Chipster Makes Normal Humans Do Stupid Things

This one is too good to pass up.

Found out that Twisties Chipster is holding this online contest. They give you a background picture, and you super-impose a photo of you holding a pack of their Chipster onto it using their online tool. It’s real simple. They even have special prizes reserved for bloggers. Wackiest photo wins.
One of the background choices is a picture of a great white shark swimming in the ocean with its jaws wide open. As soon as I saw that picture, I knew straight away that this contest was made for me.
Against my better judgment, I went home, dug out my snorkelling gear and took this photo.

Behold, my contest submission.

Heck, even if I don’t win first prize in this contest, maybe I could at least get an award for looking like The Biggest Idiot On Planet Earth?.

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95 Replies to “Chipster Makes Normal Humans Do Stupid Things”

  1. hey what happened to the post regarding the venetian in macau?? I am waiting impatiently for the post and if you say that you are going to write a detailed post for us readers then hurry up and do it instead of posting silly posts!
    thanks mate

  2. haha.. kenny.. u can really do stupid (er.. i mean ‘not-so-normal’) things and make us laugh..
    we appreciate it.. =)
    u rock~~~

  3. You’re really funny, sorry, should have said ‘cute’, haha! Have you ever been ‘invited’ to appear in TV commercials, may be in something like the Astro’s ‘tai chou lor!’?

  4. I am beging for sms votes. My handsome nephew is participanting cutest baby contest. Please support him although you might not know him. He is cute, really cute. Type BABE(space)8(space)Your New IC No. Without Space or “-“. E.g. BABE 8 800824125510 then send to 39398. My family and I really need your support. All Malaysian out there, please support him.

  5. emily, r u stupid or wat….we have never seen photo of ur nephew n just because u claime that he’s really cute, we’ll just blindly support him? this will b so unfair to other participants, shame on u

  6. I knew you were gonna do something like that!! Great pic, but maybe you could try a different pose. Like perhaps one of you posing with your long hairy legs and pretend you are a mermaid with two packet of Chipsters covering your ‘3 points’??? *Think 2005 April Fool’s entry*
    Ive tried the Chipster Sour Cream and its really nice. The Chips are thin and crispy, and the sour cream is just nice…very appetising! But husband does not allow me to eat too much cos its supposedly not too nutritional for me and my baby πŸ˜›
    Btw, I have cooked Three Cheese Beef Balls Spaghetti for my blog today. Please go see if this delicious looking dish can inspire you further!!

  7. muahahahaa muahahaha, u looked damn cute. BTW, u may consider doing ‘ fu rong jie jie’ pose, together with the googles and same facial expression. It helps you stand bigger chance to win

  8. You should also find a picture of a mermaid with seashells as nipple pads hugging you.
    That’ll give you a sure win.
    First time here, and will definitely come back.

  9. Kenny, you went through the effort so might as well have gona all the way and taken a good quility picture on a plain back ground so you could layer them better. PLus I think it would be way funnier if you wore your FULL diving gear, wet suit, tank, and ALL. he he

  10. alamak! superimposing of your photo is badly done! or izzit a special ‘shocking’ effect? u should learn from cheesie, hers is beautifully done!

  11. Kenny, seems to me you’re doing alot of blog-looking-commercialized-advertisements nowadays. Missing your plain old humor posts..

  12. That’s funny. My dad’s going diving this Saturday and he’s taking the camera with him LOL.

  13. wow~what a great blogger you are…
    sometimes I wonder how do you have free time to do all the photography stuff….
    anywayz, keep on this great work!
    your blog is one of my entertainment…

  14. dude, why do you need to ALWAYS ask Kenny how much he is getting paid for writing every blog?!?!
    u wanna go to STAR and ask them how much they make from every ad in the paper?

  15. Macbook!!! … Mr Chicken with no name – vanilla, hows cools that contest he’s promotin..
    we was unaware of the contest till mr kenny kinda i dunno paid or not write bout it
    but u jes keep lookin at the negative side
    shame shame.. use ur time wisely kido, go think bout winning (maybe for u) a chipster premium

  16. diao….still adidas shirt….
    u need some blogs on fashion…so can get sponsor la…
    kikilala..kiko….anakku also not bad la

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