Engrish: 99 Balls and 1 Gift

Some of you may have noticed that kennysia.com was down the whole night last night. That’s my fault. Apparently after upgrading my bandwidth allowance to 3GB last week, I managed to blow it once again. No worries, I’ll move my host soon.
To add insult to injury, I scratched the surface of my 2-week old LCD monitor just 5 minutes ago. Now my baby has an unsightly and permanent gash left on it. Good job, Kenny, good job.
In times like these, there’s only one thing that can cheer me up. Three words: Made in China.
I tell you, those products made in China are a gold mine for Engrish. I don’t know what these people are thinking hiring primary school dropouts to design their product packaging exported to the world. One thing for sure, their proficiency of the language makes mrkiasu look like an English teacher.
Take for example, this box of toy balls I spotted at a local supermarket. The name of the product is a creatively named Sunny Cat 99 Balls and 1 Gift.
Box of balls, front shot
On the back of the box, I learnt that the ‘Gift’ in question is actually a netted basket.
Box of balls, back shot
Somehow I get the feeling that they don’t know what ‘basket’ is in English. So they cleverly replaced it with the word ‘gift’ instead.
Box of balls, suggestion
My suspicion was confirmed when they call a ‘basket’ a ‘kid tent’.
Their suggestion seems quite useful. Considering what a shit day I’ve been having, I think I’m just gonna put colourful balls into a ‘kid tent’ just to cheer myself up.
Box of balls, not ice
The side of the box kindly informs me that this box is “not ice”. Like duh, of course I know its not ice, ‘cos otherwise you’d have to put it into a freezer.
Here’s the kicker.
Box of balls, the kicker
I don’t know about you, but I have a strong urge to buy a box of these balls just so that I can stuff them into the mouths of those annoying kids with Heely shoes.

18 Replies to “Engrish: 99 Balls and 1 Gift”

  1. Its at a place called “688”. They mainly sell items imported from China, which is how they get all these horrijible Engrish on their packaging.

  2. children under 3 should play wf their balls accompanied by their parents to avoid their children putting their balls into their mouths

  3. The number changed? hm.. on regards to the fire case in Padungan the other day, probably it will be faster to go there directly. Most reliable is to call parents/family/friends. Think their response time will be WAY WAY faster.

  4. “To avoid children put put balls in their mouth”
    HAHAHAHA that got some laughs out of me1 They phail at engrish you dink?

  5. oh yes! those heely kids bugs the creep out of me.. everytime i see them there’s this instinct that tells me ‘trip ’em trip ’em!’

  6. A kid tent is not the same as the basket. You have that on the picture of the back of the box. The picture with a little girl standing besides a hut like thing. That’s the kid tent. Gotta have a kid to know such things … And it is plenty of fun, even for me.

  7. can i try putting a ball on those wheely boys . . .
    i havent tried that one before . . .
    if it goes well . ..
    yOu’ll be the first one to know !

  8. Great idea on stuffing the balls into the mouth of the kids who wear Heely shoes. Can’t stand them either! Might look into the dept. stores for that similar toy after work. Hehe.

  9. children should play balls accompanied by their parents??? This “ball” playing game should be privately played, init?

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