It’s Been 5 Years Since You’re Gone

Dear Papa,


  Today is the 5th anniversary of your passing. How are you doing up in heaven? I imagine you must have had lots of friends by now to keep you company. Heck, as I’m writing this, you might be playing cards with Ah Kong, Ah Ma and Michael Jackson.

  Just kidding. But seriously, how are things up there?

  Will you forgive me if I tell you I haven’t been taking care of Mom very well? These past few weeks I have been flying all over the place. I haven’t been seeing Mom very often. She’s been wanting to talk to me, but I’m always doing work on the computer or on the phone. Sorry Papa. I try my best k?

  Papa, there’s another thing I’d like to apologize for.

  I had chosen not to take over the business empire you built. I know, I know this is not what you wanted. Papa, I’m so sorry but I tried. I just wasn’t as good as you were. I never had the confidence to do what you had accomplished.

  Instead, I spoke to Uncle and Mom. They gave me their blessings to start my own business. 6 months ago, I had the opening ceremony for Level Up Fitness.

  It makes me sad that you were not there to witness this very proud moment in my life. I was under sooooo much stress in the weeks leading up to the opening. There were sooo many problems and I didn’t even sleep the day before the Grand Opening. Mom told me how similar I was to you when you started your business many years ago. Now I know. Guess it is true: like father, like son eh? Haha.

   So many times I wanted to tell you about my business problems, then I remembered you’re on long-service leave.

  Don’t worry Papa, everything is okay now.

  Although my fitness centre is entirely different concept from your supermarkets, your spirit lives on. I work with the same set of principles and values that you taught me, and treat my staff with the same attitude you treated yours. I even incorporated the logo of your business into mine! 🙂 Every time I see it, I am reminded of you.

  I miss you Papa. 5 years on, I still wish you were here. Guess the only way I’ll see you again is on the day I join you in heaven. I’ll make lots of coffee for you then.

  Please take good care of yourself.



Your youngest son.

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  1. You’re a good son Kenny… I missed my dad, reading this… The difference is that my father is still healthily alive… But he is in Kuching… and I miss them and the entire familes…
    I like this post… good job… thumbs up! =)

  2. I’m sure he’ll be proud of you 🙂 This post of yours reminded me of my very own dad who passed away 5 years ago as well.

  3. U r sick kennyfatboysia … Manipulating the death of your father to gain public sympathy and readership. Utterly disgusting! Revolting man.

  4. Understood. I lost mine 6 years ago. He’s never far or near. He might not resembles pride but his family. Parents and family come first. Once they are gone and that’s forever. Money, Power and Fame can wait. At least try to spend a lunch moment with mom listening to her. Share her taught cause it fuels your day…take care.
    Best Regards Home.

  5. So sad, my father passed away 5 years ago, too. I am only 19 now. But I am always working hard so that he will be proud of me one day!
    Good luck Kenny, your papa will always be beside you and see you succeed =D

  6. Family will always be a priority. I’m still lucky both parents are alive but quite regret didn’t able to spend much time with them. They sacrifice a lot for our life. So, try spend spend some time with your mum as I’ll being doing that to my parents too. 🙂

  7. Your dad loves you kenny. I’ll remember this post and keep it in my mind how wonderful it is to have a dad =)

  8. Congrats on your successfully opening your own business! I was very touched to read about your tribute to your dad. I missed my own dad terribly who had passed on 6 years ago. I’m sure your dad would be very proud of what you have achieved now.

  9. he’s proud of u…
    u just reminded me of my dad…he died a year ago…and i miss him so badly..

  10. What a fine young man you r turning out to be. I’m very sure ur dad will support ur decision too.
    All the best!

  11. I’ve been following your blog for many years now and I can see as years pass, your annual obligatory “message to your dad” gets a lot more positive and it’s obvious that you’re already moved on. Take good care of yourself Kenny! You make Kuching people proud! 🙂

  12. Your dad would be very proud of you being able to handle your own business. But no matter how busy you get please keep your mom company because she would miss being in your dad’s company. Everyday is mother’s day to her if you showed your love to her. Anyway take care 🙂

  13. your entry made me tear.. I am sure your papa is up there smiling at what you’ve accomplished =) all the best, kenny!

  14. I have not visit any MalaysiAn blog for a while. Last might I have insomiA, browsing net using my iphone and check on yr blog, u are funny, I like funny people
    I miss my dad 2 yrs ago. Hope to vist Kuching soon. I hate the journey, 30 long hour from Florida here.

  15. lol..u tot only christian have heaven existed? go back and learn more la… dont buat malu here~XD

  16. This shows of how fast time passes.. it’s like yesterday I saw you writing a post for your dad, and today u write another one… treasure everyone beside you ..

  17. kenny…ur post makes me miss my dad more and more…(he’s in heaven too..)
    i guess ur dad & my dad can play cards together…:-)

  18. Dear good-fat-blogger who made-his-father-proud,
    At least you still have your mum, unlike me. Take care of her as your great dad took care of her.
    You’re like a son I never had… ROFL (I’m not even married…)

  19. dear kenny
    how have you been it is good to see you remember your dad very well
    your dad have help you in your life how he have grow in your life and help you in your school life
    any where kenny i want to said you should go to the place were you put his foto and go and pai him
    for his birthday

  20. Kenny, dont worry.. You dad is chilling with my dad up in heaven. I bet you they have been playing poker & gulping some beers.

  21. Great post.It made me cry.Something bad nearly happened to one of the people i cared most yesterday,but im glad it didnt. Your post made me feel grateful that my loved ones are still here with me, although very far away.
    your father will be very proud of you.

  22. I remember reading your blog post when your father passed away five years ago. It is incredibly moving to read how much you have change over this period of time. I am sure Sia Senior will be very proud of you.
    And I am proud to be a steadfast follower of your blog!

  23. how to say…. time really flies.. This year also my mom 5th anniversary and career path had changed on my side too. Moving to a bigger company but i dun feel the achievement. Keep it up on your part and ur blogs… And i Believe he is very very proud of you.

  24. nice & touching story….
    life no take 2 so must appreciate what you have beside you now.
    all the best to you ^_^

  25. that’s a very sweet and dedicating entry.
    wish u the best in all ur future endeavors, but don’t forget to stop once in a while to sniff the flowers by the roadside…^^

  26. yes this post is very touching! T.T sigh.. losing one of your loved ones can sometimes be really unbearable.. anyway, kenny sia, cheer up and you are doing really well! your dad is definitely not only very proud of you now, but from the very moment you were born!:DD

  27. a touching post.. :'(
    I’ve been saying I wanted to write a post for Papa but till now I haven’t done so.
    I should be doing it by Father’s Day 🙂
    thanks for sharing Kenny..
    I’m sure KennyPapa is very proud of you 🙂

  28. U brought tears to my eyes kenny! Reminded me of my dad too. My dad passed away a few months ago and I miss him so badly. But stay strong ok. Our dads are in good hands above. :)))

  29. Why think of ur dad after 5 years?why not after 1 year,2 years…..pathetic. typical Hypocrite

  30. Your father would be very very proud of you. My friends all know about your new gym business.
    We’re the two girls you met while eating this Thursday afternoon. Thanks for the time out to take pictures with us. We’re big fans of yours, way back since high school.
    Took us quite some debating, pushing and huge amount of courage to approach you. We nearly fainted and were so giddy to notice you.
    You were so courteous, and as HANDSOME as ever in picture and in real life. Your signature smile :). What luck my friend and I to bump into such famous person in Kuching eating right in front of us!!!
    Keep up the good work and we’ll always support you!!

  31. I wonder why u never mention him as a great man before until he is dead.Now,say sorry and stupid jokes after 5 years.slug

  32. hmm… given that you realized you’ve neglected and/or spend lesser time for your mum… it’s time you actually try to make up for it by spending more quality time with her…
    by writing here, chances are she won’t be able to read it… action speaks louder than words… … do something… before you post another entry regretting how you should have spend much time for her etc…
    been following your blog all these while… keep it up 🙂

  33. U disgrace ur family.Ur parents spent so much money on ur education and what do they get from u. Nothing……

  34. Wait! His heart is as black as charcoal.Only remember his father after 5 years.Spent much time on holiday neglecting his parents.Wanker.

  35. very nice. For someone who obviously has not been following his blog. He does this every year since his dad passed away you douche, not just after 5 years

  36. genius who does not get your facts right. look properly in the archives and you’ll realise a similar post like this has been around since the 2nd year his dad passed away. what a bunch of numbnuts you people are

  37. wonderful comment from someone who jumps to conclusion and posts without thinking. Maybe you who are obviously very much sane, can go have a look at the archives and find what he posts every year on May 4th. Might help you more in your conquest to prove kenny’s insanity

  38. A pathetic and simple lie to fool all fans.Do u think ur father can read in heaven.U r pulling my legs.Jumper!

  39. Just imagine spent so much money on
    children education and job in the end turn up something different cheap from university course.who should I to blame?

  40. These last few posts have been utterly disgraceful, obviously the work of one single dumbass. So who’s the troll here?

  41. Awww…soo sweett and touching post..
    I guess, everyone of us had neglected our parents or love ones one way or another. If you know you did, try changing, patching things up before it’s too late).
    To all readers,it’s his blog, he can write whatever he wants in his blog, like every bloggers who have their personal blog.

  42. Ask not what you did for him after he died but what you did not do for him when he was alive.
    Knowing that, you should treat your mother better. You’ll never know when your chance expires.

  43. you guys who criticize, don’t ya all know that they have tv, dvd, computers, heck even internet connection there. Just look at the shops selling it, so colorful. Although inflation sucks up/ down there. a pile of 1M note for only $5.
    Still, happy mother’s day you fuckers.

  44. Why are some people here so critical? As if we really know kenny too well? We’re not the right people to judge. His blog is just one of the many mirrors that reflect of parts of his identity — I think we shouldn’t be too negative, instead it’s best we ponder on these thoughts and ask ourselves if we’ve also thought of our parents and have we really taken good care of them.
    Let’s be cool here folks, no need to over criticize ^_^

  45. Hugssss kenny….I know how that must have felt…I lost my dad too…whatever it is, if ur dad’s still around i’m sure he’ll be very proud of u ;)…U’re not alone 🙂 HUGSSSS

  46. Nicely said bro.. I’m sure your dad is among the angels, and probably drinking Starbucks while saying proudly to his friends in heaven ‘That’s my son!!”

  47. Dear Kenny,
    This particular post makes all readers stop and reminisce on our lives. You are a obedient son all man would wish to have.
    Though your dad may have passed on, he is still around. He never really left when he still remains within your memories.

  48. Kenny ,you are a good son and also a successful person…your dad will be proud of your even if he is gambling with Michele Jackson up there…Hope He rest in peace…

  49. STFU SUSAN, I can see that you hate Kenny very much from your ugly comments.. So, why are you reading his blog?? you dimwit..

  50. jz back fr u level up, such excitement reading ur latest updates..n 5 tears rolled down my eyes when reached this post… …

  51. I fully understand all of u critics.. U guys deserve all my sympathies.. U guys r obviously tied up 2 a chair n placed in front of a computer with full internet access n with all sites locked up except 4 n how coincidentally it is ur most hated site so u have nth 2 do other dan leaving hate comments.. dat must b de reason y u guys keep reading his entries n posting comments altho extremely hated it.. nvm.. just go on.. sorry u have no life.. 😀

  52. Gosh ppl, give him a break. If you hated him so much then why are you checking his blog? Closet fans perhaps?
    Anyway Kenny, I don’t really follow you blog but occasionally when I read some of your posts, it makes me smile and miss all the fun stuff happening back home.
    It’s kinda hard isn’t it? When you’re not famous you don’t have that many friends/ fans but when you are, suddenly you have enemies (even though some are not friends to begin with therefore without a falling out how can you be enemies?)
    Your dad will be proud of you.

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