ADV: Heinechicken

By now, everyone must’ve seen the Heineken Walk-In Fridge ad that’s been playing everywhere.

Whether you’re a guy or girl watching this, you gotta admit that it’s definitely one of the funnier and most successful TV ads ever created.

But guess what I found out?

Apparently, it wasn’t the first Heineken ad that poked fun at the social differences between guys and girls.

Heineken beer existed since 1873, which was way before refrigerators was even invented. And I found out that in one of its earliest ads, the beer also joked about the differences between guys and girls, albeit in a slightly different way…

Ya, dunno why that guy in the 1873 ad looked familiar.

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76 Replies to “ADV: Heinechicken”

  1. Minibean will drive me crazy everytime the ad is aired. She would go AHHHHHHHHH with the hands waving in the air when she sees the walk-in closet, and she would look on the the chaps screaming at the walk-in fridge with plenty of bewilderment…
    It kinda brings me huge relief as she has yet to know the power of alcohol, but it scares me knowing that she already knows the importance of having a walk-in closet.

  2. I love your creativity and I bet you have more than just great passion in blogging.your blog always put a smile on my face =)and btw, je ne ve pas travaille is the French song you used in this video no? we learned it in French class 😀

  3. so the girls like a golden egg in 1873, guys still havent changed since den.
    Golden egg can buy more than tat 3 cans of beer, tat guy is a twit.

  4. Man every other of your posts are financially motivated.
    Its like the best ‘hor fun’ stall became too popular and commercialised that its standard just went crap and only the locals know the quieter one without all the tourists have better food.
    Sacrifice those lucrative deals or watch your readership slowly slipping away.

  5. Good marketing move Kenny. I’m sure Heineken’s marketing team will spot this and make you their product ambassador (along with the rest you’re already attached to).
    Smart business move! 🙂

  6. lol kenny! u shudve done it Black & white film style.. conversation captions shud be in a separate frame..think Charlie Chaplin!

  7. That advertisement is funny haha!! Women crazy for the walk in wardrobe; Men crazy for the walk in fridge. 😀

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