Miri Is A Party Town

Hello from Miri, Northern Sarawak.

I’m here for work. It’s my first time back to the oil town in about 4 years. Much has changed since then.
Last time I was here, the Miri airport looked like old Kuching airport, Curtin University Sarawak was still being built, and kids were listening to tetno music. Now, their airport looks like KLIA, Curtin Sarawak is up and running and kids are still listening to tetno music.

Why do we have to make all the airports here look like KLIA?

Here’s the obligatory I’m-in-a-foreign-land-partying-with-some-hot-chicks photo.

Meet Renee and IngHui (No that wasn’t my hand holding the cig. [role model kenny]Don’t smoke kids![/role model kenny])

I’m loving it over here. Met up with some friends the evening I touched down and they brought me out to The Balcony to show me how Mirians party. Boy, was I smashed or what. And it was only a Wednesday night!
The nightlife here honestly pwns Kuching’s big time, thanks in large to the friendlier and more cosmopolitan Miri crowd. Why can’t we have the same in Kuching?

To be fair to my female readers, here’s eye candy Arthur Akal.
The last time I met Arthur was when he was in Kuching for the Rainforest World Music Festival. Here’s a guy who could just sit in a pub doing nothing and have girls just wanting to get to know him. Jealous lah.

Watching the World Cup is more exciting when you’re with these people, and especially when the match was such a heart-stopping one like the one between Germany and Poland.
Thanks for a good time, guys. Let me know when you’re in town so I could return the favour. Cheers!

Ouch. Is that supposed to hurt? Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never bring me down.

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  1. hmm… im studying in miri n that is joshua taking picture with u.. it;s a small world after all… wow.. joshua blog in kenny sia’s blog..

  2. that hand with ciggie looks like Arthur akal’s~
    Miri is cool! I love it everytime i go there.. tho I’ve never been to balcony..

  3. Aw, I already read Arth’s version. Ing Hui is so hot. Jealous lah.
    The thingy behind you in the first picture kind of looks like the Eiffel Tower, albeit uglier

  4. Miri is the most happening town in Sarawak… more happening compare to Kuching…
    If u just go for visit.. still ok… if u stay there long… very sien 1.. no where to go… like in Kuching also.. hehehe
    I’m from Miri, i stayed in kuching for 2 years when i was in IntiSar back in 1997 to 1999… so i know both sides…
    Due to the “sieness” in Miri, i’m working in KL now… hehehehe

  5. I was supposed to go to Miri in 1999/2000 to see Niah Cave. But I never got there because of the haze! One day…one day… Not just to see Nia, but the club-scene seems hot…

  6. yay miri! hehe i wanna go back a.s.a.p.!
    every airport looks like KLIA because KLIA is supposed to be our “pride and joy” =P although lacking in originality, i am not complaining. sure beats the hell out of our previous airport !

  7. never been to Sarawak..hehee
    wahhaha.. that photo..with the girls..really looked as if u were touching her breasts..
    so whos hand is that??

  8. fuizaibing, I am in Miri for work! I only come out for the nightlife after work.
    Nonnie, would love to but I can’t fit it into my schedule. 🙁
    pinolobu, yea I find that it’s not relevant to this entry? sorry! 😛

  9. Hi kenny really nice site i’ve posted on ur chatterbox hmmm interestin to know that we’ve got malaysian bloggers too nice one ! =)

  10. whoa. those pics look awesome! i’m a mirian studying and kuching and i miss miri nightlife so much. and yeah, i like your tee too. teehee! 🙂

  11. haiya, knew i should’ve gone out wed nite instead of bumming out in front of my tv.. meetin kenny would have made watching spain whoop ukraine even more fun hehehe
    then can make my frens jealous cos i got to meet him too =))) 2 birds wif 1 stone

  12. Miri rocks all the way…..
    Balcony is a definitely a nice club even though its small. =)
    Too bad I wasn’t around MIRI.
    Cheers to Mirians and Sarawakians!

  13. Hi Guys
    Miri is officially a CITY a resort CITY (not town) since may last year. City life is always good unless your are boring miserable person don’t know how to have fun

  14. miri is just a city by naming only. its still a small town with a enlarged roads to look like highway just to satisfy the “city” criteria. resort city naming is a joke. go see for yourself if there is any resorts around. just useless riverside/seaside development of low cost shop houses that remain abandoned for many years. wah lucky i didnt go balcony….would have ruined my night.

  15. its surprising to see many ppl really like Miri. I mean ALOT! Even my KL frens. it makes me realized that i need to be more grateful. dontcha think? so mirians, get out from miri and u know what i mean.
    u might be bitchin bout miri becoz u dont have a life.

  16. just be grateful of where u are from. every places got their pros and cons. thats why u need to go out more. go explore and experience new environment!

  17. wah…ur face seems to be gettin rounder…
    initially i tot tat hand was urs n tot u smoke…
    and I tot u were grabbing e gal’s boobs…

  18. YEY… finally you visited miri and glad that you blogged about how much you liked Miri… To prove to those ppl(my ex bf actually)who still thinks that miri is like jungle… Time to prove to him that He’s so damn wrong…

  19. I’m from Miri. And I live on trees. I sampan to school. Live in Longhouse. Wear no clothes. Hav no shoes.
    Bah…thr u go…the stereotype thinking of West. Malaysian

  20. I’ve noticed that u always smile the same way.. Haha! Be more candid.. Ur pictures only show that u’re boring..
    Don’t take it in a negative way, im just expressing my opinion.. Afterall, what’s this comment box for afterall..
    Btw, u got that baby face.. 🙂

  21. Every new airports need to follow the “format” of KLIA now. I think that’s why KIA and Miri’s airport look like that. : )

  22. Hi Kenny,
    Wow, you came to Miri and most of the folks didn’t know about it till reading this or stumble upon it elsewhere. If still want to rock in Miri again, drop the folks a line over at the Miri community forum and surely you’ll get more people to join in the fun. Or perhaps give them enough time to prepare things, you know – nominating a virgin for sacrifices, miring, a parade, praying ceremonies, etc. for your arrival. 😀

  23. miri is definitely one great city/town to be in. its defintely home. the people is outrageously pumped! we have ppl active in daylight and active in the nightlife. i miss the beach and all the kopitiam..blehh..makes me wanna go back to miri now…but anyways, glad u experienced miri besides i think no one has ever regretted visitng it 😀

  24. miri’s shopping mall so alang2, make big2 pretty buildings inside is a lot worse than kuching’s pasar batu 7!

  25. hope you don’t mind sharing your hot babes …..with your looks, i am sure you have too many of them lining up for you…..heh hehe hah.
    hope you can oblige

  26. arthur is a really big asshole in miri and everybody hate him he can kiss my ass tht ugly tatoo look like iban out from the jungle think so cool izzit

  27. Hi Kenny
    I am gonna visit Miri sometime late April, because you the expert.. is there any place that I can go and enjoy the greenery scenery and outdoor activities? such as beaching, jungle trekking, any interesting park or market? At the same time how long does it take if I wanna go Brunei? Any interesting place in Brunei?
    Thank you for the info.

  28. so tell me where which clubs or pub in miri do i find girls as hot as in yur pics? what about places to score foreign chicks?

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