Chelsea Football Club Is In Malaysia

Finally, Chelsea Football Club has arrived in Malaysia!

A lot of readers have been anxiously awaiting for my interview with Luiz Felipe Scolari.

The thing is, I have been unable to get on the phone with Chelsea coach, and he has yet to even reply my e-mail interview! Bugger Scolari, too small fry for you is it!?
Doesn’t matter, because there are still plenty of things to get excited about.

Earlier today, 24 players from Chelsea’s first team took the chartered MAS flight from Macau to KL.
Among the elite 24 are Chelsea and England captain John Terry.

Scolari’s first catch for Stamford Bridge, Deco.

German national captain, Michael Ballack.

Star midfielder, Frank Lampard, one of England’s highest-paid football players.

Also in town are of course, Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, winger Joe Cole and defender Ashley Cole.

Notably missing from the 24 is notorious troublemaker Didier Drogba.

Maybe he already got a red card before he even boarded the plane to KL.
The Blues are here to play against Malaysia in Shah Alam Stadium this coming Tuesday at 8:45pm.

It’s a rare oppportunity for us to witness one of EPL’s Big Four in action before the official EPL season starts next month.
Word has it that exclusive official merchandise will be specially flown in for sale on match day. 😉

Today (Monday) from 4pm to 5pm, the team will be at the adidas store in Pavilion KL for autograph signing session.
Later in the evening at 6:30pm, the team will move to Shah Alam Stadium where they’ll be doing their warm up for their upcoming match. Those with the training passes I gave out earlier will be able to meet and greet the players after they have finished.

And of course, tomorrow night is Chelsea’s match day against Malaysia.
Somehow I get the feeling that there will be more blue shirts in the audience than yellow. Poor Malaysian footballers. is one of the official media partners for the Samsung Chelsea Asia Tour 2008.
Last night, I attended the press conference at the Palace of the Golden Horses.

Luiz Felipe Scolari was there, and he fielded questions from the hundreds of journalists from various news media in attendance.
Most of the journalists there asked football-related questions, like “What’s your strategy against Malaysia F.C.?” or “Why do you pick this player over that player?”

When I finally managed to grab hold of the mic, I seized the opportunity and asked Scolari a non-football related question.

“Mr Scolari, I noticed that you speak many different languages. Have you picked up the Malaysian language and can you say to us a few words?”
This was how he responded.

Next, I’m gonna teach him say KNNCCB.

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Thanks everyone for the show of concern after I posted about my car accident on my Pacmee.
Well, I’m still in one piece although my car suffered dents. It could’ve been worse, and I could’ve died if it weren’t for my seatbelt. So buckle up, boys and girls.

127 Replies to “Chelsea Football Club Is In Malaysia”

  1. chelski sucks big time,,,hail barca should come to Malaysia,see how they play in their scotland tour and compare it to chelski’s asian tour which one has the beautiful game touch? ITS FC BARCELONA!!!
    so am going for Malaysia for this!!!lol

  2. in malaysia against chelsea..there will be more blue color than yellow in the stadium? haha…
    but in sg today…there shld be more yellow color than red color in the staidum today..because today Brazil team will be playing against sg team..hahaha

  3. “…and he has yet to even reply my e-mail interview!… too small”…. if you say things like this then maybe it’s true. Why did you say that?

  4. Teach him to say tiuniaseng also la. hahahahha. kidding kidding.
    I’m anticipating many great photos from you, Mr Kenny, although I’m not a Chelsea fan. lol

  5. i beg to differ. Luis Felipe Scolari is an excellent coach, and with this man at the head of the team, Chelsea, unfortunately, has more advantages.
    nevertheless, Manchester United will still pwn their asses. heh heh.
    gonna wear MU jersey tmr.

  6. video can’t be played lar =(
    i wanna see him say that “knnccb”
    can you imagine him cursing that during a match or something

  7. Kenny, i notice how everytime that guy’s hand goes up for a comment, there is more flashes of photo taking, what are these guys up to? Try to get a peak up his jungle armpit? LoL.
    Tat Wei

  8. Can someone explain why Mr Scolari speaks as if he is talking in Tamil?
    And also, can someone who is getting the chance of meeting him, please tell him how to pronounce the word “MALAYSIA” properly =.=

  9. “…and he has yet to even reply my e-mail interview!… too small fry”? Dude, you’ve not replied my email from last week.

  10. Dear Tat Wei,
    Why would you say that he sounds as if he’s speaking in Tamil? You may not understand the languange, and you are merely critisizing it based on your hearing because it is fast and perhaps to some people, confusing. From your name, I would assume that you are Chinese. Would you say the same about your language? I am a person who does not speak or understand any of the chinese dialects, but do you see me or anyone else for the matter making fun of it? Coming from Malaysia, you should know more than to say something like that. It is utterly disgusting to even hear it coming from a Malaysia. I am a Malaysian, but I have been living abroad and I am proud to say that I havent lost my roots and I am still very much proud that Malaysia has its diversity despite the political issues that are highly talked about. I am utterly ashamed to see one leaving such a comment! And you too, should be ashamed of yourself.

  11. Kenny, please bring home 1 Chelsea T-Shirt for me with all the players’ autographs….. pleeeeaaaseee !!

  12. kyra
    you just flamed the WRONG person for an innocent question.
    don’t get so worked up and chill la wey

  13. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA why is this posted 2 minutes after I left my house? I didn’t see Kenny at the stadium thus langsung tak ter-meet n greet the team T_T T_T T_T T_T Kenny I want autographed jersey for my bdayyyyyyyyyyy T_T

  14. Hey kenny sia, do you need any pics from chelsea’s press conference today (28/7) at 4pm in Palace of The Golden Horses??

  15. OMG WTF.
    i just flew in here today.. like just.. to catch the game n now u tell me the autograph sesh was jz now m so emo nw. why was the pre party canceled 🙁 omg i am so excited

  16. I love Chelsea alot, there is nothing more lovable than a team full of mercenaries, funded by dirty communist money.
    And best of all, they still can’t win the champions league after so much money have been thrown around.

  17. Hard and emotional decisions are never give the benefit of doubt or to Face reality in the eye..VIVA LA CHELSEA !!!!

  18. surely blue shirts will overwhelm yellow shirts. adidas sells the chelsea kit for rm269…nike sells the malaysian kit for rm269 also. you make your choice which one you would buy. no brainer really.

  19. Not 2 be rude or anything….but how many of you out there….chelsea fans…were actually chelsea fans before roman came along………….

  20. Vimal
    Me me me…I’ve been a Chelsea fan since before the former owner Ken Bates bought over the club for…………1 pound sterling!!

  21. If i’m not mistaken, Scolari said Assalamualaikumm sallam, which is not even Bahasa Melayu. That’s Arabic. Why would some even taught him that? Can’t you jz teach him Apa Khabar or things look more native to MALAYSIA???
    Geezz, just can’t stand those who can’t differentiate what’s Bahasa Melayu and what’s Arabic.

  22. lamps is not fat ,he is just BIG-BONED.wakakaka.deco will pawn him for his place…kekekek u gotta admit that as well!!!

  23. ya, kennysia still to small fry for him lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s like a whale to a germ.


  25. Saw the match live. Even the organsier ProEvents put a Thank You note on the Electronic Billboard for You have face loh!

  26. I don’t get it. What does it benefit to our country from paying people to come into your terrain to beat your own ass? The worse part is your people are cheering joyfully when your own people’s ass got owned. Where’s the morale to this?
    Help me understand. Seriously.

  27. though you said you’d bring those who won the training passes to meet the players.
    sadly you didnt, i dont blame you though.
    thank you so much again for the passes.
    my dreams came true because of you & I got to meet you as well 🙂

  28. can any msian footballers play real football? they hv no skills, no speed, no brains! all becos of stupid selection system. bias and shiat!
    whack free kick also like sissy!
    yea 0-2 looks respectable scoreline but all becos of poor ground conditions which limited chelsea’s skills and speed.
    u pay millions to bring big teams over but u cant secure a good playing field! Pooodah!
    the whole game was like so boring. if not for free i wud hv asked for refund1 it was an insult to our intelligence! a mockery of rakyat msia who are still paying taxes and bulk of the sports funds are channeled to a bunch of losers!
    Thank goodness many local clubs and state run FAs are dying financially. U deserve what u get. Biasness cost us big time thru the years and now we r reaping what we sow. No more soh chin auns? No more santokh singh? That bad? Or just too many “mokhtar daharis” now?

  29. To those chelsea fans during the ken bates era, those who I respect fully…coz you guys supported chelsea not because of the financial backing… but because of the football itself. Don’t you guys feel just a little agitated when other people come up to you and say they’ve been a lifelong chelsea fan, they know everything about chelsea when the fact remains is that they only started watching after roman bought the club.

  30. Kaki Bangku, what do you expect to get when political interest people are running the organization….what in the world does the FAM president know about football? Has he ever kicked a ball? During which part of this life did Khairy played football for him to be eligible to be a part of FAM? Why are former national players not in the setup for the national team???? Questions which no one has answers to.. To the management, it’s just an opportunity to fame and fortune….

  31. kenny,
    now that u hv seen upclose n personal the quaity of Msia Football (not chelsea), pls do a write up on them. Am sure th enext person knocking on ur door wud be KJ himself after ur famous encounter with TF just rite after u wrote shiat abt them.

  32. SheenaLiam,
    Thts actually very well said. I’ve been supporting chelsea since Glenn Hoddle was coaching the team back in 1994 -1995 because thts when i was actually in London and watched a Chelsea match. I fell in love with Chelsea ever since.
    But i do agree with your point there that i have myself come across peculiar fans who’ve all claimed that they’re hardcore fans even before Roman came along. Theres no harm in admitting that you’re a Chelsea fan before or after the Roman era, but it sure beats lying about it.

  33. thank goodness you asked a non-football related question. it probably made things a little more interesting. plus i guess the photographers wanted more expressive shots. hand gestures are as expressive as things can get at a press conference where everyone’s separated from each other by a long, velvet-covered table.

  34. training was a bomb? u mean to say it was a blast? bombed is like it was a total waste of time. And if u really meant it, then i cant agree with u more.
    But i guess when u r paid to write…even shiat will smell and look as good as KFC…

  35. The question is so stupid and lame. That happen when you give a chance for “kaki bangku” to interview [ONE QUESTION interview actually] one of the sport legend. What a WASTE.

  36. chelsea players were obviously play with 30% energy nia. relax relax like dat. malaysia team running like mad dog chasing the ball. wtf.

  37. msia chasing the wind la! They all just hope to last 90mins and then swap jerseys. That’s the high point in their career. Yea, i got lampard’s jersey. I got Cole’s jersey. They can concoct stories to their grandchildren next time but the fact remains, they played like sissies and hopefully their grandchildren wont find out the truth.
    What happened to the soh chin auns and santokh singhs? Oh yea, now lots of dollah sallehs around with GREAT SKILLS so no place for any of those lame ahpeks and nia sengs!


  39. fark you to those Malaysian team haters,I am a chinese but the Malaysian Team rawks mah balls!!they played as a team with the good guidance of santhianathan(indian) eventhou thr is still no chinese players in it YET….

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  41. Wats wif these ppl dissin malaysian players but at the same time calling for malaysia for malaysian. Unity la konon. Please f**k off and die.

  42. I will be back in K.L. on August 21 Is it possible to watch the Chelsea with the Malaysian supporters at your venue. I have only supported Chelsea for 48 years so you may let me in!! Let me know where you meet Cheers from Mr Scott carefree etc

  43. How come i can’t see all the photos ar? It just didnt show…. izzit my computer settings problem???? help…

  44. Hello kenny,my name is also kenny,how are you doing? have been in malaysia for couple of month now,and am looking for where to archieve my dream, cuz am a very talented and genius footballer, so i dont want my talent to be wasted…please please i really need your help in any way, and i assure you that i will never let you down,i will deliver my best for you. just try to help me in any way you can…okay i will really appreciate your gestures towards regards looking forward to hear from you soon.

  45. Julius Beggar Football Association
    NFA PLOT 2023,Cadastral Abuja
    Nigeria West Africa.
    Dear Sir,
    Compliments of the day.I know that this mail will come to you as a suprise since we had not have any previous correspondence please bear with me sir.I will like to have a good relationship with you.My name is Innocent Odia a Nationality of Nigeria,I got your contact through my deligent search for football soccer club.I’m constrained to contact you because of my football career and as a good right winger and also good striker but due to my lack of assistance in this field that made me to seek for your advise in this movement.
    I came to this country Ghana on 25th day of december 2007 were I am training with one of the club here in Accra.I am seeking for your assistance in this regard to see if you can invite me to one of your country club for trials.So upon the receipt of your possitive comfirmation i shall forward you my CV and my national football ID for further proceedings.
    Please sir i will be waiting to read from you urgently.
    Best Regard,
    Innocent Odia.
    +233 245071837.

  46. dear am ADEX am from nigeria i play in nigeria youth soccer,and i will like to play in malaysia please you can just try me and know who i am pls am hungry to play this football and am coming to malaysia by december 20th please i just want you to send me your mobile number and the city you are byeeeeeeeeeeeee

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