Fun And Games With The Madame

I met someone important while I was in Hong Kong.

The one and only Minister Mentor of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew was having dim sum lunch with his entourage at a restaurant near Central.
He spotted me just as I was walking in, hollered me over and much to my surprise, told me that he’s a big fan of He also said to me he liked reading Dawn Yang and hoped Paul Twohill would win Singapore Idol.

Fine, I lied. It wasn’t actually Lee Kuan Yew. Just a wax figure of him.
But still! I was having a stimulating monologue with an inanimated object that looked vaguely like the Minister Mentor. That’s something ok. That means I’m like, cooler than the rest of you plebians.
So who wanna touch me?

I was at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.
Madame Tussauds of course is well known for their realistic wax models of famous personalities. Their branch in Hong Kong is the first in Asia and features wax sculptures of celebrities that we’re more familiar with in this part of the world.

Entrance tickets to the wax museum are HKD110/RM55 a pop, which is actually quite expensive, but it’s fun to see how detailed the wax works are.
You can try fooling your friends into believing that you met so-and-so celebrity in Hong Kong. I attempted to do the same, but all they said was “Eh, this one quite realistic hor!”
Dammit, am I that predictable? 🙁
At least I had fun kicking David Beckham’s balls.

Getting poked by Madonna’s breasts.

And delivering a speech at the White House with Dubya by my side.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a wax figure of yourself on display for everyone to touch and see.
I mean, you could be the world’s most successful golf player and people could still make fun of you.

I guess it’s alright if you’re like Gandhi and everyone loves you.
But what if you’re “Aunty Killer” Bae Yong-Jun and half the male population hates you to death?

I hate Bae Yong-Jun.
I still hold him personally responsible for that bloody annoying Winter Sonata theme song that’s playing repetitively in my head. That stupid Korean baby face.

The worst thing is, I spotted a couple of these posers taking photos with Andy Lau like this.

How horrible right. What would Andy Lau think if he saw people taking photo with his wax figure like that! Like getting molested liddat.
Then suddenly, I saw Ayumi Hamasaki.

And then I did this.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

I love the Kuching Festival Fair, but I can’t help but to feel that it’s more of the same every year. Food. Credit card booths. Wedding photography booths. Where’s the variety?

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  1. Why didn’t you take a pic with Andy Lau’s figure? I didn’t see it~~ I heard that Andy Lau’s figure actually got heart beat. Is that true?

  2. Hmmm… some of them don’t look too similar to their real-life versions. In comparison, the stuff at the original Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London look more realistic, judging from a friend’s travel photos.
    Different.. erm.. waxers (what dya call people who make wax mannequins anyway?) result in slight discrepancies..maybe?

  3. Yo Dude, I enjoy reading your blog. It really puts a spin on things. But, please get a gf asap. Kissing the wax girl is……..

  4. Yea, I think some of the wax figures were quite badly done… The Madonna one looks the most horridly unlike the real person..

  5. It’s chearper than the London’s Madame Tussaud.. It’s £20++ and the queue is usually rather long.
    Anyway, it seems that the HK one have some really good wax figure and some err… horrendous wax figures.

  6. Nice place,HK. Beckham and Andy Lau looks real. Unfortunately i didn’t visit the wax musuem when i was there.Nice kenny! Should have made ayumi sexier…

  7. Haha.. typical Kenny. After talking about ppl molesting other wax ppl, he did it himself. But Madonna really looked terrible.. X-P

  8. wow, they have more wax figures now! a lot of those wax figures weren’t even there when i was there last year 🙁 but I’m definitely not paying to enter the museum again. I see it all in kennysia! haha

  9. Like Andy Lau kena molested by that lady, Ayumi, Lee Kuan Yew, Beckham etc etc all kena molested by you. The horror…

  10. hey…. i was fooled bout lee kuan yew too… but they do look soo similar… OMG…. but AYUMI and that korean actor… wahh!! i wish i could be der taking picx n fool my friends… lolx

  11. u said u went alone. SO who’s that camera/phone camera man/lady who’s willing to help you take those awkward behaviour photos?

  12. LOL… Andy Lau’s figure got heartbeat wan! I took so many pictures with him cause he’s the best looking figure there. I freaked out when I saw Leslie Chueng’s figurine cause he was at a bend and they were playing his songs in the background. It’s like a shrine to him or something.
    I had fun with my first Madame Tussaud’s experience. Totally interactive though I have to admit that RM55 to see candles are pretty ex…

  13. I didnt get to see the wax work when I was in HK.. haha I think I’ll prolly pose like that girl if i get to see Andy Lau. HAha.. you are too cute! I like chubby guys. 😛

  14. Adoi! Kenny, I am in the office at 2.45pm and I laughed in front of my computer. My colleagues stared at me as if I am some kind of weirdo. It’s all your fault!!! 😛 You made my day already.

  15. Adoi! Kenny, I am in the office at 2.45pm and I laughed in front of my computer. My colleagues stared at me as if I am some kind of weirdo. It’s all your fault!!! 😛 You made my day already. ~ Ely.

  16. And I really thought Lee Kuan Yew read your blog. Cheh… Sibeh funny lah you, making fun on those wax figures, especially Tiger Wood one. You go boy~!

  17. Hmm nice wax figures. Should go and see the London ones too. They are quite good too and fooled many friends back home. hahahaha

  18. Oh come on, don’t you know that the government is going to plan to put up permits and licences for BLOGGING?…..Fine i exagerrated but a MALAYSIAN still suggested it….which is just as bad….

  19. cooL!! ayumi is too beautiful for u, by the way 😛
    i agree too, putting up your wax figure there will create even more jokes around, like what you did XD
    how can mr lee kuan yew know you? unfair!!! XP

  20. its good to have an Asian wax museum. At least a change from the europeon version.
    SOmehow i wish they would do better wax models for ayumi. She is hot, but the wax is not like her and lack her charisma.

  21. Saw u in LCCT on your way back to KG. We were on the same flight. We were on our way home from Phuket. Nice place. Tho’ u might not know us, but we’ve met u a couple of times around KG.. small world.
    Wat happened to your IC, the PP machine can’t screen? 🙂 Saw u there too…

  22. AIYOH, you had so much fun at the wax museum.
    they seems to add several new figures, last year when i was there, there was no Bae Yong-Jun,Tiger Woods and Ayumi, they even shift house for LKY!!!
    i dun even have time to take such comical shots with the figures, nah…david beckham was protected by the staff last year.
    didnt u see aaron kowk??

  23. Kenny, can we go holiday together? Maybe for a week…..Wait till u reply, I’ll give you my contact number.

  24. You sadistic bastard……..kissing a wax-version of ayumi hamasaki ??
    Man that’s a pile of wax with fake hairs and paint. Think chucky the child-killer. It’ll be so cool if the wax came to life and tried to molest you in return….. holy shit.
    Hope you have nightmares after this. 🙂

  25. lol! i loved your poses! there was an exhibit in Singapore quite a few years ago.. i went with my classmates xD

  26. Too bad they are all wax…
    Who knows… from here on there is always a possibility of you one day meeting them for real…
    Who know one day andy lau will call you up for breakfast.. there is always a way for good things to come around to those who do good.
    Hmmm and then again if Ayumi Hamasaki were to read this .. she might not call you up for a dinner 🙂
    Take care dude.. you are doing great with this website
    Sola Lee

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  29. OMG!
    …saw an info abt the ayu wax figure thing and i was really disappointed by how they made ayumi!!!!! :(:(:(
    but i’m still jealous of u getting to take the picture with the ayumi wax figure!!!!!!!

  30. oi kenny, you better watch out your chatterbox, the Malaysian Cabinet is watching bloggers for racism and whatnot. And your chatterbox happens to be quite racist by the way

  31. hahahz…. i was shocked to know tat lee kuan yew was unreal…. “it” looked so real… err… but still ayumi looked so fake…. hmmp… mayb she’s too shining??? ;p

  32. Wow….
    Madame Tussauds in hong kong definitely have more asian celebrities. More fun to me, i think.
    I went to the one in London. And all i saw was western celebrities. Even Jacky Chan wasn’t there. He was sent to some place for exhibition..or to HOng kong?? Couldn’t recall.
    But i saw Queen Elizabeth~!!! haha……

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