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It’s an iPod!

A phone!

An internet communications device! never looked so good on a phone.
Well, technically it’s not a phone yet. Because some dude at Apple think its so smart to hold the phone hostage until you sign some 2-year plan with an American service provider. Everything else works fine though.

This is the same phone that people lined up for hours in front of the Apple store on the day of its launch. But thanks to the good guys at IT Fusion in Kuching, I managed to get my hands on an actual Apple iPhone, months before its official release in Malaysia.

Google Maps on iPhone. Anyone knows which location this is in Kuching? 😉

My eyes literally lit up when the boss said to me, “Take your time to do the review. Just return it to us when you get tired of it.”
Thanks Moorey. Problem is, I don’t even know when I’m gonna get tired of playing with the iPhone!

Watching a video on the touch-screen iPod.

Everything is so beautifully implemented. Even without the phone feature, the WiFi websurfing and iPod feature is enough to blow me completely away.
I almost needed a fresh pair of pants to complete this review.

The graphic is crisp. The usage is intuitive. The touchscreen is responsive. Its addictive just running through all the functions.
I gotta say, using the iPhone is the second longest workout my fingers had gone through.

Yeah baby, so I got the iPhone now.
Who wants to touch me?

Blog Plug of the Day: Cheesie is so fascinated with Blythe dolls, she photoshopped my picture and turned me into a Chihuahua instead.

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    i tot the apple shop in klcc is showing off iphone as preview…
    who knows kenny u already touched it!!!!!
    I envy~~~~~~~~~

  2. Oh my god Kenny you’re so cool! Rise above the common masses with your iphone it’s your destiny! Sweep arise the riff-raff & rabble!
    I took my unlocked iphone back to KK and owned all of those N95 wielding wannabes too!

  3. OMG! Kenny sia.. You so mean… >:(
    Why do you get to hold it first. *jealous*
    I wonder when is the date that they are going to release this phone in malaysia. I just can’t wait!

  4. Oh man, I was hoping that your next blog post was Cheesie’s meme. 😀
    Can’t wait to see you iDollize yourself. 😛

  5. Oh my gawd…. Thats such an ORGASMIC phone!! By looking at it jus brings climax…but by touchin will definitely bring it way beyond climaxing!! hahaha!! the iPhone…with so many features…no wonder the battery last only 20mins =p hehehe..

  6. it’s not even 3G, it’s not even the first phone that does mp3s. just cos’ it’s apple doesn’t mean it’s magic? and alex, you must be aware that the n95 owns the iphone in terms of specifications? i despise ignorants who think the newest is flashest. know your facts before you ‘piaw yen’!
    great fashion phone nevertheless, very innovative.
    anyways cool that you have a preview of it, kenny.

  7. Hey dude, my customer brought in a few for testing the day after the official release. Expecting accessories on the market soon.

  8. I know my damn facts nocturnal. Better specs doesn’t mean that the N95 has the lucrative properties the Iphone has due to its non release state. Seen one N95 seen em all.
    Think, would people look at N95 they can find at just about any store or the Iphone that currently maintains its exclusivity.
    You are guilty of “piao yen” by thinking that specs are the only “facts”.

  9. People… it is just a device. Once you finish paying for this device, you will want something else because it becomes a thing of the past. 😛

  10. The iPhone (this one that KennySia has) would reach Malaysian shores probably end of 1Q 2008.
    I would say, wait for iPhone V2 instead. iPhone V1 (this one that Kennysia has) is still lacking certain features.

  11. Can you use it to send calls? Coz i know the IPhone requires activation and for now it can only be used with AT&T. Notice the “No Service” signal?

  12. I bring you Maddox;
    And seriously, people are whipping themselves into a frenzy for an overhyped smartphone. Yes it looks cool and the touch screen is nifty, but really, c’mon, snap out of the god damn marketing driven wankfest already. Its not even doing anything particularly groundbreaking. “Holy shits! Internet Communications Device!!! *orgasm*” LoL

  13. hey kenny…question. if in US, the iphone’s tied to AT&T, who’s it gonna be tied to here?
    is it even gonna be tied to in the first place, or they gonna make it so it’s available on all malaysian networks? any updates on that?

  14. Hahaha kenny, this is the first time I actually write something here. Yeah, that day I saw you walked out from my office after you kidnap my boss cute little iphone. And you got all my songs and video erase!!! Grrrrr…. but anyway, you did a great review once again. Long live Apple! Long Live iPhone! Long live Kenny???

  15. Wow! Just wow! I’m still gonna wait for it to be officially released here in Malaysia before I think of even getting it. Sigh, would wanna hold one though just to get a feel for it…

  16. hehehe, Kennysia, I touched the iPhone before you..nyek nyek nyek.. hehe
    But it truly is a cool gadget, im definately having one when its launched here.. 🙂

  17. Yeah, UI is so damn cool, wish others jus spend as much as Apple to get d UI THIS good! but specs wise? Sorry, according to some review, iPhone has variable call quality n lacks some basic features found in many mobile phones, no stereo Bluetooth support and no 3G. Integrated memory is stingy for an iPod, and u hv to sync d iPhone to manage music content. n I think I read somewhere tat someone is complaining to Apple tat he cant change d battery (for watever reason).. it’s a sealed-in battery.. no radio, no recording.. The iPhone’s 2-megapixel camera offers a spiffy interface wif a graphic tat resembles a camera shutter. U r offered no camera editing options. That means u cant change d resolution, choose a colour or quality setting, or select a night mode. There’s no flash either, and with no self-portrait mirror. U cant (yet) add custom ringtones or even use MP3 ringtones with d massive library of tracks ur iPhone is walking around with, but d default sounds are all pretty good. iPhone is cool, if u dun nid all these specs..

  18. touched a nerve there, i see. you know what i mean, alex. anyways if you got anything to dispute please do so in the cbox, not here in comments. see you, beng.

  19. the map is showing the civic centre area right? i recognise the sarawak club pool.
    i want an iPhone, you should put one up for grabs, kenny.

    How come all the pictures shown have a “NO SERVICE” on the top left hand corner of the phone?
    How do you surf without putting in a SIM card?


    you’re holding the baby!!
    i’ve seen the preview for the phone last year, and damn the intro by apple company really blew me away.
    now that YOU’re reviewing it, i can see the graphics are really darn clear! with google map! and high resolution! woot!!
    there are a number of imitators trying to get there too though. there’s HTC’s new dopod touch, this Meizu’s m8, but let’s not get into that. iphone rawks. 🙂
    only hold back, no 3g. argh.

  23. I’m going to wait for the iphone v2. The current version of iphone lacks a ton of features (3G, GPS, MMS … etc) and it takes a couple taps to make a call, can’t use mp3 as ringtones, video recording… and the call quality is only fair (mgiht be AT&T issue)
    But still though, the iphone is wicked =)

  24. sweet..thr’s 10 of these in spore bought by developers..they said its a total chiq magnet..haha.
    score bIg time 😉

  25. The good guy who owns the apple shop is my cousin…hehe..and i guess that makes me a good person too ^^ i want a discount moorey 🙂

  26. I’d touch you, just to get within reaching distance of that phone, yeeeah! *would nick it off you, watch out* 😀

  27. Damn good looking phone that people wanna buy but no 3G or good camera quality…..yet. If only it has 3G and good camera quality, I’d be selling my ass in Chow Kit just so I can buy that phone. Ok, not up to that extend la, but close.

  28. That’s Sarawak Club!
    It should be made illegal for you to make us all drool over the keyboard for a phone in your blog like this.

  29. whoo..
    good stuff man.
    i like the design.
    but sure expensive right?
    But how handy is it compared to laptop?
    or how efficient compared to laptop when you blog?

  30. actually, apart from its aesthetic factors, there really isnt much to it. Much of its capabilities dont even match up to a standard high end smart phones. IMO, it’s just an entertainment device with mobile phone capabilities. To cut it short, my point is, it’s a toy, not a working tool.
    U want a toy? Get it, and get tired of it’s slow processing speed.
    U want a working tool? Don’t bother.

  31. There’s an iPhone website that shows you how to use the phone. It takes 20 minutes to watch it all though – and I don’t even have an iPhone. Enjoy.

  32. How Kennysia used the iPhone:
    Wireless LAN
    No service. Phone is locked to AT&T, but you could use it in Malaysia if you have int’l roaming on your AT&T SIM Card.
    I got a free one last month. But I sold it. Tell you the truth, it isn’t that good. Only the touchy part is exciting.

  33. ah google earth doesnt really bring u to anywhere – imho, a 3G phone with GPS features is much better. and any 3G phone can connect to the internet, play mp3 n video, take video/image bla bla…

  34. 3G vs Wifi – I don’t even know why anyone wants 3G, it is not available world wide, it is expensive, it is slow, it is unstable and it is 10 years behind schedule. wake up world. Apple always challenge the norm, which is usually wrong, just like windows, it is the norm, any windows based PC would beat the mac flat based on specs. But the world is crumbling because of windows, screwed up UI, screwed up codes, screwed up security, screwed up everything, tried to do a MAC OS x with Vista but failed.
    Any idiot who loves 3G just has too much money to spare, why pay them exorbitant changes that either limit your usage or pay very high prices for “unlimited” plans. they are slow, very very slow, and not to mention unstable.
    Whereas, wifi is free, it’s almost everywhere, and fast, stable, and did i mention free ? I’m not sure about M’sia, but take japan, korea, america for example, almost the whole nation or at least major cities are wifi enabled. with wimax and wibro’s development going by leaps and bounds, they will surpass 3G in the next 5 years. 3.5G is barely over 300kbps, wifi has surpassed 100000kbps, i know the speed is limited by the phone’s hardware but still the speed is there… the bandwidth is there. service providers have invested too much on 3G so much so that they have no choice but to push us to use 3G.
    MP3 – Any phone can play MP3 but can they do it in style and as good as an iPod ? Apple have the know how and have invested millions and have got the UI part right, the quality part right, the touchy touchy part right. N series and the SE walkman series , WALKMAN SERIES KAY, their music player is only , at the most, second grade player which many cheap MP3 player can do better.Don’t even get me started on Nokia’s player, its clunky, it’s ugly & not intelligent.
    OS – who can beat apple at OS ? with OS X, the world’s most advanced OS for computers, put that in a phone and TADA, world’s most beautiful and advance os for phones… 5 years ahead of it’s time, 1000000000000 years ahead of WM…….
    If it’s a smart/business phone , it’s gotta be a touch screen, i cannot believe people compare a N95 to an iPhone… try editing an office document on an N95, try scrolling to the hundredth cell box in an excel spreadsheet… try shifting and overlaying images in a powerpoint presentation… try doing that with out touch screen… it would be like using a computers without the mouse. trackpad….. is that what computers have become ? has it suddenly been plunged back into pre 1984 when apple invented the mouse ?????
    Touchpad – people who uses onscreen keyboards NOW will errk at that idea. tiny, small and small respond is the achilles’ heels of current on screen keyboard. Apple’s touchpad is way more advance. utilizing multi touch technology, you’d be able to well multitask, typing more that two keystrokes in a split second, like how you’d type on a normal keyboard 🙂 view the video

  35. @ avin tan
    contrary to your skewed jobs worshipping beliefs, the iphone is not a smartphone, merely a feature phone. one would best classify the iphone as a fashion phone. you can’t classify a smartphone by the presence of touchscreen alone. iphone’s version of os X is crippled, to describe. functionality wise, it doesn’t even hold up to many other cheaper offerings. smartphone? beg your pardon? i could go on and on, but i won’t. discussion is welcome, in the cbox.

  36. Something serious to know about iphone (dollar termed is in US dollar) –
    Quoted: site: The iPhone battery will only survive about 300-400 recharges, the company says. Because the unit is sealed, consumers can’t swap out dead batteries. Instead, dead phones must be sent to Apple, where battery replacement will take three business days and cost $79 plus a $6.95 shipping charge. Those who can’t live without their cell phones for those three days can rent a spare iPhone for $29.
    You can read the official details on this:

  37. Hi Kenny,
    I heard some ppl said that iPhone cannot work with Maxis network, like receiving calls. Can you verify if this is true?

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