69 Replies to “I Met My Match”

  1. O_o”
    Imagine if this is real, it will be one heck of a hand/mouth *ahem* exercise for a poor girl LOL ;P

  2. Oh yeah !! GO BROTHER !!! He beat all you downs..even ur ass kenny. u still lost..even though its an inch.. hahahaa!

  3. OH. Its a Penis? Why is he holding it like a hose? And why is he not in a whore house, manipulating his one and only shiny, deflective penis? Are you sure its a penis? I thought that guy meant for it to look like he had his head inverted, and that he had a shiny tail.

  4. how to put it back in his pants like that??? looks like heavy.
    kenny, i think you’re much lighter after undergoing penis-removal surgery or something.
    then how to pee? pee like watering plants like that.

  5. He can beat down anyone in a fight…
    Just whip it out and boom goes the male enemies in fear and envy whilst female enemies stare in awe, thinking “Why don’t my beng beng have such weapon in his armoury”

  6. ehh PLEASE you never watch Discovery Channel ah?
    *actually i also don’t. only heard from my teacher.*
    apparently those tribesmen in very very ulu Africa have cocks so long they need to wrap them around their legs.

  7. kenny.. i suggest some warning b4 reading…
    dad tot i went to some porn site |||-.-
    polute my angelic image nia |||-.-

  8. If he ever uses that to screw girls, all the glittery stuff would probably remain in their _____,
    hmm, certaintly not a sight to see!

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