Bumped into my ex at Starbucks last night.


It was weird, really weird, seeing her with her new guy.

Not that I didn’t expect her to move on of course. I mean, eventually we all move on. But what I didn’t expect is that she managed to do so so quickly. Like, less than two months after we broke up.

I guess that goes to show what an easily forgettable person I am. 😉


The surprising thing is that I wasn’t as bitter as I thought I might be. At least I didn’t storm out of Starbucks in tears crying to my mommy.

We I had our good times and I am content to let those two years we spent together be nothing but memories. Since there is a better man who can take care her the way I couldn’t, I guess I should feel happy.


There’s another reason why I am not feeling bitter – I too, have begun seeing someone new as of late.

I am still in the process of getting to know her. She is Japanese, so I know we have our differences. But the good thing is that we are seeing each other a lot. In fact, over the Chinese New Year break, we spent almost every single day and night in the company of each other.

Her name is Soni.





Full name Soni Playstation Three.







Oh yes.

There is nothing I desire more than coming home every night and lay together with her on the couch, hands on her shoulders, feeling her shake and quiver as I touch all the right buttons.

I love you my Soni.

The best thing about not having a girlfriend, is that there’s now plenty of time for video games. 😀

Bloody hell. It’s been raining so much in Kuching, it’s like we’re living in a freaking AQUARIUM!

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  1. Haha!I respect ur way of thinking and good on you to move on. I’ve been through the same thing before but its better to let it go and start a new chapter…hopefully with a proper gf ;P

  2. Trust me there are ton of ppl in a relationships, so much so want to be OUT of it but just dont know how to end it handsomely…

  3. wow… it must b hurt after all. esp missing d 1 u love. anyway life still goes on as d earth is turning d hurt will fade…
    Will u all d best! stay strong!

  4. Dude, lol.
    I can’t stand girls who fall for other guys within such short periods too.
    Its as if what we ever had could be forgotten so easily =/

  5. Penang don’t even have one drop of rain and we are having wars with the mosquitos !!!!
    My best friend is my laptop… hahaha…

  6. it’s so nice of u to be happy for her –>Since there is a better man who can take care her the way I couldn’t, I guess I should feel happy.

  7. Eh… Kenny, the first Starbucs picture was taken where? Any chance I would have guessed correctly if I say it’s inside Borders at Berjaya Times Square?

    and omg la, i dont get ppl who move on from relationships like.. so fast oO
    i don’t know if something is wrong with them, or something is wrong with me =\

  9. satu kakak pernah cakap…
    “ppl who go straight into a r/s after a breakup is someone who cant even stand their own company”

  10. rofl. man. my gf is soni too! but her full name is soni playstation portable… dunno if ur’s related anot lol

  11. Care to share your PSN ID ? we could game. I’ll drive the car and you can have the auto.
    e-mail me the your PSN ID =D

  12. 2 months’s fast? my 1st ex moved on after a week plus of breakup…
    And the record-breaking? She then broke up again and found a new one few weeks BEFORE she broke up. 😛

  13. woohoo…
    she’s sleek, she’s beautiful, she’s fair, she’s smooth… and best of all, she responds to your touch…!
    what else can you ask for?

  14. So sweeeeeet.. I want Soni PS3 as well. But it is quite a fortune to get one since I’m a student. Sigh.. No worries. Daddy can get one for me.. I guess.. -.- Give it to me if you don’t want it Kenny, I know you can afford another PS3 right?? xD

  15. i bet Soni says you’ve got great hands. And that you know how to press the right buttons.
    Are you playing with yourself Kenny? or have you tried online games 😛

  16. then everynite u’r playing wif ur ‘batang bahagia’ (read: joystick) lo? is this playstation ‘cucuk & main’ (read: plug & play) type?

  17. Oh kenny, u sound very sad i can feel it. U ain’t an easily-forgettable- person, just maybe she met her special someone earlier. Somedays when u met yours too, she will turn out an easily-forgetable-person to you 2..

  18. Really cannot tahan u lah kenny… suddenly pop out such post.. cool lah you lol.
    thought u hooked up with which hot chick wanna show off.. mana tau its that sexy slick SONI ps3.. summore silver colour.. =____=

  19. That sound just like my bf and his FIFA… Sometimes, I just ask him, “you rather play with keyboards and a screen than playing with your girlfriend??”… He then smile at me and continue playing his game wtf -_-…anyway, its nice to see that you are moving on and staying cool as always. will continue to support you and your blog.

  20. Soni! I thought u dated a chindian or something!
    Anyway it’s nice at times to see u blog about ur personal live instead of jz making fun about other people and stuffs. Blogs are also diaries to some of us isnt it?
    Anyway time for u to move on dude! Np la for u right? 🙂

  21. Walao~faint
    Tricked us into believing you actually met some cute Japanese, and wanna show off.
    PS: I really can’t stand your expression on the last photo….lol

  22. Haaa Ha Ha. I like this post the most out of all I’ve read. Wicked one!
    I like Playstation too, but haven’t got the chance to play with SONI.
    Btw, how’s the rm50K target going?

  23. Mine’s still my old faithful Playstation 2 that has never given up on me 😛
    Sometimes it’s scary how much time I spend on her though… it makes me wanna forget about the real world and turn me into a hermit @________@

  24. Hahaa..maybe the same thing happen to u?..maybe she found the new/ex bf before she even break up with u even know how to start a relationship?..blindly couple with her witout knowing what kind of human she is?..

  25. lol… i really tot u had a real jap gf. cheh!!! this post is good man. ‘pushing the right buttons’ haha enjoy your sony while u can la before u dump her for your next real gf.

  26. Awwww…Talk bout starbucks, i haven’t tried the green tea latte(was it?) yet..was it good,ho?I Everytime drink the same stuf nia…Gotta go to Spring tml liao.
    Aiyoyo..i oso got a BF named Sonic PS3 le..but he’s a seductive black..But i tink your GF looks even marvelous in the silvery colour wo!
    I play Soul Calibur3 thruout CNY. Those 3D chicks got such a nice pair of boobs that i make me wana go for implants liao lo…LOLZ…Looks like u got GTA4, hey! dun go round Kuching and sebarang hijack ppl’s car wo! lolz! Try and get Kate to bed.(I know Michelle is an easy one…hehe)…

  27. I also want to have Soni as my girlfriend
    But she is different from yours
    She is Soni PSP 2000/3000 ~ ;p
    Btw, you still have 4/5 of RM 50,000 to go
    Goodluck 🙂
    Hope you get RM 49,999 so you won’t need to get bold, would ya? ;p

  28. Kate McReary is a freaking NUN!
    I tried so hard to bed her. Brought her to strip club. Make her drunk. But she NEVAR EVAR invites me back into her house.
    Kinda like me in real life actually wtf.

  29. OH come on KEnny ! you must be joking
    you ain’t that lame, go get yourself a girl before you start jerking off again

  30. exploring Liberty City is much better than going out on a date with ur gf in kuching, kenny!!
    there are so much more to see in LC! GTA IV, FTW!!

  31. wellllll, 2 months after a break up is not that short but taking into account that you guys were together for 2 years…seems kinda harsh:\ we could double date! me with my sonny and you with your soni:) my boy’s all sexyblack though. bahh better still, date me kenny;) i’ll play ps3 with you! i’ll even try to fix your shitty internet (even the wired connection is unstable zomg) by calling streamyx EVERYDAY. and then we can invest in a full HD TV with surround sound:) OMG SO FUNNNN

  32. You really got me believing that you were seeing some jap chick in the begining! -_- That silver PS3 looks great. Well not bad, at least she won’t be complaining after you’ve reached the RM 50k target. 😉

  33. Kenny in love with video games? seriously? And GTA IV?
    Buahahaha… Kinda unexpected from you. At least now I know the real you. xD

  34. Aiyah, girl onli…if breakup, find another one! Now already got Soni, lagi best, she dun complain much, cheap to maintain, maybe games cost a bit more…
    Go buy yourself new stuff, new car, boy toys….will feel much better afterwards, trust me. If she not ‘the one’ thinking about it no point..

  35. A PS3 bud? Get the extras like the drum kit and electric guitar and call up your pals for a jam. No music reading skills required!

  36. apart from the funny side of that post… btw congrats with Soni.. hope the relationship blossoms and grows 😉
    its good to see how you have no bitter feelings towards your ex.

  37. Good on ya mate? Woman, who needs them!
    The nicer you are to them, the more they disrespect you.
    Remember girls always go for the bad guys

  38. Is it just me or girls just move on in such an amazing short amount of time? Sometimes I wonder whether they treated the previous relationship seriously… or not.

  39. its awesum to have found a new “GF” =D…and..its hard after a r/s u thnk u cudve left out the initial intro abt ur private life?speaking frm the viewpoint of a girl who reads ur blog.if u respect who u used to go out with..the very least u cud do is keep a lid on broadcasting tht u are the victim rite?at least have some self respect if u dont have respect for the girl u went out with..
    so, carry on with life and enjoy what it feels to play PS3 with no chick nagging you to GET OFF THE PS!!!=D
    life as a single person has more benefits when u arent consciously looking or feeling like a, cheer up dude=D
    *sorry if i sound negative,it was supposed to be constructive criticism since i enjoy ur blogs and dont want u to become*

  40. Cant blame your ex. She’s a hottie. if i’m not far from your country i’ll be chasing after her. (and i guess i’m not the only guy)

  41. hey dude..
    i bumped into my ex yesterday too.
    she too has a new guy.
    funny that i still can’t move on since she left me.
    guess i’m easy to forget too. same like you dude. XD
    but we just have to put up a smile..
    rock on dude!
    i got 2 new girlfrens too!
    my guitar and work!
    ps: visit chicago 7. 🙂 i’ll be there!

  42. It’s weird sometimes how people falls into a pattern after a breakup – it’s either they jump into a new relationship very soon, if not almost immediately…. OR they take a long, longggggggg break from relationship! My previous breakup – I took 6 years to open up again.. hopefully this time round, I’ll fall into the other category 😛

  43. ish…rasa tertipu…SONI
    But oh well, the post was a nice one…haha…and don’t worry, one tree’s gone but there’s like so many others around! Cheer up!

  44. Wah… so fast got new bf liau?? hm…and no la. I don’t think u’re a forgettable person. =) I read yr blog everyday and sometimes when I see something relating to ur blog I will go, hey.. i saw this at Kennysia’s blog!

  45. good luck kenny! time will eventually heal every wound and one day, you will find your perfect someone 🙂
    here i wish you all the best.

  46. Hey Dude, ..two years ago, 6 very familiar looking video game machines were in our anechoic chamber for a week worth of immunity testing as they went thru upgrades….wanna work as an EMC Engineer with us ? 🙂

  47. Whoa… Congratulation for finding your new mate. She’ll definitely do you good to you, listen to what you “instruct” her to do, make you happy, angry sometimes and she will “play” with you all the time when she’s ON.
    Cheers mate~
    Eli Shares

  48. haha, the ultimate way to get over a breakup. you’re the man kenny!! GTA4 is legendary. hope you spend much quality time with soni!

  49. Say hi to Soni for me, I’ve been spending a lot of time with her mom the PS2 lately, while her grandma the PSone is snoozing in the drawers. Might get a PS3 soon too!

  50. Wow, nice gaming setup you have there mate. Hopefully you don’t cheat your new girlfriend…with cheat codes. Hope to see you do a review on the game which you played or do a parody of it Kenny style.

  51. how come nuffnang is not helping out with the donation campaign? is there an additional method to raise funds? like for every click-through, nuffnang donates rm0.10 to your cause.

  52. Hi Kenny
    I love the way you write. You are real
    wordy. I normally don’t post comments, but this post is real good. I thought you have got someone new.
    Be with your new lover until you get bored and find a true lovable one.

  53. 2 months is not that short ar.. considering the together/ not-together time.. adds up also more than 2 months dy 😛

  54. i love soni play station 3 too…
    2 months only..
    its ok….
    u also may go find other…
    like Dawn Yang….

  55. haha..i terkena bom with the name soni! stupid of me..shud have tot so since u r none other den kenny! haha..xD well…as usual dats a freaking funny post! man..i love u! haha….xD hope u enjoy ur relationship with soni! *chuckles*

  56. Hey Kenny, I don’t mean to disrespect your new girlfriend Soni, but it seems that she’s had a lot of boyfriends – I mean HEAPS of them! Seems like quite a few of your readers have had relationships with her. Even I used to play around with her a few times, and she’s not even my type. Although I have to say she’s a lot of fun – a real party girl!
    Good luck with that one.

  57. My girlfriend is my Guitar!
    My boyfriend… possibly that computer I’m typing nao.
    Not to mention that I have a few boyfriends too… have another computer and a small laptop. Keh keh keh. 🙂

  58. Now I love these kind of posts.. its so the old Kenny.. Don’t really like to read much of the advertorial or political posts u usually have
    I know how exactly how u feel… my break up has been half a year… but i’m only sad if i think about all the good times we had together… good memories, but it will hurt me to see him with other chicks… which i totally must avoid moping over about…

  59. I use to like reading your post because of posts like these.. so natural..
    so the old kenny from the first 2 years of blogging. sad to say I ain’t a fan of those political or advertorial post… with exception from your travel blogs, love ’em.. without the sponsors la 😉
    anyways i know exactly how u feel… u’d only start thinking about it when you aren’t busy doing something else… but good memories will always be there between one another.

  60. Heheheh! Sony Playstation 3 is so cool! How is the new GTA? =)I’ve only seen vids of it on youtube. Can’t wait to buy it on PC.

  61. starbucks is paying kenny for mentioning them….
    …with biscottis
    I thought you were on my payroll kenny!

  62. Well , i just imagine those day where there were no phone , no play station , Imagine those day people will do after they broke off with they girl friend ….

  63. hahas! you will have tonnes of girls flocking to you!!
    MUAHAHAHA! RM50,000! cheers!!

  64. hahahahahaha! i didnt manage to guess it when u said ‘soni’. but when i saw ‘soni playstation three’.. omg.. i couldnt stop laughing. lol! nice entry. =)

  65. Hey Kenny, we suffered the same fate. Ex bf wanted a breakup so badly during my finals for another girl and like you, less than 2 months later he got together with the girl after “clearing up his feelings for his 3 1/2 years relationship”. Sucks but I’m seeing someone new too… good luck to you!

  66. why girls dont like guys play video games la? not like we gonna abandon them or spend less time wit them. mahai arrr…..girls dam mafan

  67. i’m finding consolation in a very sexy french guy.
    his name is louis.
    louis vuitton.
    something tells me we’re gonna be in this for the long haul

  68. 2 years of relationship? check
    find a new bf 2 months? check
    Happened recently? check
    Man, same case like u…
    Gambatei for both of us ^.^V
    Good one on “Soni”, got me there!

  69. Lol… my gf dun allow me play my ps3… my baby.. sitting there gathering dust.. oh the horrors… why.. WHY!!!

  70. “The surprising thing is that I wasn’t as bitter as I thought I might be. At least I didn’t storm out of Starbucks in tears crying to my mommy.”
    Your words simply mean a thing, You’re Moving On!
    From me, you have gotta COOL girl!

  71. Some girls just wants more attentions…Pls put them in your shoes. Maybe they felt neglected and un important. These will make them insure and less valuable. So they chose someones who cares more abt them. All girls are most likely sensitive to this issues.

  72. oh cehhh…. I thought you did move on so fast like her.
    I had a bf, he’s a Jap too! His name is Wii, Nintendo Wii.
    Now still my bf… a great workout buddy he is!!

  73. Soni Playstation 3 > Real GF
    You can play with her when ever and whatever “sick” games you want, and she will never say NO.
    Don’t need to hear abt her bitchin’.
    She will be there every night you come home.
    You can “divorce” her anytime to marry Soni PS4 without giving her half of your money.
    You will never have to worry abt what gifts to get her on her bday, V-day, Anniversary.. etc. Just occasionally a new accessory like a new controller to entertain your friends.
    ahhh, if I have a Soni PS3, I’d love to play her too.

  74. i can’t agree more with wad CL said in some pont of girls are good companion if u met the rite ones…
    i dun mind helping u to look after ur soni when u’re outstation !!!!(puppy eyes looks)

  75. To have a game/toy as gf is just a very temopary way to cure the pain of heart broken,i’m also just broke up with someone and i spending lots of time with my’s like lying to myself dat i’ve forgotten him…

  76. Well, some ppl tend to forget the past relationship faster then others.
    Wonder do he know that i miss him still after a year:)
    Hope he is doing well…..
    SO do u kenny… life goes on…keep urself in gear 6 , move on…..:)

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