72 Replies to “I Live For Moments Like This”

  1. eee ham sap kenny.. she’s still a kid although she has grown much la.. dun take advantage of her ok!

  2. Your niece is cute. But seriously, just wondering, you say you never blog about events/people to protect them from your “haters”. Why then do you blog about your niece and your friends, and make no mention of your girlfriend? The omission is quite stark sometimes.

  3. Hi! Just dropped by to visit. Nice webpage. Come visit me? I’m a fellow malaysian blogger too. It’s more of a crafting blog, maybe you can teach your niece of my crafting tutorials. Thanks. Keep in touch!!

  4. Aww, that is just so cute. I can see that you love her so much too. I think you would make a terrific dad, Kenny!

  5. ur niece is so cute!
    I have a nephew and a niece myself.
    and they just bring so much joy to everyone.
    they make us happy, just like that, isnt it.

  6. My mom just told me last night that my soon-to-be 3 years old niece keep on calling for me and learn to recognize me by my photos. I haven’t see her and her sis for almost 5 months. How I miss them so much.
    Kaddy (lolz), though you’re busy lately, however a big cheers for this short but delightful post.

  7. Oh!!! So sweet of her…kaddy…i think this name sound better compare to KENNY…
    Kaddy “Golden Fish Uncle”

  8. hey don’t you have more pressing matters to post in your interesting little famous blog, i.e the tuna and salmon?
    i’m sure you get what i mean =)

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