FireFox and Malaysia-relevant Search Plugins

Weekends are usually the time when the traffic to drops. I have no idea why but I think its because people are not at work, and hence no opportunity to slack off in front of their computer reading some mundane blog by some 22 year old Malaysian-Chinese in Kuching. That’s the reason why I usually take a day off blogging during weekends or write about crap no one wants to read, like my balls.
Today’s entry will be one of these.


Mozilla FireFox
Have you ever heard of Mozilla FireFox? If not, then my friend, you and I need to sit down and talk. Just pretend I’m a Jehovah’s Witness knocking on your door preaching the Holy Bible. Or an Amway salesman, whichever your prefer.
See, all my life I’m surrounded by geeks and nerds. It doesn’t help that I’m one of them.
I am surrounded by geeks and nerds
These are the people who swears by Linux and Macintosh. These are the same people who believe Bill Gates is Satan, and Microsoft should be renamed “Might-work-Soft” as my ex-workmate David so affectionately calls it. And because of that, these geeks informed you that you must format Windows XP from your computer and start using Linux. I said to them “siao ah!”
A long long time ago, I never believed in the open-source movement. Free things are hardly ever good, which is why I always use Microsoft. I even paid for my copy of Windows XP. Yes, all RM 5 for it at my local CD shop. Oh wait, did I say RM 5? *cough* I meant RM 500. 🙂
I am surrounded by geeks and nerds
See, I’ve been using Internet Explorer for my web browsing needs for as long as I can remember. That’s until the geeks at Spectra told me that if I start using Mozilla FireFox, my balls would increase 2cm in diameter. So I downloaded FireFox, started using it at work and eventually I used it at home as well. Sadly, my balls are still the same size as before.
I didn’t notice what’s the big deal about FireFox initially, until I used it for several days. It downloads fast, installs fast and imports all your IE bookmarks seamlessly. I loved it so much that now, I laugh at people who still uses Internet Explorer because they’re probably still using tree leaves to wipe their asses. (Read “Flame Extinguisher” below)

What’s so good about FireFox? Well, that’s for you to discover. But I’ll point these out.
More security, less pop ups
Ever visited 100% HOT ASIAN SLUTZ only to get your browser hijacked to the point where everytime your dad opens the web browser expecting to read the news, he finds a picture of a naked lady instead? Internet Explorer is notoriously easy to hijack and attacked by malicious software, FireFox is not.
Live Bookmarks is good for blog readers
I checked for updates of about 20 blogs I read everyday, but I can’t be bothered clicking on each one of them to see if they have updated. The solution? Live Bookmarks. If a blog supports Live Bookmark, it will show a orange square on the lower right corner of the browser.
Click it to add it. Next time the blogger updates, you will see it as a new topic in the Live Bookmark. It’ll save you the effort, not to mention the bandwidth costs of the blogger. I’m sure the blogger will appreciate it. Add to your Live Bookmark and I’ll tell everyone how big your balls are.
Easy Built-In Search Engine
Search box
On the top right corner of the browser is a built-in search box for many websites and search engines like Google or Yahoo. Choose your engine, enter what you want to search, and voila – you’re there. Its so intuitive its a wonder why the genius Bill Gates didn’t think about it in the first place.
FireFox came pre-installed with search plugins only the Americans will appreciate. Do yourself a favour, go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\ and delete the ones you don’t need. You can install new search plugins more relevant to you by visiting Mycroft. It installs as easy as two clicks.
If you know a bit of HTML, these plugins are incredibly easy to write. MyCroft doesn’t have too many Malaysian-relevant search plugins, which is why I created the following. If you are reading this using FireFox, just click to install.

I especially love the Yellowpages Sarawak search plugin. I use it at work all the time.
To conclude, ditch that shitty Internet Explorer, follow the trend and start using FireFox. What have you got to lose?
Any questions/requests/bug-fixes, let me know and I’ll do my best.
Flame extinguisher: Sorry I offended the 75.2% of readers who uses Internet Explorer. But as always, everything on this site is light-hearted fun, so have a sense of humour when I take a casual jab at you lah. I’m actually a nice humble guy in real life. Err… Yes, I am. So apologies to all the IE users out there, don’t be offended. And dammit stop using tree leaves and buy some proper toilet papers!

30 Replies to “FireFox and Malaysia-relevant Search Plugins”

  1. thanks for the review. I’ve been wondering what firefox is all about. I’m downloading it as we speak erm… I mean type..

  2. haha. dude. you’re a little behind for someone surrounded by nerds. lainie (my nerd) downloaded firefox for me before she was lesbian! ahaha

  3. thanks for telling me about the live update thingy…that was really helpful because i’m also a firefox user..i love the fuction of opening various windows in tabs..:)

  4. thats strange. at least 80% of people who visit my site use firefox. there was a jump after i put in a firefox button. altho if you’re a mac user, safari has similar functions.

  5. er. im still using ‘tree leaves’ here. thanks for de firefox info, kenny. ass will be more cleaner now by using tp. ;P

  6. i’m cool so i don’t know this – where do i get firefox? download ah?
    and YES i’ve noticed that traffic drops over the weekends. my speculations tell me that it’s because people have a life (they got places to go, people to see and yada) while we don’t.
    at least you’ve got your ba — ops, typo. you’ve got nicole on msn hehe =)

  7. kampung-gal – Eyyy… enjoy using Firefox!
    Rodney & H4rry – damn u l33ts!
    vanessa – Hmm… so who *is* the nerd between you and lainie? Lainie calls you nerd, yet she’s the pro when it comes to these computer things. Apparently.
    macdyne – it better not be! I had Firefox crashing on me a few times, but not as often as IE. Luckily.
    KLJS – does your girlfriend ever get jealous that you’re so in love with firefox?
    KherYing – Yea, live bookmarks is definitely one of the best features of FireFox. Tabs are great! Save heaps of space on your windows taskbar.
    cheeaun – Are you kidding? Mozilla should be thankful I wrote those Malaysian plugins for them! How about a button of my face on their site? But heh, I know what you mean. I think a good review on their browser is my thank you for them.
    VaLz – Yea I used Opera for a while too, but its got ads. Me no like ads. 🙁
    cccp – I heard of Crazy Browser, but I didn’t bother checking it out. Will do so. Thanks! 🙂
    mie – Yea I like safari too! Its much better than IE on a Mac.
    ThunderFoxy – Hey I just realised something oddly interesting. Mozilla’s e-mail program is called THUNDER-BIRD and its web browser is called FIRE-FOX. You put together and you get… THUNDER-FOXY! Waahahaahahhaaha. You also get Firebird, but I dunno what’s that for.
    kimm – Oooh… the link is here if you need it.

  8. 1. more promotion, more adoption.
    2. more adoption, more market share.
    3. more market share, more incentives for hackers to target the broswer.
    4. more hackers, more exploitations.
    5. more exploitations, less secure.
    we shouldn’t be promoting firefox! keep the good things to ourselves. 😛

  9. no lar…..firefox even exploited also will get patched up very quickly…unlike a certain browser that comes with a windows……

  10. ya i’m also using firefox…cannot tahan after turning on my computer and getting 27 popups in a row.
    and muahahahah my name is in your blog!:D

  11. Hi Kenny,
    Came to this page from the comment you left on my web site. Coot stuffs you’ve made!
    Ok, so I’m shamelessly borrowing this space to advertise startwiki. That is not just-another-public-directory, but since it’s wiki-based, it is something that anyone can just take part. And I’ve also made a firefox search engine too.
    Visit today.

  12. Almost every Linux distro comes with Firefox, long live the fox! Slackware & Debian rulez forever! Btw, rock dude, & all ur l337 friends too 😀

  13. You know it’s better not to dump any browser, they provide you with good knowledge of consistent clean-coding. I do agree tho that I.E screwed up a lot of things especially when it comes to compatibillity. Kenot cope lah, one browser wants to make something different the other sumore wants to b different. Firefox is bad if you put too many plugins. If speed matters, try SeaMonkey (mozilla oso). Netscape is fine actually better coz they made all the standards in web authoring.
    But i think, water soap and cloth are better 🙂

  14. i’m at firefox for about 3 months already since i started working here . . .
    i was previous an opera user . . .coz there were mouse movement short cuts. . .
    i really love moving my mouse . . .
    if only firefox can add this feature, then i’ll definitely by 100% foxxy man !

  15. Yes, firefox’s a very good browser to use when surfing for porn, and Cus sites. But I was surfing through some government sites (Malaysian) such as immigration and a lot of them don’t actually fully support firefox. Things like you can’t access links like you can with IE.

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