ADV: Oktobeer!


Look at the size of that mug! Whoever did a “bottoms up” on that beer right there must be a happy man sleeping on the pub floor right now.

As if we couldn’t find enough reasons to drink beer after New Year, Chinese New Year, Christmas and Arthur’s Day, we have now resorted to importing St Patrick’s Day from Ireland and Oktoberfest from Germany.


And that 1 litre Tiger beer mug is just one of the reasons Malaysians are celebrating Oktoberfest. For the whole entire month in October, the country’s most popular beer brands have all bandied together to celebrate the world’s greatest beer festival.

We’re talking street parties and happy hours all month long for Tiger, Heineken, Guinness, Kilkenny, Strongbow and Paulaner at selected pubs across Malaysia!

Spend over RM200 on grub at like Sid’s, Laundry or Souled Out, they’ll even throw you a bucket of Tiger Beer on the house. That’s German hospitality for ya!

The Oktoberfest celebration isn’t just confined to pubs.

People can go to your typical neighbourhood supermarket, buy a 12-can pack of Tiger, and they’ll give you this funky oversized mug hat for free.

Heck, people can even go to your typical neighbourhood Chinese kopitiam, buy 2 bottles of Tiger, Guinness or Heineken, and get RM2 off.

Kopitiam uncles also can celebrate Oktoberfest!

To get the most out of the German festival, you must go to one of those Oktoberfest parties held at some of the most popular drinking holes in the country.

Here are the dates of the parties.

Hang on. Where is Kuching on that list? 🙁

They’ve got 3 pubs in Klang Valley, 1 in Penang and 1 in Kota Kinabalu doing the ‘Fest but Kuching is no where to be seen. Come on Kuching pubs, you guys gotta up your game!


For those who live in Kota Kinabalu, be sure to check out Waterfront this coming Saturday for the final Oktobestfest celebrations in the country.

Because seriously, where else can you spend RM50 on a litre of Tiger beer AND get to bring the mug back?

I once spent RM50 on a girl and didn’t even manage to bring her back. 🙁

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  1. LoL.yeah.that guy with the hat is marcky. Oktoberfest is awesome. Eh but doing manage to see you that night.
    check out my blog for more pics hehe
    Thanks kenny.

  2. if you said you spent money and brought the girl back, you would have been describing a call girl =P
    or is that bring a girl back then spend money?

  3. I don’t know which is the most PITIFUL:
    Fact that the ‘Cool’ Celebrations have to be imported, or this blog on life-support.
    Is there another Blogger in Kuching with gazonkas this one ‘used’ to have? Please.
    This Slooooowwwwww suffocation is dibilitating, I need Stimulous baby.

  4. HELP!
    SO, doesn’t Kuching have Somewhere, Anywhere on-line where Intelligent Debate on Controversial subjects is allowed for exchange of Ideas?
    I’m TRYING here. Whup-de-frickin-Do 23 posts to stave-off rigor-mortis for now. You owe me for a transfusion doc.
    What if you coughed-up something wrinkled and fuzzy?
    Swallow it quick, it’s your a-ole.
    I’m serious about somewhere for Intelligent Debate.

  5. So much for Intelligent ‘Debate. I’d hazzard ther’re no replies to my question because Independent Minds have fled, and only drones remain.
    All I’m asking, are directions to a Kuching blog with Life & Ambition.
    Somebody FRESH who haven’t developed FEAR of a suffocating system as yet.

  6. LOL at bringing a girl back for RM50. According to the boys I speak to your age, these days girls cost a lot more to bring back and if you find one who will follow you for your heart, you are indeed lucky.

  7. I like your thinking mama. Fact that they pay suggest they’ll settle for anything.
    Considering Girls now outnumber boys Globally, you’re dealing to a bunch of Certified LOOSERS.

  8. natty dread Shut The Fuck Up FOOL,you’re getting a tad fucking annoying in want debate go forums,this is a blog not a forum FOOL!!

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