Egg McMuffin

Hello everybahdy, this is Egg McMuffin.

Egg McMuffin is a present from Pinkpau. It’s yellow, it’s round and it’s very very soft. I have been obsessing over him ever since I saw it on her blog, so she bought one for me right before she left for New York.
Thank you, Su Ann. Now I have something to use as a football.

Don’t worry, I will sayang my Egg McMuffin so when you come back he can mate with your Egg McMuffin. I know your Egg McMuffin is male as well but that is okay.
They can just swear on a religious book and pretend it never actually took place.

Thank you again. I really like it. I also have no idea why I like your overstuffed round chicken so much.
But I think it’s because I secretly think he looks like me.

Yes, our resemblance is just so uncanny.

In two weeks time, I’ll be heading over to London for the Tiger Translate art and music festival. Gonna be making a detour to visit Paris while I’m there.
Here’s the thing though: accommodation in Paris is bloody expensive. Instead of paying 50 Euros (RM250) for a pathetic bed in the red-light district, can anyone recommend a cheapo place I could stay without selling my backside?

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  1. “They can just swear on a religious book and pretend it never actually took place.”
    Hahhaa, nice one! Funniest reference I’ve read in your blog yet.

  2. Hey Kenny.Was trying to look it up for you but then a problem occurred: I wasn’t sure of the exact date that you are travelling. :p Here’s the link to HostelBookers (, I use it to search for hostels/hotels whenever I travel to Europe.It’s very handy,with all the info you need and the prices aren’t that expensive (some of them of course.and you can get less than EUR 30 for a bed with ideal location.)
    My recommendation is: Perfect Hostel located in Rue Rodier,a stone’s throw away from Moulin Rouge, metro station and Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

  3. Make me yearn for a real thai massage after looking at yr pics.. its been a long time since i dropped my hair in thailand…must go again since now the airasia is offering free tickets.. Did u really eat the grasshopper?

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  5. u could try staying at paris international campsites instead, which usually have cabins or mobile homes for rent. i stayed at a campsite when i was there in june and it cost me £7 per nite or less than RM50 for a shared cabin. the campsite that i was staying at is near paris city centre itself and its quite clean (important cuz u’d be using communal toilets), plus u get to know a lot of frens. i stayed there for 3 nites, no complaints except for an incident where my fren saw a guy wanking in his room with his door wide open. o_O
    cant remember wats the name of the campsite, its paris est sumthing sumthing….but i can try to find out if ur interested. =)

  6. You seem to have lost weight! Your face is skinnier, as a matter of fact. Yes, the first picture I saw already reminded me of you.

  7. hi, i see some have given you suggestions for Paris. all the same- try youth hostel. i stayed at one a few yrs back and it was less that euro20 per bed.

  8. Both and is great for budget travelling. Been using it alot for my Europe trips. Try it out =)

  9. u cud try the Hotel Rex/Comprador. It’s a B&B. I stayed there the other time when i was on the uni trip so shdn’t be too expensive. and location is excellent too =)

  10. haha. good pun. uncanny…unKENNY. hahaha.
    was it supposed to be a pun? HAHA.
    im from singapore by the way. 🙂

  11. They can just swear on a religious book and pretend it never actually took place.
    Kenny is a chinaman who is not sensitive to the feelings of others. He really think that he can make a joke out of everything. Maybe because he’s from Kuching which are Chinese-majority. I’m a Chinese too but please, we are Malaysian.
    Maybe it’s time to ponder when Hari Malaysia is just around the corner, or to be accurate, 16th September.
    Many colours, one race
    Many parties, one nation

  12. words in words ha Kenny.. not bad.. xD
    Good 1.
    Egg Mcmuffin & Kenny McMuffin.. how does this rhyme? not bad right? =)

  13. hello all!
    i bought Egg Mcmuffin at a little shop in sungei wang. it’s a colorful little toy stand that’s either directly one floor above or below Famous Amos. i think 1U and Mid Valley has the same shop.

  14. Hi kenny,
    just got back from paris yesterday. wonderful place.
    stayed at Young and Happy Hostel, 80 rue Mouffetard (booked it at my friend and i got a room to ourselves that comes with a double deck bed and a sink for 26euros a night.
    it’s pretty clean and is located in the latin quarter, meaning there’s eateries, pubs of all range and types that open till late. never go hungry. hee. nice food, esp the cheese fondue and friendly neighbourhood. 5 mins walk to the metro.
    pretty safe place. had no probs walking around at night. (i’m a female.)
    have a nice trip.

  15. Hi Kenny, is one of the best sites I would recommend you. I used it throughout my trips in Europe, and I could generally get acceptable dorms/rooms for

  16. I just got back from Paris 2 weeks ago and I stayed at this place called Hotel Campanile. It’s right outside a Paris metro stop that goes direct into the city so you’ve got transportation covered. they’ve got promotions online like a 3N for the price of 2 so you might wanna check it out. Afterall, we paid only 14EUR for a twinshare.

  17. I recommend the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris near Champs Elysees. The lobby is free and you are sure to expect 1st class service.

  18. u don’t have to stay at the heart of Paris city, if u stay out a little, at zone 2, outside the city circle, it would be significantly cheaper.. just make sure the Metro runs nearby..

  19. try etap hotel which is part of chain
    i stayed in their branch in Jaure station 6 months ago. clean rooms and quiet neighbourhood with convenient store next door.

  20. Try
    I often use this site when i was studying in London. i got a private room with attached bathrooms that serves breakfast on bed for 10+ euros! But if you’re taking a room by youself, it should costs you around 20-30 Euros bah. 😉

  21. Hey Kenny,
    Your Egg McMuffin look the exactly the same with mine!..But I never knew its name is Egg McMuffin..Geez, i just called mine ‘Yellow Chick’…Anyway, my Yellow Chick slightly bigger than yours and bought from Langkawi..hehe

  22. You can check out the hostel “The 3 Ducks”. Quite cheap, the last time i was there, it was 17 euros a night including breakfast. Well, the breakfast wasn’t much, just baguettes, jam, cheese, salami…but enuff to get me through the day…everything so expensive in Paris..sigh….
    To be honest, the place is quite run down, but if you want cheap and dun mind sharing rooms and creaking bunk beds and common toilet…then…it’s the way to go…
    oh…there’s a bar at the hostel that goes practically whole night, so bring earplugs if u’re a light sleeper..
    What I’ve learned from my friend in france is that in Paris, most of the cheap hostels are is sh*t condition unlike other europe cities…so don’t expect much.
    hope that helps abit…ahhh….who cares about sh*tty hostels….YOU’RE IN PARIS~~~~~so nice 🙂

  23. hey, kenny
    no offence, but i see this post as an attempt to be funny and to gain visits for your blog.
    it’s like it’s just to be responsible to have a post up, any post even if it means it’s boring and typical of kenny sia to just post something so childish and lame, just so the readers would have something new to read.
    don’t get me wrong, i like your blog.
    only when it’s about your trips like the last post, i really enjoyed it.
    fact is, your sense of humour isn’t great.
    it’s not all that entertaining but when you get literal and give out good information about good food locations and cheap accomadations, then you strike gold.
    no hard feelings.

  24. Victor, no worries, none taken. 🙂 thing is, different people wanna read different things when they come to my site. The travel entries may appeal to frequent travellers yes, but it does nothing to ppl who don’t do much travelling, eg students. Those who hate reading my travel entries may prefer something a little more light-hearted and tongue in cheek. Then there are those who come to my blog just to read my political thoughts.
    At the end of the day, different ppl have different reasons why they come to this blog. And I have my own reasons why I choose to blog certain topics and not others.
    If its literal information that you prefer, perhaps you’re at the wrong site. travel sites like or would be more your cup of tea. 🙂

  25. i don’t mean to b*tch but the last time i backpacked n stayed in bunker beds with other ppl(i won’t say where), someone had the audacity to say that his wallet got stolen that night…so’d i’d recommend find a room urself,…or better still find a local pastor residing there and see if you can stay in their church. Alternatively, you could be a member of Sunway vacation club where you get 200 points in exchange for limited stays in certain 3/5 star hotels around the world~! Good luck and bon voyage.

  26. aloha hostel(15th ardt) or 3 ducks. or you can sleep in the metro stations/streets. hehe..
    for slightly cheaper asian food go to the 13th (metro: olympiades/porte d’ivry) and get a vietnamese sandwich (2.40E). 7.50E will get you a good big bowl of pho in le bambou (72 rue baudricourt). sandwich grec (kebab sandwich) + fries (ard 4.50E) is also a cheap way to fill your stomach. the resto ‘leon de bruxelles’ has an unlimited ‘fries’ flow once you order one of their menu.
    if you like pastry, check out fauchon, pierre herme, sadaharu aoki, laduree. a little pricey but quite worth the short lived pleasure in the mouth..haa..
    amuses-toi bien 🙂

  27. Hey Kenny I dont know if will to read this comment. But I do have some good suggestions on the accomodation for Paris.
    You can try They have got a list of hotels with reviews and you can compare the price and go for the best.
    But if you were to stay for longer and plan to go on a europe trip for 7 days (might as well right?). You can try I have been to a europe trip last year to a few countries (France, Belgium, Amsterdam, Luxumbourge) with accomodation and 2 meals included but they only cost me £300++. So that’s surely a good bargain.
    There is still another option. You can have a look at if you want to book your flight and accomodation in Paris. They offer late deals from time to time. So I reckon that it will be cheaper for you to purchase your air ticket and book your accomodation at the same time.
    Hopefully, all the information above helps. Have a pleasant trip!

  28. hey kenny you seem fatter on tv..or perhaps you are getting fatter these days. diet man! anyway you’re still cool..and many of my friends still supporting your blog…XD

  29. They can just swear on a religious book and pretend it never actually took place.
    Who the fuck do you think you are. Fucking cunt.

  30. kenny, u look fat in pink color T-shirt but who cares anywhere..U look chubby!! LOve ya!! Support your blog!! keep it up ya!!!

  31. try
    stayed at Liberty Hotel the last time i went with my mum. cost about 20-30 euro per person per night.
    comes with attached bathroom and breakfast.

  32. “They can just swear on a religious book and pretend it never actually took place.”
    LoL…. swear on a religious book and never took place… why we still need law :-p
    Anyway, egg mcmuffin is so cute…

  33. pinkpau’s writing looks like mine wei…and how i wish that egg fella is bigger and bigger…too small already! XD

  34. so now you want su ann liao lah, what happened to natalie?
    stay grounded to earth and find one who really likes you and not those ‘angel’ who bank on your ‘fame’ sigh.

  35. Goodness me….the uncanny resemblance. But it also means that you’re kinda cute, huh? not cute as in cute-cute but cute as in cute-ugly-but-adorable. 🙂 JK

  36. if ur not happy living in malaysia, why dun u go back to where u belong? i dun freakking know if its sarawak or china, because either way, ur still useless.

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