Horse Lee

Spotted in the lift lobby on the 8th floor of LiHua Hotel, Sibu.

Horse Lee? What Horse Lee? Who the *toot* is Horse Lee?

Curiousity got the better of me. So I hit the lift button to stop one floor below to have a look.

Ohhhhhh, it’s HOSE REEL!
Damn those stupid vandals.

Back in Kuching.

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  1. I wud have to disagree with silly.. its actually really funny .. lol.. nice 1 kenny.. its always good to be curious.. i too thought it was someone’s name at first :p

  2. eh …careful leh…they can sue u knoe…. the opposition politician still paying off all his fines but of course that’s for defamation…

  3. Dear Kenny….u r too wu liao i think~~ haha…so late still dun wan to sleep and come out with this crap~ hahaha

  4. Way to go, making fun of the Tyrant Lee, the few still remain in the world. NO!! I mean my favorite people.

  5. hey, kenny.. better be careful man… it may offend some Singaporeans, it actually did offend me, but I’m taking it easy and secondly he may actually even sue you for defamation… we don’t want our favourite blog from getting banned in Singapore !

  6. Have you run out of things to post that you must come up with childish references to out founding father’s genetalia? Please, grow up. Must be the Curtin in you talking.

  7. Founding father? I taught Kenny was a Sarawakian… Nothing to do with good ol’ Harry Lee what…
    Horse Lee.. damn creative lar, these Singaporean vandals, better than Kuching ones… all they can write are F**k u n KNNCCB… XD

  8. oops… SIBU??
    Ok, how did u find the connection betwen Sibu vandalism & Singapore’s former PM??? waLau..
    (still damn funny lah, so don’t really give a shit.)

  9. The people who talk about ‘defamation’ obviously have no clue what makes an action for ‘defamation’.
    Its a joke people. If its not funny then move on.

  10. hahaha, this is the funniest blog on EVER! This one beat the “I’m so pretty” (aka your April Fool’s Day post) hands down!
    And you know what the funnier thing is Kenny? Reading the comments in your chatterbox. If you don’t believe me go read it yourself 😛

  11. Oh dear, that would create much of a controversy, so i’ll would really advice you take that pic down. You have to be extra extra EXTRA careful when talking about anything in regards to Singapore…expecially SM Lee…

  12. Do not use MM Lee’s picture for your joke. You have gone from bad to worse. Thats not funny at all. And you are not even half his age or have accomplished 1/10 of what he did. I do not see you having any rights from all angles to use his picture. Go use yr friend’s picture or something or someone else whose surname is lee. I’m already keeping my words on a lash here.

  13. Your photos for your posts so easy to get access to (coz u number them accordingly), it’s wise to take it out completely unless you silently hoped your readers would see them anyhow.

  14. Kenny Sia is from Australia and that’s how he doesn’t give faces to anyone including those BIG HEADs! Am i right Kenny?

  15. Kenny Sia is from Australia and that’s how he doesn’t give faces to anyone including those BIG HEADs! Am i right Kenny?

  16. becoming quite an online rebel, I see. you amended the url on your comment to show the pic. Good luck, dude.

  17. Sigh! We just have to tread carefully if we don’t want to get into hot soup! Some people ultra-sensitive one! Can cause rioting! BTW, Kenny, why no hose reel behind horse lee’s door? U sure that place safe to stay kah?

  18. It is outright childish. Majority of your comments from YOUR readers indicate that they do not agree with this recent post of yours and you still insist on it with the comment “ok i apologise. pic[link inserted] remove.”
    How sincere can you get?
    I really enjoyed reading updates from you esp since you were truly blogging your thoughts from when you dad passed on, to the really funny jokes on MRT durians, and furong jiejie.
    Understandably, there has been flunctuations from the good to the passable to (more often of late) lame. However, this beats all lame jokes of yours.
    Disappointing. I won’t frequent here as often anymore.

  19. hey kenny, u better remove the pic frm the link. I dont want to see someone charging you in High Court for this. It’s gonna affect you, your blog, your career and your image. Take it down Kenny. You have seen how Sing Gov is so anti towards this blogging issues. Carexz

  20. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link. remove the link.
    Coz we still want to read your blog tomorrow.

  21. At worst, he can get banned from entering the Island. Not likely to be a worthy target for a defamation case – that is reserved for political leaders and major international publications. Can’t be charged for sedition.

  22. Aaah. those crezy, crezy, wacky, kids….well, they could also make a sign to read T. Eliot Rood,
    which is Toilet Door backwards…..
    Hey!!! Speaking about “toilet doors”, uh what is a ‘toilet door’???

  23. removing the pic from main blog page, but providing the link to the photo in your comments response. sarcasm. i agree the photo is in absolute bad taste.

  24. u all very niao la. lik dis can trace back to lky. tammy eye can trace back to his words and call him hypocrite. wtf! relax lar. laugh n go xiaxue after that.

  25. Remove the picture is a matter of respect, but I pretty sure LKY won’t take any legal action(s) as the blog is operate outside Sing and our beloved and energetic Kenny Sia is no equal political opponent to LKY. Kudo o KS for removing the pic and apologize due to reader feedback.

  26. kenny, u so “chiak pa eng la”! perhaps u jz want something to type in yr blog. when i hv time i got to that hotel to c whether it’s true o not!! hahaha!! but then, cbu ppl do like to “play-play” so….

  27. no more LKY?? oh….
    not so funny eithout a Lee n a horse.. would let u use my pic, but i’m Lai, not Lee… my maiden name is Lee though… heheh

  28. stream, hello??? What editorial integrity. This is a personal website not a newspaper lah doink. Besides, if people wanna read the whole story they can read the comments.
    pops, it’s deliberately done that way lah. I like LKY and I’m sure he can take a joke like that. Anyway, I have no intention to remove the pic completely. Indirect access to the removed pic is just there to satisfy curious minds. 🙂

  29. This is a private blog, no one makes u come here and read, if you dont like it then go, bugger! u dont have the right to tell the blogger what to do, it’s the blogger’s blog, u’re just mere visitors!

  30. hhehee li hua hotel… i used to stay there a few times when i go there… there’s one in bintulu too
    did u photoshop that? lol

  31. I went to the hotel to stay ONE lONEly nite on your reference, hoping to meet LEE li hua.
    BIG letdown, saw some ghost doing IT!
    yes, in the lift — wrong spelling! The GOATS wre eating coco-nuts left behind by an unknown visitor…obviously like me, NOT satisfried.

  32. LKY won’t sue Kenny – not over this anyway. And the truth is, despite what I’d said earlier, I don’t think Kenny’s anywhere near the ISD’s blacklist yet. They do know harmless crap from serious allegations, and anyway, it’s really not worth the trouble at all.
    That said, I am also absolutely certain that the Minister Mentor will not be amused with this at all, if it does come to his attention. It is understood, though not frequently brought up, that he despises any form of lampooning of national leaders, like himself or any of his Ministers, or other Heads of Government or State. Whatever leeway there is for political cartoons of Ministers in Singapore today is a result of changes made by his successors.

  33. IT’s chinese pronounciation mahhh especially those hoo calm flom chinese sirkool….
    Hose Reel = Horse Leel

  34. funnily enough, I see a lot of this in china. I went to this tieta pagoda (i have it somewhere in my folders, will post it in my blog) and the information board is filled with letters that are jumbled up. Me not knowing mandarin had a rough time understanding the tour guide so I read the info board. Boy was I wrong. I found it harder to understand. -_-

  35. I was issued a warning letter from my company because I swear in my blog. I argued by saying that I didn’t mention that I’m working for so-and-so. Their answer to me was, “People will know.”.
    Just as much as I don’t like it, I’ve to bear with nonsense like this. Afterall, we are blogging in Asia.

  36. You know, all these (warning) comments really remind me of one particular subplot in the movie V For Vendetta … What will or will not happen next will cause people to compare …

  37. oh man… pleasee kenny remove it from your comments… it’s spreading like wildfire among my friends and all….
    Pleaseee, I don’t want to be in Singapore’s block list…
    haha and don’t ask us how he can sue you.. he has his way of sueing people if he’s angry….

  38. But frankly, what makes this site so popular? What makes 10K pairs of eyes come back checking for more updates everyday? What makes them come back for more?
    You and your own unique style of writing. You are stubborn, and you only do what you think is right. People keep coming back because of your unique style of blogging.
    If you keep on bowing down to those annoying readers, one of these days you’re gonna lose that “unique element” in you.
    If you keep bowing to them, you’re going to lose what your readers like about you in the first place. Just focus on what you do best.
    Just ask yourself, that picture came down because you yourself want it down? Or some annoying @SSes kept on pestering you to take it down?

  39. hiho, just wanted to comment on something..
    why is it ok for kenny to joke about strangers but when he starts to joke about someone close to home a lot of ppl go ‘whoa wait a sec kenny, you’re going too far.. i m so blardy insulted, i ll never read your blog again (like it makes a diff, stop saying this and just stop reading, kenny isnt making much money off this anyway lol)’
    I dont think anyone can claim to have never poked fun at someone else before.. do you think it’s funny for THAT person?
    And all this talk about kenny being childish.. hell, if the sg gov does ban kenny from entering sg for this lil matter, who’s being childish?

  40. LOL. oversensitive & perasan.
    the post only shows highlight vandal’s anagram of HOSE REEL.
    Only oversensitive and perasan ppl will associate it their father, or all the way the Sg govt.
    I don’t see anyone complaining about Kenny making fun of their father tho…

  41. man, so where’s the *righteous indignation* of all those who supported the ‘jokes’ involving Allah?
    Hypocrites, the lot of you…

  42. I don’t see what the fuss is about. This post is probably only a small percentage of all the blog posts or articles making fun of Harry Lee. Kenny chose to use pictures, others use words. We want freedom of speech!! Lol…

  43. I don’t see what the fuss is about. This post is probably only a small percentage of all the blog posts or articles making fun of Harry Lee. Kenny chose to use pictures, others use words. We want freedom of speech!! Lol…

  44. u’r not at fault mr.kennysia. why on earth would you get ban or blacklisted? stupid oversensitive people…it is neither racist, nor sensitive. its just some humour. unless those who feel otherwise think that LKY is a super kecil hati person? which i doubt =)

  45. oh, c’mon… whats wrong with Kenny leaving the link in? its to satisfy the curiosity of readers, what?!
    U all are so over sensitive! I didnt see anyone get mad when Kenny poked fun at the Datuks & the Malaysian government & Rafidah & APs… GROW UP! its humor. Laugh if its funny. Move on if its not. Beides, LKY didnt get to his position being narrow-minded. Singaporeans LOVED his open-mindedness.

  46. besides… i think he should be flattered that his dick is compared to that of a barnyard animal… XD
    u guys laugh everytime Kenny mentions his coconuts…

  47. anyway, kenny I think you did the right thing, it offended some and you took it from your main page, and at the same time kept it in the comments for the curious few to look at it… gd decision…

  48. All of you talking about LKY will be suing Kenny for the pics are full of sh**t. Are you telling me there is only one person in singapore with the surname ‘LEE’. And secondly, it is a photo taken in a hotel Sibu, Sarawak. What has this got to do with singapore???

  49. All of you talking about LKY will be suing Kenny for the pics are full of sh**t. Are you telling me there is only one person in singapore with the surname ‘LEE’. And secondly, it is a photo taken in a hotel Sibu, Sarawak. What has this got to do with singapore???
    Posted by: Anonymous at 06 April 2006 3:23 PM
    To Anon,
    pls get the situation right before commenting. U’ll only make yourself sound like a dopey kid with the dopey comment.

  50. It’s just not a funny post, either with or without the LKY pic.
    Never mind, all comedians have their off days. Looking forward to the next one, Kenny!

  51. Honestly, do you think the Singapore government could be bothered to go up to Kenny’s doorstep and hunt him down? Singaporeans need to RELAX. We are so uptight and cautious to the point that we can’t even laugh at a silly joke, it’s sickening. That’s the primary difference between Singapore and Malaysia. They’re laidback and can take jokes, we’ve got a stick up our ass and can’t joke for nuts.
    In any case, someone get LKY here if we’re all so touchy. He’ll probably laugh.

  52. know what’s funny? the comments.. in this blog..some people just’s funny.. and amusing to read the comments.. muahahahahahaahahhaa! dumb people with their concerns hmmmmphhh!

  53. pooor pooor taste..
    If a singaporean wrote about one of your founders/significant person in MAlaysia.. Comments from the malaysian community would be different.
    Kenny sia.. REally bad taste man.

  54. dennis…wad do u mean really diff? how diff can it get from the comments shown by the ones whining now? if this is about respecting another’s country, then dennis, u’r not doing it yourself.

  55. Well, I’m Singporean, and I thought that was funny, and I also don’t see why Kenny can’t make fun of Lee. The problem with S’poreans is that they don’t have any sense of humor. The American media make fun of their politicians all the time, so does Malaysia. Singporeans, they’ll only laugh at a joke if the gov’t tells them to.

  56. like.. duh… many SINGAPOREANS cant even laugh at anything!
    in the MRT we keep hearing all these freakin lame-oh jokes that are so ripped-off-forwarded-email kinda stuff. then people around the “joker” are doing this —>>>> -.-
    buay pai seh ar?
    and worse is some dun realise there’s a bloody method for humour!
    hahah well whtever… tolerance here in Sg is kinda… unappealing.
    tell a little satire and ppl come after your backside with police warrant.
    When was the last time a young singaporean stranger smiled at you?
    (GEMS my arse.)

  57. What’s with you people comparing between Singapore and Malaysia??????
    There’s nothing to compare people. Kenny posted a photo of SM Lee which i believe quite a few people hold in high regards for. I can understand SM Lee does not mean anything to malaysians but you should try to understand when singaporeans started defending and protesting as many see SM Lee as a father in their eyes.
    Kenny, why don’t you try posting a picture of your own government? Maybe Mahathir Mohamad or even your own father? Or there’s so many people with surname Lee, so why pick SM Lee?
    I understand this is meant to be a joke. But Kenny, your sense of humour isn’t sensitive enough. You don’t go around telling your friends,”Hey! Look! There a prositute’s poster and she’s so freaking fugly!!! And she looks like your mum…or is she?? Whahahaha…” Do you?
    While others cared and advised you to remove the pic but got treated as ‘like a police giving warning left right centre and causing unnecessary paranoia.’
    Malaysians have to try to understand how Singaporeans feel and stop comparing and making assumptions about Singapore when you’re not even a Singaporean to begin with. Seriously…

  58. TO Audi,
    Oh please…i don’t remember any single Malaysians, may it old or young, smiled at me when i visited Malaysia.

  59. To AUDI !!!!!! :
    At least we S’poreans try to make jokes… I seriously can’t recall the last time when I was in Malaysia and heard anyone making jokes. I think you jealous that Malaysia no MRT is it?? Why don’t you go ask your “perfect” government to go make MRT so you can go in and make jokes lor…..
    And what is this about a young S’porean smiling at me?? Why cannot be old S’porean or middle age S’porean?? Seriously lor, I’m male and if a young female stranger came up and smiled at me, i’ll be fucking happy lah.. but if it was a young male stranger just come up to smile at me like that, wouldn’t it be a bit gay..? DUH !!!!!
    And that thing about Police coming after our backsides with warrents… well at least we have a fairly good and just legal system… I recalled the last time I was driving back from Genting and got caught for speeding, I just slipped a SINGAPORE $50 note to the officer and he actually let me off the hook….. WOW…. what a great country malaysia is!!!!!!
    I LOVE MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Think I will consider migrating there… well that’s if they decide to build MRT lah.. so I can go sit inside and make lame jokes!

  60. WTF, dont turn this ‘discussion’ into a malaysia vs singapore thing. it’s so effing pointless, neither is perfect, and neither better than the other. I dont see why so many readers like to turn the discussion topics towards that path every opportunity they get.
    If you think so highly of your country, why do you feel the need to prove it? it should already be obvious for all to see. if you think your ppl have better attitudes, then show it. if i slap you, and you slap me back, neither have demonstrated proper character.

  61. Hi ARGH,
    I totally agree with you..but in my point of view, this discussion “IS” a malaysia vs singapore thing. I think it’s unavoidable.. everytme a malaysian says something abt S’pore or vice versa, it will always lead to this “path”.
    And did you see the last comment by AUDI?
    HE IS A SINGAPOREAN for goodness sakes!!!
    AUDI, if I were you, I’ll stick my head in a toilet bowl and give it a couple of flushes to wake myself up…

  62. I think the discussion was whether Kenny was right for posting LKY’s picture, not whether singaporeans smile less than msians or whether singaporeans have better legal systems etc…
    I just want to comment further on a few things:
    when kenny pokes fun at other ppl we dont know, ‘it’s ok.. he’s just being a joker, everybody has done it’ but when he make jokes about someone we know, or we ‘respect’ it automatically becomes personal. If you feel so angry, then imagine how a ‘stranger’ feels when you tease him. If you’re gonna argue, ‘but hey, he wont know what, how can he feel bad’ then LKY doesnt know what, why would be feel bad. Regardless, the point is, if you’re willing to give out hits, be willing to take some as well!
    Second of all, if you really want to justify your ‘anger’ kenny mustve made his jokes with sufficient ‘malice’ at least. i mean, he didnt make a personal attack on LKY, in fact he makes worse comments about the msian gov.
    It’s said that the tourists are like ambassadors in foreign countries; how you behave as a tourist in a foreign country would be how the ppl there would judge your ppl back home. similarly this applies to ppl in forums. Arguing over who is better defeats the purpose. it will only serve the opposite for if a country is so great, why are the ppl so shallow and sensitive? there’s a thin line between Patriotism and over-sensitivity.
    To sum it up: take that stick out of your arse and go do something more constructive.. go build a bridge or something lol

  63. To …,
    I’m a Malaysian, frankly speaking, I would hope to see Kenny put up one of our leader one day and start teasing him! LOLZ!!! How I wish it happens one day…!! Cheer Kenny, Try putting up another pic of Mahathir and make some jokes on it, I’ll be the first person come back here every hour and surpport you I promise!!! Haha!!! Show some shallow’s thinking Singaporean WHAT’s THE DIFFERENT between they and us… HAHA!! Keep Going, I surpport you…

  64. Oh ya, To “SINGAPOREAN”, the commentor not real Singaporean. If I were you, I’ll stick my head in a toilet bowl and give it a couple of flushes to cool myself down as well…HAHAHA!!!

  65. didn’t hit me with a sense of humour, think abt emergency status, who the hell would think its funny by then? total retards

  66. This is not about whether its a personal attack or not, or whether people are happy with it or not. Yes kenny can do what he wants in terms of putting up a pic, and the hose reel pic is actually not that offensive. I believe the offending pic is the one about mr harry. That pic wasnt funny at all and i see no point in having that pic being posted in the first place, much less being kept online. Even if some of you might think this is petty or we cannot take humour, trust us when Singaporeans say that there could be a danger of kenny getting sued, fined a large sum or whatnot. People like JBJ and Chee Soon Juan have been sued till they’re made bankrupt because they offended mr harry. Don’t think that just because the blog’s from malaysia then it’s totally safe! No one wants kenny’s blog being banned and blocked by singapore ISPs, and you never know how a defamation suit can cross international boundaries. Bloggers have been jailed in Singapore just for ‘racially sensitive’ comments, regardless of what the bloggers say ‘it is my right, my prerogative to say what i want, its free speech’. guess what? they’re in jail now. Maybe you’re right in saying Singaporeans are kia si or kiasu. But. Who wants to get jailed or fined till you’re bankrupt?

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