – Ann Ann reflexology, Relax reflexology; Matang Refelexology (near Bombay Masala); Kui Lin reflexology (near Expert Cafe, Jalan Song); Apple Reflex (Satok, above aquarium shop); Petanak – Levender, Y2Y, Sunflower, Sparks.
    and etc… this -one- offer happy ending service. So stay out from this place if you do not wish to have HAPPY ENDING SERVICE

  20. HI! jus manage 2 crossby, n saw ur blog in you tube, by d way may i know which part of kuching r u staying, cos i’ve been 2 BAU 2 stay due 2 my ex girl is staying.

  21. I lived in Kuching for 6 Year & found to be the RACIST state & people busy pulling each other’s leg. Not to talk bad but the people there are always right & visitors are wrong.Till this day you will be surprised the photo you see in Net about Hotels are not exactly.And dont be surprised the natives specially The Arrogant Chinese will fight with you if you make an Argument. Its not should nto have name KUCHING but FUCKING.

  22. Hey, Eskimo
    This is a Kuching Chinese and I have something to say to you – it goes like this – GO HOME AND FUCK YOUR MOTHER AND THEN MAKE SURE YOU CUM IN HER MOUTH AFTER THAT !!!!

  23. OK I am going to make this real easy and simple for you all. I have done a lot of “hands on” research into the whole massage/sex scene in Kuching. If you want a really good massage, go find a reputable spa and don’t go expecting hanky panky. If it is offered, do as you wish, but don’t expect the fuck of your life. If you want to try one of the many in-call reflexology dens in hopes of getting extras, you can generally identify them by the signature “neon” or light bands around the entrance signs. But be warned; most of these establishments feature girls that are not top notch. So you are taking your chances… If you want an escort to spend some decent time with, go to 69sexygirl and expect to shell out for everything. It is worth it but they can be difficult to contact. If you just want a really good and safe screw contact bluecatzzz. Expect to pay about 350. A nice girl will come to your room and take good care of you.

  24. Thanks to large influx of tourists, quality and quantity of health care centres in Pattaya is good. Array of specialty hospitals and clinics are located in Patttaya. In fact scores of tourists in Pattaya are on health tourism of the town.

  25. Excursions in Pattaya are reputed as the most famous neighbourhood tours in Thailand. Few tourists in Thailand and Pattaya in particular forget to enjoy these excursion tours.

  26. Entertainment in Pattaya is a memorable experience for the tourists coming from far and wide. Entertainment here is unconventional and thrilling. For its exciting entertainment options, Pattaya always draws tourists.

  27. Kennysia write something about the Communist head chinese of Sarawak & Co suported by Illegal born Political Child or Pala Putih. Write how chiense trouble dayaks & malays for govt contracts.Would you? or you are one of them?

  28. Hey anti-eskimo,Kepala BABI HUHUHU we know most chinese has no father.And they mistreat their parents.So you can fuck ur mother and demostrate on net.i would consider your advice.huhuuhuhu cina bodoh.

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