Dragon Tiger

This is the poster for Dragon Tiger Gate, arguably the most hotly anticipated martial arts movie to come out from Hong Kong this season.

Ads for this movie are everywhere in Hong Kong.
I don’t know about you, but everytime I see this,

I can’t help but to imagine this instead.

What kinda kung fu fighters have such perfect hair!
Bluff people one.

I had the most amazing time I dreaded to step on that plane back.
It was an absolutely memorable experience to say the least.

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  1. Seems kind of gay. Maybe boyish to get the chicks to go? They’d get there ass kicked where I live …

  2. Good Day Kenny,
    Nice one about the Loreal Shampoo Thingy. But I read the comic books, on which this movie was adapted from, and the stories are damn happening, bro.Can’t wait for the movie to be shown soon.

  3. what a way to start the day. I laughed so loud in the office seeing this post and my colleagues thought I’ve gone mad. Somehow, I just don’t feel like watching this show.. tho’ I really like Donnie Yen (don’t really fancy Nic & Shawn). Wish they still have those ‘real’ martial arts stuff instead of computer special effects. They made gwai los think that Martial arts doesn’t exist.. and even if they see the ‘real thing’ (think of 80/90’s Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan & Yuen Biu), they’ll think like ‘oh.. it’s just another computer flick’….

  4. Good observation Kenny. That’s typical in any HK movie. I won’t be surprised if L’Oreal is the sponsorship for hairstyling in this movie. Speaking of hairstyling, I always see guys at my gym’s locker room styling their hair before they work out.

  5. haha… Kenny, not only the shampoo… how about the costume and shoes? No matter matter how they fight their costume still clean and never torn.

  6. Ewww, why all the guys now look half gals? Haha..
    But I think that if guys so nice hair want to be Kung Fu Fighters, sure kena ass kicking. =X

  7. ahahahaha.. I use Loreal Majirel too~ Frankly, I think Nicholas’ hair looks better. Shawn Yu’s hair especially looks awful.. >_

  8. agree with u, Jess. Nicholas’ hair looks much much better. Donnie’s hair looks overgrown. Shawn’s hair reminds me of my grandpa, the difference is…he has thicker, fuller, smoother, longer hair. heheheh….

  9. at 1st i thought u will pu the picture of u inside the poster.. but instead u came out with the loreal products.. nice 1.. good observation though.. haha.. Nice 1..

  10. If you read 80’s comics, you will know why coz the Dragon Tiger Gate cartoonist drew hair and eye brows like it’s pieces of pointy plastic stuck together.

  11. Hey Mich. Yeap. Shawn has old grandpa’s hair in this movie. Even my grandpa’s hair didn’t grow out to be such kinda colour. haha.. They look more kinda 70’s or 80’s kungfu artists but may be used the wrong dye. Ahahhahaa..

  12. goodness kenny, it’s called advertising. we like our man hairless u know 😉 gawd, it’s been years since i last came to ur blog! very the happening =P
    but hey yeah, guys with good hair makes kung fu better. or maybe sissier.

  13. for some reason whenever i watch the trailer i think, oh my god,another sci-fi-esque kungfu movie that’s going to be too embarassing to watch…
    remember the corny cg effects in A Chinese Tall Story? yes,that comes to mind.
    your photoshop skills pwns 😀

  14. Where can I buy this poster? Please someone tell me. I’m just back from China and went to see DTG while I was there and now I so want the poster but I want one with all 3 in it, not seperate ones

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