Vietnamese Coconuts And Banana

This has gotta be the biggest coconut I have ever seen!

I am in Hue, central Vietnam right now and one thing I definitely noticed here is how big the coconuts here are.

Seriously, check out the size comparison with that chair!

Yes, I believe it is almost as big as my testicles. (Except mine is bigger)

Amusingly, the bananas here are comparatively small.


In fact, they are so tiny it’s pathetic.

5 Replies to “Vietnamese Coconuts And Banana”

  1. Yes, I believe the coconut is almost as big as your testicles. (Except yours is bigger)
    Yes, I also believe the banana is almost as small as your *****. (Except yours is smaller)

  2. As far as sex is concerned….
    trial and error.”
    Smooth and fair
    This place brings back memories.
    It’s yummy
    Camera Phone LOL!
    Bijan knee shaking already…
    narts ecomer

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