How To Make Your Own Official World Cup Ball

As the FIFA World Cup goes into full swing, I find myself deeply engrossed in the world’s most popular sport.

I wasn’t normally like that. I hardly followed the EPL or any other forms of soccer/football championships for that matter in the past. In my free time I do plenty of sports, mainly running and swimming, but I’ve never played soccer my entire life.
The truth is, I suck when it comes to balls.

No no no, what I meant was –
I find ball games a little too hard to play.
No, wait.
Ahhh screw it.

Oh my. On the pitch? I think that’s a foul.

My point is, I have a newfound interest in soccer thanks to the World Cup and I’m considering taking up the sport.
Over the weekend, I was at the shopping centre looking through some shoes, jerseys and stuff when I spotted the official ball for this year’s World Cup – theadidas Teamgeist.

This photo is taken with the LG Chocolate phone

What an absolute beauty of ball sitting right there in front of the shop seemingly saying to me, “Buy me, Kenny! Buy me!”
Hypnotised by it’s sexy curves, I sauntered dreamily to the ball, picked it up and much to my horror I saw this staring right back at me.

What the hell?! 400 bucks for a freakin’ soccer ball?! CCB SIMILAN ISLAND WHAT A RIP-OFF!
You gotta be wondering how much of a killing adidas is making right now just selling those balls.
RM400 per ball! RM400 is a lot ok! Not some small amount little kids can afford ok! RM400 can buy me 180 bowls of kolo mee and I’d still have some spare change to keep. And you expect me to spend it on a seemingly normal ball with some stupid curves and the ridiculous Germany 2006 logo on? DREAM ON!
Sien. The CEO of adidas must be swimming in a pool filled with cash right now. Makes me want start my own business selling balls as well. Too bad I only have two and I need them both.

If you’re anything like me, you’d feel very tulan as well. It’s like, you want something so much but you just can’t see yourself spending so much money on something so unjustifiably overpriced that it’s killing you inside.
Just then a light bulb appeared over my head. I thought to myself… why not make my own soccer ball? The Teamgeist is loaded with all these fancy technology a casual player wouldn’t care. All we care about is the look. Why pay so much for a soccer ball that looks good? Make your own!

Yes, that’s right. For a fraction of the cost of an authentic adidas Teamgeist, I could make my very own official FIFA World Cup 2006 soccer ball. And I’m gonna show you how.
First, you’d need a regular soccer ball. Any one will do. Get a “Made In China” one at your local sports store for a cheap RM40.

Sure, it won’t last as long and the specs aren’t as good, but the improvements in the Teamgeist ball are minimal in practice you probably won’t notice it anyway.
Then you gotta spray the ball all white.

Use spray paint of ICI Dulux, whichever you prefer. Gotta have a white background before you paint the designs on later ya know?
Now comes the difficult part.

You know how the Teamgeist ball features the signature World Cup trophy-inspired ’rounded propellers’? That’s important. That’s the whole reason why so many wanted the ball in the first place.
But how do you do it?

You get a box of Kotex.

Stick ’em all over your ball.

Add drawings with a marker pen and there you go!

Your very own Official FIFA World Cup Teamgeist Ball.

They look so similar no one can tell the difference.
Better still, if your girl is expecting her monthly matter, you can just peel one off your ball to let her use. And she’d be so in love with you.

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203 Replies to “How To Make Your Own Official World Cup Ball”

  1. You’re a late night bird you are…
    I was going to say WTH are you doing awake at 6?
    Then I realised earlier was the Brazil football match.
    Ah~ It’s so obvious I’m a girl innit.

  2. hahha, reminds me of wat i told myself a while ago.. XD don’t need buy that 400 bucks one la, go buy the normal one with the normal panels, but same design ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. After eating kolok mee, can use to wipe oily mouth too…and on hazy days, can peel off and wear as mask!

  4. Make sure you don’t paly it during or after rain. The water and mud would really make the ball darn heavy because I heard kotex absorbs very well!!!

  5. Kenny, when come to women stuff, you gotta consult your mather or sister or char boh la. A panty liner is not for ahem, ahem. It is for ahem, ahem. OK?

  6. how about ronaldinho’s balls? u know, d ones in d breeze commercials? u see him play around with them, n signs his autograph on them…
    …. (!)
    i’m sorry. i cannot leave a comment anymore. i sound dirty..

  7. Very “sat” ah you, Made-in-China football + Spray Paint + Kotex + Marker Pen = RM399.90 Adidas football. I salute you!
    I like your “karit-ness”. Same like me! Muahahaa

  8. He he, I think I’ll get the original Teamspirit ball. You should pick up football, it is a great game to play.
    That Australia match was very good, they fought hard against Japan, hope they will get far.

  9. so dumb but so funny… *haha*
    btw.. i got the smaller kiddie version of the adidas football, for free. *heehee*

  10. Gawd…..kenny!
    creative…very verrryyy creative…
    but… eeeewwwwwwww
    why not use the sanitary pad and trace the shape den colour d whole shape black rather than you stick it to the ball??
    ah but it wouldn be as funny as it is now…hahahaha

  11. mr sia, u r a blaadi genius man.. damn funnnnnnnnnnnnnnny
    wa salute sama lu.
    Was always wondering how come nobody seems to notice the sanitary pad lookalike patterns on the teamgeist.

  12. You got me laughing there ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have to say it’s really creative and innovative way of getting a ball similar as the one they use in the WC
    Great job ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. hey kenny, u don’t need BOTH balls ๐Ÿ˜‰
    i’m sure u can trade one in for the Adidas Teimgeist…
    keep up the good work

  14. if u are intrested in playing football in Kuching, you are welcome to join me and my friends. We play almost every saturday around 5pm. email me if you’re intrested.

  15. LMAO .. that was hella funny dude. Seriously had me laughing out in my office (which kinda woke some ppl) Cheers and Allez Les Bleus!!!

  16. eww…u actually dare to touch that? and even bought a pack??? n u worst…u played wif it….
    dude…that’s gross…
    n sick..

  17. OMG You’re so sick Kenny!!!
    “Better still, if your girl is expecting her monthly matter, you can just peel one off the ball to let her use”
    Then she’ll be wondering since when did Adidas come up with their own brand of panty liners ROFL ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Well, footballs are like that…
    There’s always a new techonologically modified one every 2 years, and Adidas always sell them for the highest price possible.
    In 2002, they produced the Fever Nova for the 2002 World Cup, and it was made to be much lighter than a regular ball.
    In 2004, they produced the Roteiro for Euro 2004, and it was ‘thermally bonded’, as in there was not a single stitch on the ball to add to it’s aerodynamic ability in the air and also so that the ball wouldn’t get out of shape fast.
    This year apparently, the Teamgeist is thermally bonded not with it’s usual hexagonic pads but with ‘propellar’ and ‘turbine’ shaped pads so that the ball is rounder and, once again, is more aerodynamic in the air.
    If you like the ball so much, just wait another two years and the price will go down as a new technological ball will be produced by then.
    Oh and btw, if you’re planning to take up the sport, make sure you call me XD

  19. only americans use the word soccer. thats because american football is big there and they didnt want it confused with football.

  20. LOL!!!
    I think u should go into advertising…U r damn creative!
    Btw, its not too bad that u r the judge of Asian Blog Award, the reason they make you the judge is because they know u will win hands down if you were to be nominated.

  21. I’m going to russell peters too! his melbourne show early july!
    and Aussie also says Soccer because football is our footy. =)

  22. nice one mate
    The wonderful thing abt Teamgeist though is the panels and stitches… Apparently the way its put together makes it work more like an inflated baseball — its supposed to swing more = be more unpredictable to the keepers = more goals…
    and after the opening match i was beginning to think that was true so i was betting on “any other score” for like the next few matches… KNN CCB… England 1-0 for an own goal… Sweden 0-0 zzzzzzzzz……
    whatever it is its one heck of a beauty..
    399 isnt that bad actually.. its going for AUD160 here so thats still slightly cheaper…

  23. I’m trying not to laugh in the office. But that’s just one SICK post k. But better use panty liners instead of the regulars, otherwise the humps made by the cushion-effect make it look like a anything BUT a ball.

  24. I don’t watch premier league neither I do watch football as often at all but when it comes to world cup I will definitely watch the matches. Why ? Worldcup fever, I guess, LOL
    The ball u did, it was so funny, real “creative” haha

  25. The skillful players learn their skills from those cheapo balls until professional ok! So who is right to judge that u cant play from a cheap ball?

  26. haha save $$ den go for a holiday, tat stupid ball is nt worth the money.. Nike and Adidas made pools of money juz because it is World Cup

  27. in, I prefer calling it soccer actually. Football could mean american or aussie rules football, but when you say ‘soccer’ you know for sure what it is.
    Anonymous at 7:47am + holyday, haha! I didn’t realise wingz had a similar one up before already. Nahhh, we thought of the same thing independantly. Anyway I e-mailed him and apologised. I guess you could say that we both have really sick minds.

  28. hmm. i always wonder… after every one of your posts, you seem to get so many comments. what’s you secret? How’d you get so famous? a small time Kuching boy with a wild imagination like you.

  29. damn you kennysia. now whenever i watch world cup i’ll be reminded of kotex. sigh got to get myself brainwashed again.

  30. Kenny, you are so funny. I guess I can’t help to think of this blog whenever I watch WC.
    You are very creative and I have no doubt, you will definitely get the award if you are one of the participants!
    Keep it up Kenny!

  31. U ppl r weird man, what’s so funny abt sticking sanitary pads on a ball? Can u design and build such a football? Can u kenny sia? Or mayb like if those adidas designers read ur blog and abt ur sanitary pads, what do u think they think?? haha…u r some strange person, i sure would love to see u get fucked.

  32. hey the part about the pattern looking like pads.. its kinda like the same as what rojaks (“frying without wings” on yr link) posted quite a few days ago.
    is it like coincidence, or is this joke like travelling around?

  33. NO SHIT,KENNY!!!!!!!!
    U’RE A GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. fusion of balls and pads…
    gee, those fighting for feminist’s causes probably can use your ball to promote equality between male and female…=)

  35. i miss these kinda entries!!!
    funnylah…lidat also can ah? won’t the kotex be not practical if u played the ball in wet conditions? since its so…abosorbant…as seen in tv…haha

  36. shld’ve known.
    aiya you ah kennysia.
    you’ve got balls.
    ps. rmb to use a clean pad okay. and please, dont torture your gf and give her the pad you’ve got marker ink all over (and your hands all over too) euchh.>

  37. Sorry Kennysia
    According to FIFA rules, the ball cannot absorb moisture , otherwise the mass of the ball will increase as the game goes on. Try using some food wrap on the ball, or paint it with some clear varnish.

  38. wey…. tell adidas CEO that u dont need his teamgeist balls cos u hav a similar one…… and then c wat happens…..

  39. Desperate football teams can ‘personalise their footballs’ so that their opponents dare not go anywhere near those balls.
    The idea of it – an excellent parody indeed!

  40. eh.. somebody copy rojaks huh… tsk tsk.. kenny.. check first before you blog can.. plagiarism is not cool..

  41. Geez, I’m so sick of everyone accusing me of plagiaring when it never happened. Can’t a guy go travelling anymore without being harrassed like that?
    No, I did not plagiarsed from Rojaks.
    For what it’s worth, this is MY SIDE OF THE STORY.
    Look, I know Wingz is a fantastic blogger and all, but I’m sorry to say that I did not read his blog everyday and I did not realise he had a similar entry up before me.
    Wingz is a bigger football fan than I am so I’m sure he made that observation before I did. I only made that observation AFTER I started watching the first few matches of the World Cup.
    I thought the Teamgeist ball looked like it has pantyliner on it ON MY OWN, and I first remarked that during the England vs Paraguay match when I was at June Then’s ( house for her 17th birthday party. After I made that remark to her, in response she told me there’s a Motorola clamshell phone that looked like a pantyliner when it’s opened up. I developed that idea into a blog entry WITHOUT REALISING THAT WINGZ HAD ALREADY PUT A SIMILAR ENTRY UP BEFORE BECAUSE I DON’T READ WINGZ’S BLOG EVERYDAY. I only found out AFTER there’s accusations popping up on my comment boxes saying that I copied from him.
    Wingz is a friend of mine. (Hint: his company sponsored my trip for the KL International Marathon) Why would I intentionally plagiarise him when I know that he has supported me so much?
    It doesn’t make any sense for me to lose friends like that.
    If I knew that he had a similar entry up OF COURSE this entry would never had appeared.
    If I did indeed copy his idea, don’t you think I would’ve delete all the comments linking this entry to rojaks to cover my tracks? Don’t you think I would’ve taken this entry down after I was “exposed”?
    I do not believe I did anything wrong, and that’s why those comments stay.
    I’m upset because people were thinking that I copied from him. I did not. I simply did not realise because I don’t read his blog everyday.
    I e-mailed him and this is what I wrote.
    Hey Wingz,
    Sorry if my latest entry sounded like it was copied from you. Didn’t know you have a similar entry up before already. Haha! Guess we both have very sick minds. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Wingz knew I had no ill-intentions. This was his response. (P/S Hope you don’t mind me ‘plagiarising’ your e-mail, Wingz)
    haha dont worry bout it lar, we both also love to make ppl laugh but i just derno why these ppl so sensitive, we make them happy but in retrun they make us sad knn!
    But then again yours one is alot funnier lol! well done!
    So there you go. I so agree with him saying that we try to make people laugh but in return these people make us sad.
    I can’t believe I’m responding to these like I’m some sort of fucking criminal. I don’t normally respond to a negative comment more than once. But this is too much.
    All I’m saying is that coincidences like this DO happen and it is PERFECTLY POSSIBLE for two people to think of the same thing separately ESPECIALLY when the Teamgeist is the MOST WATCHED BALL in the world right now.
    What do you want me to do? Google the whole Internet EVERYTIME before I post a fucking entry?
    Is anyone able to prove that it is NOT possible for two different people to have the same idea on their own?
    As far as I’m concerned, the chain of events was simply this:
    1. Wingz thought that the Teamgeist’s design looked like a pantyliner before the World Cup started
    2. Wingz blogged about the topic.
    3. I thought of the same thing on my own after the World Cup started (because I don’t follow World Cup news before it started).
    4. I blogged about the topic without realising Wingz had already done it before me.
    5. Accusations start popping up in my comment boxes.
    6. I e-mail Wingz to clear things up.
    7. He understood that it was pure coincidence and I did not do it on purpose.
    8. Case closed.
    9. Any questions?
    Geez, I feel like Barisan Nasional and all these people throwing accusations at me is the Opposition.
    But this is my side of the story and as far as I’m concerned, it is the truth and nothing but the truth.
    And you know what the sad thing is? No matter what I say, these people are still gonna stubbornly believe that they are correct and I am wrong. That is sad.
    But I’m putting up my reply for what it’s worth.
    This will be my last response on this. Case closed.

  42. Haiyo Kenny.. I’m so very sorry lar hor.. i shld’ve put in a haha in there sumwhere so you know i wasn’t attacking you or anything like that.. cos i think yours is funnier lor.. so am i forgiven? Next time you come to SG, i shall give you a big hug and a wet kiss!
    I posted your above comment on my blog oso.. but got acknowledge you one.. so don’t be angry ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. aiyo, nowadays the pads are so good they can completely absorb your marker’s ink, so u can’t write or draw anything on it la

  44. the ball is totally wicked. super absorbant ball. no more slippery balls.
    WORLD CUP RUIN MY LIFE HAHA got exams in like a week time. stress and in a dilemma.

  45. what’s so sick about sticking panty liners on a ball?
    for goodness sake, they’re not even used ones!
    learn to appreciate humor

  46. *hugs*
    ppl have gotten narrow minded la… ignore them..
    friends dun need explaination and enemies dun wan to hear them…
    keep up the good work~

  47. Haha, funny! Thought u wanted to say: if your girlfriend is expecting her monthly matter, u can take a few Kotex from her. Reduce the cost of the ball to below RM40? Since its no use to u buying a whole packet!

  48. Don’t get upset over ppl accusing you, there are going to be more of such in life. If you were to get upset over this, you will have a tough time in future.

  49. ignore accusers…by accusing u, i assumed that they ‘had a life’ xD while they shud realli go get a life.. *sweat*

  50. omg kenny kenny. hahahaahahaa. That’s very “creative” of u. BTW.. the new soccer ball for the fifa is specially made like that to have a rounder appearance la. It’s “scientifically” tested. I guess that’s why it’s so ex. Dunno much about the ball but saw it from Beyond Tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. thank u very much 4 agreeing that that damned ball costs too damned much. i mean, it’s cow skin that’s been painted on and stitched together? how much can it possibly cost to produce right? not like the ppl who actually produce the balls ever get 2 see the money made from the sales. so what if they copyrighted the design of the ball. it’s still daylight robbery. i say, we just make our own fake replica world cup balls. i don’t get paid enough to make adidas even richer than it already is.

  52. Kenny…
    as much as I disagree to some of ur posts..
    and reckon tat u merely a blogite..
    I muz say this is the 1st post that I find funny..
    U have the craziets notions dude!
    But good one..
    Tk care.

  53. i would just like to say that you have the most novel idea in make a ball . . .
    even though you have only 2 . . . .
    so make sure that you’rre able them both in good condition for the world cup !
    it’s not everyday that you get to keep your swimming pals up so late at night ! !
    oh ya ! and for your info !
    Their selling china made teamgeist ball for under RM10….
    hassle free and dirt cheap ! ! !
    wooo hoo !

  54. And thus, we call this THE GREAT BALL OF CHINA!!!
    On sale only at
    Actual product may vary from illustration
    ie. blood…. not a lot la just a bit… ๐Ÿ˜€

  55. screw u urdome ball looks nothin like the real one. ceriously u suck at least get the replica ball which is 30$ even though it sucks its atleast better thanur ugly ball.
    and uhh yah ur ball sucks and yah. dum kido.

  56. Yea.. quite obvious you have no girlfriend. Chauvanistic, fat, ugly & poor-sense of humour. Your entry reflects the maturity of a 10 year old.

  57. hahaa thats funny and since im a girl ill like to use those on the ball im as horny as hell i love it wen boys slap mi tittys round nd wen they stik ther dick up mi minge. wen i giv them a blowy its wonderful 4 them nd me.

  58. Cant you be somewhat serious???If you want that logo etc……why use pads???Use the Printouts……cut those things of,stick them on pads or without pads…(If you want to protect your ball from being wet)…and there ya go… all new Teamgeist!!!!!!!

  59. There’s no doubt that england are still going to make it through to the next phase, all we really need to do is win the next match and put these couple of dismal matches behind us, and hopefully wayne rooneys self-belief will come back to him.

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