April Fool’s: Making Fun of Myself

I’m never good scheming an April Fool’s prank.
When I was young, everyone hated me on the 1st of April. Whenever my group of friends decided to pull a prank on some poor kid, I was always the first to get all red-faced and laugh out loud. The (supposed) victim would get suspicious and my mates would get all upset because I single-handedly ruined their evil plan.
Eventually I decided that I’m hopeless at poking fun at other people, and so I resigned to my fate as the target of all pranks. I’m not sure what the other bloggers have up their sleeves come this April Fool’s. Someone slap me if its not somewhere along the lines of my-blog-is-shutting-down, I-lost-my-job-cos-of-my-blog, or another one of those terrifying watch-this-carefully-and-you’ll-see-a-ghost.
But you know what? This year, I smartened up. I REFUSE to be made fun of by others. This year, I decided that only I am worthy of making fun of MYSELF.
Maybe its the excess bandwidth usage last month. Maybe its too many episodes of the Numa Numa Dance. But somehow I have an inexplicable urge to embarrass myself on the Internet, and perhaps scare away a few of kennysia.com’s readers in the process to save some bandwidth costs.
There are many well-known bloggers in the ‘blogosphere’ out there. They said that if you can’t beat them… then for fuck’s sake, beat them harder! With a baseball bat, perhaps.
So. Partially inspired by minishorts and the project, I decided that I’m gonna sacrifice my virginity dignity, put myself in their shoes, and see what its like if its ME and not THEM that’s famous.
Anyway, consider this my April Fool’s dedication.


Who better to start the ball rolling, than a fellow Sarawakian and controversial blogger, Poh Huai Bin of sixthseal.com?
Poh Huai Bin
Offensive yet intelligent. Controversial yet witty. If there ever were a blog version of the Ewan McGregor movie Trainspotting, sixthseal.com would be it.
If there ever were going to be a blog version of “Dumb and Dumber”, kennysia.com would be it.
Me as Huai Bin
Note: the dilation of my pupils is not real, its photoshopped. The dilation of Huai Bin’s pupils however……. is also photoshopped.


Next on my list is the author of Screenshots, Jeff Ooi, Malaysia’s Most Influential Blogger. I don’t know why people call him that, but Jeff Ooi is definitely one of Malaysia’s best known blogger. Browse through any Malaysian blog and I guarantee you at least half of them will be linked to Jeff Ooi.
Jeff Ooi

I’m probably not that influential yet…
Me as Jeff Ooi
… but at least I’m trying.


I had thought about doing an imitation of Malaysia’s favourite erotic blogger, author of The Hustler Diaries, Mr Sleek Black Mercedes. However, the Hustler himself decided to keep his identity anonymous. Browsing through his site, I was unable to find anything resembling a photo of him except for an award he won which he proudly displayed on the sidebar of his blog.
Hustler Diaries

Impressive. That’s one thing I can forget about winning. I’ll probably be winning this instead.
Me as Hustler Diaries


I was going to stop here because I can’t think of anyone else worth spoofing. Then I thought, why stop at the guys?
Introducing Kimberlycun, owner of Malaysia’s smoothest pair of legs, and coincidentally the author of that fantastic blog with a fantastic title, “Narcissism Is Necessary”.
Kim Cun

Introducing… my legs.
Me as Kim Cun


I was going to stop here.
But once again, I thought “Why stop at Malaysia? Why not look at say, Singapore?”
Whilst Malaysia’s best known blogger is an uncle called Jeff Ooi, Singapore’s best known blogger is a babe called Xia Xue. Xia Xue is Wendy Cheng, someone who left thousands of ‘blogders’ a day wondering “Why are we worshipping the ground she blogs on?”
Xia Xue
The looks, the brains, the body. Man, I wish I can be like her sometimes. But alas, I think I’m just gonna “Xia Xuey” myself.
Xia Xuey


I hope I’m not gonna regret this when I look back 5 years later. Sorry I wasted your time with this half-arsed foolish entry.
The obligatory flame extinguisher: My apologies to the people above whom I’ve made a parody of. You have the right to be deeply offended because I’m not as pretty as you are. But hey, its the 1st of April! So please, chill… chill….
Added 3rd April 2005: I noticed there’s a lot of non-regular kennysia.com readers dropping by this page. I’d sincerely appreciate it if you leave me just a short comment, telling me who you are and all that stuff. You know, as a small token for my effort putting up this entry. Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚
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149 Replies to “April Fool’s: Making Fun of Myself”

  1. HOLY….hahahahhahahhahahahhahaha
    Oh my god
    I think the last two photos of you are gonna cause me severe stomach cramps for the next few days

  2. lol kenny!!! that’s just freaky ok!! the kimberlycun’s one and xiaxue’s one..
    hahahhaa.. how to sleep tonight.
    you don’t look like a guy with hairy legs. very surprised!
    you look so cute in the first picture! ahahhaha..ooh comelnya!*pinches kenny’s cheek*..
    i think you’re on your way to become a very well known blogger…….

  3. Kenny, last photo, you forgot to smile, and slightly turn your head on one side and slightly down a bit. oh yeah, babe, that’s it. you are beautiful. oh yeah, give me more.

  4. FOFCC to ROTFLMAO with Ms. LUITA…
    OMG… I laughed too loud till my housemate are being awake by me and asked me to “shhhhhhhh…..”

  5. with that hairy legs of yours, i bet any ants or snakes that accidenlty craw up ur leg will definately get lost or worst, tangled up and die there…bless all the snakes and ants.

  6. ROFL… hahaha… you just make my day !
    That’s funny ! I like the Xia Xuey pose the best !
    hey, I think U have enough portfolio to start a ” POSTCARD Collection” sale to get some fund for ur bandwidth cost.

  7. Best April Fool Post 2005

    If you haven’t read what Kenny Sia has posted today, head over! Thank you, Kenny. Happy April Fool’s Day to everyone….

  8. hahahahahaha you make a great imitation of Xia Xuey!!! Hahahahaha But why the “terkejut beruk” look on your face?? Hahahahaha…..

  9. Eh, Kenny, are you ok to seat like that ah… not comfy right??? squeencing your balls!! Kenny: “Ouch… my big balls!”

  10. OK, mine’s not exactly a comment but a pretty lamo question. Um, in 93/94, when VSU was in play at Curtin- WA, were international students charged for ASF? i’m not too sure wat happened there but i noe that full fee paying students are included in the VSU bill and that REALLLLLLLLLLY sucks. OK, if you can mail me back, I’d be eternally grateful…and um…nice legs btw. no doubt, first class…u can barely count the hairs on ur legs!! ok, enuf abt the legs…

  11. The best April Fool post so far on a day where everyone else is trying to ‘fool’ others with recycled news, you wrote a rather unique and original article.

  12. Oh Kenny ! What sacrifice you made for our laughs.. That’s very noble.. I second someone up there you should so get an award soon…This is such a good one. I like every spoof you made here.
    btw, you look cute πŸ™‚

  13. ahh

    boredom……………this is like my 3rd/4th attempt to blog.. great..
    anyway i didn’t go for sports day today.. didn’t feel like running. .but i still woke up early this morning.. had to get a replacement… didn’t go back to sleep too… i slept…

  14. if you catch me staring at your legs this coming May, you’ll know why. MY GAWD. those are horrendously hairy legs. PLEASE PLEASE tell me they’re photoshopped.
    too bad you’re not in KL otherwise would’ve brought you to the star wars thing. YOu could’ve gone as chewbacca!

  15. hey, i prefer your (demure legs, doe eyes, silk cartoon boxer) picture over xiaxue’s anytime baby. anytime.

    Now that I’ve managed to lift myself back onto my chair…
    …and take a few gulps of fresh air…
    Monsieur Kenny, this has DEFINITELY got to be the best April Fool’s post I’ve seen so far!

  17. haha i got this page from paul’s page!!
    gonna be regular reader now.
    quite funny and sporting the way u can poke fun of urself ;p

  18. muahahhahahahaha~~ well, that’s a good one making fun of yourself just to make everyone a happy day!! =P
    got you from doc’s blog…

  19. Got your link from minishorts.
    I love the hairy legs. Hairy legs on chinese blokes are incredibly sensuous, especially when they fall asleep and the ladies can proceed to paste on strips of waxing paper on ’em.
    Great job, btw πŸ™‚

  20. hi kenny, this is my first time visiting your site and i’m already loving it! hehe.. by the way, i got to know about your site through drliew’s. i will definitely hang around more often..

  21. hi there… I followed a link from Dr Liew’s blog (which I was visiting for the first time ever, too) to this entry of yours – excellent that you can poke fun at yourself πŸ˜€ I’ll be dropping by from time to time to see what else you’re up to. Take care! *lynne*

  22. OMG.
    This is utterly hilarious!
    So hairy!!! hahahahahahahahahahaahahaha..
    Man! You’re so funny. Will ya *cough* marry me or something?
    So that I can have something (*cough* the sexy legs) to laugh about everyday.

  23. Awww…. I was an avid fan of XiaXue.. now you’ve enticed me with your sexy red, patterned boxers! Three cheers to Kenny!

  24. hahah!! you’re damn funny!! i guess the way you look at things are weird but it make sense! hahaha!

  25. Mate, your April 1st entry was the first time I looked at your blog and I kept on visiting after that. I revisited this entry because I’ve had a crummy day and in need of some laughter, saw this note of yours asking for some comments, so here ya go.
    Good on ya! πŸ™‚

  26. hey dude, yes, you make a better writer than me but the picture- great effort really. got myself my much needed laugh. That’s it, you’ve got urself another fan. I should be coming here often.
    Recomended by Alexander from Sibu.

  27. buuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaahhhaaa…i was eating sumthin and nearly got choked when i saw the xia xuey pose….kahkahkahkahkah(still laughing)p/s:i thought my bro’s legs are hairy but ur’s are worse

  28. Hi Kenny,
    I am one of your non-regular readers. Damn, your blog really ho-chio, man. I was reading while working in da office and nearly blurted out “waahhahaha”. Keep up the good work. I would appreciate if you could do some reviews of food outlets in Kuching.

  29. lmao. Very funny dude. You have perfected the “vacuous dumb-blonde” look.
    I’d give you an Epilady for christmas,

  30. i shall leave a note as u requested..
    i m ur 3 day old ‘mewbie’ reader..but i promise, i will be a true bred regular in no time!

  31. Dear Kenny,
    decided to leave a note here since this was the very first entry my sis intro-ed me to.Kept insisting I read your entry…LOVED IT….(haf since read some of your other entry-a friend and I laughed non stop wayyyyy early into the wee hours of the morning)
    haf been inspired by you to kickstart my blogging adventures.. hehe! Thanks for all the humour. Keep it up!

  32. Malaysian ( blog ) Idols

    Star Two features blogtal PetalingStreet.org and four popular bloggers today, namely: Peter Tan, Claire ‘Minishorts’ Khoo, Tew Hui Suan and Kenny Sia. This is a secret recipe to stardom, from Kenny: Sia started the blog in January this year as…

  33. jumped from lucia’s blog. man, you’ve ruined it for hairy-legged people (including girls!).
    what’s wrong with hairy legs!? homo sapiens have hair all over us except on our palms, soles of our feet and … somewhere else i forgot.
    am forming support group for people with hairy legs.

  34. You know how to get yourself known?
    simple. If you are juz another woman who are bored at one corner, post a picture of yourself, probably with throbbing nipple on your blog site! that is!
    For you, i think you can use this similar idea. It works!! really., at least for now.

  35. You’re the man! read one entry of yours and i feels like reading them all….. you’re the man…..

  36. This is wa-a-ay too late, but man! Dude! Laughed so hard I (nearly) got an asthma attack. You have balls, dude! Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise.
    (…glad my blog has nothing to lampoon)

  37. Hi Kenny
    sorry to hear about your dad’s passing on. be strong. u have a grrrrreeaatt blog. great sense of humour and u certainly write well. already bookmarked this site. keep up the good work….

  38. since you asked, i’ll leave a comment here. was browsing thru after reading about u in the star πŸ™‚ i like ur style… u realli hv tonnes of time to do photoshoppin’ eh? hehe

    and erm, coincidentally the day i found out about ur blog, my granpa just passed away. i can relate to your pain. my deepest condolences on your dad’s passing.

  39. since you asked, i’ll leave a comment here. was browsing thru after reading about u in the star πŸ™‚ i like ur style… u realli hv tonnes of time to do photoshoppin’ eh? hehe

    and erm, coincidentally the day i found out about ur blog, my granpa just passed away. i can relate to your pain. my deepest condolences on your dad’s passing.

  40. I’m chinese and i studied in australia for 3 years, and when i came back, i still remember my BM. we’ve been studying BM since primary one until form. 5. that’s a total of 11 years, it’s almost built in second nature to us, so i don’t see any reason for anyone to forget their BM. although when we go for tertiary education, and later on in our work life we tend to use more english, there’s no need for us to feel proud of being proficient in english and bad in BM. i feel proud dat i’m proficient in english, BM and chinese cuz only in m’sia we haf been given that priviledge. so it’s a good thing that schools are using BM as the bahasa rasmi. as a msian those that can’t speak BM well should be ashamed. especially when org putih can speak it better.

  41. man you are damn funny!!!! was intro-ed by a friend when we are on a blog-readin frenzy and she said YOU ARE MAN! and no doubt tat is soooooo true. trully loved your blog, esp this entry. i laugh so loud and hard i woke up my friend that jumped up from the bed asking “whats so funny?” and when i pointed at the screen, she echo my laughing!!! keep it up kenny!!!

  42. honestly, something is terribly wrong with xiaxue’s teeth.
    looks like it’s gonna crack the next time she dips it in ice-cream.
    better u, kenny, as a good friend go tell her fix it.
    before everything falls off!
    regards – the dentist’s daughter.

  43. haha.. i think if i read this page 1st instead of your other fun blogs, i’d tot of u as another ‘lakia’ tat blogs to kacau ppl straight away.. (no offence to lakias..)

  44. hahaha kenny u r a gem!!! i only discovered your blog recently n it’s been lifting my spirits up in these trying times!! thanks dude n a happy new year ahead! =D

  45. finally have courage to comment something here after reading the added lil post at the end of this entries..
    Been reading yr blog these past 2 weeks, and i enjoyed reading almost all the entries of yr blog. honestly, reading yr blog put back a smile(even laughs) on my face whenever i’m in a depression mode..
    thanks Kenny.. Keep up the good work.. make us happier.

  46. wonders if u still read comments on old posts, but then, just feel like dropping by.
    U know y u are now Malaysian famous, probably most influential, (more influential than Jeff Ooi in my opinion)blogger?
    That’s because of this kind of funny stuff u wrote and those jokes u managed to put in a middle of a supposed-to-be serious topics (referring not to this post of course)
    I become more and enthusiastic in blogging, partly inspired by you, but then sometimes i just think, there’s a reason y u can be so famous. And that reason is something i do not have.
    Hope you will keep blogging. πŸ™‚

  47. Thanks Catherine. Of course I still read comments from my old posts. πŸ™‚
    Obviously, this entry was written 4 years ago. That’s before a lot of scrutiny, controversies and arguments over my blog happened. I’ve grown up a lot over the past 4 years. And growing up is one of those things that made a lot of things we did less fun. If I were to write this entry today, it’s not gonna receive as much reaction as it did last time.
    I’m honoured that I inspired you. Whether or not I’ll continue blogging years into the future, I don’t know. But I do hope that you carry on and inspire others that follow you, the same way I managed to inspire you. πŸ™‚

  48. Hey. Ive been following you on and off for a year, but recently Ive been popping into your site everyday and I’m reading forward from your first post. πŸ™‚ I’m a fan of your humor. It’s AWESOME!
    I never left many comments cos I didn’t wanna be one of those people who just feel like they have to say something even if its not worth saying and it will waste your time reading it(cos dude, you get hundreds of comments). But since you asked us readers to.. Sure! πŸ˜€
    I am a 21 year old architecture student studying and working in KL. I did my national training in Sarawak and got to know a bunch of really great Kuching people. Oh yea, my name is Abu. πŸ™‚ Yes, yes, just like in the story Alladin..
    I wish you all the best. I will definitely drop by and check out Level Up Fitness the next time I’m in Sarawak.

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