KLCC Premier Paid Toilets Review

I heard about the Premier Paid Toilets in Suria KLCC for so long now I simply had to check it out when I was in KL last week. Honestly, how many people would pay RM2.00 to use the toilets, when for the same price they could buy:
a) a bowl of Kuching kolo mee
b) two sticks of lok-lok by the roadside
c) a pack of condom

Leave it up to the Management of KLCC to stay true to their word when they said “Always Something New”. The Premier toilets are located on Level 1 where all the designer boutique shops like Dunhill and Cartier are located. Obviously its meant to attract those atas shopper who treat money like water.
Since I’m always up for trying something new, I parted RM2 to the bored-looking lady sitting by the same old crappy counter at the entrance, and she gave me a pack of wet towel in return.

The poor man in the background didn’t know I took a photo of him happily scratching his butt

This is my pack of ‘Freshening’ wet towel. It is made in Japan. It is just like any other pack of wet towels you can find in Chinese restaurants.
In fact, the so-called Premier toilet look just like any other ‘nice’ toilets I can find in 5-star hotels or shopping malls. Suddenly, I felt as if I was cheated out of my RM2. Cheebye.
The only thing that caught my attention there was this clean-cut handsome guy wearing a formal attire, looking sharp as if he’s about to attend some important conference with Mahathir, Badawi and Co.

Except he was squatting down there cleaning the toilet floor.

I think that’s the second most unusual thing I’ve ever seen in a toilet. The first is some crazy dude taking photos inside a male toilet.

This is the urinal! It looks just like any other urinal!

Unfazed, I proceeded to do my business.
Its drier and cleaner than usual, but there’s really nothing special about this particular bowl of urinal. Now I’m really starting to regret parting ways with my RM2. For the price I’m paying, they should at least get someone to unzip my pants or something.

This is the basin area. Its probably the most tastefully decorated part of the entire ‘Premier’ toilet. The erotic red flowers, romantic bowl of potpourri and the sensual slow-burning candles make this an ideal place to have sex.
Except this is a male toilet. That sucks.
No pun intended.

Here’s a closer look at the range of Body Shop products available for use.
There’s the Bilberry Leave-In Detangler. The Vitamin E Face Mist. The Oceanus Body Mist. The Oceanus Body Lotion. The Oceanus

Stupid Body Shop. The first time I heard of the name Body Shop I was thinking to myself, “The Body Shop? What the hell do they sell? Bodies?”

This is the Bilberry (aka Blueberry) Leave-In Detangler for the hair. It supposedly helps you to relieve knotty, tangled hair and the bilberry extract will leave your hair “shiny, soft, healthy and tangle-free”.
Sounds good. I always have a problem with tangled hair.
I’m sure as hell not talking about the hair on top of my head.

I give my head a few spray of the product. Other than making my hair smell like blueberries, it doesn’t do my hair any shit. (No pun intended)
I left the KLCC Premier Paid Toilet wondering why I even bothered wasting my money on this uninspiring trip to the loo. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel some sort of achievement or something.
I’ve seen it once out of curiousty and I don’t think I’ll be going back there again. I don’t think anyone would. So I reckon the KLCC Management should consider changing their advertisement into something a bit more eye-catching.
Maybe something like this.

The terrorist attacks on London is a tragedy, but it proves one thing correct: the coalition’s War On Terrorism didn’t quite work.

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  1. err… kapitan karsinoma… you mean you use shampoo on places other than your head? wait… ok… I don’t want to know 😛
    Anyhow I will still line-up and use a wet toilet instead of paying RM2.

  2. I recall visiting the toilets at Harrods – one of them costs a pound to get into. And if memory serves me right, most of the stuff in there was made from gold.

  3. …ok set, the next time I’m there, those Oceanus products will be coming home with me..:D haha.
    Thanks! always wanted to see what it’s really about.

  4. Kenny, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you to task for this little comment:
    “The terrorist attacks on London is a tragedy, but it proves one thing correct: the coalition’s War On Terrorism didn’t quite work.”
    I’m really disappointed that you would make a comment like that. You see how crazy fame has made Tom Cruise? Maybe all this blog stardom has gone to your head.
    First let me just say, It ain’t over till it’s over. All it proves is that there are still people out there who want to kill innocent people for whatever reason. Are you saying we should just, oh, LET them? Fuck that. Didn’t a little something happen in Bali a while back? Your solution to that would be what, exactly?
    Let me rephrase your statement: “The terrorist attack on London is a tragedy, but it proves one thing correct: some assholes just don’t know when to quit.”
    Or better yet: “The terrorist attack on London is a tragedy, but it proves one thing correct: there are still some people who need killin’.”
    [deep breath]
    I love your blog, man, but see what happens when you bring up politics? 🙂

  5. I second Curtis G. “Evil happens when good ppl stand by and do nothing.” The WoT has not achieved its full objectives yes, but it doesn’t mean we should just sit by and let them bomb the crap out of us.
    Having said that, education and poverty relief would go a long way in the Middle East towards reducing the hatred that elements there have for the West. That, and actually doing something about Israel/Palestine.
    Oh I also agree – talking about politics can get quite heated. Other than that, love the blog. 🙂

  6. wow there’s so much body shop products to be use, no wonder RM2 to enter the toilet, i think worth it ah hehe since that toilet look soooo much cleaner than the ones here

  7. kenny is so right about his statements. Everything has a motive right! Well I suppose the middle east is tired of the attacks aswell

  8. KLCC isnt making enough money from the building so we have to pay for their toilets..

  9. Nah Steven, only on the 1st floor you have to pay for it, you can go to other floors to access their free toilets though.

  10. ………..the picture of the body shop products at a certain angle….
    excellent…but also im laughing and chortling to my self that my colleagues are giving me weird looks…
    Jb City Square’s premier toilet is also a big ass cheat.I pay 50 cents and i dont even get any tissues la.Whats more…THERE ISNT ANY INSIDE….imagine my horror when i assumed there would be >………..the picture of the body shop products at a certain angle….
    excellent…but also im laughing and chortling to my self that my colleagues are giving me weird looks…
    Jb City Square’s premier toilet is also a big ass cheat.I pay 50 cents and i dont even get any tissues la.Whats more…THERE ISNT ANY INSIDE….imagine my horror when i assumed there would be >………..the picture of the body shop products at a certain angle….
    excellent…but also im laughing and chortling to my self that my colleagues are giving me weird looks…
    Jb City Square’s premier toilet is also a big ass cheat.I pay 50 cents and i dont even get any tissues la.Whats more…THERE ISNT ANY INSIDE….imagine my horror when i assumed there would be >………..the picture of the body shop products at a certain angle….
    excellent…but also im laughing and chortling to my self that my colleagues are giving me weird looks…
    Jb City Square’s premier toilet is also a big ass cheat.I pay 50 cents and i dont even get any tissues la.Whats more…THERE ISNT ANY INSIDE….imagine my horror when i assumed there would be >

  11. Without commenting on Kenny’s actual phrase with regards to the tragedy in London…
    I think it’s unfair to insinuate that Kenny shouldn’t bring up politics. Sure, everyone comes to Kenny’s blog for a good laugh – I know I do. But does that make it wrong if he takes on issues close to his heart, or issues that should be close to everyone’s heart?
    If there’s only one thing wrong with Malaysia (and please take that statement with a pinch of salt), it’s apathy. All we ever do is sit down with our friends and complain when something doesn’t go our way, go home and sleep and it’s a brand new day the next day.
    No, it’s not. It’s when people don’t make themselves heard that’s the problem.
    In fact, as much as I appreciate Kenny’s humour in his blog, I do at times wonder if someone with his flair for writing and talents on picking up stuff and entertaining shouldn’t also have (a/another?) blog which take on issues. Look at his posts about his time in Perth – I am an eye witness to the fact that Kenny can argue and articulate on almost any issue.
    And for the record – the War on Terror has failed.

  12. thanks kenny for showing me the gents. i will go and see the ladies RM2 toilets one day soon i hope. always curious to know what’s in there, but never had the urge to go/pee.

  13. quit talking about the terrorist attack in london here ok. kenny is back to his old self here… talking about the KLCC premier toilet, so let’s talk about THAT – the toilet.
    wow! didn’t know there are so many body shop products in the toilet. got people jaga the toilet, izzit? so this means cannot steal the products lah.
    how i wish someone – a female – would do a review of the female toilet and come up with lots of pictures too. kenny… wanna disguise as a girl? 🙂

  14. I think they juz use the Body Shop bottles.. those stuff inside the bottles maybe from some caplang brand ler.. kekekkee!!

  15. gosh! living in KL but still don’t know klcc got such premier toilet! shit! prove i’m so out-dated!

  16. RM2 to use the toilet… what if they provide someone to hold u and say ‘she-she’ (or make those hissing sounds mommies make to make their children pee) to assist you? haha…
    Or say ‘ork-ork’ if doing ‘big business’..hehe..

  17. Hey Dude “This is my pack of ‘Freshening’ wet towel. It is made in Japan. It is just like any other pack of wet towels you can find in Chinese restaurants.”………….好吃嗎 ? 🙂

  18. To me, it is pure irony how someone can charge a bomb to keep a toilet clean while the rest are left to rot. Isn’t restrooms suppose to be a convenience for shoppers? On another note, some malls are taking the 20 cents they charge us for granted now, its that bad!

  19. I’m looking at this blog entry…. and the heading was what???
    KLCC Premier toilets.
    Yoo Hooooooo!!!! WELCOME BACK KENNYSIA!!!
    hehehe! You know all your fans love you! hehe!
    And then…. reading the comments left by ‘fans’ I felt like….
    EHHHHHHHHH!!!! wat’s this lar..that was just a footnote… Kesian Kenny…. sheesh I wonder if I shud do a blog entry on the London blast or mention about it. Think I won’t…just leave it to the press to do it.
    (LUCIA’s right! *hi five gal fren!!*)
    dey…. BODY SHOP’S nice lar Kenny…. and I lurve OCEanus. There was one time my friends and cousin bought it for me for my birthday. too much of it lar,i’m still having them and haf refrained friends from getting it liao.LOL! funny you caught that… Hahaha! Mebbe they shud haf used a different type of fragrant for the men’s loo. hahaha!!!
    I’ll try check it out the next time I’m in KLCC.hehe!
    Oh yeah… hey… I think KLCC didn’t realli charge too much lar, Planet Hollywood has a lady there to ‘clean’ the toilet… and she ‘DEMANDS’ for a tip of at least RM 1. I was like… HUH?? Like tis oso can? All she does is wait for u to finish washing your hands and she hands you a tissue paper…. I’m like… haa??? and the toilet’s like… spooky, and got one funny smell lah… aiyoooo… dat one damn sakit hati to part wif my RM 1 man….
    At least you paid RM 2 for a squeaky clean toilet lah…. wif BODY SHOP products summore…
    ENJOY ur weekend!!!

  20. On the contrary, I think the WoT has acheived its intended purpose of further perpetuating a vicious cycle of violence so that the ruling class can whip up nationalistic sentiments of the population to do its biding to secure geopolitical control of the world, ever dwindling resources and etc, etc…

  21. The “war on terrorist” (War of Greed and Pride more likely name) has failed.
    It’s like fighting violence with violence. I always feel that many actions by the supposingly “Terror fighters” are just not justified.
    I feel that the state of the world todae, the cause of all this, is PRORBABLY (i say PRORBABLY, means I am assuming)the history of the US, European countries using their self-proclaimed superiority to pressure the middle east countries and the world.
    U see, when sept. 11th shocked the world, I was among the majority who wanted USA to roast Osama’s ass.
    But, look at the way the USA fought. They fought, they conquered, they win, THEY LEFT.
    Left Afghanistan to rot under constant violence. Destroyed the whole place. And WAT? They didnt even get to see Osama’s ASS?
    Worst still, “Let’s attack Iraq cos my dad did so”
    That’s probably wat G.Bush Jr. was thinking, for all we know. And so wat if Saddam is caught? Did the violence stop?
    And look at the state of Iraq. Who suffered? Not the terrorists, u know.
    ~~~~Its the Iraqi PEOPLE.~~~~
    Yes, the terrorist are wrong. They are sick human beings. We got to stop them. But by killing them? Attacking their country?
    As we attack their country, how would the ordinary residents, the muslim community feel? They feel ANGER. Cos Its not them who had done wrong, but the USA are attacking their country.
    And when there is more anger, more anti-US feelings, wat happens?
    More terrorists arise to the occasion. And this vicious cycle will go on and on and on…..
    Terrorists attack the world–> USA attack terrorists’ countries –> Ordinary Muslim hate USA–> More terrorist rise –> Terrorists attack the world–> USA attack terrorists’ countries
    U get the meaning. The US is trying to control the peace but failed.
    I really hope that some day all these will stop. But the damages done to the world’s harmony may be irreversible. 🙁

  22. What in the hell is the penguit-suit guy doing scrubbing toilets? What a waste of a good butler!! He should be standing at the door, waiting to hand you fresh towels after you’ve had your pee.
    Stupid KLCC… want to have an atas toilet but cannot even get the basic things right.

  23. Kenny,
    Now that u r a celebrity of sorts; u’ve to start thinking like one.For starters, if someone wants to unzip ur pants ,make them (not U) pay 4 it!
    KLCC is practicing good bldg management..helping a tenant(Bodyshop) push their sales.
    Besides, u have got ur RM2 worth…sudah pakai the Bodyshop products n taken so many gambar..models need to be paid ok?

  24. I agree with the change of ‘style’ or so called in the entries, but I don’t see why the need to be complaining. The entries are STILL about urself, about the experiences u getting and ppl u are meeting…. ur humour are still there and why force urself to NOT write about some experience that you think is important to you?

  25. kenny,
    “Honestly, how many people would pay RM2.00 to use the toilets, when for the same price they could buy:
    c) a pack of condom”
    eerr..what brand ler and how many?:)

  26. Screw all of you know-it-alls giving your cheap half-cents behind the anonymity of the Internet closeted up in your little air-conditioned room while pretending that you care (but not enough to do more than make empty comments)!
    I say the politicians failed everyone, so live with it or do something about it.
    Now, back to more humor from Kenny Sia while you stew in your holier-than-thou insecurity.

  27. Eh, why your fingers red while holding the hair spray huh? Usually red skin is caused by itchiness or just after a period of constant friction. Hmm…. maybe RM2 was worth it. Kidding there!

  28. hahah.
    Yup CH u are rite. politicians failed everyone. And there is nothing i can do about.
    Except complaining behind the anonymity of the Internet closeted up in my little air-conditioned room while pretending that I care.
    hahah. Now, back to more humor from Kenny Sia. He’s damn funny.

  29. Hi Kenny,
    Thank God I don’t have to pay RM2 for visiting your blog! This is my first visit btw. Love your reviews and humor. Keep it coming! Cheers!

  30. Ah, I gone to the Harrod’s one as well. Very high end, but totally NOT worth it if you are on a “strafing run” instead of a “bombing run”. And a tip for Singaporean readers feeling the need to go when near Marina Square… There is a toilet open to the public in Ritz Carlton at the ground floor beside the glassed-in bamboo grove, and its a fantastic affair. Just remember NOT to dirty the place. The hotel is being nice by opening it to the public, don’t ruin a good thing.
    And Kenny, go ahead and say what you have to say on politics. I feel that my country (S’pore) suffers from the same apathy problem. We need more people who take notice and give opinions. Words through the Internet from an aircon room (no aircon here… but does winter count?) may be less concrete than actions… but they are used by those higher up the political foodchain to gauge public reaction. Very opinion helps.

  31. Aiyor CH ar, dont come in here and critize anyone for airing their opinion in annonimity when you’re doing it yourself lar.. And what is wrong lar if people come and discuss their “half-cent” opinion on things, if everything has to be “full cent” comment, there will be no discussion left liao in this world… 2 things you should understand here lar…. not all people have degree in political science lar, and everybody has their rite to discuss what they wan lar… so easy also cannot understand meh…

  32. “RM2 to use the toilet… what if they provide someone to hold u and say ‘she-she’ (or make those hissing sounds mommies make to make their children pee) to assist you? haha…
    Or say ‘ork-ork’ if doing ‘big business’..hehe..
    Commented by: Chris at July 8, 2005 09:39 AM”
    The above comment really made me laugh! Good one Chris 😀

  33. Heh – I’ve heard about RM2 toilets and The Body Shop products – just never found out where in KLCC. Maybe it’s too much of a coincidence that they decided to use OceANUS in there when there are so many other lines… haha.

  34. Regard in writing for blogs, I have been having thinking along the same lines here.
    I had people saying that I should write what I really think, and not so much for the audience.
    As it is, people come to read your blogs because they feel a sense of affinity with what you write and not because you copy others.
    And yes, it is should be flattering.
    They ARE more interested in reading about what happens to you, than in what happens to others.

  35. I agree with Mooiness about the ‘all evil needs is for good to do nothing’ bit but seriously, waging war against terrorists is like fighting fire with fire, right? That`s like saying, “You think you big?! I bigger!!!” It`ll never end that way because the message terrorists are being sent is that the last man standing wins. Maybe we should sayang evil people a bit? Anyway, since Kenny`s only famous because we all give a damn about what he has to say (and people only give a damn because he`s famous now), why tell him to not talk about certain topics? He`s unpaid media.
    And, Hi Kenny. First comment ever. I would pay for a cleaner, drier toilet know. It`s because I`m short and I wear unhemmed pants a lot. Clean, dry toilets are a Godsend. Anyway, I cannot do my business in public (and dirty toilets) because.. Tak selera.

  36. hahahahaahahahaha!!! this is so god damn funny!!!! there was once i used this toilet in one of the 7-11 like stores at one of the rest stops along the german autobahn, and believe it or not, i had to pay 1 euro to go in!! you exhange the one euro for a plastic coin and insert it and turn the damn metal thingy, and guess what? in return they give u a 1 euro voucher equivalent to spend in the store. the only thing i could buy was a tronky or kinder surprise choco bar, and i even had to top up like 30 or 50 euro cents more. even more bo hua right? at least the KLCC toilet looked like a 5* hotel toilet with body shop toiletries….

  37. funny post…you look so cute in the hair spraying picture!thanks for doing this review,i’ll never waste my rm2 to go in because not recommended by kenny 🙂

  38. Cool blog u have! MUCH better than Xiaxue’s. But do retain your style! Don’t worry much about Blog politics or what the hell people say, just be yourself.

  39. Even Harrods does not charge customers (they used to) to use the toilet. And they have proper fragrances on the basin area – stuff like Hugo Buss and shit.
    The Body Shop is a large brand from Britain. They claimed that they do not experiment on animals.

  40. Almost all the toilets in Harrods are free – they have a little bowl there to drop some coins into if you want – kinda like, pay if you enjoyed the service. 🙂 These are quite high end already with lotion etc etc etc.
    But they also have at least one which cost a quid I think (it’s been a while since I went in there) where you have more than just the lotion etc etc, you also have a sofa and newspapers etc to read… presumably while waiting for your turn?

  41. I went to KLCC once, and I can never forget the toilet there. It was filthy and smelly. Once I smelled it, I walked out and told my boyfriend that I can hold it till we get back to Genting. It was that bad!
    And to pay RM 2.00 for a “normal” toilet is ridiculous.
    For those who has been to Toyko would probably know about the “Butt-washing” toilet bowls there ya? It can be found in the hotels and most of the malls. Cool! And it’s free.

  42. I suspect The Body Shop is tied up with KLCC to test its range of products with some dumb asses who wud pay RM2 to take a pee since they always claim they’ve never tested its products on animals! That terror dressed up toilet cleaner cud be the research guy observing the reaction of those who try the products!

  43. Now I’ll have to wait for someone to review the Ladies’ before I fork out RM2 to use the loo instead of buy a bottle of Coke and get 50 cents in return to buy a pack of tissues. 😉

  44. Chanel: The butt-washing thingy…Haha! You’ve to be there to experience. Anyone who had been to Toyko should have tried before. It’s basically cleaning the anus with clean water shooting up. Goodness, I sound so disgusting. In actual fact, it’s so common there and no one laughs about it. I tried once and I couldn’t stop laughing.

  45. Y’know, we don’t get this kind of pleasure here in the US. You go to a public restroom in the mall, and pray the cleaning crew has visited at least once that day. I had the privilege of paying in Thailand and Italy, and I have to say, a packet of “Freshening” towels is much better than a couple of squares of bleached tree bark.
    BTW, I don’t think anyone is suggesting Kenny NOT talk about certain things, but I’m a fan of his humor. To deviate from your audience’s expectations is to risk losing them. Ne?

  46. elb, even the toilet seats are made of gold?
    Irene, I wasn’t talking about my hair on top of my head.
    minishorts, same same!
    Curtis G + Mooiness, hey I enjoy seeing you here as well! 🙂 But I guess that’s where we have a difference in opinion when it comes to the War on Terrorism. Its the same issue that splitted the USA 50-50 in the last presidential election. Kit Fan has echoed much of my sentiments, so I shan’t repeat it here. Without launching into a heated argument hurting feelings, I think its best that we just agree to disagree. But what do I want to say is this: my opinion has absolutely nothing with my so-called “fame”. I’m just a normal human being who can form my own opinion that may or may not be similar to yours, that’s all. But sorry I brought up such a sensitive topic. 😛
    Niki, thanks!
    Crazy, I always wanted to ask. In real life, do you really laugh like “kekekkee!!” ?
    Chris, that would make the RM2 more than worth it.
    e, its a bit soggy. But nice. 4 out of 5 star.
    Pam, don’t get too happy just yet. My next topic is “Why Kenny Sia Is Not Putting Down Malaysian Adsense Users.” Brace yourself.
    Kit Fan + vic + Yuuka, you really pulled the words out of what I wanted to say on this issue.
    jade, HAHAHAHAHA! You make me sound like some sort of prostitute, charging people for essential needs like these.
    n305er, WiFi access while you shit? Hell yeah!
    Bunkum, I really dunno why people are so angry at me because I didn’t write the things they want to read leh!
    kidchan, you shouldn’t be encouraging people to use condoms. That way, more people will approach you asking you to take studio photos of their babies.
    Javalier, eh I really dunno why my hand was so red either.
    kk, next time I’ll charge RM5 for you to visit my blog.
    cheayee, its always a balance between myself and what my readers want. To me, blogging is like having sex – its only meaningful when both parties are happy.
    Din, he was doing the scrubbing.
    NSDS3, waddya mean?
    Jessica, from KLCC to Genting quite far you know. I admire your pee-holding skills.
    Claris, !!! Tell me if you wanna do so. I’ll bring my camera.
    kk, good conspiracy theory. Damn that body shop.

  47. Kenny: I’m quite particular, you see. My friends were nagging non-stop when they knew I did that. Imagine how tormenting it was when the ride uphill was bumpy. Sob!
    Chanel: Wa lao! You embarrassed me lah! I think you should try it, it’s an experience. I was dicussing about the toilet bowl with my mate, he was like, “Jessica, you tried or not? Damn CHUN (accurate) ar?”

  48. Hmm..R those really Oceanus products? Doubt the contents lar. Might be some other cheap stuffs bottled in Oceanus bottles.

  49. newt, if I really wanted to imitate brand name products, I wouldn’t be using Oceanus bottles. I’d be using Hugo Boss or Davidoff bottles instead.

  50. High class KLCC toilet. Don’t play-play!

    Apparently, the guard who rescued me from my fire escape hell was guarding the “elite” high class toilet of KLCC. You know, the one where you have to pay RM2 for. I’ve always wanted to try it out so I…

  51. eh i absolutely LOVE the premium toilet la. Maybe coz im a girl. Free body shop products laid out there for u to use. who dont like? oh and in a ladies, the malay ladies that er.. jaga the toilet give free massages if requested. i donno whether they offer that service in the gents but, u could give it a try… =P

  52. Free tour of the RM2 toilet is great. Thanks! I had the same curiosity when cinemas suddenly thought they could charge RM20 a ticket in Mid Valley’s Gold Class. Seats in the RM10 section weren’t really compromised. Toilets on the other floors of KLCC (other than not having the body shop stuff, penguin butler and wet towels) weren’t too much worse off either.
    I think the concept of charging a price few would be willing to pay is mostly to ensure that it ensures that few will be willing to go. Most of the mess in shopping mall toilets are probably caused by the volume of people using them, the “already messy so its ok to mess more” impression that follows, and the resulting smells, disorder, and disrepair. This applies to toilets as well as cinemas, hotels, and basically everything else too. Having to pay more to get a cosmetically enhanced experience to fewer users ensures it is used by less, has more space per person, and can justify more cleaning and tidying effort per user.
    in short, ppl willing to pay higher get a place with less of ppl or effects they don’t like.

  53. Side remark:
    Letting terrorists do their work and doing nothing about it is bad. Ending up doing what terrorists do too is worse, and yes, the cycle will be endless.
    Its not “doing something about it” that’s needed. Its how its done that will be the difference between the cycle getting worse, or getting better. There is no overnight solution. It took the Japanese (all time “terrorists and torturers” of chinese throughout asia and bigger bombers of an american city) a generation to repair their image towards the common american and chinese. Its not the “surrender”. Its not Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Its how they made their haters eventually love them for things they brought to the hater’s hands, things people end up using every day, loving, wanting more of, and in countries where people feel threatened with the incoming japanese brands, they set up ventures to do it together with them, provide employment, and made them feel like exporters of these manufactured items themselves. Isn’t this a contrast to the “fast and instant shoot-them-up, bomb-them-out” the coalition ends up using their resources for?

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